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The January 2002 issue of FCF is here!

FCF New Issue In this issue...

PRIDE-18: Cold Fury - Fighting in Fukuoka, Japan.

The Replacement Killer - Meet 24-year-old Alex Stiebling, the young man who came in as a last-minute replacement and swept through the 16-man IVC tournament in Venezuela and defeated Alan Goes in Pride.

Mixed Martial Arts: The Year in Review - the ten most influential events in 2001.

Preparing to Throwdown at UFC 35: Jens Pulver, BJ Penn, Dave Menne & Kevin Randleman speak in depth about their upcoming fights at UFC 35.

SHOOTO: The Final Act - Professional Shooto official fights from Tokyo Bay NK Hall

WFA Hits the Strip: Aaron Crecy previews the return of John Lewis' Night club/Fight club show.

RSF: Mayhem in Ft. Myers - Reality Super Fighting featured Din Thomas' last fight for the RSF Super Lightweight title as well as more MMA action in Fort Myers, Florida.

You may remember João Alberto Barreto as the first UFC referee, what you may not know is Barreto's father-in-law was the one who introduced Count Koma to Carlos Gracie, thus sparking the flame that was to become Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. A veteran of dozens of MMA battles in the "old days", Barreto's tales of his past are engrossing.

SHOGUN holds its inaugural show in Paradise - Honolulu, Hawaii. We take you there for the action as well a post-fight interview with Dennis Hallman.

In Catching Up With Frank Shamrock, we find out what the former champ has been up to and whether he plans to return to the ring.

Matt Hughes BioFile: get inside the UFC Welterweight champ's head... everything from his musical tastes (Country... who woulda guessed?) to his last Halloween costume (a WWF wrestler) to his pre-fight feelings.

Fight fans make their picks for the best of 2001.

In our monthly columns...
In Matt Hume's techniques, Matt Hume and Mark Ashton demonstrate a Modified Half Guard Sweep technique; and in the Punchers Corner, champion kickboxer Derek Panza discusses the Drills for Fighting "Toe to Toe".

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