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  Tuesday - April 1, 2003

Dax Bruce cranking Chris Irvine's ankle
Results from
Ultimate Ring Challenge 4

Held March 29, 2003
At the Red Lion Hotel - Kelso, WA
By Mike Neva

Ryan Pope pounding on Jake Yohe
Pope pounding on Yohe
Benji Radach, Brad Blackburn, and Ryan Healy were all casualties of the injury bug in the weeks prior to the Ultimate Ring Challenge. As the event drew closer, the line up had to be juggled on various occasions as both Blackburn and Healy were forced to withdraw from the welterweight title fight. In their absence, Dax Bruce, a formidable adversary in his own right was brought in to challenge for the belt. After a seesaw opening round, which saw both combatants battle for leg submissions, Bruce appeared to be sucking wind between rounds. Irvine seized the opportunity at the start of round 2 by garnering top position and pounding away for the TKO victory.

Of the ten matches, only two went past the first round and all turned out to be one-sided affairs. Five of ten matches were stopped by the referee Joe DeRobbio who did an excellent job of letting the fighters work, but always had the fighters' safely in mind and called a halt to the action when a fighter was unable to defend himself.

Josh Haynes and Jim Pope culminated the evening's action as they battled it out for the PPKA Heavyweight Title. With each punch these two behemoths threw, the ring literally shook at the foundations. With neither man able to land a clean shot the fighters clinched in the corner as Pope dropped his head giving Haynes the opportunity to swing around and pull to guard with a tight guillotine choke. Try as he might, Pope was unable to work out of the submission and tapped just 34 seconds into the opening round.

Shane Davis dominating Josh Robinett
Davis dominating Robinett
1. Ryan Pope (Gresham, OR) def. Jake Yohe (Longview, WA) by TKO referee stoppage from punishment at 2:34 of round 3

2. John Hill (Everett, WA) def. Chris Lyles (Yakima, WA) by arm lock at 2:58 of round 1

3. Paul Purcell (Spokane, WA) def. Chad Wimberly (Euphrada, WA) by rear naked choke at 2:10 of round 1

4. Dave Cochran (Redmond, OR) def. Dave Banuet (Long Beach, WA) by TKO referee stoppage from strikes at 1:17 of round 1

5. Wesley Welch (Yelm, WA) def. Ben Augburn (Yakima, WA) by TKO referee stoppage from strikes at: 29 of round 1

6. T.J Edwards (Olympia, WA) def. Bud Wall (Kelso, WA) by arm bar at 2:32 of round 1

7. Shane Davis (Castle Rock, WA) def. Josh Robinett (Toledo, WA) by arm bar at 1:15 of round 1

PPKA Welterweight Title Match

8. Chris Irvine (Spokane, WA) def. Dax Bruce (Olympia, WA) by TKO referee stoppage from punches at 2:29 of round 2

9. Adam Oliver (Kelso, WA) def. Justin Gardner (Quincy, WA) by TKO referee stoppage from strikes at 1:12 of round 1

PPKA Heavyweight Title Match

10. Josh Haynes (Medford, OR) def. Jim Pope (Gresham, OR) by guillotine choke at :34 of round 1

The Brazilian Beat
"The Axe Murderer" Finally Back in Brazil
Belfort and Eastman is a Go and Plenty of Events Happening in April

The Brazilian Beat:
      Well folks, March is finally history and now comes April bringing a lot of action in Brazil. From April 2nd to April 12th, two NHB shows and STORM Muay Thai Grand Prix will take place, showing that fighting events are achieving their peek again in this country, and finally fighters have more opportunities to work as they had in the past. Brazilian Gladiators 2, scheduled for April 2nd, may bring some interesting surprises and fights, despite the lack of big names on the card, and STORM promises to be the best ever in its kind on Brazilian soil. Since this column doesn't only concentrate on April, we also have news about MECA 8, coming up this May, and even Bitetti Combat 3 scheduled only for August! Also, with Brazilian fighters performing all over the world, we bring you UFC news with Vitor Belfort getting ready for action once again, as well as plenty of PRIDE related news, from one Silva to another, so for all of that and more take your pace, get in rhythm and feel the beat right out of Brazil, brought to you as always by Full Contact Fighter!
  • Vitor Belfort's UFC 43 fight against Marvin Eastman is pretty much a go! Belfort's camp is already starting his preparation for the bout and the plan is to have Vitor in perfect shape, both technically and physically by fight-time. "The Phenom" himself told FCF he knows he wasn't the same in his last fights, and wants to concentrate on his preparation now, using his new training center, to show a level of performance he wasn't able to do in his last outings.

  • Chute Boxe heavyweight fighter Assuerio Silva isn't going to fight in Switzerland anymore. Word has that the event was called off, and besides that Assuerio is continuing to train hard but with PRIDE set as his next goal. It looks like he may compete at the next PRIDE event and now this is the heavyweight's main priority.

  • Speaking of the Chute Boxe team, young fighter Jadson who fought at MECA 7 and was submitted by Chute Boxe own and Royler Gracie black, belt Cristiano Marcello, is about to make his NHB debut as a Chute Boxe fighter! Jadson joined Chute Boxe after his loss to Cristiano, feeling the need to train with a bigger team to improve his skills. Some months later the kid is now part ot the team and will be making his Chute Boxe debut in a small NHB event in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil, at April 11th. It looks like FCF may be there to cover the action.

  • Jiu-Jitsu black belt, UFC veteran and event promoter Amaury Bitetti is coming back to the USA looking to open his academy in Florida and pursuit fighting opportunities. Amaury just recently promoted his second NHB event in Natal, Bitetti Combat 2, and is already working on the next one. Despite his promoting ventures, Bitetti will return to America with his wife Aline, since Amaury just got married not too long ago, and expect to appear in the UFC in the near future.

  • Speaking of Bitetti Combat, co-promoter Conrado Carlos is planning things for Bitetti Combat 3, and the event is scheduled to take place at August 7th of 2003! Among the promoters' plans is the intent to have some rivalry matches on the card, as well as still give incentive to local fighters. However Bitetti Combat 3 will most likely see more famous names competing on the ring in Natal, and FCF will keep you posted on the news.

    Brazilian Gladiators II logo
  • As NHB events seem to be happening everywhere in Brazil now, this Wednesday April 2nd, the city of Santos, near Sao Paulo, will hold the Second Brazilian Gladiators NHB event! The show will take place in a house of spectacles and promoters are expecting a crowd of 1.000 spectators at the gates, and the fights will also be broadcast in tape delay down the road in a Brazilian cable channel called BandSports. The card will feature some Jiu-Jitsu fighters making their NHB debut, but will also count with some MMA veterans. Among the 7 fights scheduled for the card, the main event will feature Jiu-Jitsu black belt, fresh from his win at the 2nd Black Belt Challenge, Gabriel Napao against MECA 6 winner Alexandre Gomes of BVT. FCF is also looking to be there to bring you all the action.

  • NHB events are not the only fighting shows going down in Brazil, and as time goes by the first ever STORM Grand Prix is rapidly approaching! This Saturday, April 12th, Opera the Arame in Curitiba will receive some of the best Muay Thai fighters in Brazil to battle in a Heavyweight tournament. Originally the event would feature two tournaments, one below 85kg and another above it, however it was decided that only the Heavyweights will have a tournament and lighter fighters will compete in single fights. Chute Boxe sensation Anderson Silva, coming from his win over Carlos Newton at PRIDE 25, will still fight in the show on a single bout, as well as Chute Boxe Muay Thai stand out Marlon Matias. FCF will soon have all the details about the event and will surely be there to bring you all the action.

  • Jiu-Jitsu legend, PRIDE veteran and four times BJJ World Champion Royler Gracie is another top name to appear at this year's Abu Dhabi World Submission Grappling tournament, to be held in Brazil this May! Royler, who is also a multiple times Abu Dhabi champion, is already preparing hard for the competition where he always enters as a favorite. The legend stated that however he is still not retired from NHB competition if the right offer comes up.

  • K-1 Brazil winner Jefferson Tank made his international K-1 debut this weekend in Japan, and suffered a first round KO to the hands and feet of "Mr. Perfect" Ernesto Hoost. However, despite the loss Jefferson is still going to appear at K-1 USA in Las Vegas this May 2nd, and believes he will take advantage of the experience learned in Japan to do better in Vegas.

  • Chute Boxe founder and coach Rudimar Fedrigo and his wife gained a baby for the family! This Wednesday March 26th Master Rudimar's son Rigan Fedrigo was born and needless to say, the so strict and professional Chute Boxe coach was all smiles. Rigan came to the world as healthy as he could be and is the newest member of the Chute Boxe family. FCF wishes nothing but the best for the baby and his parents.

  • Speaking of Mr. Fedrigo, the man is not only a dad and a coach but also a event promoter! His event, promoted alongside with Sportv's own Jorge Guimaraes, MECA World Vale Tudo has almost everything planned for its 8th edition, and the date was now confirmed as May 16th. The date is confirmed by the promoters and by Sportv and PREMIERE COMBATE, the channels that will broadcast the event (The first on tape delay and the other live on Pay Per view). The venue will once again be the "Palacio de Cristal" in Curitiba, and this time the show will feature 10 NHB fights on its card! Besides those fights already announced some surprises are bound to be announced at anytime, and FCF will keep you informed on the news about the biggest NHB show in Brazil.

  • It was reported previously on the Brazilian Beat that BTT fighter Roan Carneiro would headline an NHB event in Argentina. Although this was considered certain and the fighter was preparing for it, it now looks like the event was cancelled after being postponed several times due to local political pressure. FCF will continue to look out for news and will inform you as soon as they appear.

  • PRIDE Middleweight Champion Wanderlei Silva is now finally back from Japan. Silva went for the land of the rising sun along with the Chute Boxe crew for PRIDE 25, and stayed there for two more weeks after the show, only coming back to Brazil this Monday March 31st! "The Axe Murderer" stayed there shooting a TV commercial for Japan's most used shaver, and according to him it all went well. Another NHB star featured on the commercial is PRIDE GP Champion Mark Coleman, and both guys shot some scenes together! Wanderlei also did some autograph sessions in Japanese malls during his stay and his fans were absolutely crazy to meet him. Now reality gives a call and is back in training for the "Axe Murderer" with an eye set on Quinton Jackson.

  Wednesday - April 2, 2003

Results from
Amateur Fighting Competition 3

Held March 29, 2003
Waikiki Shell Amphitheater, Honolulu, Hawaii
By Chris Onzuka

Michael Labuanan punching Louis Kuamo'o
Labuanan punching Kuamo'o
This was Ray "Bradda" Cooper and his wife, Monika's third installment of the AFC. This time, Cooper and company moved the event to the open air, Waikiki Shell Amphitheater. It turned out to be a great night for fights in a great venue. Due to the layout of the Amphitheater, there really was not a bad seat in the house. The AFC is Hawaii's version of the Toughman competitions with a twist. There are three rounds of one minute each round. The fighters wear 16ounce gloves and headgear like regular Toughman competitions. However, the fighters are allowed one take down per round. The take down drastically changes the element of fight. Fighters that have superior striking skills, must now counter a take down, which is scored equal to a knock down. So a take down can effectively negates a knock down. There were a couple of fights that takedowns were the deciding factor that helped a fighter avoid a close decision. Ron "The Machine Gun" Jhun served as referee for all the bouts. The only fighter that was not from Oahu made his inter-island trip well worth it. Michael Labuanan, fighting out of Maui Full Contact, displayed crisp punches, good combinations and good take downs. He was the second smallest competitor, but he showed that good technique and strategy can pay off in a big way. His final fight against, the heavy hitting James Stanford was a war. Stanford knocked down his first opponent on his way to the finals, and even knocked down Labuanan in their fight. Labuanan negated Stanford's knock down with a take down and increased his lead with another take down for the victory. Defending champion, Kaleo Westbrook was the largest competitor and made his opponent's "feel" his presence. He did have a war in the finals with Roy Alivanu, who strangely trains at the same gym as Westbrook. Alivanu got off a lot of punches quicker than Westbrook, but Westbrook's power punches and strong exchange in the third round edged him out the victory and the cash prize. Both final matches were filled with a lot of action and ended the night on a high note.
Kaleo Westbrook def. Roy Alivanu
Westbrook def. Alivanu
  • 200 & under weight class:
    Michael Labuanan (175lbs, Makawao, Maui) def. Cyrus Kanaole (165lbs, Waipahu)
    TKO - Kanaole does not come out of corner after the end of Round 2.

  • 201 & over weight class:
    Roy Alivanu (240lbs, Waianae) def. Billy Saio (203lbs, Honolulu)
    Unanimous Decision [(13-6), (13-6), (13-6)]

  • 200 & under weight class:
    PJ Dean (177lbs, Waianae) def. Filipo Toelau (177lbs, Honolulu)
    Unanimous Decision [(11-8), (11-8), (16-7)]

  • 201 & over weight class:
    Kaleo Westbrook (330lbs, Waianae) def. Jacob "Jake" Faagai (246lbs, Waianae)
    Unanimous Decision [(9-6), (9-6), (9-6)]

  • 200 & under weight class:
    Louis Kuamo'o (188lbs, Nanakuli) def. Alan Alcaraz (183lbs, Ewa Beach)
    Unanimous Decision [(10-7), (12-7), (10-7)]

  • 200 & under weight class:
    James Stanford (193lbs, Waianae) def. Tommy "Tsunami" Woo (Ewa Beach)
    Unanimous Decision [(13-10), (13-8), (13-8)]

  • 200 & under weight class Semi-Finals:
    Michael Labuanan (175lbs, Makawao, Maui) def. Louis Kuamo'o (188lbs, Nanakuli)
    Unanimous Decision [(13-6), (13-6), (13-6)]

  • 200 & under weight class Semi-Finals:
    James Stanford (193lbs, Waianae) def. Alstead Anderson* (188lbs, Honolulu)
    *Alstead Anderson replaces an injured PJ Dean
    Unanimous Decision [(9-6), (8-7), (9-6)]

  • 201 & over weight class Finals:
    Kaleo Westbrook (330lbs, Waianae) def. Roy Alivanu (240lbs, Waianae)
    Majority Decision [(8-7), (8-7), (7-8)]

  • 200 & under weight class Finals:
    Michael Labuanan (175lbs, Makawao, Maui) def. James Stanford (193lbs, Waianae)
    Unanimous Decision [(18-13), (13-12), (13-12)]

  Friday - April 4, 2003

UFC 42 poster
Give Us Your Thoughts...

With UFC 42 fast approaching, we'd like your opinions on who will win each of the scheduled fights.

The results of the survey and some of the commentary we receive may appear in the upcoming issue of FCF.

Click here
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Line-up for
UFC 42: Sudden Impact

  • Welterweight Championship Bout
    Matt Hughes vs. Sean Sherk

  • Welterweight Bout
    Robbie Lawler vs. Pete Spratt

  • Light Heavyweight Bout
    Evan Tanner vs. Rich Franklin

  • Heavyweight Bout
    Wesley "Cabbage" Correira vs. Sean Alvarez

  • Lightweight Bout
    Duane Ludwig vs. Genki Sudo

  • Lightweight Bout (prelim)
    Rich Crunkilton vs. Hermes Franca

  • Middleweight Bout (prelim)
    Mark Weir vs. David Loiseau

  • Welterweight Bout (swing bout)
    Romie Aram vs. Dave Strasser
To be held Friday, April 25 at AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami, Florida and broadcast live on Pay-Per-View at 10 p.m. EST/7 p.m. PST.

From Josh Hedges/Zuffa:
UFC Logo

Rare Opportunity for Sports Fans to Sample The NEW UFC

      Las Vegas, NV, April 3, 2003... Ultimate Fighting Championship® will offer sports fans a rare opportunity to sample a free 30-minute preview of UFC42: Sudden Impact, hosted by Fear Factor's Joe Rogan and Fox Sports Nets' Lisa Dergan. This free preview will feature a high-profile fight and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage. The preview will be offered unscrambled and in the clear at no charge to cable or satellite systems. (Typically, a pre-programmed, taped, highlight show airs just before the pay-per-view window opens.)
      Specifically, a half-hour prior to the pay-per-view start time of 10:00 p.m. (EST), most cable or satellite customers will be able to view this free fight by turning to the channel where UFC 42: Sudden Impact will air. This free preview will begin at 9:30 pm (EST) and in most areas, will be visible whether the pay-per-view event has been purchased or not. In some cable systems, this free preview will also be available on a special channel, so interested fans should check with their cable company for the channel location of this free preview.
      "This free preview will give prospective fans a chance to sample the product free of charge. There's no other sport that is this exciting on TV," said Dana White, president of the UFC. "and now's your chance to see it for yourself. But, be prepared to get hooked big time."
      Dan York, senior vice president of iNDemand said, "First time UFC viewers have greatly enjoyed the programs and tend to keep coming back. This free preview will provide a valuable opportunity for viewers to sample the NEW UFC on iNDemand, leading directly into the live pay-per-view event."
      The Ultimate Fighting Championshipâ, headquartered in Las Vegas, Nev., is the world's leading Mixed Martial Arts association. Owned and operated by Zuffa, LLC, the UFC programs six live pay-per-view events yearly through cable and satellite providers. In addition to its US distribution on iNDemand, DirecTV, DISH Network, BellExpress VU and Viewer's Choice Canada, UFC events are distributed internationally through WOWOW, Inc. in Japan, Globosat in Brazil, Novavision in Mexico, Main Event Television in Australia and Sky Network Television in New Zealand. UFC licenses video games for all major playing platforms through Crave Entertainment and TDK Mediactive.

  Sunday - April 6, 2003

From the event's promoter:
Cowboys 9800 Montgomery Blvd
(505) 299-4559
Sunday, April 6th

Triple Threat poster Sven Bean's popular RING OF FIRE series will be co-presenting a mixed combat event this Sunday in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The event titled TRIPLE THREAT will feature Professional Boxing, Professional Muay Thai, and Professional MMA bouts, hence the title. The event is being promoted by World Champion Mike Winklejohn, a long time friend and associate of Bean.

"I've known Mike for a while now and I respect him more than any one in the game. The bottom line is I trust him. Mike and I have wanted to do an ROF style event in Albuquerque for a couple of years now. His fighters have been on my shows in Denver from the start, and he has been involved in every ROF show. Mike is native to Albuquerque, it's his town, so when he asked me to be involved with a show, I jumped at the chance." said Bean.

"I helped Mike with the matchmaking in the MMA and Muay Thai portion of the show, so basically what will happen is that the fights will be under the ROF rules, and the fighters on this card will be ranked with my other ROF fighters. I will be there to help the show in any way I can, and also to lend the ROF name to the promotion. I am proud to be involved."


Mixed Martial Arts
Super Heavy Weight: Dan Christianson (Alb, NM) vs. Albert Lopez (Carlsbad, NM)
Light Weight 155 lbs: Shad Olvera (Alb, NM) vs. Arthur Green (Carlsbad, NM)
Light Weight 155 lbs: Carlos Condit (Alb, NM) vs. Tyrell McElroy (Alb, NM)

Pro Kickboxing
Holly Holm (Alb, NM) vs. Trisha Hill (Atlanta, GA)
Terris James (Alb, NM) vs. Adam Garcia (San Diego, CA)

Pro Boxing
Tommy Aragon (Alb, NM) vs. Tyree Tidwell (Denver, CO)
Monica Michelle (Alb, NM) vs. Alisa Olivas (Denver, CO)
James Martinez (Alb, NM) vs. Lawrence Burell (Denver, CO)

  Monday - April 7, 2003

UFC 39: The Warriors Return

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The premier mixed martial arts event in the world returns to the East Coast for UFC 39: The Warriors Return.

The Heavyweight Championship is up for grabs as rising young star Ricco Rodriguez takes on former 2-time champion Randy "The Natural" Couture. This is a battle of youth versus experience-one for the ages. The undercard is highlighted by a four-man lightweight tournament to crown a new champion. BJ Penn faces Matt Serra and Caol Uno faces Din Thomas. The winners will go on to meet for the championship at UFC 41. Other feature fights on the card include Phil Baroni versus Dave Menne in a middleweight showdown, and Gan "The Giant" McGee versus Pedro "The Rock" Rizzo in a heavyweight battle.

It's another huge night of fights from the most intense, full-contact event in sports today -- The Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Special features:
  • 5.1 Surround Sound
  • Spanish commentary
  • Preliminary bouts
  • Post-fight press conference
  • Official Weigh-in
  • Exclusive training footage
  • Fighter interview bloopers
  • Detailed Fighter Bios
  • Behind The Scenes Action
2 Disk Set Includes:

1. Introduction
2. Dave Menne vs. Phil Baroni
3. Pedro Rizzo vs. Gan McGee
4. Din Thomas vs. Caol Uno
5. BJ Penn vs. Matt Serra
6. Randy Couture vs. Ricco Rodriguez

Prelim Fights
1. Benji Radach vs. Sean Sherk
2. Matt Lindland vs. Ivan Salaverry
3. Tim Sylvia vs. Wesley Correira

Behind The Scenes
1. A Day in the Life: Ricco Rodriguez
2. UFC 39 Weigh-In
3. Phil Baroni works out Pre-Fight
4. BJ Penn: Post Fight Reactions
5. BJ Penn and Matt Serra Pre-Fight Feature
6. On the Air: Inside the Production Truck
7. Ricco Rodriguez on the Radio
8. Directv "um"
9. Directv "sit still"

Fighter Bios
Randy Couture, Ricco Rodriguez, Pedro Rizzo, Benji Radach, Gan McGee, Sean Sherk, BJ Penn, Dave Menne, Tim Sylvia, Matt Serra, Phil Baroni, Wesley Correira, Din Thomas, Matt Lindland, Caol Uno, Ivan Salaverry

Fighter Features
1. Ricco Rodriguez "Focus"
2. Randy Couture "Ageless Warrior"
3. Matt Serra "Streetwise"
4. Din Thomas vs. Caol Uno "The Rematch"
5. BJ Penn vs. Matt Serra "Pound for Pound"

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From Susumu's Gallery:
Susumu's Gallery Update

Susumu photo


We have finally added UFC 40 & 41 photos on our site. Please enjoy!
Visit Susumu's gallery at http://come.to/susumu.

By Eduardo Alonso
News from Curitiba:
Muay Thai & NHB to Shake
Chute Boxe Hometown Soon!

      The months of April and May of 2003 will see plenty of fighting action taking place in the city of Curitiba in Brazil, now known as the home of the Chute Boxe team and birthplace of several top fighters such as Wanderlei Silva, Murilo Ninja Rua and Anderson Silva, starting with STORM Muay Thai Grand Prix in April, and continuing with MECA World Vale Tudo 8 in May! MECA 8 will in fact bring some interesting surprises for NHB fans at May 16th and FCF brings you first hand those news; Along with the already announced main event between Luta Livre legend and UFC veteran Eugenio Tadeu facing Brazilian NHB veteran Marcelo Giudice, PRIDE and UFC veteran Allan Goes was added to the card facing against MECA 7 winner and K-1 Brazil veteran Carlinhos! The rest of the tentative card, likely to be confirmed at anytime, includes MECA 7 veteran Rafael Capoeira having another chance against Marcelo Dourado, UFC and IVC veteran Jorge Macaco Pattino matched up against IVC veteran Claudinho, Chute Boxe black belt Israel Gomes in a rivalry match against MECA veteran Bicudo, Claudionor Fontinelli coming fresh from his win at Bitetti Combat 2 to fight against Luis Alves student Peterson, Royler Gracie black belt Fabricio Morango facing Vagao and of course Mauricio Shogun Rua coming back to his second NHB match now likely against Brazilian Top Team member Marcelo Alfaia, since Shogun is now in a different weight division than his original opponent Roan Carneiro, also from the BTT. The card is promised to have 10 fights, so promoters are about to announce an opponent for Chute Boxe K-1 veteran Nilson de Castro at anytime as well as announce an extra match still in the works.
      However, before May comes with NHB Curitiba will experience some interesting Muay Thai action with the first ever STORM Grand Prix. This next Saturday, April 12th four heavyweight fighters, representing some of the best Brazil has to offer, will compete on the brackets to become the first ever STORM Grand Prix champion. The competitors on the brackets come from different parts of the country including Helio Deep, from the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Cresio dos Santos from Bahia, Julio Cesar "Jamanta", who already competed in K-1 and will represent the Chute Boxe team on the brackets, and a Luis Alves student who will replace K-1 Brazil runner up Eduardo Maiorino, who isn't able to compete anymore. Along with the tournament, the event will also feature some single matches, with Chute Boxe Muay Thai stand out Marlon Matias facing Tiago from the BVT academy, Edinei Marinho matching up Julio Santos also from Bahia, Chute Boxe fighter Fabio Pelezinho performing against Alex Vieira from Rio de Janeiro and most importantly PRIDE, Shooto and MECA veteran Anderson Silva getting back to his Muay Thai roots to face against San Marino! Anderson is without a doubt the biggest attraction on the card that will also count with some complementary matches, all being in five rounds of three minutes each. The weigh-ins will take place this Friday in Curitiba, and FCF is going to be there to bring you all the details from the biggest Muay Thai event ever in Brazil!

Results from
World Freestyle Fighting Championships 4

Held April 4, 2003
At the Orpheum Theatre
Vancouver, BC, Canada
By Mike Neva

WFF Len Smith (Vernon, BC) def. Rob Acton (Vancouver, BC) by rear naked choke at 3:48 of round 1

Chad Hamzeh (Calgary, BC) def. Justin Livingston (Vancouver, BC) by split decision after 2 rounds

Paul Forde (Vancouver, BC) def. Mike Bosa (Kamloops, BC) by arm bar at 4:20 of round 1

Ivan Mejivar (Montreal, QC) def. Brandon Shuey (Idaho, USA) by knee bar at: 38 seconds of round 1

Nick Ring (Calgary, AB) def. Kevin Dolan (Edmonton, AB) by verbal submission from punches at 1:20 of round 1

Ulisses Castro (Campbell River, BC) def. Yan Pellerin (Montreal, QC) by rear naked choke at 4:12 of round 1

WFF Canadian Lightweight Championship
Curtis Brigham (Winnipeg, MB) def. Max Marin (Calgary, AB) by rear naked choke at: 56 of round 1

WFF Canadian Light-Heavyweight Championship

Cameron Brown (Port Moody, BC) vs. Bill Mahood (Prince George, BC) majority draw after 3 rounds

WFF Canadian Middleweight Championship
Denis Kang (Vancouver, BC) def. Chris Peak (Victoria, BC) by rear naked choke at: 57 of round 1

Extreme Brawl 2
Held March 30, 2003
Bracknell, UK
By Jim Burman
Waite finishing the sub

Andy Jardine put on a successful sequel to last years Extreme Brawl on Sunday when he delivered a show that provided some great matches and one or two upsets. Match of the night was undoubtably the Light Cruiser Weight Title match between Alex Reid and Mark Day. From the outset Day stormed out to put Reid away and despite Reid's stand up prowess (ex European Thai boxing champ) he wasn't afraid to go toe to toe. For most of the first round Day pushed the action taking Reid down and dominating him with strikes from within his guard and from the side mount. Toward the end of the first round the ref stopped the fight to check a cut on Reid and both fighters were given a stand up. Reid used this opportunity for some payback and both fighters were sucking air at the break. In the second the fight began to sway more in Reid's favour and he managed to put together a flurry of strikes that put day down. Although still conscious Day was exhausted and the ref stopped the match to avoid him taking unneccesary punishment. Reid was visibly emotional and exhausted and dedicated the victory for British fighters out in Iraq. In other matches Alex Evans took a blemish on his unbeaten record when Mark Weir training partner Matt Ewin scored a submission victory over him. Although Evans landed some truly violent leg kicks Ewin was able to take him down and work a patient grappling game to eventually secure the tapout. The crowd was also treated to a flash KO when Craig Amer landed a bulldozer of a left hook on Mark Epstein. Epstein, a true beast of a man, had destroyed him last opponent and many predicted the same in this match but after a brief exchange of leg kicks Amer landed the punch that set him tumbling. Full write up to come in an upcoming issue of Full Contact Fighter.

Full Results

Danny Blankley vs. Dominic Morton (Kickboxing Match)
Winner: Blankely ref stoppage Rd 2

Kathy Gifford vs. Theresa Elington (Sub Grappling Match)
Winner: Gifford by sub (rear naked choke) Rd 1

Neil McCleod vs. Chris Freebourne
Winner: McCleod by armbar from mount Rd 1

Paul Hopkins vs. Scott Ireland
Winner: Ireland by ref stoppage Rd 1

Leon "The Destroyer" Dickens vs. John Waite
Winner: Waite by sub (armbar) Rd 1

Welterweight Title Match
Ricky Moore vs. Kevin Capel
Winner: Moore by sub (heelhook) Rd 1

Shane Tovill vs. Uri Gabunia (Georgia)
Winner: Tovill by sub (guillotine) Rd 1

Terry McDougall vs. Lars Besand (Denmark)
Winner: McDougall by sub (guillotine) Rd 1

Paul "Hands of Stone" Jenkins vs. Mario Stapel (Germany)
Winner: Stapel by ref stoppage Rd 1

Mark Epstein vs. Craig Amer
Winner: Amer by KO (left hook) Rd 1

Super Middle Weight Title Match
Lee Dolski vs. Andy Cooper.
Winner: Cooper by KO (left hook) Rd 2

Light Cruiser Weight Title
Mark Day vs. Alex "Reidinator" Reid
Winner: Reid by ref stoppage Rd 2

Light Heavy Weight Title
Alex Evans vs. Matt Ewin
Winner: Ewin by sub (choke) Rd 1

Super Heavy Weight title
Wayne "The Monster" Lascelles (UK) vs. Tengiz Tedoradze (Georgia)
Winner: Tedoradze by ref stoppage Rd 1

  Tuesday - April 8, 2003

It's Going to be a Boy!
"Little Axe Murderer" is on His Way
as Wanderlei Smiles Away

By Eduardo Alonso
Wanderlei Silva and his wife Tea Ariadne

      A little more than a year after PRIDE Middleweight champion Wanderlei Silva and his wife Tea Ariadne got married in January of 2002, the Silva family is going to get bigger and as was the wish of the champion himself, the couple is going to get a baby boy! Wanderlei is already the father of a 6-year-old daughter named Rafaela, from a previous relationship, and has always voiced his desire to have a son to follow his footsteps in the NHB rings worldwide. This week, as he came back from weeks in Japan, he finally got confirmation from the doctors that the baby his wife is carrying is indeed going to be a boy, and he promptly told FCF first hand the great news! Needless to say the usually mean, agressive and merciless "Axe Murderer" was as happy as ever and all smiles with the news: "I'm so happy with this that it's even hard to translate into words, hopefully now people will have to see a Silva brawling in the rings for a long time!" The baby is expected to come in August of 2003, coincidently in the same time of his likely fight against Quinton Jackson in PRIDE. Mr. and Mrs. Silva will now decide the name of the heir that will be the newest addition to the growing Chute Boxe family (Chute Boxe master Rudimar Fedrigo's son Rigan was recently born). FCF Congratulates Wanderlei Silva and his wife and hopes to see the "Little Axe Murderer" come to the world in great health!
      In other small Chute Boxe notes, the week promises to be very busy at training camp, with STORM Grand Prix coming up this Saturday and the participation of one of the team's newest aditions, Jadson, in an NHB event defending the team's flag for the first time this Friday. However, Muay Thai and NHB events aren't the only thing shaking up the Chute Boxe headquarters, as an interesting surprise regarding the team will be revealed in the next "Brazilian Beat" coming later this week. Don't miss it!

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From Koichi "Booker K" Kawasaki:
Pancrase 2003 Hybrid Tour
To be held May 18, 2003
Light Heavyweight King Of Pancrase Title Defense

Place : Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium(Kanagawa, Japan)
Open:3:00pm Start:4:30pm
  • 1st Match/Featherweight 5 Min 2R
    Mitsuhisa Sunabe (Hybrid Wrestling Mugen) vs.
    Yoshiro Maeda (P's Lab Osaka Inagakigumi)

  • 2nd Match/Welterweight 5 Min 2R
    Hiroki Nagaoka (Welterweight 4th Ranked/Rodeo Style) vs.
    Kenji Arai (Pancraseism)

  • 3rd Match / Welterweight 5 Min 2R
    Takafumi Ito (Welterweight Ranked/Pancraseism) vs.
    Daisuke Hanazawa (MMA Dojo Cobrakai)

  • 4th Match/Light Heavyweight 5 Min 2R
    Osami Shibuya (Light Heavyweight 7th Ranked/Pancraseism) vs.
    Evangelista Cyborg (2002 Luta Livre Middleweight Champion/Brazil/Academia Budokan)

  • 5th Match/Middleweight 5 Min 3R
    Kazuo Misaki (Middleweight 3rd Ranked/Pancrase Grabaka) vs.
    Yuji Hisamatsu (Tiger Place)

  • 6th Match/Light Heavyweight 5 Min 3R
    Akihiro Gono (Light Heavyweight 5th Ranked/Pancrase Grabaka) vs.
    Flavio Moura (2000 Heroes Middleweight Champion/Brazil/Academia Budokan)

  • 7th Match/Light Heavyweight K.O.P. Title Defense 5 Min 3R
    Sanae Kikuta (2nd Light Heavyweight K.O.P./Pancrase Grabaka) vs.
    Yuki Kondo (Light Heavyweight 1st Ranked/Pancraseism)

Brazilian Gladiators 2:
Some Talent and a Lot of Guts
as Newcomers Battle in Santos

By Eduardo Alonso

Helio mounted on Claudinei
Helio mounted on Claudinei
      This past Wednesday the city of Santos, located near Sao Paulo, held yet another NHB event in Brazil, showing that things are finally improving here, and now fighters have opportunities to perform more constantly than in the last few years. Brazilian Gladiators came into its second edition after more than 2 years of abscence, and it was most certainly a good opportunity for young fighters to make their NHB debut, as it was the case with most competitors on the card, but overall the show itself lacked in talent and skills, presenting some "Toughman-like" matches in terms of technique. Thankfully courage was never lacked during the bouts on part of the fighters.
      However, despite the lack of technique showed by most of the young competitors, there were some glorious exceptions like Jiu-Jitsu black belt Gabriel Napao, who had just won his match at the 2nd Black Belt challenge in the previous week, and who has skills and potential to fight in bigger events. Another stand out in the evening was Treta, who like Napao is also a student of UFC veteran Jorge Macaco Pattino and debuted in impressive fashion at BG2, as did Mauricio "Xuxa" who showed signs of a fighter that can shine in future events. The crowd of around 850 specators had to watch a seven-fight fighting card, because the main event was cancelled in the afternoon before the show. Somehow the promoters choosed only to inform the audience at the time of the fight, causing major disapoitment among the fans. Pele Landi student Eliezer "Ninja" was there ready to fight, but with no further explanation MECA veteran Alexandre Gomes dropped out of the card, leaving FCF without a reason for his absence and Eliezer without an opponent. Besides the fights themselves, the presence of NHB veterans Pele Landi and Jorge Macaco Pattino as referees for te fights was the biggest attraction at Pelikanos Cafe, the house of spectacles that served as the venue for the show.
Fabricio (left) trading punches with Hugo
Fabricio (left) trading
punches with Hugo
      The highlights of the card included Macaco student Treta showing solid Muay Thai skills and, after eating a punch to his face immediately as the fight started, needing only mere 25 seconds to knockout Ramon with a beatiful high-kick to the face! Also a stand out, newcomer Mauricio "Xuxa" pressed the action during the entire fight against Jiu Jitsu practitioner Fabiano Lopes, avoiding takedowns and punishing the butt-scooted opponet with potent kicks to his thighs and face until he wanted to more of the action and forfeited after trying rope escapes a couple of times. On the final match of the card Jiu Jitsu black belt Gabriel Napao also impressed the crowd showing he was on higher level than his lighter opponent, taking Cicero down at will, passing his guard and pounding his face with several punches leaving him with no choice but to tap out in the first round. All in all it was great to see that newcomers have some more ground to begin their careers and fighters such as Napao, Treta and Xuxa will likely use this as a needed step to the likes of MECA or Bitetti Combat. Hopefully Brazilian Gladiators 3 will come with improved talent for the next card, as FCF continues to bring you the best fighting coverage in Brazil, even in the smaller events! Here are the complete Results:
  • Hudi Lima def. Rodrigo Soldado by armbar R1
  • Ivonildo "Cafu" def. Marcelo "Cachorro Louco" by tap out (strikes) R3
  • Treta (Macaco Gold Team) def. Ramon by knockout R1
  • Fabricio def. Hugo by knockout R2
  • Jose Helio "Baiano" def. Claudinei by decision after 3 rounds
  • Maurcio "Xuxa" (Uniao Team) def. Fabiano Lopes by forfeit R3
  • Gabriel Napao (Macaco Gold Team) def. Cicero by tap out (strikes) R1

  Thursday - April 10, 2003

From Josh Hedges/Zuffa:
UFC Logo

Lightweight Match A Highlight Of 8-Fight Card For Ultimate Fighting Championship's First Florida Fight Show

Evan Tanner To Battle Rich Franklin In Light Heavyweight Action At AmericanAirlines Arena In Miami


      LAS VEGAS, NEV., April 9, 2003 Japanese fan favorite Genki Sudo will meet the speed and power of Duane "Bang" Ludwig in a lightweight feature fight on the eight-fight card at Ultimate Fighting Championship 42: Sudden Impact live on pay-per-view Friday, April 25, from AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami, Fla. In a light heavyweight bout, strong contender Evan Tanner will battle submission specialist Rich Franklin as the UFC brings its brand of mixed martial arts fighting to Florida for the first time.
      In the main event, UFC Welterweight Champion Matt Hughes (28-3-0 in mixed martial arts) of Hillsboro, Ill., will defend his title for the fourth time against undefeated number one contender Sean Sherk (22-0-1) of Oak Grove, Minn.
      Tickets, $300, $200, $100, $60 and $30, are now on sale at the AmericanAirlines Arena box office in Miami, at all Ticketmaster locations and at www.ticketmaster.com. Tickets also may be ordered by telephone at 1-800-736-1420, 1-305-358-5885 (Dade County) or 1-954-523-3309 (Broward County). UFC fans can reserve rooms at the Renaissance Hotel in Miami by calling 1-888-754-3907 and asking for the Ultimate Fighting Championship special rate.
      UFC 42: Sudden Impact will be live on pay-per-view at 10 p.m. EST/7 p.m. PST on iN DEMAND, DIRECTV, Dish Network, Bell ExpressVu and Viewers Choice Canada. The suggested retail price is $29.95.
      Sudo (4-1-1) of Tokyo, Japan, is known as one of the most unorthodox MMA fighters. From cartwheel guard passes to spinning back fists, he utilizes a well-rounded arsenal to keep opponents off guard. He is one of the most popular fighters in Japan and made an impressive UFC debut July 13 at UFC 38: Brawl At the Hall at Royal Albert Hall in London by defeating the U.K.'s top lightweight fighter, Leigh Remedios, by submission due to a rear naked choke at 1:39 of the second round.
      Ludwig (12-2-0) from Denver, Colo., is a well-rounded fighter whose arsenal includes Thai boxing, jiu jitsu and wrestling. But his biggest weapons are striking and speed. Ludwig, who will be making his UFC debut, said Sudo is a very experienced fighter who tries to distract opponents with a variety of fakes and counter moves. "But, I'll be ready for that." Ludwig is the current Universal Combat Challenge lightweight champion and a K-1 North American Champion. In his most recent MMA fight, he knocked out former UFC lightweight champion Jens Pulver in the first round.
      Tanner (8-1-0) from Gresham, Ore., has become a serious light heavyweight contender since moving from his hometown of Amarillo, Tex., to train with Team Quest led by former two-time UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture and top middleweight contender Matt Lindland. A former Texas high school wrestling champion, he has won his last three UFC fights with lightning quick submissions and devastating ground and pound attacks.
      Franklin (12-0-0) from Cincinnati, Ohio, is one of the most well rounded fighters in the light heavyweight division. He has won fights by knockout with powerful kicks and punches as well as slick submissions. He knows that a win over the highly respected Tanner will launch him into the higher levels of the light heavyweight rankings and says he and Tanner are "similar in fighting style and size. I'm really looking forward to fighting him."
      The UFC's next live PPV event will be UFC 42: Sudden Impact at 10 p.m. EDT/7 p.m. PDT on Friday, April 25, from AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami, Fla. The suggested retail price is $29.95.

Bull Force Presents: "Kickin it Again"
Palama Settlement Gym, Honolulu, Hawaii
April 5, 2003
Report by Chris Onzuka - Photograph by Mike Onzuka

In the multifaceted sport of Mixed Martial Arts, fighters are always looking to improve their over all performance by focusing their training on specific areas. Many fighters have been known to enter BJJ or submission grappling tournaments to improve their ground game. And on the other end of the spectrum, fighters compete in kickboxing matches to improve or test their stand up. Almost half the fighters have fought at least one MMA match, so it was going to be interesting watching them perform in the more strict rules environment. MMA fighters won every match that they fought. The event was put together by some people who love the sport of kickboxing and want to bring it back to the lime light in Honolulu. The match ups were very good, which can be seen by every bout going the full three rounds and ending up in a judge's decision except for the main event. Some of the highlights were 14 year old David Balicao's crisp punches and Jerome Kekumu's accurate combinations. There were also a few wars like the Brandon Absher-Jaime Galapia match and the Justin Dano-John Nerveza match. They even had Vai Togia and Sheldon Abella, a couple of heavyweights throwing down huge punches and kicks at each other. The main event kept the crowd at the edge of their seat when Shawn Taylor dropped Monterde with a right hand seconds into the first round. He then dropped him again with a right kick to the head. Somehow Monterde survived and relentlessly attached Taylor, winning the second round, leaving the fight wide open. Taylor got the referee stoppage when he seemed to get his second wind and put the pressure on a tired Monterde. The production ran surprisingly smooth, considering this was their first event. The next event is scheduled May 24th and will feature younger fighters.

Kunta Edmonds drops Willie Chalmers
Edmonds drops Chalmers
Kids Fight 125lbs
David Balicao (Hawaiian SD, 14 years old)
Zane Cabacugan (Hapkido TKD, 15 years old)
Via decision

Kunta Edmonds (Kempo Unlimited)
Willie Chalmers (Hawaii Taekwondo)
Via decision

Paul Laga (Bulls Pen)
Wayne Kamealoha (Hawaiian SD)
Via decision

Harris Sariento (808 Fight Factory)
Craig Park (Hard Knocks)
Via decision

Jerome Kekumu (Hard Knocks)
Edwin Cabacugan (Hapkido TKD)
Via decision

Brandon Absher (Hawaiian Self Defense)
Jamie Galapia (Bulls Pen)
Via decision

Super Heavy
Vai Togia (Hard Knocks)
Sheldon Abella (Hapkido TKD)
Via decision

Semi Main Event:
Justin Dano (Hawaiian SD)
John Nerveza (Bulls Pen)
Via decision

Main Event:
Shawn "Tornado" Taylor
Bryson Monterde (Hard Knocks)
TKO via referee stoppage at 2:14 into round 3.

* Shawn Taylor won the Fighter of the Night award.

From the event's promoter:
FFC poster
April 25 Show

The FFC is back in Biloxi for its fifth show. Anthony Macias will be defending his FFC Middleweight Title against Joe Doerksen in the Main Event. Also featured on the card is rising star Warren Donley who will need all of his wrestling ability to face the well rounded John McCaron, Shawn Porter and Casey Erwin square off in the first round of the 145lb tournament, and Local 155lber Aaron Williams is making his pro debut after an undefeated amateur career.

  Friday - April 11, 2003

Phil Baroni
NY BadAss Goes Under the Knife

Hard-hitting Phil Baroni got sucker punched with a torn right pec while goofing around with mere 465lb bench press. Baroni, who used to be a teenage bodybuilder, gave weights up years ago in pursuit of a fighting career instead. "He'll be fine. He flew out to Utah to have surgery to reattach his muscle and things went well. The doctor said Baroni will be back in action soon, but needs to do therapy first," stated a spokesperson for the Baroni camp.

  Saturday - April 12, 2003

By Eduardo Alonso
It's Fun Time for Anderson Silva!
After an Impressive PRIDE Win, the Chute Boxe Sensation Gets Back to What He Loves Most

      Before achieving success as an NHB fighter, Anderson Silva was always a Muay Thai fighter at heart, taking every single opportunity he had to be on the rings all over Brazil competing in the form of fight he adopted as his main discipline. Now, starting to get Worldwide recognition for his NHB achievements, after wins against the likes of Tetsuji Kato, Hayato Sakurai, Alex Stiebling and most recently Carlos Newton, Anderson has an established career in the sport of no holds barred, but in his heart he continues to consider himself a Muay Thai fighter, and will always do so. No wonder he personally requested Master Rafael Cordeiro [STORM Promoter] to participate in the event, not minding huge purses and fighting for the simple love for the sport and his hometown crowd, as well as trying to get one more step closer to his so awaited K-1 dream. One this is for certain, you can never underestimate Anderson Silva's training determination and skills, so when he steps in to the ring at Opera de Arame this Saturday April 12th, one can expect nothing but pure technique on the cold night of Curitiba. Before the fight becomes reality, FCF spoke with the man himself about his last PRIDE fight, his love for Muay Thai and a bit more! Sit back and enjoy!

FCF:   Your last outing was against Carlos Newton in PRIDE, where you were considered the underdog by many abroad, and still won by KO! Did you get worried when he took you down early in the match?
AS:     I was expecting it to be a tough fight, even because Carlos Newton is a well known athlete who always presented himself well in PRIDE, always fighting against great opponents. However I didn't feel surprised by him at any moment during our fight. I knew he would take the fight to the ground and wouldn't want to fight standing up, but I was very well prepared to fight him both standing up and on the ground. Of course he is more used to ground fight on the ground, so the time we spent on the ground where he could show his efficiency standing up, was the time I need to get back to my feet to show my efficiency standing up. I think it was a good fight that showed that there are lots of good people coming up and those who didn't know my work will now be able to get to know more about it because of this win, and now I'm eagerly waiting for my next fight to make things continue to progress for my career and for the Chute Boxe team.

FCF:   You had perfect timing with your flying knee that knocked Newton out. Did you train this move a lot during your preparation, or was something that occurred to you at the moment?
AS:     During the brief moments of stand up we had in the fight, he feinted some takedowns, so I had this already on my thought. At that very moment I saw him with his guard a bit low, so I thought about feinting a kick to his head to force him to try a takedown. When we got back to our feet after he took me down, he went low a couple of times in moments he shouldn't have done it, so I thought about feigning the kick to force him to try a takedown, and then I would throw the knee! And it worked! It worked very well! [Laughs]

FCF:   He fought Pele when he was still a teammate. Did Newton's win over Pele served as a parameter for your training for this fight?
AS:     I think each fight is a different fight. I saw his fight against Pele when he was there in Japan, and then I didn't see it anymore even because Pele was still a member of the team back then and it would be something bad not only for him, but for our group. So we don't use to watch our opponent's fights, and it was the case this time as well. I try even not to see fights from my future opponents, cause it makes you create an expectation and you end up trying to neutralize the guy's game instead of doing your own thing. I try not to look at tapes before the fight to even not create any ghosts on my mind that sometimes doesn't even exists.

Click here to continue the interview

The Brazilian Beat
Chute Boxe New Addition,
Belfort Training in Octagon &
BTT Very Active

The Brazilian Beat:
      STORM Grand Prix is coming up tonight and FCF is on the way to cover the show! Therefore we can't tell you much now, but we do have a lot of Brazilian news coming your way as Muay Thai that will deliver the beat this weekend with Full Contact Fighter showing the way! Enjoy!
  • UFC Champion and Brazilian Top Team member Murilo Bustamante's negotiations with the Ultimate Fighting Championship have come to a null point. Right now there are no talks going on and Bustamante is concentrating on teaching to his students and preparing several members of the team to get ready for the coming competitions, such as the Abu Dhabi World tournament and MECA World Vale Tudo, both in May, as well as other NHB events such as HOOKnSHOOT and the like. Murilo is, however, anxious to fight again.

  • PRIDE veteran and Abu Dhabi champion Ricardo Arona is now training only submission wrestling for his Abu Dhabi World Tournament Superfight against Mark Kerr this May in Sao Paulo. Arona, who is expecting to be back in PRIDE soon, stopped his stand-up and NHB training for awhile to concentrate on this Superfight against Kerr, to show he continues to dominate in submission wrestling as he did two years ago.

    Fernando Terere
  • Jiu-Jitsu stand out Fernando Terere is still excited with his NHB debut at Bitetti Combat Nordeste 2, where he lost a split controversial decision to local fighter Tibau. Terere is now helping Vitor Belfort's training for the UFC and told FCF he is already negotiating his next NHB bout, with America's HOOKnSHOOT event looking like the next stop for him.

  • On the other hand, PRIDE veteran and multiple-time ADCC winner Mario Sperry is still doing his regular NHB training. "The Zen Machine" is expecting an invitation to fight in the next PRIDE, therefore he chose to continue with his regular training in order to keep his current form, and he told FCF he will start focusing only on submission wrestling two weeks before the ADCC tournament, where he hopes he will put on a decent performance in his weight division.

  • Former Chute Boxe fighter Jose Pele Landi worked as referee for the small NHB show Brazilian Gladiators 2, in early April. Pele told FCF he is spending time in Rio de Janeiro with Gracie Barra, as well as some time in Sao Paulo and on his own academy in Curitiba. According to the WEF veteran he has a deal to compete in a new NHB event to take place in England some 80 days from now, in an 80 kg division fight. Word is that his event will really happen as some other famous Brazilian Fighters were also invited.

    Vitor Belfort training an his octagon
    Belfort training
  • The work at Vitor Belfort's new training center continues to develop as the much-anticipated octagon is now set and ready, and already being used for training! This is the first ever octagon available for training in Brazil and Belfort has been using it to prepare for his fight against Marvin Eastman. Vitor has been training hard with Jiu-Jitsu standouts Leonardo Vieira and Fernando Terere, and some new training partners are expected very soon. FCF will have the developments.

  • Former PRIDE Heavyweight champion Rodrigo Minotauro Nogueira had surgery on his nose a few days ago. Minotauro had his nose broken by a punch from Emelianenko Fedor during his last PRIDE outing, and continued to fight in spite of the injury. The surgery went well and Nogueira is now considering a trip to Holland to take care of his now famous back problems, making sure he will be 100% ready and healed the next time he steps into the PRIDE ring.

    Tiago Pitbull
    Tiago Pitbull
  • The Chute Boxe team has a new addition to its arsenal. Bitetti Combat Nordeste 1 and 2 standout Tiago Pitbull is now training with the team in Curitiba! The talented 19-year-old kid has already done plenty of NHB fights in the tough events of the Brazilian Northeast where he always showed a lot of talent and Muay Thai skills. Tiago was very excited with the opportunity as he joined his idols at Chute Boxe this last Wednesday and the kid is bound to make some noise in the recent future!

  • Speaking of Chute Boxe, all of the tickets for the first ever STORM GRAND PRIX are already sold out! The event is happening tonight in Curitiba and Chute Boxe fighters such as Marlon Matias, Jamanta and most of all Anderson Silva are all ready to perform against Muay Thai fighters from all over Brazil. The show is being negotiated for PPV broadcast in Mexico, Colombia and possibly the USA, and FCF will be there to bring all the action. Additionally, Jadson, now a Chute Boxe fighter, made his NHB debut as a member of the team yesterday in a small event.

  • Fighting legend Royce Gracie is still teaching, doing seminars and training while he waits for a new fight to appear, this is however not his only project of the moment. Royce is working on a new book to come out soon where he will explain his methods of training regarding stretching, food intake, and other fitness related techniques, illustrating the proper preparation for a professional fighter.

From the event's promoter:
RITC 47 Tonight

Saturday, April 12, 2003
Celebrity Theatre
Phoenix, AZ
Doors Open: 6 PM, Fight Time: 7:30 PM

Ticket Prices: $15 General Admission (rows 14-25), $30 Ringside (rows 4-13) and $50 VIP Ringside (rows 1-3). $5 discount on Ringside tickets with RITC flyer or KUPD red card. Call 602-267-1600 to order tickets now (can pick up at will-call on fight night).

Super Main Event:

Aaron Brink (240 lbs) vs Andy Montana (240 lbs)

Aaron Brink, a veteran of UFC, WFA, 2H2H and Rings will travel to Phoenix to take on Casa Grande favorite and #2 ranked RITC Heavyweight, Andy Montana in a dynamite Super Main Event. There will be at least 12 fights on the card which will feature fast and furious action between RITC veterans and debut fighters such as John Sullivan (225 lbs), a "young gun" heavyweight from San Diego.

This show will be "over the top" with exciting action from start to finish. Two jumbo screens will be used at Celebrity to provide close up action for all the fans, and our new 21 foot cage will fit perfectly on the raised stage at Celebrity Theatre. Get your tickets early.

Fight Card subject to change.

Upcoming Events:

RITC 48 - Let's Do It Again
Saturday, May 3, 2003
Casa Grande

RITC 49 - Stare Down
Saturday, June 12, 2003
Celebrity Theatre (Phoenix)
Edwin Dewees vs John Renken (Pride Veteran)
Andy Montana vs Wade Shipp (KOTC Veteran)
Joseph Riggs vs Thomas Gil (World War 4 Match)

From Joseph Cunliffe & Brian Ebersole:
Battle Ground 1

Promoter Ed Kim makes the Midwest his Battle Ground on Saturday, June 21, 2003, when HOOKnSHOOT, KOTC, PRIDE and UFC veterans meet at Battle Ground 1. Jeremy "The Scorpion" Jackson and Chris "Lights Out" Lytle headline the card packed with fighters representing academies throughout the Midwest, including American Kickboxing Academy, Gilbert Grappling, Integrated Fighting Academy, Linxx Academy and Miletich Fighting Systems. UFC veterans Steve "Red Nose" Berger and Brad Gumm return in their first 155 pound bout, while James "Mad Dogg" Meals and Shannon "The Cannon" Ritch add another bout to their active careers. Matchmaker Brian Ebersole has worked hard to assure exciting fights throughout the night for the fans.

Fight Card Subject To Change:
  • 145 pounds -- Mike French, Miletich Fighting Systems, IA vs. Tommy Lee, Hellhouse/Gilbert Grappling, IL
  • 155 pounds -- Brad Gumm, Colorado BJJ, CO vs. Steve Berger, Team Vaghi, MO
  • 155 pounds -- Tom "The Captain" Kirk, Integrated Fighting Academy, IN vs. Bart Pazlewski, Linxx Academy/Jeff Curran, IL
  • 170 pounds -- Jeremy "The Scorpion" Jackson, Team Freedom, CA vs. Chris "Lights Out" Lytle, Integrated Fighting Academy, IN
  • 170 pounds -- James "Mad Dogg" Meals, NJ vs. Shannon "The Cannon" Ritch, Team Cannon, AZ
  • 185 pounds -- Kevin Knabjian, Brian Ebersole, IL vs. James "Jiggy Jaguar" Lowe, MO
  • 185 pounds -- Jon Fitch, AKA, IN vs. Roberto Ramirez, Hellhouse/Gilbert Grappling, IL
  • 205 pounds -- Davion Peterson, Integrated Fighting Academy, IL vs. TBD
  • Heavyweight -- Travis Wiuff, Dave Menne, WI vs. Kerry Schall, Meat Truck Inc., OH
  • Heavyweight -- Jeff "White Grizzly" Gerlick, Brian Ebersole, IL vs. TBD

  Sunday - April 13, 2003

BAMA's FightNight 20 - Wow!
By Jim Genia

Chris Peschel tries to pass Carmine Zocchi's guard
Zocchi (left) vs. Peschel
      (April 12 -- South Plainfield, New Jersey) They came to fight -- all 34 of the warriors that took turns stepping into the ring -- and the crowd that practically filled up the gymnasium at the South Plainfield Middle School came to cheer them on and see some action. And I don't think anyone could've come away disappointed. Bayside Academy of Martial Arts' Dan Miragliotta put on another BAMA Fight Night, and with two shootfighting belts on the line and some stellar performances by representatives of Fight Factory, Team BAMA and Pitt's Penn, this twentieth incarnation had it all. Highlights of the night included:
  • A fierce shock-and-awe campaign waged by "Knockdown" Joey Brown and Chris Liguori that would've had lesser men running for their underground bunkers. These two dropped bombs - and had the crowd on their feet and screaming.
  • A pitched battle between Billy Craparo and Judah Ciervo that had Ciervo virtually out on his feet early, but the Fight Factory exponent rallied with some solid Thai skills. Craparo garnered the split decision.
  • The stunning knockout Carlos Moreno delivered to Eric Schneider. Moreno is the man with his heavy hands!

Judah Ciervo and Billy Craparo wage war
Ciervo & Craparo wage war
Results (note: no times were available)

Terrence Shourts (158lbs- Team Endgame) vs. Marc Perugini (150lbs- Toshikan)
Shourts via keylock from the mount.

Muay Thai
Dan James (150lbs- Varlaro's) vs. Tony Sanchez (Team BAMA)
Sanchez via unanimous decision.

Nick Caggia (319lbs- David Adiv) vs. Rich Strehle (292lbs- Planet Jiu-jitsu)
Strehle via verbal submission due to strikes in overtime.

Joe Tabakhman (154lbs- Jay Lally's) vs. Leandro Hernandez (173lbs- Alex Wilkie)
Hernandez via unanimous decision.

Barnes Reid (Team Endgame) vs. Mike Forte (201lbs- Alex Wilkie)
Forte via armbar.

Phil Mazzurco (183lbs- Alex Wilkie) vs. Mike Ciesnolevicz (213lbs- Team Korab)
Ciesnolevicz via guillotine choke.

Chris Scanlon (214lbs- Kioto) vs. Anderson Castro (Team Endgame)
Castro via heelhook.

Glenn Ortiz (158lbs- Team Endgame) vs. Anthony Bodine (165lbs- Fight Factory)
Ortiz by heelhook.

165-180lbs Tournament
Steve Haigh (180lbs- Fight Factory) vs. Avidd Nolasco (169lbs- freestyle)
Haigh via rear-naked choke.

Ray Santos (188lbs- Pitt's Penn) vs. Dominick Piscicelli (177lbs- Team Endgame)
Santos via decision.

Steve Haigh (180lbs- Fight Factory) vs. Ray Santos (188lbs- Pitt's Penn)
Haigh via anklelock. Haigh is now the Fight Night 165-180lbs Division Champ.

195-210lbs Championship
Carmine Zocchi (202lbs- Marcelo Mello/Combined MA) vs. Chris Peschel (206lbs- Second Nature)
Zocchi via heelhook. Zocchi is now the Fight Night 195-210lbs Division Champ.

Paxton Ryan (242lbs- Pitt's Penn) vs. Richard Pauuliukonis (208lbs- Gene Fabrikant)
Pauuliukonis via neck crank.

Joey Brown (159lbs- Team Endgame) vs. Chris Liguori (178lbs- Pitt's Penn)
Liguori via referee stoppage due to cut - a complete barnburner!

Ryan Kauffmann (155lbs- Pitt's Penn) vs. Jay Isip (151lbs- Team BAMA)
Kauffmann via rear-naked choke - a very technical fight.

Mike Correa (163lbs- Team BAMA) vs. Joshua Key (161lbs- Perth Amboy's Finest)
Key via KO (kick to the solar plexus) - this was a good fight.

Billy Craparo (180lbs- Team BAMA) vs. Judah Ciervo (175lbs- Fight Factory)
Craparo via split decision - another great fight with back-and-forth action!

Eric Schneider (Source Academy of Martial Arts) vs. Carlos Moreno (Team BAMA)
Moreno by a quick and crowd-pleasing KO. Don't stand and trade with Carlos!

From the event's promoter:
RITC 47 - Results
Andy Montana submits Aaron Brink

A near capacity crowd welcomed Rage in the Cage back to Celebrity Theatre and what an outstanding show it was. In a fight unlike any fight ever witnessed in RITC history, Andy Montana shocked the MMA world with a huge upset victory over UFC, WFA, 2H2H and Rings veteran Aaron Brink. Both fighters exchanged "bombs" in round 1 and Brink survived the round on heart alone. Halfway through round 2, Andy was able to secure an arm bar that forced Aaron to tap at the 1:40 mark. Andy Montana, of the Matt Asher Combat Academy, previously a local hero has now arrived on the national scene. Fighter of the Night (FOTN) honors unquestionably belong to Andy Montana. Other candidates for FOTN were Ed West, John Lansing, Robert Maldonado, Carlos Ortega, Rich Moss, Jesse Moreng, Roger Mejia, Cory Timmerman and Edwin Dewees.


Ed West (145 lbs), Hinzmann's Martial Arts
won by submission (arm bar), 1:57 Rd 1
Joe Vigil (154 lbs), Team Phoenix

John Lansing (179 lbs), Team Brausa
won by submission (arm bar), 1:55 Rd 1
Melesio Perales (179 lbs), Freestyle

Robert Maldonado (179 lbs), Tucson Judo
won by submission (choke), 2:51 Rd 1
RJ Gamez (174 lbs), Asher Combat Academy

Thomas Gil (229 lbs), Freestyle
won by submission (strikes), 2:07 Rd 3
Mike Rainieri (205 lbs), Team Brausa

Carlos Ortega (154 lbs), Asher Combat Academy
won by submission (arm bar), 1:43 Rd 1
Ryan Stephans (158 lbs), Team Phoenix

Rich Moss (185 lbs), Team Brausa
won by submission (arm bar), :57 Rd 1
Michael Ptak (174 lbs), Team Brausa

Jack Austin (307 lbs), Leininger Dojo
won by ref stoppage (strikes), 1:17 Rd 2
Lemuel Vincent (305 lbs), Asher Combat Academy

Super Fights

Jesse Moreng (160 lbs), Team Brausa
won by decision (3 - 0)
Jamie Varner (160 lbs), Mahato Karate

Roger Mejia (205 lbs), Asher Combat Academy
won by submission (knee bar), 1:13 Rd 1
Mike Fettkether (190 lbs), Machado Jiu-Jitsu

Kauai Kupihea (304 lbs), Team Brausa
won by submission (strikes), 2:11 Rd 2
Robert Beraum (258 lbs), Dan Lowe's JKD

Main Events

Cory Timmerman (308 lbs), Team Brausa
won by submission (choke), 1:34 Rd 1
Steve Sayegh (225 lbs), Leininger Dojo

Edwin Dewees (210 lbs), Team Brausa
won by ref stoppage (strikes), 1:41 Rd 1
John Sullivan (225 lbs), DTC-MMA

Super Main Event

Andy Montana (225 lbs), Asher Combat Academy
won by submission (arm bar), 1:40 Rd 2
Aaron Brink (228 lbs), Brink Academy

Upcoming Events:

RITC 48 - Let's Do It Again
Saturday, May 3, 2003
Casa Grande

RITC 49 - Stare Down
Saturday, June 12, 2003
Celebrity Theatre (Phoenix)

  Monday - April 14, 2003

By Joe hall
Q & A with Hermes Franca

Although his English is not always easily understood, a colossal smile stretching from the U.S. to Brazil perfectly conveys Hermes Franca's jovial manner. Outside the ring, you won't catch him without a wild grin. Inside, you won't see him slow until he's put away his adversary. And once he's choked out another challenger, he'll be beaming soon after. In less than two years of professional mixed martial arts experience, the easygoing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt has emerged as one of the top prospects at 145 pounds, facing six opponents and finishing them all. His aggressiveness and skill have earned him a shot in UFC 42, which will be held in the state of Franca's current residence, Florida. The American Top Team-trained fighter will have to step up in weight to 155 to face Rich Crunkilton, but he'll have a wealth of supporters behind him when he enters the Octagon on April 25.

Hermes Franca FCF:   Where did you grow up?
Hermes Franca:   I grew up in Fortaleza, Brazil. It's a very nice place -- beach, sun, etc. It looks like Miami.

FCF:   What sports did you play when you were growing up?
HF:     I played futeból. In the United States it's called soccer. I played futeból because it's the most popular sport in Brazil. Every boy played.

FCF:   What did you want to be growing up?
HF:     As a kid, I wanted to be a lawyer.

FCF:   Did you have any childhood heroes?
HF:     My childhood hero was Batman.

FCF:   Did you get into many fights growing up?
HF:     No, because in Brazil, if you fight in the street, people shoot you. Some parts of Brazil are bad, like Brooklyn.

FCF:   When were you first exposed to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?
HF:     I had some friends who asked me to go to a Jiu-Jitsu academy to watch some guys train. I was very impressed with the little guys who would beat the bigger guys. I thought to myself, "This is good."

FCF:   When were you first exposed to mixed martial arts?
HF:     November 17, 2001 was my first fight in HOOKnSHOOT. It was an awesome experience for me.

FCF:   Where and with whom did you start training?
HF:     I first started doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Fortaleza with Marcus Aurelio. I started MMA with Marcelo and Conan Silveira, now known as American Top Team, in Boca Raton, Florida. Now Marcus Aurelio is a member of the American Top Team and is currently the HOOKnSHOOT Southeastern Champion.

Click here to continue the interview

Anderson Silva (left) vs. Tadeu Sanmartino moments before the KO
STORM Grand Prix Quick Results:
Anderson Wins By KO

By Eduardo Alonso

The event was by far the best Muay Thai show ever held in Brazil. It had everything from drama, knockouts and impressive comebacks to a champion coming out of nowhere! So check out the quick results and don't miss the more complete report coming soon.

Single bouts (all 5 rounds of 3 minutes each):
  • Marlon Matias (Chute Boxe) def. Carlos Carvalho (Naja Academy) by decision
  • Tiago (Chute Boxe) def. Angelo (BVT) by KO at 18 seconds of the 5th round
  • Fabio Tigrao (Chute Boxe) def. Alex (Naja Academy) by KO at 0:12 of the 3rd round
  • Emerson Nunes (Artur Mariano) def. Fabio Pelezinho (Chute Boxe) by KO at 2:07 of the 1st round
  • Anderson Silva (Chute Boxe) def. Tadeu Sanmartino (Nocaute Academy) by KO at 2:57 of the 1st round
Heavyweight Grand Prix (All fights 3 rounds of 3 minutes each):

Monstro wins
Monstro wins
Semi Finals:
  • Julio Cesar "Jamanta" (Chute Boxe) def. Helio Deep (Union Academy) by decision after an Overtime
  • Edson "Drago" (Brazilian Top Team) def. Emerson Avila (Chute Boxe) by KO at 1:24 of the first round
  • Edicarlos "Monstro" (Chute Boxe) def. Edson Drago by KO at 0:35 of the 1st round (Chute Boxe)
[Since neither Jamanta nor Deep could come back for the final, Monstro entered as an alternate]

From the event's promoter:
Danger Zone
Dakota Destruction Results
April 12, 2003

The fans of North Dakota got a night of action packed mixed martial arts fights on April 12. With the venue at 3/4 capacity, 11 fights on the card, and two title belts on the line the fans got their monies worth!

Main Event
Tony The Freak Frykland won by tap out at 4:37 of the second round with an ankle lock. His opponent Brian Ebersole was doing a super job controlling Frykland on the ground, using his wrestling background and ground and pound style putting the pressure on Frykland. Tony maintained his composure and caught Brian with an ankle lock. Frykland continued to put pressure on the leg to get the tap out just before the round ended.

Title Belt Defense Bout 135 lb.
Matt Hamilton and Travis Phippen put on a tremedous show for the sport at 135 lb. The grueling match went into OT, with Hamilton getting the win by judges decision. Matt Hamilton solidly defended his title at 135 lb weight class.

155 lb. Title Belt 4 Man Tournament
The first fight of the tournament Sam Wells took on Canadian Pankration Champion James Hoaurt. Wells won the bout at 4:30 of the second round by referee stoppage due to strikes.

The second fight of the tournament Jay Ireland took on Roli Delgado in another OT decision of the night. Ireland won by judges decision. Ireland kept maintaining pressure in the top position throughout the fight.

Sam Wells and Jay Ireland traded blows and kicks on their feet throughout the fight. This was a closely matched fight between two very tough 155 lb. fighters. Ireland did a tremedous job to get the win in this fight due to the fact he went into OT in his first fight of the evening. Both fighters put on a great show to crown Ireland the title belt holder at 155 lb. Congratulations to Jay Ireland as the new 155 lb. Title Belt holder!

205 lb Layne McDaniel vs. Bruce Nelson
McDaniel with the win at 3:35 in the first round by rear naked choke.

200 lb. Jeff Wales vs. James Fuller
Wales with the win at 4:19 in the first round by arm bar

155 lb. Alex Ferrer vs. Rolando Juarez
Ferrer with the win at 3:27 of the second round by referee stoppage by choke submission

165 lb. Ryan Schultz vs. Jon Henderson
Schultz with the win at 45 seconds of the first round by TKO

185 lb. Blaine Tufte vs. Steve Skok
Skok with the win at 1:30 of the first round by ankle lock

195 lb Amateur Title Bout
Pat Russo vs. Mark Smolinski got the win at 1:28 of the first round in this rematch bout.

I would like to thank the athletic commission of ND. for supporting MMA in the state. Right now the vote is at 9-2 for the sport. Prior to DZ coming to the state the vote was 2-9 against the sport! This is a great milestone for MMA in the state of ND. I would like to thank my staff and all the fighters that have fought for us at 4 Bears for allowing this to happen.

Many thanks to all the fighters for putting on a great show!

Look for Becky Levi to put on more events in the coming months. June looks like an amateur card with one pro bout in Ft. Wayne, IN. Be sure to contact her at dzmatchmaker@yahoo.com.

From the event's promoter:
Tickets On Sale Today!

Saturday May 3rd, 2003
7:00 PM Start Time / Doors Open at 6:00 PM
(617) 262-2424

BUY TICKETS AT nextticketing.com

'RING of FURY 3 is coming to Boston!' starts promoter Tom Hafers. 'The first two events were in Lowell, outside of Boston, and they were historic shows. RING of FURY 3 is certainly the best card yet!' states Hafers.

'TEAM ELITE returns to their home turf, and they deserve credit. Every single member of the Team has a tough fight on this show.' describes HOOKnSHOOT matchmaker Miguel Iturrate.

Jorge Rivera, the HnS World Champion at 205 lbs takes on Bobby Southworth in a match that is too close to call. Keith Rockel, who owns a regional title at 185 lbs. takes on Canadian Denis Kang.

'Jim de Sousa was ready for a tough bout, and in UFC veteran and rising star Benji Radach, he definitely gets it. This is Radach's jump in weight class to 185, so the match is compelling. De Sousa always surprises and pulls thru, and he is comfortable as the underdog.' describes the matchmaker. 'And in Wisniewski - Shakir, I think you have a potential explosion on the undercard.'

Some history will be made, as RING of FURY hosts their first ladies matches, with Shelby Walker taking on Angela Wilson in a battle of HOOKnSHOOT veterans. Connecticut's Del Greer is hoping to make her debut for HnS as well.

The 3rd edition of RING of FURY is set for May 3rd at the AVALON Night Club. Hafers says 'This venue will hold 2000 people in the building, it will be really HOT as a venue if we sell out. We average around that many tickets sold at our first two events, so we hope to have the right atmosphere for the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, right in the heart of Boston!'

Card Subject To Change:

  • (205 lbs) Bobby Southworth (AKA, CA.) v. Jorge Rivera (Team ELITE, HnS World Champion, MA.)
  • (185 lbs) Denis Kang (Marcos Soares, Canada.) v. Keith Rockel (Team ELITE, HnS NE Champion, MA.)
  • (185 lbs) Benji Radach (Victory Athletics, Portland, OR.) v. Jim De Sousa (Team ELITE, MA.)
  • (125 lbs / ladies) Shelby Walker (Freelance, IN.) v. Angela Wilson (Freelance, Canada)
  • (145 lbs/ ladies) Del Greer (Freelance, CT.) v. TBD
  • (170 lbs) Keith Wisniewski (Duneland Vale Tudo, IN.) v. Nuri Shakir (Team ELITE, NH.)
  • (205 lbs) Devian Peterson (Integrated Fighting, IN.) v. Jay Thomas (Gillett's Academy, MA.)
  • (185 lbs) TBD v. Emyr Bussard (American TOP TEAM, FL.)
  • (170 lbs) Joel Blanton (Animal House, IN.) v. TBD
  • (185 lbs) Kevin Burkes (Animal House, IN.) v. Bobby Diaz (Boneyard, MA.)

Contact e-mail for promoter TOM HAFERS: thafers@usmma.org

  Wednesday - April 16, 2003

Jadson armbars Josni
Sao Bento Vale Tudo Superfight 1:
NHB Continues to Break Ground in Brazil and Conquers New Soil!

By Eduardo Alonso

      The year of 2003 has been great for NHB fans and fighters in Brazil so far, and events continue to pop up on and on in different corners of the country! FCF readers have been witness to the evolution of the Northeastern Brazilian NHB scene, with several events happening in different cities, from small ones to the likes of Bitetti Combat, local fighters have been having plenty of action in the past months. The Northeast is not alone in this trend of new events popping up, as the Southeastern region in Brazil (where major cities like Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are located) is fighting the bans in the capitals, but managing to hold events like Brazilian Gladiators 2, and some new ones that are in the works for the near future [Don't miss the upcoming editions of the Brazilian Beat for more on that]. Obviously the South of Brazil couldn't let the other regions overtake them, since the city of Curitiba (located in the southern region) promotes the most important NHB event of the country, MECA World Vale Tudo, and our sport just broke yet new ground in Brazil as the small but cozy city of Sao Bento, in the state of Santa Catarina, just held its first NHB event ever!
      Sao Bento Vale Tudo Superfight 1 was an effort done by local promoters, along with the help of Chute Boxe master and MECA promoter Rudimar Fedrigo on the organization side of the event. The show was somewhat lacking in experienced and talented fighters in most fights, as was expected, but a crowd of very educated and avid NHB action fans were on hand, as well as fighters willing to learn and give their all in the ring. A crowd of over 800 spectators paid witness to a card consisting of two exhibition Muay Thai matches and five NHB fights, featuring local fighters as well as some more experienced players including MECA veteran Jadson fighting out of the Chute Boxe team for the first time in his career. One of the biggest attractions of the evening were the referees in charge for the bouts, which included names like PRIDE superstar Wanderlei Silva, MECA and PRIDE veteran Murilo Ninja Rua and even FCF's own Eduardo Alonso [your humble reporter].
B.A. attempts to guillotine Graxaim
B.A. attempts choke
      The action inside the ring brought knockdowns, cuts, reversals and submissions, giving the local audience their first taste of the sport, and they sure loved it. The most anticipated fight on the card was the main event featuring Chute Boxe new addition Jadson facing a local fighter, the city's most famous Hapkido instructor Josni. Jadson showed that his training with Chute Boxe Jiu-Jitsu instructor and Royler Gracie black belt Cristiano Marcelo has been paying off, as he escaped a rear-naked choke attempt to pass his opponent's guard, mount him and finish him in a textbook armbar debuting victoriously in his first Chute Boxe outing. Other standouts were STORM veteran Sarion, who debuted in NHB with a solid performance and "B.A" [up to this point I have been unsuccessful in discovering his real name] who faced a fighter out of the Brazilian Impacto team and showed some decent wrestling skills and a lot of power to earn the win. Once again our sport broke new ground and now those fans at Sao Bento do Sul will never forget their NHB experience on this past Friday night at April 11th, causing Sao Bento Vale Tudo 2 to happen in the near future and FCF will be there once again showing the true and most complete NHB coverage in the world!

Sao Bento Vale Tudo 1 Superfight results:
[NHB fights only, all fights consisted in 1 round of 10 minutes, plus two rounds 5 minutes each]

  • Sergio (Hapkido) def. Roniclei by judges' decision

  • Egoberto (Hapkido) def. Ancelmo by referee stoppage in the 1st round

  • Sarion (Muay Thai) def. Maciel (Hapkido)by judges' decision

  • "B.A." def. Graxaim (Brazilian Impacto) by judges' decision

  • Jadson (Chute Boxe) def. Josni (Hapkido)by armbar from the mount in the 1st round

From the IVC European Office:


Durata grand prix is made of 3 qualification international tournaments and final event will be for the new IVC World Champion belt with participation of the new GENERATION of BRAZILAN IVC Fighter.
M. Sergio BATARELLI himself (IVC World President) will assist the IVC final grand prix .

First event will be on 03. 05. 2003. in Zagreb in Dom sportova 8 000 seats
* Second event / in August 2003 Opatija Open air theatre
* Third event / October 2003 Rijeka Dvorana Mladosti
* Final IVC event / december 2003 Zagreb Dom sportova
Also on the first edition :
For the first time we will have three prestige fights in kickboxing
Croatian top fighters :
Princ - 76,200 kg, Ivosevic - 82,100 kg, Majkic - 85,500 kg.
Will compete under WKN rules and regulation . It will be the first WKN promotion in CROATIA .

First edition . 8 men tournament . IVC rules
Fight card :

  • Petr KELNER : Czech Republic (IVC Heavyweight European Champion)
  • Mathias RICCIO : France (Participate in IVC CZECH REPUBLIC and IVC SITZERLAND)
  • Igor POKRAJAC : Croatia (IVC Croatia)
  • Domagoj OSTOJIC : Croatia (IVC Croatia)
  • Rodrigo GRIPP RISCADO DE SOUZA : Brazil (won the IVC Switzerland . participate in IVC VENEZUELA)
  • Andre DE CASTRO : Brazil (Jiu Jitsu world Champion, and Minas Gerais State Vale Tudo Champion)
  • Ladislav ZAC : Czech Republic (Participate in IVC CZECH Republic)
  • Alexei KUDIN : Belarus (Belarus PAKRACION Champion)
Promoter : IVC CROATIA Office . M. Igor IVOSEVIC
International IVC supervisor : M Evgenie KOTELNIKOV (IVC Belarus) . M. luca BASTINAC (IVC Yougoslavia) and M. tomas MACHTOKA (IVC Czech Republic)

From Matt Hamilton:
Modern Ringsport Results

(MMA, Kickboxing, & Submission Wrestling)
April 12, 2003
State House Convention Center
Little Rock, Arkansas

Submission Wrestling: The Submission Wrestling was highlighted by impressive Double-Leg Takedowns by Sean Tarkington and greasy smooth submission transitions from Michael Evans.
  • Michael Evans (LDMA) def Heath Dores (Sheridan Kung Fu): Arm Bar 1:07
  • Sean Tarkington (LDMA) def SteveChamness (Freelance): 1/2 Boston Crab 4:37
Kickboxing: The Kickboxing events showcased some heavy hitting and the TaeKwonDo background of the majority of the participants. The kickboxing fight of the night saw Dominic Ripoli survive a monstrous early onslaught from Alvin Harvey and go on to win by corner stoppage in the 2nd round.
  • Daniel Dring Jr. (LDMA) def Cody Allen Smith (Payne's Kickboxing): TKO 3rd
  • Nicole Baucom def Mariah "the Pink Piranha" Mongno (LDMA): Majority Decision
  • Andrew Collier (Payne's Kickboxing) def Jonathan Funderburg (Sheridan Kung Fu): Unan. Decision
  • Brody Pempsell def Hunter Devorak: Majority Decision
  • Cameron Smith def Koda Sorensen: TKO 3rd
  • Blane Law def Nathan Smith: TKO 2nd
  • Todd Sinclair def Brandon Rondon: Unan. Decision
  • Murrya Collier (Payne's Kickboxing) def Melissa "Lissy Belle" Avery: TKO 2nd
  • Shirlee Montes def Teresa Miller (Payne's Kickboxing): TKO 1st
MMA: The MMA portion of the event saw A LOT of power shots. Even the fights that went to the judges saw a lot of big shots and knockdowns. The event showcased the return of the "Bumble Bee" Mark Wiggins, who made his return to the ring after a long layoff. Mark offered to fight twice since one fighter's opponent no showed. In a battle that pitted to game competitors with less than 3 months of training between them, TaeKwonDo stylist Anthony "Little Rampage" Niel put away Kung Fu stylist Douglas Peacock via verbal submission following a huge slam and the ensuing hammer fists. David "Letter D" Elmenhurst lived up to his logo "THE HULK" with a devastating performance. There is truly a lot of power and agility in his 5'4" 220-pound frame! The bombs didn't stop there. Jason Merrell took on Charles "de Vinci" Adkins and displayed a HUGE right hand. Adkins survived the first right hand and did some damange with his leg kicks, but the second crushing right from Merrell stopped the fight. Once again the Doctor made a house call. Dr. Seth "Kevorkian" Klienbeck M.D. after assisting with the pre-fight physicals KO'd John Cammarata and then assisted the fight doc in reviving him. That makes 2 of the last 3 in a row that "Dr Death" has had to attend to his opponent after a fight. In the MMA fight of the night Don Johnson squeaked out a split decision of Jayme McKinney. This fight was a classic striker (McKinney) vs. grappler (Johnson). Johnson was able to control the ground portion of the fight, but was forced to take some punishment to get his takedowns. A very exciting fight!
  • David "Letter D" Elmenhurst (LDMA) def Brandon Hix: KO :56 2nd
  • Mark "Bumble Bee" Wiggins (LDMA) def Chris Strom: Choke 2:05 1st
  • Mark "Bumble Bee" Wiggins (LDMA) def Mark Barrett: Unanimous Dec.
  • Anthony "Little Rampage" Niel (LDMA) def Douglas Peacock: TKO :44 1st
  • Jason Merrell def Charles "DeVinci" Adkins (LDMA): TKO :54 2nd
  • Dirk Hamilton (LDMA) def Daniel Broyles: Choke :34 1st
  • Jason Strom def Stuart Godfrey: Choke 1:23 1st
  • Don Johnson (LDMA/Alliance Jiujitsu) def Jayme McKinney: Split Dec
  • Seth "Kevorkian" Kleinbeck (LDMA) def John Cammarata: KO :43 1
This was a great event and all the fighters showed great technique and excellent sportsmanship.

From Bender/Helper Impact (DSE/Pride Reps):

DSE unveils upcoming 2003-2004 PRIDE FC events
Featuring First Event in U.S.!
Los Angeles, CA - April 16, 2003 - Dream Stage Entertainment (DSE), home to mixed-martial arts and full-contact sports PRIDE Fighting Championships (PRIDE FC), announced today a number of significant developments at the company. The largest digital satellite television provider in Japan, SKY PerfecTV!, has signed on as a partial owner of the company. Also announced was the promotion of Nobuyuki Sakakibara as DSE's new president, and the 2003-2004 Pride FC event schedule -- featuring Pride FC's debut in the U.S., in January 2004 in Las Vegas.

"This is a tremendously exciting time for Pride FC," said Yukino Kanda, PRIDE FC's Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Talent Relations. "With a major corporate commitment from SKY PerfecTV!, a new president, a growing fan base, and some first-rate events on the horizon, including the debut in the US - our future looks very bright."

Nobuyuki Sakakibara founded PRIDE FC in 1997 and joined Dream Stage Entertainment in 1999 as chief producer. In the summer of 2002 he was promoted to managing director. Prior to joining DSE, Sabakibara worked for Tokai TV Promotional Co., Ltd. where he produced events including the Tokai Classic" International Golf Tournament and the annual summer music festival "Kai-Yu-Sai."

With a rapidly growing fan base in North America, PRIDE FC is experiencing another banner year. Together with its pay-per-view carriers and partners, PRIDE FC will soon be able to bring the incredible excitement of PRIDE FC to virtually every cable and satellite home in the U.S. and Canada. A new relationship with iN DEMAND PPV, will enable PRIDE FC to reach an additional pay-per-view audience of 28 million. iN DEMAND will begin carrying PRIDE FC events on June 13, 2003.

The tentative schedule of PRIDE Fighting Championships 2003:

June 13th
PRIDE FC: Bad to the Bone (PRIDE 26)
Featuring: Emelianenko Fedor (Russia, current Heavyweight champion) vs. Kazuyuki Fujita (Japan)
Location: Yokohama Arena
PPV Carriers: iN DEMAND, DIRECTV, TVN Entertainment, UrbanXtra, DishNetwork, Bell ExpressVu, Viewer's Choice Canada

August 10th
PRIDE FC Middleweight Tournament (elimination rounds)
Location: Saitama Super Arena
PPV Carriers: iN DEMAND, DIRECTV, TVN Entertainment, UrbanXtra, DishNetwork, Bell ExpressVu, Viewer's Choice Canada

Late October - Early November
PRIDE FC Middleweight Tournament (semifinal and final rounds)
Location: Tokyo Dome or Saitama Super Arena
PPV Carriers: iN DEMAND, DIRECTV, TVN Entertainment, UrbanXtra, DishNetwork, Bell ExpressVu, Viewer's Choice Canada

January, 2004
Location: Las Vegas
PPV Carriers: iN DEMAND, DIRECTV, TVN Entertainment, UrbanXtra, DishNetwork, Bell ExpressVu, Viewer's Choice Canada

March, 2004
Location: Saitama Super Arena or Yokohama Arena

  Thursday - April 17, 2003

From Pancrase:
Latest Official PANCRASE Rankings
(as of 4/17/2003)

the 9th Open-weight K.O.P. Semmy Schilt (Holland/Golden Glory)
#1 Yuki Kondo(PANCRASEism)
#2 Yoshiki Takahashi(PANCRASEism)
#3 Kiuma Kunioku(PANCRASEism)
#4 KEI Yamamiya(PANCRASEism)
#5 Sanae Kikuta(Pancrase GRABAKA)
#6 Tim Lajcik(U.S.A./Gladiators Training Academy)
#7 Osami Shibuya(PANCRASEism)
#8 Katsuhisa Fujii(UFO)
#9 Ron Waterman(U.S.A./Colorado Stars)
#10 Jun Ishii(Chojin Club)

[Heavyweight (199lbs.-under 221lbs.)]
the 1st Heavyweight K.O.P. Yoshiki Takahashi (PANCRASEism)
#1 Tsuyoshi Ozawa(Zendokai)
#2 Katsuhisa Fujii(UFO)
#3 Jason Godsey(U.S.A./I.F. Academy)

[Light heavyweight (181lbs.-under 199lbs.)]
the 2nd Light heavyweight K.O.P. Sanae Kikuta (Pancrase GRABAKA)
#1 Yuki Kondo(PANCRASEism)
#2 Ricardo Almeida(U.S.A./Renzo Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy)
#3 Ikuhisa Minowa(PANCRASEism)
#4 Yuki Sasaki(Pancrase GRABAKA)
#5 Akihiro Gono(Pancrase GRABAKA)
#6 KEI Yamamiya(PANCRASEism)
#7 Osami Shibuya(PANCRASEism)
#8 Mitsuyoshi Sato(Pancrase GRABAKA)
#9 Eiji Ishikawa(Pancrase GRABAKA)

[Middleweight(165.7lbs.-under 181lbs.)]
the 3rd Middleweight K.O.P. Nathan Marquardt (U.S.A./Colorado Stars)
#1 Izuru Takeuchi(SK Absolute)
#2 Kiuma Kunioku(PANCRASEism)
#3 Kazuo Misaki(Pancrase GRABAKA)
#4 Chris Lytle(U.S.A./Ring Sports Palmers Gym)
#5 Yuji Hoshino(Wajutsu Keishukai GODS)
#6 Hidehiko Hasegawa(SK Absolute)
#7 Shonie Carter(U.S.A./AIKI Training Hall)
#8 Daiju Takase(Yoshida Dojo)
#9 Takafumi Ito(PANCRASEism)
#10 Kosei Kubota(PANCRASEism)

[Welterweight(152.5lbs.-under 165.7lbs.)]
the 1st Welterweight K.O.P. Kiuma Kunioku (PANCRASEism)
#1 Takafumi Ito(PANCRASEism)
#2 Koji Oishi(PANCRASEism)
#3 Kenichi Serizawa(RJW/CENTRAL)
#4 Hiroki Nagaoka(Rodeo Style)
#5 Satoru Kitaoka(PANCRASEism)
#6 Yuji Hoshino(Wajutsu Keishukai GODS)
#7 Takuya Wada(SK Absolute) *IN!

[Lightweight(141.4lbs.-under 152.5lbs.)] VACANT

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  Saturday - April 19, 2003

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STORM Muay Thai Grand Prix:
Hard Hitting Drama in Curitiba!

By Eduardo Alonso

Anderson Silva (left) faces off against Tadeu Sanmartino
Silva v Sanmartino
      This past Saturday, April 12th, a packed house of around 2,000 spectators witnessed the best Muay Thai show ever held in Brazil, and more than that witnessed all the drama fighting sports can provide. Those lucky spectators could watch some of the best Muay Thai Brazil can offer in the always astonishing venue of Opera de Arame, located on the middle of a small forest in the city of Curitiba, under a well done production with big screens showing the fights, lighting effects, fighter entrances, brutal knockouts, courageous comebacks, bloody fighters and a glimpse of pure art inside the ring, courtesy of the one and only Anderson Silva.

      In by far the most impressive display of technique, the cold Curitibian PRIDE veteran Anderson Silva needed little less than a round to prove his is way ahead his opposition in terms of technique and skills in what comes to stand up fighting.
Emerson Nunes (left) dodges a punch thrown by Fabio Pelezinho
Nunes v Pelezinho
Using amazing leg movement and more than precise strikes, the Chute Boxe stand out made a talented, and back then undefeated, fighter in Tadeu Sanmartino look like a fool in the ring. As simple as that, scoring three knockdowns at will, not wasting a single strike and displaying from high-kicks to punching-combos. There's only one word to define Anderson's technique: magnificent! On the other four single bouts presented at the card, one of the stand outs was IVC veteran Artur Mariano's student Emerson Nunes, who simply overwhelmed Chute Boxe STORM veteran Fabio Pelezinho with punching and kicking combinations, despite the smaller reach, to putting him on the floor three times still in the 1st round. Chute Boxe Muay Thai stand out Marlon Matias once again showed good technique in his decision win over Paulo Carvalho, controlling most of the fight despite a lack of cardio on his part, while his teammate Fabio Tigrao proved to be very strong and with a sharp game to score a knockout victory over Alex.

Edson Drago beginning the flurry that ended his fight with Emerson Avila
Avila v Drago
      The name of the show was STORM GP for a reason, and besides having 5 single bouts a field of four heavyweight Muay Thai fighters from some of the best Brazilian academies competed for the crown in the first ever STORM tournament. Chute Boxe K-1 veteran Julio Cesar "Jamanta" and Helio Deep lived a true battle to open the GP in which Helio knocked down "Jamanta" in the first round, while Julio on the other hand busted Helio's nose badly, causing him to bleed all over the ring. The battle resulted in an overtime where "Jamanta" got the nod. Promoters weren't very happy with the judges' decision and a rematch between the two is already on the works. On the other leg of the GP Rodrigo "Minotauro", who was present at the event along with his brother Rogerio, sparring partner Edson "Drago" came in to represent the Brazilian Top Team. Facing a Chute Boxe fighter called Emerson Avila "Drago" found himself knocked down early in the bout but made an amazing comeback and won by knockout still in the first round! Neither "Jamanta" or Helio Deep could comeback for the final after all they suffered in their bout and amazingly the promoters found Edicarlos "Monstro" to fill in the empty spot against Edson, and the guy just came from the stands where he was watching the event to knock out "Drago" in a matter of 30 seconds! Adding even more to a night full of fighting drama, in the best hard hitting style! For more on STORM Grand Prix don't miss the next issue of Full Contact Fighter, the undefeated fighting news source of the world.

  Sunday - April 20, 2003 - Happy Easter

Dyer vs. Witt
United Full Contact Federation Presents:
A Night of Champions
Held April 19, 2003
At the Edmonds Community College
Lynnwood, Washington
By Mike Neva

Aric Wiseman, in association with the United Full Contact Federation, once again brought his exciting brand of amateur kickboxing and pankration to the Edmonds Community College. With over ten years of promoting such events, the list of fights that have fought in Wiseman's shows is like a veritable who's who of mixed martial arts. Matt Hume, Josh Barnett, Dennis Hallman, Ivan Salaverry and Charles Pearson have all tested their wares as amateurs in years past.

Assembling a solid card with many of today's top northwest amateurs, the mixed card of five kickboxing and four pankration matches entertained with a good mix of submissions, decisions, and of course, an upset. With only 2 kickboxing matches under his belt, local favorite Landon Showalter took a big step up in competition facing the crafty veteran Phil Petite. Taking the fight on short notice, Showalter showed great heart and determination as he methodically waited for an opening and capitalized on Petite's lack of activity by landing clean shots near the end of each round. After five hard fought rounds Showalter was awarded a very close split decision victory.

Eric Wirt (left) trading with Chris Jacobson
Wirt trading with Jacobson
Other action saw a ripped and ready Andrew Taylor over power Paul Purcell and pound away from the full mount until Purcell verbally submitted. Eddie Ellis also stepped up to the plate in his first kickboxing match to take on team quest fighter Kevin Ketch. The unorthodox style of Ellis looked to frustrate Ketch who was unable to land any effective blows throughout the match. Ellis eventually landed a clean shot sending Ketch to the canvas. As Ketch staggered to his feet he stumbled backwards causing the referee to call a halt to the action. Rob Williams and Shandi Fyre put on a three round war that had the crowd on their feet as they cheered at every blow these two landed. Williams knocked Fyre down twice in round 1 and although Williams was fatigued early on, Frye could not overcome the quick deficit as the judges awarded Williams a majority decision.
  1. Kickboxing
    Eddie Ellis (Victory Athletics) def. Kevin Getch (Team Quest) by TKO at: 41 of round 3
  2. Kickboxing
    Mark Carter (Top Rank) def. Azim Merali (AMC Pankration) by unanimous decision after three 90-second rounds
  3. Panration
    Cam Ward (Scott McQuarry) def. Tony Williams (PBBA Martial Arts) by toe hold at 2:20 of round 1
  4. Kickboxing
    Rob Williams (PBBA Martial Arts) def. Shandi Frye (AMC Pankration) by unanimous decision after three 90-second rounds
  5. Pankration
    Jeremy Saunders (PBBA Martial Arts) def. Dave Cochran (Self Trained) by toe hold at: 51 of round 1
  6. Pankration
    Rob Dyer (PBBA Martial Arts) def. Triet Witt (AMC Pankration) by guillotine choke at: 41 of round 3
  7. Kickboxing
    Chris Jacobson (PBBA Martial Arts) def. Eric Wirt (Travis Kickboxing) by unanimous decision after three 2-minute rounds
  8. Pankration
    Andrew Taylor (Aric Wiseman) def. Paul Purcell (Victory Athletics) by verbal submission at 2:59 of round 1
  9. Kickboxing
    Landon Showalter (PBBA Martial Arts) def. Phil Petite (World Kickboxing Academy) by split decision after five 2-minute rounds

Results from
Pacific Fighting Championships

Held April 17, 2003
Waikiki Shell Amphitheater, Honolulu, Hawaii
By Chris Onzuka

Blake Hottendorf going for a heel hook on Mike Bower
Hottendorf going for heelhook
The inaugural Pacific Fighting Championships kicked off at the open aired, Waikiki Shell Amphitheater, which is a stone's throw away from the famous Waikiki Beach. The event was sparsely attended, primarily due to the rain earlier in the day and the event being held on a Thursday night. The card was pretty sparse as well due to a lot of last minute drop outs or no shows. The event featured a lot of new comers to MMA. It was highlighted by a few fighters with a lot of potential, the first being HMC's Neal Andres, with the exception of the very beginning of the fight, dominated the match on his way to a unanimous decision. Jacob Fa'agai showed impressive straight punches and a solid ground and pound game for the TKO. He will be a force to be reckoned with. And of course, Deshawn Johnson showed why he is one of Hawaii's best MMA strikers, by pounding Vela and securing a choke for the submission.

2 Rounds - 5 minutes
Neal Andres (HMC)
John Kukahiko (Kodenkan)
Unanimous decision after 2 rounds.

Marcus Moreno (Bulls Pen)
Josh Vierra (Universal Roughhousing)
TKO via referee stoppage due to punches from the mount in Round 1.

Mike Bower (HMC)
Blake Hottendorf (Kodenkan)
TKO via referee stoppage due to strikes from the mount at 4:55 into round 1.

Josh Corlione (Kodenkan)
Bobby Cuadra (Professional Training Center)
Submission via arm bar from the guard at 2:30 into round 1.

265lbs & Under
Jacob Fa'agai
Keoni Toguchi (Professional Training Center)
TKO via referee stoppage due to punches from the half guard at 2:15 round 1.

Main Event:
Deshaun Johnson (HMC)
Jacob Vela (Kodenkan)
Submission via side choke at 3:37 into round 1.

From the event's promoter:
RITC 48: Let's Do It Again!

Saturday, May 3, 2003
Pinal County - Parks, Recreation & Fairgrounds
11 MC Road
Casa Grande, Arizona

Doors Open: 6 PM, Fight Time: 7:30 PM
Tickets prices are $20 (General Admission) and $25 (Floor Level Seating).

We need the people from Casa Grande, Eloy, Coolige, Phoenix and Tucson to come out and support this event just like they did for our last Casa Grande show two months ago. The planned fight card will be stacked to showcase local talent in excellent matchups. Come on out and support your favorites.

Here is a PRELIMINARY list of fighters who have formally signed up so far.

Steve McDonald - 145 lbs
Michael Kline - 150 lbs
Richie Reyes - 155 lbs
Brian Mitchell - 155 lbs
Carlos Ortega - 155 lbs
Gabe Rivas - 165 lbs
Hector Montijo - 165 lbs
Ben Morales - 165 lbs
Gabe Casillas - 170 lbs
Adam Millican - 170 lbs
Ray Steinbeiss - 180 lbs
Allen Branson - 180 lbs
Mike Fettkether - 190 lbs
Roger Mejia - 200 lbs
Rocky Revel - 205 lbs
Chappo Montijo - 205 lbs
Wayland Berry - 265 lbs
Jason Wallace - 265 lbs

Attention Fighters: weigh-ins scheduled for 3 PM on fight date (May 3) at the fight site. Photo shoot for web site profiles scheduled for 4 PM. Tickets are available in advance at Asher Combat Academy or at the door the night of the show until sold out. Get your tickets in advance. There will be two entrances at the show. One for fans with advanced tickets, the other for fans buying tickets the night of the fight. Tickets prices are $20 (General Admission) and $25 (Floor Level Seating).

Asher Combat Academy
595 W. Cottonwood
Casa Grande, AZ
(520) 431-2993
or e-mail: combat@cgmailbox.com

Here are the directions for those traveling from Phoenix or Tucson for the event.

Take I-10 to Exit 194
Head East on 287 away from CG for 7 miles
Turn right on 11 Mile Corner Rd and you're there

Upcoming Event:

RITC 49 - Stare Down
Saturday, June 7, 2003
Celebrity Theatre (Phoenix)
Edwin Dewees vs John Renken (Pride Veteran)
Joseph Riggs vs Thomas Gil (World War 4 Matchup)

RITC 51 - The Heavyweights
Saturday, July 26, 2003
Celebrity Theatre (Phoenix)
Kauai Kupihea (290 lbs) vs Johnathan Ivey (260 lbs)
Andy Montana (225 lbs) vs ???
Cory Timmerman (310 lbs) vs Mike Camp (330 lbs)

  Monday - April 21, 2003

By Loretta Hunt
Florida's Rich Crunkilton
Set to Make His Own
Sudden Impact at UFC 42

      It's as simple as this. Since the age of fourteen, Rich Crunkilton has wanted to be in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Now 23 years old, and with thirteen professional bouts [all wins] behind him, this Florida native is on the brink of realizing his dream-- and in front of a hometown crowd at that. Making his UFC premiere against fellow first-timer Hermes Franca at UFC 42: Sudden Impact this Friday, April 25th, Crunkilton will get his chance to make the all-important first impression. A versatile lightweight that has both submitted and knocked out the likes of Victor Estrada and Bao Quach, Crunkilton's name has floated about the fighting circles for quite a few months as a fierce up-and-comer. Let's take a look at the UFC's latest lightweight addition.

FCF:   For some reason your nickname is not an obvious one to me. Why are you called "Cleat?"
RC:     Cleat is a name my dad calls me -- kind of all the guys in our family call each other that. When my dad was younger, that is what they called all the athletes in the school. Growing up, him and all his brothers would call each other Cleat, so then it was passed on to me.

FCF:   Let's find out a bit about your career thus far. Who has been your toughest opponent to date?
RC:     I believe my toughest was a guy named Zviad [Abuseridze from WEF:Rumble at the Rodeo 2]. He was a Russian fighter. That's just the toughest fight I can remember.

FCF:   Have your other fights been less memorable and not as difficult? Some of your other fights have gone the distance.
RC:     Yeah, but I don't think they were that hard. That's the one I remember being the hardest. For those other fights, they were good opponents and -- [pause] I never really was in shape for those fights. None of those fights were under "Crazy" Bob.

FCF:   When did you start training under "Crazy" Bob Cook and the American Kickboxing Academy team?
RC:     It was a little over a year ago. I came out to California to visit my [then] fiancee and I was looking around for fights. I was asking around town if anybody knew about fights going on, because I wanted to make some money. I was looking up "no holds barred" and "karate" and "fighting." I was living in Fresno and eventually got hooked up with Team Fresno [Terry Dole and Phillip Perez] there. "Crazy" Bob came by and wrestled with me a bit and then invited me to come up to San Jose. I ended up moving to San Jose a week later.

Click here to continue interview

  Tuesday - April 22, 2003

By Eduardo Alonso
An "Axe Murderer" Hungry For Victims!
Wanderlei Gets Ready For Jackson
As His Fighting Hunger Continues To Increase

      PRIDE Middleweight champion Wanderlei Silva has been forced to stay on the sidelines since his TKO win over Hiromitsu Kanehara at PRIDE 23. After quietly dealing with numerous knee problems during more than a year, Silva finally felt he couldn't delay his previously so avoided knee surgery anymore, and ended up doing it on December of 2002. From then on it was all recovery to the Chute Boxe star, and Wanderlei has been counting the days to return to the PRIDE ring. Known for his aggressiveness inside the ring, Wanderlei was caught up in a recent post-fight incident with NHB and K-1 stand out Quinton Jackson, hyping their future confront even more and leaving many wondering how much credibility such incident had, considering where it took place. With a renewed hunger for action, Silva takes his time to explain it all to FCF in this honest interview, where he also tells about his recent experiences outside of the ring, his first son coming up and much more! So, step aside and enjoy your read cause Wanderlei Silva is craving for another victim, and Full Contact Fighter won't want to be in the "Axe Murderer's" way! Would you want?

Wanderlei Silva FCF:   You recently stayed in Japan for the longest period of your life there, close to three weeks I believe, and during your stay, you shot a TV Commercial for Japan's most popular razor. How was the experience of acting on such a commercial?
VS:     It was a very interesting experience, since it was a commercial of that importance. I think it was a smart move by the Japanese brand cause I'm famous there, and I believe it's going to be a success. Everything we fighters do these days creates interest in the media and this brings even more media to the brand for free. I hope some other companies will have this vision and will use fighters in their advertising campaigns, because fighters are now more in evidence than ever.

FCF:   What else did you do in Japan during your stay?
VS:     The period I spent there was very useful. I recorded a number of interviews for several magazines and TV stations there. Thank God I worked a lot during my stay there.

FCF:   Did you miss your home a lot during the trip since it was, I believe, the longest of your life?
VS:     I missed my home a lot! My wife is pregnant, so I couldn't wait to comeback to my house.

FCF:   How was the reaction of the TV producers in Japan regarding your participation on the shaver commercial? Do you think we'll see more Wanderlei in future TV ventures?
VS:     I think so, cause I stayed in touch with the company that did the commercial and they told me they will want to do some other projects with me still this year.

FCF:   What is easier? Stepping inside the ring to fight against the likes of Cro Cop, Dan Henderson and others or act along with Mark Coleman on a TV commercial, having to "feel his shave"? [Laughs]
VS:     Man! [Laughs] This was really hard cause I didn't have this sort of contact with another fighter ever before. But from all the other, non-Brazilian, PRIDE fighters he is the one I like the most. A very nice guy and a true professional. But I'm only used to touch girls you know, it was hard! [Laughs]

FCF:   Getting back to your fighting career, you have been recovering from knee surgery since the end of 2002. Give us a brief rundown on how is your recovery going along.
VS:     I'm already feeling very well. I'm already training close to everything, like Muay Thai, boxing, Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling. My recovery has been going great and I believe I'll be like 110% in August! Without a doubt.

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Rich Franklin Steps into the Spotlight
By Jim Genia

Rich Franklin (left) in a clinch with Marvin Eastman at WFA1
Franklin (left) vs. Eastman
      UFC 42: "Sudden Impact" will bring no less than seven fresh faces into the Octagon on April 25th, and among those rookies will be one the sport's best-kept secrets in the light-heavyweight division. His name: Rich Franklin, of Meat Truck Incorporated. Though he has thus far existed on the fringes of MMA mainstream, insiders know him well; his career highlights include out-slugging the slugger in Aaron Brink and quickly submitting a tough Marvin Eastman. At Sudden Impact, he'll be facing top-ranked fighter Evan Tanner - no easy task for anyone, much less someone making their debut - but the well-rounded competitor certainly has the tools. When Franklin steps into the spotlight at UFC 42, he may just surprise you.

FCF:   Rich, tell me about yourself.
RF:     Well, I live here in Cincinnati, Ohio. I train here and I grew up all over Cincinnati. I've been training in martial arts probably about 10 years now. I started off in the traditional forms but as things progressed I got into Muay Thai kickboxing. Then I saw a couple UFCs, and one thing led to another and I decided to do a small show out in Indiana. I did pretty well in that show, had a couple amateur fights, and happened to be in the right place at the right time and picked up Monte Cox as my manager. Next thing you know, I find myself fighting in the UFC.

FCF:   What prompted you to start competing?
RF:     I played sports in high school, and if you actually saw pictures of me in high school - which I really wouldn't want to show because it's embarrassing that I was so thin - I wasn't gifted physically to continue playing ball at a college level, which is what I really wanted to do. I was just looking for something competitive to do outside of high school to keep me active, and I got into the martial arts not really for the competitive aspect, but more so to know how to defend myself. One thing led to another and here I am.

FCF:   Tell me about your training right now.
RF:     It's been pretty difficult. I've was originally getting ready for Mike Van Arsdale for the UFC, but that switched to Evan Tanner. But we're training. A typical day for me: I usually get to the gym from nine in the morning and I lift from nine to 10:15, then we get started training at about 11, and we usually train from 11 to one. And each day we work something different. A certain day of the week we come in and work on our kickboxing, a certain day of the week it'll be kickboxing with takedowns, a certain day we might do wrestling - so on and so forth… For the UFC I've been doing double sessions, and I'll come back at night. I'll get back to the gym at seven o'clock and I'll roll from seven to nine with Jorge [Gurgel's] jiu-jitsu class.

FCF:   So you're training with the Meat Truck guys and you're not training with the Miletich guys?
RF:     Meat Truck Incorporated has been my team, and Kerry [Schall] and I and Josh Rafferty, we were living on the west side of Cincinnati, and our school was actually shut down - we were having trouble keeping training partners. So we moved up to the north side of Cincinnati, closer to Dayton, and started training with Jorge Gurgel at his jiu-jitsu academy up there. I have him and all his students to train with. But right now I'm on my way to Iowa to train with the Miletich guys for a week. The base of my training, everything is done in Cincinnati. I just go there occasionally, a week here and a week there, just to pick up some new things and work with different guys.

Click here to continue interview

By Joe hall
Midevil's Mayhem Results
Held April 19, 2003
By Joe Hall

NEWPORT, Ky. - With basketball season over, Kentucky opened its arms to a new sport Saturday night: mixed martial arts. Midevil's Mayhem, an amateur event, broke ground in the Bluegrass State while attracting fighters from a broad surrounding area.

In the main event, Forrest Petz and Chris Wells stood toe-to-toe for much of the first round, slugging each other at a dizzying pace. The fighters took turns wobbling the other, as both connected with mighty rights and lefts at different points during the opening five minutes. In the second, however, Wells appeared drained.
Forrest Petz vs. Chris Wells
Petz vs. Wells
Petz defended the majority of his opponent's takedown attempts during the round and peppered him with punches to earn a unanimous decision.

In other action, a bout between Chris Griffin and Mike Easton produced the most enlivening amateur match this reporter has ever witnessed. Replete with slams, sweeps, submission attempts and Mongolian Chops, the outstanding fight prompted everyone in attendance to stand and applaud the combatants' efforts. Initially, Griffin was awarded a split decision victory, but, later in the evening, the fight was ruled a draw. More to come on Midevil's Mayhem in the next issue of Full Contact Fighter.

Travis Short vs. Chad Hall
Winner: Short by submission (strikes from side mount) R1 2:00

Derek Ruiz vs. Keair
Winner: Ruiz by TKO (ref stoppage) R1 3:57

Brett Tillet vs. Sam Ottobre
Winner: Tillet by unanimous decision (10:00)

Billy Bob Westfall vs. Tim Johnson
Westfall vs. Johnson
Chris Griffin vs. Mike Easton
Winner: Draw

Kevin Knabjan vs. Andrew Varney
Winner: Varney by unanimous decision (10:00)

Jose Villirisco vs. Stonnie Dennis
Winner: Villirisco by submission (armbar) R1 2:45

Billy Bob Westfall vs. Tim Johnson
Winner: Westfall by TKO (corner throws in towel after first round) R1 5:00

Forrest Petz vs. Chris Wells
Winner: Petz by unanimous decision (10:00)

From Koichi "Booker K" Kawasaki:
Schembri vs. Hamanaka

DSE/PRIDE announced more match up for next show PRIDE 26.

Nino "Elvis" Schembri vs Kazuhiro Hamanaka
(Brazil/Gracie Barra Academy) (Japan/Takada Dojo)

Kazuhiro Hamanaka

Team:Takada Dojo
DOB:October 24 1978
High: 172cm
Weight: 90kg
Martial Arts: Amateur Wrestling

2000 Inter College 2nd
2000 All Japan trials 3rd
2000 KBS Cup (Korea) 2nd
2001 All Japan Trials 97kg class free style 2nd
2001 All Japan Society 85kg class free style 1st
2001 All Japan Cup 97kg class free style 2nd
2002 All Japan trials 84kg class free style 4th
2002 All Japan Society 96kg class free style 2nd

Already announced;
Emelianenko Fedor(Russia/Russian Top Team) vs Kazuyuki Fujita (Japan/Inoki Office)
PRIDE Heavyweight champion
* this match is not title match.

Date: June 8th 2003
Place: Yokohama Arena
Open:16:30 Start: 18:00

Here is new schedule of PRIDE.

June 8th
Place: Yokohama Arena

PRIDE GP 2003 Middleweight Tournament Opening
August 10th
Place: Saitama Super Arena

PRIDE GP 2003 Middleweight Tournament Final
Late October or Early November
Place: Tokyo Dome or Saitama Super Arena

January, 2004
Place: Las Vegas

March, 2004
Place: Saitama Super Arena or Yokohama Arena

  Wednesday - April 23, 2003

Tim Sylvia (left) playing UFC video game against Cabbage Correira
Sylvia vs. Cabbage rematch?
F.C.F. in F.L.A.

      Full Contact Fighter has touched down on the sunny shores of Miami, Florida to bring you all the latest from the front lines of UFC 42: Sudden Impact. First stop today? An outdoor meet-and-greet on the front steps of the Gordon Biersch Brewery and Restaurant in downtown Miami. With two large video screens hosting the latest UFC Tapout 2 home video game, fans were able to take on the likes of heavyweight champ Tim Sylvia or Chuck Liddell -- that's if they could wrestle the game controls from the rest of the fighters' hands! Tomorrow's 3PM (EST) weigh-ins are scheduled to take place outdoors (another first!) at the Marriott's Coastal Terrace with the beautiful waters of Biscayne Bay as backdrop. Join us there via fcfighter.com!

Michael Jackson Trumps FOX MMA Segment!
New Air Date Set For May 15th

      Far be it from us to argue, but FOX has postponed the latest episode of its Thursday night news show "The Pulse," in favor of an ever-enticing look at Michael Jackson's home videos. Why should this be of interest to MMA fans? Thursday's Pulse episode was to include a 13-minute segment on MMA, focusing specifically on the rise of the UFC and its battle to gain mainstream acceptance. First reported in this May's issue of Full Contact Fighter, the piece is slated to feature interviews with fighters Ken Shamrock, Phil Baroni, Frank Mir, and Tank Abbott as well as words from UFC president Dana White and a representative from the American Medical Association. In addition, FCF's own Loretta Hunt was asked to share her views on the sport and its future. The segment has tentatively been moved to "sweeps week" for a May 15th broadcast.

Loretta Hunt (left) being interviewed for 'The Pulse'
Loretta Hunt on the set of The Pulse

Best of ADCC #3 DVD
Best of ADCC Vol. 2 DVD A limited number of #1 were made in 2001 and they sold out in less than 3 months.

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The matches are AWESOME with never-before-seen fights from 1999.
  1. Joe Hurley vs. Fabiano Iha 1999
  2. Mark Kerr vs. Josh Barnett 2000
  3. Roberto Magalhaes vs. "Comprido" Medeiros 2000 (awesome)
  4. Rumina Sato vs. Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro 2000
  5. Vitor Befort vs. Genki Sudo 2001
  6. Barret Yoshida vs. Megaton Diaz 1999
  7. Matt Hughes vs. Tito Ortiz 2000
  8. Eddie Ruiz vs. Hayato Sakurai 1999
  9. Mario Sperry vs. Larry Parker 1998
  10. Jean-Jacques Machado vs. Ricardo Arona 2001
  11. Ricco Rodriguez vs. Rodrigo "Minotauro" Nogueira 2000

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  Thursday - April 24, 2003

Genki Sudo (left) clowning it up with Duane Ludwig
UFC 42 Weigh-ins
By Loretta Hunt

Phil Baroni
Phil Baroni
Miami, Florida -- Along the banks of the beautiful Biscayne Bay, the UFC held it's official weigh-ins today for UFC 42: Sudden Impact, to be held tomorrow night at the American Airlines Arena. The weather couldn't be better for an outdoor affair, partly sunny with a slight breeze coming off the water. Hosted by Joe Rogan, MMA's guardian angel and popular "Fear Factor" host on the hit NBC show, the pre-show event ran smoothly and quickly. The big news for tomorrow night will be Mike Goldberg's absence from the commentator's booth for the first time in years. Goldberg will be lending his services elsewhere for the Minnesota Wild ice hockey team, who have made it to play-off status. The "NY BadAss" himself, Phil Baroni, will fill the vacant role alongside Rogan. "This should be fun," Baroni calmly commented regarding the change of pace. King of The Cage announcer and Abu Dhabi finalist Eddie Bravo will also be backstage for some behind-the-scenes coverage. As for the weights today:

Sean Sherk
Sean Sherk
Welterweight champion Matt Hughes was the first to be called to the stage with his challenger Sean Sherk not far behind. 5'6'" Sherk weighed in first at 168 pounds. Hughes was an even 170, and as calm and poised as ever for an athlete about to enter his 4th title defense. 22-0-1 Sherk looked solid as well, raising hopes that tomorrow night's main event will be a war.

Striking machines Robbie Lawler and Pete Spratt were the next pair to step onto the scales. Both came in at 170 pounds on the dot. The "Ruthless" one will be making his fourth UFC appearance against Spratt, a Golden Gloves champ and formidable kickboxer looking to get back into the welterweight picture after a quick loss to Carlos Newton at UFC 40. Lawler's aggressive fighting style versus a hungry Spratt -- a knockout could very well be in the cards.

For the sole heavyweight bout of the evening, Renzo Gracie Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt Sean Alvarez weighed in at 229 pounds. He'll probably be looking to get opponent Wesley "Cabbage" Correira to the ground fast which won't be an easy task. Cabbage, coming in at a fitter-looking 265 pounds, is a slugger through and through.

Sean Alvarez
Sean Alvarez
6-1 Evan Tanner is back after a brief break from the promotion (he last fought at UFC 38). Looking especially cut (he credits this to scaling back on his weightlifting), the quiet light-heavyweight weighed in at 199 pounds. Newcomer Rich Franklin of Meattruck Inc. weighed in at 204 pounds. With Tanner the heavy favorite going into the second televised fight tomorrow night, Franklin will need to keep this one on its feet or face the wrath of patented forearm strike from above.

Lightweight dynamo Genki Sudo is back a second time after making a triumphant splash at UFC 38 in London, England. He added a bit of spunk to the pretty mild proceedings with his flamboyant style and general ease. The Japanese showman came in at 155 pounds. Action should be fast and furious, as Sudo squares off against an 155-pound Duane "Bang" Ludwig. Ludwig is a world-class kickboxer who just knocked out one of the best the lightweight class has to offer in Jens Pulver.

Mark Weir (left) vs. David Loiseau
Weir vs. Loiseau
On the middleweight forefront, England's Mark Weir will face Canadian newcomer David "The Crow" Loiseau. Weir, a well-rounded stylist, weighed-in at 183 pounds and Loiseau was a pound heavier. Loiseau, the UCC World Middleweight Champion, is a promising prospect among MMA insiders who have watched him successfully dominate the Canadian scene for the last two years.

For the swing match tomorrow night, KOTC vet Romie Aram will take on the seasoned Dave Strasser. Both came in at 170 pounds. Strasser is 22-3-4 for pro fights--his debut with the big show has been a long time coming. Aram is 6-0 in professional play. Both are well versed standing and on the ground.

Lightweights Rich "Cleat" Crunkilton and Hermes Franca were the final fighters to weigh-in. Crunkilton weighed in at 154 pounds, while American Top Team's Franca was the sole competitor to not make weight at 156 pounds. Franca was given two hours to cut half a pound, which he did, in ample time. Crunkilton could be the next big thing for the lightweight class for he seems as comfortable on his feet as he does on the ground. Franca, a BJJ black belt, cannot be counted out though--he's won with his striking before as well.

Miami Sound Bites
By Loretta Hunt

The scale has been tucked away in the closet. The weights have all been tallied. Bellies are full and spirits are high for a good showing. A few words from those entering the Octagon tomorrow night...

Genki Sudo Genki Sudo, on his battle plan versus striker Duane Ludwig:

"I'll try standing also. I'm K-1 fighter."

Romi Aram Romie Aram, on being a UFC first-timer:

"I got to make a name for myself. I have to show the UFC that I'm worth keeping around."

Rich Franklin Rich Franklin, on opponent Evan Tanner's vast experience:

"It's going to create some problems. I'm going to have to counter balance that. I've trained for this fight like I've trained for every other fight. I don't have any experience in the UFC, but I have a lot of experience in other shows. Lord willing, I'll overcome."

Evan Tanner Evan Tanner, on the "new and improved" Evan Tanner:

"To be a good fighter, you have to be a good entertainer. My style has been very effective [in the past] as far as winning and losing, but I know now I can bring a lot more excitement to my fights and that's something I'm going to try and do."

Sean Alvarez Sean Alvarez, on standing with opponent Wesley "Cabbage" Corriera:

"It's going to be an unpredictable thing. Obviously, we're going to see some jiu-jitsu work, but anything could happen and it's going to be live. It's definitely going to go to the ground."

Duane Ludwig Duane Ludwig, on the pressure of following his knockout win over Jens Pulver:

"There's no pressure really. I'm just coming in to do my job. The pressure will come if I get to go for the UFC title. Until then, there's no pressure."

David Loiseau David Loiseau, on what fans can expect from him:

"They can expect someone fast, exciting, and really pretty."

One Win Away
By Loretta Hunt

Sean Sherk       UFC welterweight contender Sean Sherk has had much to be happy about in the past two years. Not only has his aspirations of being a fighter become a firm reality, his solid performance with the UFC in his last three outings has brought the talented wrestler one win away from earning a title. Outside of the Octagon, Sherk thrives as well. He lives tranquilly with his fiancee in his native "Land of a 1,000 Lakes," (Minnesota to us foreigners) with not much to worry about besides the routine snow storms (blizzards to us foreigners) that fall there during the winter. He plans to get married by next summer and despite a broken TIVO system that has currently stopped recording his favorite shows, things are looking rosy for this reserved, down-to-earth fighter.
      Of course, there is always a flip side to paradise. For starters, his upcoming title shot will be his sole televised pay-per-view bout to date (all three of his prior appearances have been in the preliminaries), making it literally "first impression" time for thousands of fans. "If I'm not doing well in the fight for some reason," Sherk comments, "that's all they're going to see. Nobody's seen all of the fights I've won, so it adds pressure to put on a great show and give fans something to remember me by."
      If that added stress were not enough, Sherk's coach and mentor of seven years, Greg Nelson has had to bow out of training his star pupil for the last year to take on a deadly adversary of his own. "He's making some really good progress now, " comments Sherk on Nelson's bout with cancer, "but he's had a lot of ups and downs for the last year pretty hard core." Currently receiving treatment at the famed Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, Nelson will be unable to attend Sherk's opportunity to wrest the belt from champion Matt Hughes's hands this Friday at UFC 42: Sudden Impact, a fact that has notably resonated with the 29-year old fighter. "It's affected me a lot. That's my leader. I take a lot of direction from him and he's always got something real smart to say. He's influenced me a lot, so not having him there has hurt me."
      The show has gone on though for the subdued competitor, who started wrestling at the age of seven and has amassed a respectable professional record of 22-0-1 over the last three years. Training out of the Minnesota Martial Arts Academy, Sherk has taken his humble beginnings as a high school wrestler that placed every year at states ("That's just small stuff compared to all these other guys," he says) to impressive heights. Without the benefit of wrestling in college (he never attended), Sherk made a name for himself on the local MMA circuit with shows like Dangerzone and the Midwest MMA Championships. A stint with Ultimate Wrestling Minnesota led to an opportunity to fight in the Extreme Challenge Trials, a regular breeding ground for young up-and-comers eyed closely by fight promoter and manager Monte Cox. Under Cox's lead, Sherk's career quickly progressed to his UFC 30 debut (after only twelve pro fights), where an aggressively dismantled Team Punishment opponent Tiki Ghosn in the second round. Following fights in both King Of The Cage and Pancrase (where Sherk suffered his only career draw to Kiuma Kunioki), Sherk's second UFC appearance was a dominant display of "ground and pound" power against Japanese submission artist Jutaro Nakao. In his most recent UFC fight in Connecticut, Sherk was quickly able to stop opponent Benji Radach in his tracks in the first round, when a cut opened on "the Razor's" head caused a doctor's stoppage.

Click here to continue interview

  Saturday - April 26, 2003

Miletich Team victors Rich Franklin (left) and Matt Hughes
Hughes Dominates, Franca and Ludwig Surprise In Sunshine State
By Loretta Hunt

UFC 42: Sudden Impact will certainly not go down as one of the more dramatic evenings of MMA action. Held in Miami, Florida at the American Airlines Arena, the event drew a respectable yet far from sell-out crowd (Zuffa estimates attendance at somewhere between 6,500 and 7,000 spectators). Although there were a couple of surprise upsets on the card, it was not enough to overcome a lacking energy in the arena -- contributed to a stilted pace and atmosphere.

Here's a rundown of the night's action:

Sean Sherk
It was a clear-cut domination by welterweight champion Matt Hughes this evening, as he easily displayed his superior strength and skills to best fellow wrestler Sean Sherk. With a sense of urgency, Hughes shot in for the takedown off the bat, pushing Sherk to the fence and down to the ground. The champ went on to dominate Sherk for the first two rounds, positioning his challenger against the cage for some punishment that opened various wounds on Sherk's face. The Minnesotan rallied in the third, shooting in for his first takedown which Hughes amply defended. Another double led attempt had Hughes against the fence and eventually down, but Sherk was far less effective in the top position. Hughes even capitalized from below, almost catching Sherk in a tight Kimura. Hughes was able to achieve full mount by round four, but Sherk held on, all the while taking more damage with little chance to mount a counter. By round five, Hughes' ground tactics were just too overwhelming, but to Sherk's credit, he was able to go the distance. Hughes was awarded the unanimous decision (48-45, 48-47, 49-46).

Pete Spratt
For the co-main event, "Ruthless" Robbie Lawler suffered the first loss of his career against Pete "The Secret Weapon" Spratt, a former Golden Gloves boxer and expert kickboxer. Getting Spratt to the ground first via a takedown and then by a Hughes-like slam, Lawler looked promising, but Spratt's damaging leg kicks soon took their toll. Spratt was able to get a takedown himself late in the round and maneuvered to mount just as the bell was sounding. In round two, Lawler worked his knees in the clinch and the bout was stopped briefly when a deep cut opened up over Spratt's right eye. The action was continued with Spratt landing one more right high kick before Lawler, grasping his side, abruptly (verbally) submitted at 3:25 in. At the time of this writing, it is still unclear exactly what kind of damage Lawler took and when and how it was inflicted.

In the "swing bout" for the night, former King of The Cage welterweight champion Romie Aram dropped opponent Dave Strasser out of the gate with a clean right. Aram went in for the kill, but an experienced Strasser recovered nicely, settling Aram into his guard. Aram inched Strasser to the fence, but the fight would soon be back up on its feet. Dodging a shot by Aram, Strasser twisted behind his opponent and followed him down to the ground into the mount, but was unable to finish the job from there. Much of round two and three had Aram on the defensive, with the action split between the ground and standing at a fairly even pace. However, neither fighter was able to make much of an impression on the by-then disinterested crowd. Strasser via unanimous decision (30-27 all).

Cabbage Correira and his two friends
Hawaiian heavyweight Wesley "Cabbage Correira delivered exactly the performance fans came out to see him for. After weathering a mostly uneventful first round in which Renzo Gracie pupil Sean Alvarez tried time after time to take him down, Correira unloaded on Alvarez three minutes into the second after recovering quickly from the sole takedown of the bout. With Alvarez visibly stunned, referee John McCarthy stepped in along the cage to end the fight at 1:47 in round two.

In the second televised bout of the night, Meattruck Inc.'s Rich Franklin was able to beat the sizable odds against him by avoiding opponent Evan Tanner's wrath on the ground. Tanner never shot in for the takedown, while Franklin quickly overcame his lack of Octagon experience, warming up into some crisp punching combos and kicks. The Team Quest fighter defended well at first, but Franklin soon got inside, stumbling the vet and then following up quickly with more strikes. Referee Larry Landless stopped the bout when Tanner, from his angle, fell to his knees and hunched over. Although it appeared Tanner could continue after the men were separated, he handled the somewhat questionable referee stoppage like the true professional he is, congratulating Franklin immediately for his impressive debut. Franklin gets the TKO via ref stoppage at 2:20.

In a much anticipated match-up of showman versus no nonsense competitor, Japan's Genki Sudo and opponent Duane "Bang" Ludwig started off the live pay-per-view with, well, a bang. Sudo had dominated in his UFC premiere, but with world-class kickboxer Ludwig standing across from him this time around, it would be America's chance to see if "the Neo Warrior" was more than just a court jester. With striking mastermind John Hackleman in tow, Bang made his way to the ring and quickly settled into his corner, probably knowing that his opponent's entrance would be no ordinary one. Sudo garbed in a long black wig, white kabuki mask and kimono, resembled a dainty female as he danced down the ramp to the audience's approval. He started the bout with his back to Ludwig, trying to taunt his opponent out into some kind of attack. Ludwig wasn't biting. Sudo posed and preened, and got little resistance from Ludwig as he took him down to the mat. It looked like Ludwig was in trouble for Sudo had half mount by 2:50, side mount by 2:45, and full mount by 2:30. Thwarting an armbar, Ludwig managed to get to his feet and reversed Sudo on the cage. Ludwig landed his first shots in the second, and as suspected, the K-1 vet was too fast and too hard, forcing Sudo to shoot in for the takedown. Stalled action had both men brought back to their feet, where Ludwig began to expose Sudo's weaknesses on his feet, and before long, the showman was dropping his shtick and doing more to defend. Round three was Sudo's to take. He easily got Ludwig to the ground and pinned him against the fence while reigning down punches to end the bout. Big John McCarthy's decision to halt the fight was the best thing to happen to Bang. Bleeding profusely from his face it looked like the doctors would stop it, but fans were about to witness the biggest rally of the night. Bang came alive with less than two minutes to go, gaining the key top position and turning the tables with some ground and pound of his own to garner the unanimous decision (29-28 all).

In Preliminary Action:

Hermes Franca
Two of the fastest rising teams in the business put forth the best they have to offer in tonight's first lightweight match-up of the evening. Fans were treated to it all from devastating strikes to hairsplitting submission escapes in an explosive first round. American Kickboxing Academy's Rich Crunkilton came in with a powerful right hook that he dispatched quickly and effectively. American Top Team's Hermes Franca was ready though--much to the surprise of those that considered the Brazilian jiu-jitsu untested on his feet--countering well and landing a few punches of his own which Crunkilton ate at first with little emotion. With a beautiful judo throw, Crunkilton navigated the action to the ground, and Franca dug in with a reversed heel hook that "Cleat" narrowly escaped in the first of many close calls for the night. The crowd was eating it up, cheering on local boy Franca and applauding Cleat for his uncanny counter grappling. By round two, Crunkilton began to show the wear and tear of round one's frenetic pace, while Franca began to pick up some steam with decent jabs and aggressive groundwork. Round three saw Franca work from a triangle choke to an armbar to a Kimura attempt, which torqued Crunkilton's elbow out of its socket and back in again. An exhausted Crunkilton had just enough to defend, but not enough to get back on the offensive. Franca was handed the unanimous decision (29-28 all).

David Loiseau
Those that were hoping for a stand-up war between England's Mark Weir and Canada's David "the Crow" Loiseau might have been surprised, but ultimately not disappointed, for their bout ended in dramatic fashion. After one weighing kick from Weir, middleweight Loiseau went in for the takedown, pushing the lanky against the cage. The action staled as both fighters tussled for position but finally Loiseau got Weir to the ground by switching to the single leg. In Weir's guard, Loiseau played a patient game picking his shots when he could, as Weir threw some occasional leather up or maneuvered for a choke. At first glance, it seemed that Loiseau might be slowing, but with 1:10 left he unleashed an onslaught of shots that Weir could not defend. The Crow gets the win with a knockout 3:55 into the first round.

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Pride 25: Body Blow crowns a new heavyweight champ; we report the action live from Yokohama.

Takanori Gomi is considered by many to be one of the world's top lightweight fighters. Many also ask why he is not fighting in the Octagon. Gomi is among those wondering and he voices his concerns at length in this month's issue. The UFC's Joe Silva responds as well.

Sick of waiting for Tito Ortiz vs. Chuck Liddell? So is Chuck and he discusses the situation in The Iceman Speaks

The Beastman's Tale: Meet WFA Heavyweight Champ Marvin Eastman.

Decisions, Decisions: A Comprehensive Guide to UFC Judging - Get to understand how the fights are scored, how the judging system evolved, who is judging the fights and much more.

Bitetti Combat 2 - The latest installment of Amaury Bitetti's show is prime example of the evolution of Brazilian Northeastern fighters.

World Extreme Cagefighting 6 - Frank Shamrock's back and WEC's got him.

HnS Absolute Fighting Championship 2 hits sunny Florida.

We return to the land of the rising sun for DEEP 8th Impact action at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo.

King Of The Cage 22: MMA action comes back once again to San Jacinto, California.

Our UFC 42 Preview provides background and insight on a card with lots of new blood.

HOOKnSHOOT Boot Camp 1.1 - Lytle Knocks Out Steel-Chinned Riley.

British MMA action at Combat Evolution 2 & Ultimate Combat 5.

This month's SHOOTO Report brings you fight action from Korakuen Hall.

CBJJO:Nova Uniao Teams Win Brazilian Cup.

Q&A with bodyguard/model/actor/WFA Welterweight Champ Frank Trigg

Former AMC Pankration strength & conditioning coach Mark Ginther's latest article on MMA Conditioning: Weight Training for Endurance.

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In Matt Hume's techniques, Josh Barnett & Wayne Diamond demonstrate a Nagata Lock 2; and in the Punchers Corner, champion kickboxer Derek Panza discusses Jab Drills for Building Defense - Part 1.

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  Monday - April 28, 2003

From Zuffa:
UFC Logo

Light Heavyweight Number One Contender Chuck Liddell To Fight Former Heavyweight Champ Randy Couture For Interim Light Heavyweight Title

Ken Shamrock To Meet England's Ian Freeman; Tank Abbott To Battle Kimo; Frank Mir To Fight Wes Sims In Ultimate Fighting Championship Heavyweight Match Ups

UFC 43 poster       LAS VEGAS, April 28, 2003.... Tickets, $300, $200, $100, $60 and $30, for Ultimate Fighting Championship 43: Meltdown, which will feature an eight-fight, mega star card Friday, June 6, at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, are now on sale at the T&M box office, at all UNLV ticket outlets including The Galleria at Sunset, Meadows Mall, Boulevard Mall, all Station Casinos and Fiesta hotel/casinos and at www.unlvtickets.com. Tickets also may be ordered by telephone at 1-866-388-3267, toll free, or in Las Vegas at (702) 739-3267. Ticket purchases are subject to transaction fees. The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is the host of the event and UFC fans can reserve rooms by calling 1-800-HRD ROCK or by visiting the website at www.hardrockhotel.com.
      The all-star star card will feature UFC number one light heavyweight contender Chuck Liddell (11-1-0 in mixed martial arts) of San Luis Obispo, Calif., fighting former two-time UFC heavyweight champ Randy Couture (7-4-0) of Gresham, Ore., in the main event for the interim light heavyweight championship. Couture will drop down a weight division to meet Liddell. The card also will include three classic heavyweight match ups when legendary Ken Shamrock (8-5-2) returns to the Octagon to meet Ian Freeman (13-6-0) of Sunderland, England, powerful knockout specialist Tank Abbott (8-8-0) battles fellow Huntington Beach, Calif., fighter Kimo Leopoldo (7-3-1), and Las Vegas jiu jitsu expert Frank Mir (5-1-0) takes on Wes Sims (6-1-1) of Columbus, Ohio. The remainder of the card will be announced.

  Tuesday - April 29, 2003

Ron Jhun passes James Meals' guard
KAOS Fighting Championships 2
Dole Cannery Ballroom, Honolulu, Hawaii
April 26, 2003
Report by Chris Onzuka
Photos by Lester Gantan

Mike Bauer on Raymond Ursua's back
Bauer on Ursua's back
KAOS put on its second show and mixed up some amateur and professional MMA matches and even slipped in a kickboxing match. The show started off with a little production problems, but once it got rolling the crowd enjoyed the action and seesaw battles. The first fight set the stage as an aggressive Mike Bauer went after a tough Raymond Ursua. After the first round, Ursua was bleeding from the nose and went on to fight the second round, but Bauer was too much for him. The Woo-George fight showed a technical grappling game can take a lot of punishment from an aggressive striker, but still pull out the victory. Ostovich returned to the ring after almost a year to fight a tough Yuhuva. However once it got to the ground, Ostovich methodically worked his way into the mount, Yuhuva surprisingly tapped out. The Naole-Laga fight was the most explosive and shortest fight of the night. Laga rushed toward Naole and Naole landed a solid straight right hand that KO'd Laga on the spot. Laga was okay after the fight and look for him to make a strong comeback. McCall brought in a superior ground game against Kekumu and peppered him from just about every position on the ground, but a game Kekumu took everything McCall had to offer and left it up to the judges to decide the match. Two muscle bound kickboxers squared off in a kickboxing match that reminded me of the Kimo Leopoldo vs. Masaake Satake fight, where both guys played the part of Kimo and rushed, pushed and pounded each other, trying to assert their authority in the ring. It became apparent that Redoble's clean and straight punches started to take over the match, although Liua got in a few nice combinations. Serdyukov's long body proved too much for Sariento, who landed a nice body kick, clinched and took Serdyukov down. Sariento made one mistake and Serdyukov capitalized, taking the top, securing a reverse crucifix position and locking in his teacher, Chris Brennan's, favorite technique, the Kimura key lock. Stanford came into the fight with knock out power and pressured Dez Miner early. Stanford looked to keep Miner off balance, but once Miner clinched Stanford, it was all Miner. He performed a beautiful pick up and slammed Stanford to the ground, worked his way from the guard to the mount, punching along the way and ending the first round almost finalizing an arm lock. After the bell rung, Stanford had enough and did not come out for the second. Kauai Kupihea made his return to Hawaii and took on a tough striker in Vai Togia. They had a few nice exchanges with Togia landing the harder thigh kicks and Kupihea landing stiff jabs. Kupihea shot in to take the fight to the ground and then it was all Kupihea. He punched Togia from the mount, and as Togia rolled, he secured Togia in the turtle position and pounded him until the referee saw enough. The main event saw Ron Jhun totally dominate a tough James Meals. Jhun controlled the match and left the machine guns at home and brought out the bazookas for huge power punches to the head and body of Meals. Meals too a lot of hard punches and finally decided that was enough and tapped.

Amateur MMA (2 Rounds - 3 minutes):
Mike Bauer (HMC) def. Raymond Ursua (808 Fight Factory)
Unanimous decision [(20-17, (20-16), (20-17)]

Amateur MMA (2 Rounds - 3 minutes):
Tommy Woo (808 Fight Factory) def. Ben George (Bulls Pen)
Unanimous decision [(29-24), 29-24), (29-24)]

Professional MMA (2 Rounds - 5 minutes):
Bob Ostovich (Jesus Is Lord) def. Shimone Yuhuva (Team Rukus)
Submission due to exhaustion and bad position in Round 1.

Professional MMA (2 Rounds - 5 minutes):
John Naole (HMC) def. Paul Laga (Bulls Pen)
KO via straight right at 7 seconds in Round 1.

Professional MMA (2 Rounds - 5 minutes):
Brad McCall (Next Generation) def. Jerome Kekumu (Hard Knocks)
Unanimous decision [(20-17-20-16), (20-17)]

Kickboxing: (3 rounds - 1.5 minute)
Scott Redoble (Hawaiian Self-Defense) def. Lenny Liua (Bulls Pen)
Unanimous decision [(29-24), (29-24), (29-24)]

Professional MMA (3 rounds - 5 minutes):
Alex Serdyukov (Next Generation) def. Harris Sariento (808 Fight Factory)
Submission due to Kimura key lock in Round 1.

Professional MMA (3 rounds - 5 minutes):
Dez Miner (808 Fight Factory) def. James Stanford (Hard Knocks)
Submission, fighter did not want to come out after the end of the first round.

Professional MMA (3 rounds - 5 minutes):
Kauai Kupihea (Brausa) def. Vai Togia (Hard Knocks)
TKO via referee stoppage in Round 1.

Professional MMA (3 rounds - 5 minutes):
Ron Jhun (808 Fight Factory) def. James Meals (Team Pain)
Submission due to strikes to the body.

From Koichi "Booker K" Kawasaki:

GCM logo Here are the match-ups for GCM DEMOLITION, which will be held on May 1st.

Event name: GCM DEMOLITION 030505

DATE: MAY 1st, 2003 (Thu)
OPEN: 18:00 START: 18:30
PLACE: Shimokitazawa Town Hall , Tokyo

Yushin Okami (Wajutu Keishukai)
2003 ADCC Japan Trial Victory, PRE-PRIDE 4 Victory
Hidehiko Hasegawa (SK Absolute)
Pancrase middle weight Rank 6

Katsuya Inoue (RJW/Central)
PRE-PRIDE 5 Victory , 2002 Combat Wrestling 3rd place
Ichiro Kanai (Pancrse ism)

Naoki Seki (Free)
2002 JTC open tournament Champion
Yusuke Endo (Kiguchi Work out Studio)

Takahiro Sanehara (Team Shinagawa)
Seiji Otsuka (PUREBRED Omiya)

Koji Gyatovichian (Chojin Club)
Michio Hosono (Kiguchi Work out Studio)

Shinya Sato (P's LAB Tokyo)
Tomoya Miyashita (Battlarts B-Club)

From Koichi "Booker K" Kawasaki:

K-1 has announced all match-ups for ARUSE K-1 WORLD GP 2003 in Las Vegas .

ARUSE K-1 WORLD GP 2003 in Las Vegas

Date: May 2nd
Place; Mirage Hotel and Casino , Las Vegas, Nevada

1st match (3m 3R) Tournament
Michael McDonald (2002 K-1 USA champion)
Carter Williams (USA)

2nd match (3m 3R) Tournament
Dewey "The Black Kobra Cooper" (USA)
Yusuke Fujimoto(Japan/Monster Factory)

3rd match (3m 3R)Tournament
Rick The Roufus (USA)
Maiorino de Morais (Brazil)

4th match (3m 3R)Tournament
Maurice Smith (USA/Maurice Smith's Kick Boxing Center)
Guiseppe Denatale (Canada)

5th match Tournament Semi final

6th match Tournament Semi final

7th match (3m 3R) Super fight
Stefan "BLITZ" Leko (German/Golden Grory)
Great Kusatsu (Japan/Team Andy)

8th match (5m 3R)Super fight
Mark Hunt (New Zealand / Liverpool Kickboxing Gym / Kickboxing)
Gary Goodridge(Republic of Trinidad and Tobago / Free)

9th match Tournament final

10th match (3m 3R) Super fight
Nobuaki Kakuda (Japan/Seido Kaikan)
MUSASHI (Japan/Seido Kaikan)

Renegades Unleashed
Renegades Extreme Fighting Championship

Verizon Wireless Theater - Houston, Texas
By Michael "Mikie" Martinez

Howdy, from the Lone Star state! Once again promoter Saul Soliz put together an action packed card that wowed fans from the opening bell. All of the fighters that stepped into the ring on Friday, April 18, 2003, were hungry for victories but most importantly respect. Notables of the night included Randy Hauer and Carlo Prater out of the Yves Edwards camp. Hauer has been working on his game with Yves Edwards and Tim Credeur and it most definitely showed. Haur flawlessly controlled his opponent from start to finish in dramatic fashion. Carlo Prater, another up and comer out of the Edwards camp, finished both of his formidable opponents in less than one minute total. Word to the wise, if Carlo Prader fights don't blink, the fight may be over by the time you open your eyes. This night proved to be a colossal night of Texas MMA action. Here's a quick rundown of the results:

Fight 1: Randy Hauer (Yves Edwards) vs Matt Horning (Hammer House)
Result: Hauer by unanimous decision.

Fight 2: Carlo Prater (Yves Edwards) vs Adam Arrendondo (Anthony Macias)
Result: Prader by tap out due to injury in round one.

Fight 3: Lee King (Mike Altman) vs Eric Pierce (Hammer House)
Result: King by TKO in round three.

Fight 4: Luis Munoz (Team Pound) v Edwin Allsites (Tim Mousel)
Result: Allsites by guillotine in round two.

Fight 5: Aaron Pendleton (Self Trained) v Christian Rotharmel (Leonardo Xavier)
Result: Rotharmel by tap out due to strikes in round one.

Fight 6: Javier Mejia (Team Pound) v Ray Hubbard (James Cooper)
Result: Hubbard by TKO in round three.

Fight 7: Brandon McDowell (Reylson Gracie/Phil Cardella) v Adam Pace (Aaron Pendleton)
Result: McDowell by tap out due to strikes in round one.

Fight 8: John Flores (Self-Trained) v Frank Alcala (Team Pound)
Result: Alcala by key lock in round 1.

Fight 9: Carlo Prader (Yves Edwards) v Lee King (Mike Altman)
Result: Prader by armbar in round 1.

Fight 10: Christian Rotharmel (Leonardo Xavier) v Edwin Allsites (Tim Mousel)
Result: Rotharmel by default. Allsites was not able to continue due to injuries sustained in his previous fight.

Fight 11: Ray Hubbard (James Cooper) v Brandon McDowell (Relson Gracie/Phil Cardella)
Result: Hubbard by TKO in round three.

Stay tuned fight fans because May 3, 2003, Renegade Extreme fighting heads back to the capital of the Lone Star State Austin, Texas, for a great night of MMA action.

  Wednesday - April 30, 2003

IVC Videos - True NHB
Chuck Liddell beating on Jose Pele Landi-Jons in IVC 6Branden Lee Hinkle on top of Ebenezer Fontes Braga in IVC 6

Real NHB!!!

Liddell... Goodridge... Wanderlei...
Pele... Barreto... VanArsdale... Wallid...
Severn... Catalfo... Hinkle... Braga
The list goes on and on...

Wanderlei Silva vs. Eugene Jackson!

Chuck Liddell vs. Pele Landi!

The infamous Gary Goodridge vs. "The Pedro" nut crunch!

The only show that was "TRUE NO HOLDS BARRED!"

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From promoter Lee Coates:
FFC Results

Porter drops a knee on Erwin
Porter knees Erwin
The FFC played to yet another sellout crowd at the Beau Rivage in Biloxi. Here are the quick results of the night's bouts.

J.C. Pennington VS. Kelly Lasseigne
Pennington at 2:52 round 1 TKO ref. stop

Jose Hernandez VS. Kenny Stevens
Stevens 1:16 TKO Round 2 Strikes

Allen Greenway Vs. Shannon Holgate
Shannon Holgate 2:31 Round 1 Tapout from strikes

Gene Gildea Vs. Gabe Barahona
Gildea 1:38 round 1 Guillotine Choke

Adam O'Keefe Vs. Lance Clement
O'Keefe 2:06 Round 1. Arm Bar

Aaron Williams Vs. Melvin Gulliard
Gulliard 1:43 Round 1 TKO Strikes.

Shawn Porter Vs. Casey Erwin
Erwin 3:08 Round 1. Guillotine Choke.

Warren Donley Vs. John McCarron
McCarron: 48 Round 3 Rear Naked Choke

Mike Hurring Vs. Jeff Gerlick
Hurring 3:13 Round 1. Tap out from Strikes

FFC Middleweight Title Fight

Joe Doerkson Vs. Anthony Macias
Doerksen 3:10 Round 1 by TKO Strikes from the mount


HOOKnSHOOT Relentless DVDHOOKnSHOOT Absolute Fighting Championships 1 DVD

HOOKnSHOOT Relentless was one of the breakthrough shows for HOOKnSHOOT in 2002. "Shaolin" Ribeiro made his HnS and SHOOTO debut against #4 ranked Takumi Nakayama. In the end, Shaolin got his pattented arm triangle and choked Nakayama completely unconscious. Hermes Franca vs. Yohei Suzuki in another great match! Scott Henze vs. Shikoh Yamashita in what many call the best grappling showdown in MMA for 2002. The two have incredible ground exchanges and transitions. Dustin Denes vs. Tom Jones. American Top Team vs. Mike Burnett's Lion's Den. These three main events plus 6 other great matches.
HOOKnSHOOT Absolute Fighting Championships has some of the best, most high-impact MMA you'll ever see! This will clearly be one of the best HOOKnSHOOT DVD's to date. HOOKnSHOOT invaded Florida with a massive card! (RD 2 - 205 lbs.) Emyr 'Tiburon' Bussard (American Top Team, FT Lauderdale, FL.)v. Solomon Hutcherson (Freestyle Academy, Milwaukee, WI.)

(RD 2 - 205 lbs.) Wilson Goveia (American Top Team, FT Lauderdale, FL.) v. John Fitch (Team AKA, Indianapolis, IN.)

(RD 2 - 135 lbs.) Matt Hamilton (Living Defense, Little Rock, AR.) v. Mark Ashton (AMC Pankration, Seattle, WA.)

(RD 2 - 155 lbs.) Nick Aguillar (Freestyle Academy, Milwaukee, WI.) v. Cade Swallows (Freelance, Phoenix, AZ.)

(RD 2 - 155 lbs.) Darrell Smith (Animal House, Noblesville, IN.) v. Charlie Pearson (AMC Pankration, Seattle, WA.)

(RD 2 - 205 lbs.) Marcel Ferreira (American Top Team, FT Lauderdale, FL.) v. Tomi Simonen (Finnfight, Turku, Finland)

(RD 3 - 185 lbs.) Dustin Denes (American Top Team, FT Lauderdale, FL.) v. Scott Henze (Freelance, Tell City, IN.)

(RD 3 - 170 lbs.) Matt Hume (AMC Pankration, Seattle, WA.) v. 'PAIN' Peters (Team UCC, Montreal, Canada)

(RD 3 - 170 lbs.) Aaron Riley (AMC Pankration, Seattle, WA.) v. Alexandre Barros (Ruas Vale Tudo, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil)

HnS SOUTHEASTERN TITLE MATCHES: (RD 3 - 185 lbs.) Moacyr 'Boca' DeOliveira (American Top Team, FT Lauderdale, FL.) v. Harri Niva (Finnfight, Turku, Finland)

(RD 3 - 265 lbs.) Marcus 'Conan' Silveira (American Top Team, FT Lauderdale, FL.) v. Wes Sims (Hammer House, Colombus, OH.)

(RD 3 - 150 lbs.) Hermes Franca (HnS Champion, American Top Team, FT Lauderdale, FL.) v. Ryan Diaz (Gibson Systems, Vancouver, Canada)

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