Full Contact Fighter

The July 2001 issue of FCF is here!

FCF New Issue In this issue...

UFC 32: Unbelievably Freakin' Cool UFC 32 delivereda glitzy show, action-packed fights and the largest MMA crowd on U.S. soil, and FCF brings you there live!

The Ultimate Advertisement: Zuffa brings MMA marketing to a new level. Find out all about the new advertising campaign intended to blitz mainstream media in the coming months

The State of The [MMA] Union: We've come a long way baby! This editorial takes a look at the fast-paced evolution that the sport of Mixed Martial Arts has undergone in the past year

IFC vs. Severn & Levi vs. Fulton What happened in the main event of World Extreme Cage Fighting's innaugural event? Whatever it was resulted in suspensions, accusations, and a lot of harsh words going around. We present statements from the players involved and will let you decide

MECA 5: World Vale Tudo full coverage of Brazil's biggest NHB event live from Curitiba, Brazil

Submitting The Cancer: Magno Penha is a tough Brazilian NHB fighter who was struck down in his prime by leukemia. Penha looked death in the face and battled his way back to health and strength. Find out about his amazing struggle for life and probe into the question of whether or not Growth Hormone can cause cancer.

King Of The Cage 9: Hoffman crowned new Heavyweight Champ as KOTC burns up the desert

Jean Jaques Machado: Meet the incredible submission specialist

Javier Mendez is a former kickboxing champion who is very well known in kickboxing circles, but probably one of the most unrecognized faces in MMA. But if you come to Javier's gym, you will find him training the likes of Frank Shamrock, BJ Penn, Tony DeSouza, etc.

You've heard of the Toughman contests, but have you ever heard of the Ruff-man contests? Well they've apparently been going on for about 25 years. The contest has Stand-up Grappling, and NHB divisions. Come with us to the sun-drenched shores of Hawaii for the Ruff-man's latest show.

Pat Miletich BioFile: Find out everything about Pat, from his tastes in music to his favorite ice cream flavor and more!

Also, fight fans from around the globe speak their mind on different issues in MMA today.

In our monthly columns...
In Matt Hume's techniques, Matt Hume and Aaron Riley demonstrate a Far Side Half-Nelson With Figure-4 On The Arm; and in the Punchers Corner, champion kickboxer Derek Panza discusses the Punch To Punch Transitions.

Every issue of Full Contact Fighter is jam-packed with fight news from the U.S. to Brazil to Japan. FCF travels the globe to bring the fights to you. Get yours today! Available at Tower Records stores around the world or by subscription...

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