Pride 15 Results & Fight Summaries
By Aaron Crecy

Fight One
Assuerio Silva def. Valentijn Overeem by submission (tapped out to inside heel hook), 2:47 R1
Silva attempted a double-leg to start the fight, but Overeem countered with a guillotine choke. After Silva escaped the hold, Overeem reversed him and landed solid strikes from the top. Silva attempted a triangle choke, but Overeem landed with his free hand. Once he escaped the hold, Overeem stood up and attempted a kick, but Silva caught his heel and locked up an inside heel hook. After releasing the hold briefly, Silva re-applied it and Overeem tapped.

Fight Two
Wallid Ismael def. Shungo Oyama by submission (unconscious to side choke), 4:44 R2
Ismael dominated the fight from start to finish, keeping the action to the ground and working consistently from the top position. After landing an occasional shot from the guard and half-guard throughout the first round, Ismael picked up the pace in the second round. With about two minutes remaining in the round, Ismael locked a side choke from the half-guard and slowly worked to a side mount, choking Oyama unconscious with an arm triangle just before the bell.

Fight Three
Ebenezer Fontes Braga def. Daijiro Matsui by unanimous judges' decision
Braga dominated this fight, landing two and three punch combinations throughout, along with solid knees. Taller and heavier, Braga used an effective left jab to create an opening for an onslaught of uppercuts. Matsui was only able to land occasional strikes, though he stunned Braga with a pinpoint left-right combination in the second round. However, it was clear that Matsui was only trying to make it to the final bell, because unlike Braga, he was unable to mount a consistent offense.

Fight Four
Igor Vovchanchyn def. Masaaki Satake by unanimous judges' decision
Though Vovchanchyn landed the heavier strikes throughout, Satake acquitted himself well with a surprisingly effective offense that included low kicks and a crisp left hook. Igor was on the attack for much of the fight, throwing looping rights and lefts and then moving inside to the clinch. The Russian was finally able to take the fight to the ground with an ankle pick near the end of the second round, gaining a full mount and landing a series of solid rights to the head and body before the bell. Though bloodied, Satake pressed the attack in round three, but Vovchanchyn returned fire and eventually recorded another takedown with a second ankle pick in the waning moments of the fight.

Fight Five
Heath Herring def. Mark Kerr by knockout (referee stoppage due to knees to head), 4:54 R2
Kerr opened with a takedown and remained on top for the entirety of the first round, landing occasional rights. Herring appeared comfortable on the bottom, looking for submissions and landing punches. He attempted both a Kimura and an arm bar in the first round, both of which Kerr was able to escape from. In the second round, Herring threw a knee, which Kerr caught and turned into a takedown. After four minutes of roughly the same ineffective ground-and-pound that Kerr had utilized the round before, he was issued a yellow card and the fighters were restarted on their feet. The typically docile Japanese crowd was demanding action, and Herring soon gave it to them, landing a huge right knee that stunned Kerr, who then dropped to a low single to avoid a second such strike. When he realized Kerr was simply hanging on, Herring unloaded six consecutive knees to the head and face with his free leg and the fight was stopped.

Fight Six
Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira def. Gary Goodridge by submission (tapped out to triangle choke), 2:37 R1
Nogueira dominated this fight by keeping the action on the ground. Though Goodridge defended his shots, the Brazilian was able to pull Goodridge into his guard and then quickly reversed him. After a flurry of action, Nogueira attempted an oma plata submission, from which Goodridge escaped. With Goodridge now in his guard, Nogueira secured a triangle choke and quickly dispatched his opponent. After Goodridge tapped, Nogueira took the microphone and called out Mark Coleman, who accepted the challenge for Pride 16 on September 24, 2001.

Fight Seven
Kazushi Sakuraba def. Quinton Jackson by submission (tapped out to rear-naked choke), 5:41 R1
Sakuraba opened with a low single-leg takedown, but Jackson defended well and was able to return to his feet, using the corner of the ring for support. He then unleashed an unbelievable series of slams over the course of the next several minutes, defending Sakuraba's arm bar and triangle attempts by lifting him high in the air and then smashing him to the mat. After nearly being tossed out of the ring twice--Sakuraba finally ended the fight with a rear-naked choke. Jackson had tired visibly, allowing Sakuraba to take him down before tapping out to the sleeper hold.

Fight Eight
Tokimitsu Ishizawa def. Ryan Gracie by verbal submission due to injury (Gracie unable to continue after apparent rib injury), 4:51 R1
Ishizawa was the stronger fighter in this fight, using a series of strong takedowns to control the bout. He eluded Gracie's low kicks and used double-legs and single-legs to take the fight to the ground, scoring with occasional knees from the side mount. During the final flurry, Ishizawa shot in and took Gracie to the mat once again, at which point the Brazilian asked the referee for a time out. Gracie apparently popped a rib while sprawling and was unable to continue.

Heath Herring

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