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  Friday - August 1, 2003

Heat Fighting Championship Quick Results:
By Eduardo Alonso

      Yesterday Brazil saw the first ever edition of HEAT FC and experienced their taste of a truly international event, with plenty of action and a very interesting production. Some fights were remarkable with HardCore Gym fighter Forrest Griffin showing what he has in great fashion, defeating Ebenezer Braga in a exciting fight where both guys came to please the crowd. Braga even issued a challenge to Griffin before the final match of the evening inside the HEAT FC ring, with Forrest promptly accepting it. Needless to say the crowd went berzerk, as they did in the war that Carlos Barreto and Ben Rothwell fought. It lasted only one round but both fighters bralwed and showed amazing guts, with back and forth moments, with looks that either of them could win during several times during the bout! Rothwell was extemely tough and showed unbeliavable heart, until Barreto finally came back in the fight to win with a high kick KO, showing his newfound Muay Thai skills. Both guys deserved a lot of respect, as did Babalu who entertained the crowd a lot of times during the bout, facing a newcomer who showed why he was a BJJ purlpe belt in the past. Check out FCF's page for more details on the inaugural HEAT soon!
  • Fabio Bolinho defeated Savio Maia by Unanimous Judges' decision

  • Paulo Guerreiro defeated Magnus Decio by Unanimous decision

  • Eduardo Simoes defeated Carlos Indio by ankle lock in the 2nd round

  • Alexandre Baixinho defeated Josenildo Tigre by split decision

  • Angelo Araujo defeated Edson Paredao by TKO in the 2nd round

  • Forrest Griffin defeated Ebenezer Braga by rear naked choke in the 1st round

  • Silmar Rodrigo defeated Henrique Chocolate Nogueira by unanimous decision

  • Renato Babalu Sobral defeated Marcelo Uirapuru Azevedo by unanimous decision

  • Carlos Barreto defeated Ben Rothwell by KO in the 1st round

  Sunday - August 3, 2003

By Michael Afromowitz - muaythaimes@aol.com

The martial arts world was hit with sudden tragedy of immense proportions when world Muay Thai champion Alex "F14" Gong was shot and killed on Friday, August 1st down the street from the Fairtex Muay Thai camp that that he started and built into the most popular Muay Thai training center in America. The sudden events have left the entire kickboxing world in shock as one of its finest champions is gone.

The details of what occurred are still being pieced together, but what is understood thus far is: At approximately 4:25 PM Pacific Standard Time, Gong's Jeep Cherokee parked outside of his Fairtex center was sideswiped by another Jeep Cherokee driving down the street. The driver of the vehicle that did the damage continued to drive without stopping. Someone rushed into the gym to tell an unaware Gong, who was in the middle of a training session, what happened to his vehicle. While wearing his boxing gloves and Thai kickboxing shorts without a shirt, Gong chased the vehicle until he caught up with it when it was forced to stop at a traffic light. At that point, an argument between the driver and Gong ensued. The dispute turned deadly when the driver pulled out a gun and shot him once in the chest before driving away.

As of Saturday afternoon, San Francisco police were still searching for the assailant after they found the vehicle abandoned at a gas station. A student who witnessed the encounter recorded the license plate number of the Jeep Cherokee and immediately reported it. Police, however, soon discovered that the vehicle had been stolen from its owner earlier this year. The plate was also reportedly stolen from another vehicle.

At 33 years of age, Gong was, in many ways, the leading voice and pioneer of Muay Thai kickboxing in America. From an appearance on Chuck Norris' "Walker, Texas Ranger" television drama to a recent interview during a Discovery Channel feature on martial arts, he utilized every opportunity that came his way to promote the sport that was his passion.

A standout student of the original Fairtex Muay Thai Camp in Arizona, Gong ascended the professional ranks of the sport at an astonishingly quick rate and captured his first world title, the International Sport Karate Association (ISKA) Junior Middleweight Muay Thai Championship in 1999. ESPN 2 regularly broadcast his bouts that came on high-profile K-1 USA and Strikeforce kickboxing fight cards. His accomplishments were recognized by every major martial arts media outlet from Black Belt magazine, which featured him on a 2001 cover, to Full Contact Fighter, which presented his story in a two-page feature two years ago.

Gong leaves behind a student body that amounts to nearly 1,000 between the two San Francisco Fairtex gyms that he operated.

More to come on this shocking story...

Kentucky Fighting Challenge Results
By Joe Hall

Chris Griffin
Chris Griffin
LEXINGTON, Ky., Aug. 2 -- The hallowed halls of Rupp Arena have hosted everything from hockey to heavy metal, from arena football to, most importantly, University of Kentucky basketball.

On Saturday the sports complex's Heritage Hall housed its first mixed martial arts event, the Kentucky Fighting Challenge. Although local media preferred titling the event the catchall misnomer, "The Ultimate Fighting Championship," and sterile-humored Internet fans chuckled like Beavis and Butthead at the abbreviated "KFC," the amateur show ran smoothly and provided an entertaining evening.

In the main event, Chris "The Funk" Griffin continued to build his name as one of the more eccentric and entertaining fighters in the Midwest. He danced to the ring, then delivered inside it, defeating Kuang Huang with an armbar in the second round.

Other winners:

Billy Bob Westfall, a 300-pound not-so-gentle giant, ran his record to 4-0 by stopping Charles Lewis.

Talented wrestler David Sachs won twice, stopping Kaushik Sen and submitting Mike Johnson.

Lexington products Derek Ruiz, Brian Jones and Jason Keaton all scored impressive first round wins.

Bobby Strouth won a decision over Josh Souder in a competitive match.

Alan Fenn consistently took down Gary Ferrill before eventually forcing him to tap out from strikes.

Jason Coomer ate a punch early, but submitted Scott Hope with an armbar in the first round.

Justin Shemanski fended off numerous submission attempts before stopping Brad Crawford in the second round.

From Koichi "Booker K" Kawasaki:
Announced Pancrase Line-up
For August 31 10th Anniversary Show:

Sammy Presents
AUGUST 31, 2003
-10th Anniversary -

Place: Ryogoku Kokugikan (Tokyo, JAPAN)
Open: 3:00PM Start: 4:00PM
  • Yuki Sasaki (Pancrase Grabaka) vs.
    Evangelista Cyborg (Academia Budokan)

  • Kazuo Misaki (Pancrase Grabaka) vs.
    Ricardo Almeida (Renzo Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy)

  • Osami Shibuya (Pancrase Ism) vs.
    Tohru Yano (New Japan Prowrestling)

  • Yuki Kondo (Pancrase Ism) vs.
    Josh Barnett (New Japan Prowerestring)

  • Akihiro Gono (Pancrase Grabaka) vs.
    Nilson De Castro (Chute Boxe Academy)

  • Kiuma Kunioku (Pancrase Ism) vs.
    Crosley Gracie (Ralph Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy)

  • Catch Wrestling Rules
    Minoru Suzuki (Pancrase Mission) vs.
    Takashi Iizuka (New Japan Prowrestling)

From Pancrase:
Pancrase Rankings

This is to announce that the K.O.P. Committee reconsidered the current ranking system and super heavyweight division was added. Following is the latest new weight divisions and rankings.

Latest Official PANCRASE Rankings (as of 7/31/2003)

the 10th Open-weight K.O.P. VACANT
#1 Yuki Kondo(PANCRASEism)
#2 Semmy Schilt(Holland/Golden Glory) *9th O.wt. K.O.P.
#3 Yoshiki Takahashi(PANCRASEism) *H.wt. K.O.P.
#4 Sanae Kikuta(Pancrase GRABAKA) *L.hvywt. K.O.P.
#5 Kiuma Kunioku(PANCRASEism) *W.wt. K.O.P.
#6 Nathan Marquardt(U.S.A./Colorado Stars) *M.wt. K.O.P.
#7 Josh Barnett(U.S.A./New Japan Pro-wrestling)
*former U.F.C. Hvywt. champion

[Super heavyweight(221lbs. and over)] *NEW!
Super heavyweight K.O.P. VACANT
#1 Semmy Schilt(Holland/Golden Glory)
#2 Tim Lajcik(U.S.A./Gladiators Training Academy)
#3 Ron Waterman(U.S.A./Colorado Stars)
#4 Hideki Tadao(RJW/CENTRAL)
#5 Jun Ishii(Chojin Club)

[Heavyweight(199lbs. - under 221lbs.)]
the 1st Heavyweight K.O.P. Yoshiki Takahashi(PANCRASEism)
#1 Tsuyoshi Ozawa(Zendokai)
#2 Katsuhisa Fujii(UFO)
#3 Jason Godsey(U.S.A./I.F. Academy)

[Light heavyweight(181lbs. - under 199lbs.)]
the 2nd Light heavyweight K.O.P. Sanae Kikuta(Pancrase GRABAKA)
#1 Yuki Kondo(PANCRASEism)
#2 Ricardo Almeida(U.S.A./Renzo Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy)
#3 Akihiro Gono(Pancrase GRABAKA)
#4 Nilson de Castro(Brazil/Chute Boxe Academy)
#5 Daisuke Watanabe(PANCRASEism)
#6 Ikuhisa Minowa(freelance)
#7 Yuki Sasaki(Pancrase GRABAKA)
#8 KEI Yamamiya(PANCRASEism)
#9 Evangelista Cyborg(Brazil/Academia Budokan)
#10 Osami Shibuya(PANCRASEism)

[Middleweight(165.7lbs. - under 181lbs.)]
the 3rd Middleweight K.O.P. Nathan Marquardt(U.S.A./Colorado Stars)
#1 Izuru Takeuchi(SK Absolute)
#2 Kiuma Kunioku(PANCRASEism)
#3 Kazuo Misaki(Pancrase GRABAKA)
#4 Chris Lytle(U.S.A./Ring Sports Palmers Gym)
#5 Hidehiko Hasegawa(SK Absolute)
#6 Yuji Hoshino(Wajutsu Keishukai GODS)
#7 Shonie Carter(U.S.A./AIKI Training Hall)
#8 Daiju Takase(freelance)
#9 Takafumi Ito(PANCRASEism)
#10 Kosei Kubota(PANCRASEism)

[Welterweight(152.5lbs. - under 165.7lbs.)]
the 1st Welterweight K.O.P. Kiuma Kunioku(PANCRASEism)
#1 Takafumi Ito(PANCRASEism)
#2 Koji Oishi(PANCRASEism)
#3 Kenichi Serizawa(RJW/CENTRAL)
#4 Hiroki Nagaoka(Rodeo Style)
#5 Satoru Kitaoka(PANCRASEism)
#6 Yuji Hoshino(Wajutsu Keishukai GODS)
#7 Takuya Wada(SK Absolute)

[Lightweight(141.4lbs. - under 152.5lbs.)] VACANT

[Featherweight(under 141.4lbs.)] VACANT

  Monday - August 4, 2003

UFC 41: Onslaught

UFC 41: Onslaught DVD Pre-Order Now!
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UFC 41: Onslaught, February 28, 2003, Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, New Jersey

The Heavyweight Championship is on the line as champ Ricco Rodriguez makes his first title defense against 6'8", 260 pound Tim Sylvia. In the co-main event, UFC legend Tank Abbott returns to take on rising young heavyweight Frank Mir. The undercard is highlighted by a title bout to crown a new Lightweight Champion. BJ Penn and Caol Uno battle it out for the vacant Lightweight belt. Penn wants to prove he is the best. Uno wants redemption. Other feature fights on the card include Phil Baroni versus Matt Lindland in a true grudge match, and Vladimir Matyushenko versus Pedro Rizzo in a heavyweight showdown. It's another huge night of fights from the most intense, full-contact event in sports today - The Ultimate Fighting Championship.


5.1 Surround Sound
Spanish commentary
Preliminary bouts
Post-fight press conference
Official Weigh-in
Exclusive training footage
Detailed Fighter Bios
Behind The Scenes Action

2 Disk Set Includes

1. Introduction
2. Pedro Rizzo vs. Vladimir Matyushenko
3. Phil Baroni vs. Matt Lindland
4. BJ Penn vs. Caol Uno
5. Tank Abbott vs. Frank Mir
6. Ricco Rodriguez vs. Tim Sylvia

Prelim Fights
1. Matt Serra vs. Din Thomas
2. Gan McGee vs. Alexandre Dantas
3. Yves Edwards vs. Rich Clementi

Behind The Scenes
1. Baroni / Lindland: No Love Lost
2. Tim Sylvia: The Underdog
3. Tank Abbott: Day in the Life
4. Thomas / Serra: Back on Track
5. Fighter autograph session
6. Gan McGee: The next Level
7. BJ Penn: Focused
8. Ken Shamrock: At Large
9. Rich Clementi: Close-up

Tim Sylvia, Ricco Rodriguez, Tank Abbott, Frank Mir, BJ Penn, Caol Uno, Phil Baroni, Matt Lindland, Pedro Rizzo, Vladimir Matyushenko, Matt Serra, Din Thomas, Gan McGee, Alexandre Dantas, Yves Edwards, Rich Clementi

1. Phil Baroni vs. Matt Lindland
2. Tank Abbott
3. Ricco Rodriguez
4. Tim Sylvia
5. Caol Uno vs. BJ Penn

Scars of Life "Water in My Hands"
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Frye In Action!
MMA Vet Invades Small Screen, Talks Of Injuries and Return
By Loretta Hunt

      Dispelling reports that he might be "laid up" with debilitating injuries following a July 20th pro-wrestling event in Japan, Don "the Predator" Frye took New York City by storm this week to step in front of the movie cameras. The UFC and PRIDE veteran was onhand to film a scene for the upcoming HBO film Strip Search, which focuses on a man wrongly accused of being a part of a terrorist cell in the States. Rugged, all-American Frye was brought on as one of three FBI agents who nab their suspect off a bustling New York City street in broad daylight.

Don Frye
on the set of
Strip Search
Don Frye
Don Frye
Don Frye
      The fast-paced shoot was a learning experience for first-timer Frye, who got to work under directorial great Sidney Lumet (Night Fall On Manhattan, Dog Day Afternoon) as well as perennial stunt coordinator Douglas Crosby, also MMA enthusiast and respected UFC judge. The physically demanding scenario was tense for Frye at first, especially when Lumet told him he could not use a double-leg to takedown the lead actor, but Crosby was there to coach the seasoned wrestler through it all. No release date has been set for the film, which stars Glenn Close and Dean Winters of OZ fame.

      In the meantime, 36-year-old Frye says he is concentrating on mending his body, which has seen close to ten years of experience in both mixed martial arts and professional wrestling. Persisting injuries in his neck, particularly three collapsing vertebrae weakened by a neighboring set of vertebra previously fused together, are causing Rye the most difficulties, he says. Flying around the set though, one could hardly notice his ailments, and the Predator is optimistic as to when he might make a return to fighting. "Probably six months," he predicted, "because last time I pushed it [following his decision win over Ken Shamrock at PRIDE 19]. I was back in three months and I think that was too much. Right now, I'm just waiting for the surgeon to call me back and set up a date to operate." With one fight left on his PRIDE contract that will need to be fulfilled within ten months, Frye has set his sights on a formidable opponent. "I'd like to fight Cro Cop [Mirko Filipovic]. I think he's the best one out there. He's the man." Gunning for top talent like Russian Filipovic, is their any thought to making this fight the "big finale" to his already respectable 15-3 career? "I don't know," the usually outgoing fighter remarked shyly for once. "It depends on how I feel once they fix my neck. If they turn me into Superman again, I'll come back."

      Frye began his famed MMA career back at UFC 8 in 1996, where he knocked out Thomas Ramirez in a mere ten seconds before going on to take the tournament win that night. He returned to UFCs 9 and 10, as well as it's Ultimate Ultimate '96 tournament, earning key wins over competitors like Amaury Bitetti, Gary Goodridge and Tank Abbott, while establishing himself as the epitome of toughness in the biz. He began wrestling professionally in Japan in 1997, gathering a fan following that eventually led him to his debut at PRIDE 16 and three subsequent wins. A rough patch followed, however, with losses in both PRIDE and K-1. Frye's latest PRIDE appearance was a rematch loss to fellow trailblazer Mark Coleman, who bested the Arizona native in the final round of UFC 10 seven years prior.

      Frye is hoping to rebound from this disappointing loss he hesitated to comment on, but says he takes a bit of solace in knowing that he is simply not physically 100% at this time. For now, with his body going in for repairs, the Predator says he is fine with his mouth doing his talking -- he's scheduled to appear as a commentator for Frank Shamrock's inaugural MMA event, ShootBox, on August 23rd in Orlando, Florida.
Don Frye and Ron Van Clief Proving that NYC is not so small after all, fellow UFC vet Ron Van Clief happened to pass by the set and recognize Frye in action. The oldest athlete to ever compete in the UFC (Van Clief was 51 years old at the time of his UFC 4 appearance), the martial arts specialist is in the city to begin work as a technical advisor on Wesley Snipes' next film The Black Panther.

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Logo Hat
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From the event's promoter:
Quest Fight Promotions presents:
"Initial Impact"

Saturday, August 9th 2003 in Toledo, Ohio
Toledo SeaGate Convention Centre
Doors open at 6PM -Show starts at 7PM

Initial Impact poster Quest Fight Promotions invades Toledo, Ohio on Saturday, August 9th with 'Initial Impact'. This is the first show from Quest Fight Promotions and they are ready to treat Mixed Martial Arts fans with a night of heavy hitting amateur fighting. When the fists aren't flying Tampa Bay, FL band 'Born Into Kaos' will take the stage and rock the venue. You can check out the band on their website at www.BornIntoKaos.com

The fight card consists of athletes from across the USA, UK and Canada. "I'm really excited to have the American Top Team represented on this card," says matchmaker Johnny Walls. "Their name is becoming synonymous with MMA fighting and they always bring their best to the cage. 2001 European BJJ Cup Champion Antony Rea is also a guy to keep your eye on as well as the Ohio fighters who are ready to throw down in front of their hometown fans. I expect explosive action from all of these fighters and several will probably be competing for Quest title belts in the future. We'll also have a special 'Underground Forum' bout between Jamie Levine and Matt Hershberger. Hershberger is a beast but I hear that Levine will be ready."

Promoter Frank Vazquez is ready to get it on in the Octagon with 'Initial Impact'. "We kept the fans in mind and combined our talents to bring together a great fight card and Rock performance," Frank says. "Toledo being a great location with an impressive venue will allow fans from Detroit, Cleveland, and Canada to make the trip to see this premiere fighting event."

Tickets are available at the Toledo SeaGate Box Office and can be purchased by phone at 419-255-3300 and at all Ticketmaster locations.

*Card Tentative and Subject to change.

Featured Fights:

205 Pounds - Light Heavyweight
Marcel Ferreira (American Top Team, FL) VS Antony Rea (France)

155 Pounds - Lightweight
Nick Spencer (Next Level Fight Club, Steubenville, OH) VS Jacob Draves (Wrecking Crew, OH)

Special "Underground Forum" Match
205 Pounds - Light Heavyweight
Jamie Levine (FL) VS Matt Hershberger (OH)

Main Card

185 Pounds - Light Heavyweight
Leo Sylvest (Integrated Fighting, IN) VS German Reyes (Chicago, IL)

185 Pounds - Middleweight
Emyr Bussard (American Top Team, FL) VS Chris Myers (OH)

170 Pounds - Welterweight
Dave Campbell (Boreland's Combat Team, Canada) VS Wald Bloise (American Top Team, FL)

170 Pounds - Welterweight
Jason Ory (The Regulators, AZ) VS Grant Sarver (Wrecking Crew, OH)

155 Pounds - Lightweight
Luke Spencer (Next Level Fight Club, Steubenville, OH) VS Brian McIntyre (Boreland's Combat Team, Canada)

145 Pounds - Featherweight
Dan Swift (The PA Hitman) VS Johnny Bedford (Wrecking Crew, OH)

Joe Grant (The Regulators, AZ) VS Tim Brown (OH)

145 Pounds - Featherweight
Billy Mitchell (Tap or Snap) VS Mike Large (Boreland's Combat Team, Canada)

  Wednesday - August 6, 2003

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  Friday - August 8, 2003

UFC 41: Onslaught

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UFC 41: Onslaught DVD

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  Sunday - August 10, 2003

PRIDE Results
PRIDE Total Elimination 2003
Held August 10, 2003
Saitama Super Arena

Click here for the results

PRIDE Total Elimination 2003
PPV Premieres Tonight

From the event's promoter:
NY Underground Fighting

      (New York, August 8th, 2003) The NY Underground Fighting show scheduled for today, Sunday, August 8th, has been canceled. Despite assurances by two Athletic Commissioners and a spokesman for the New York City Police Department that the amateur mixed martial arts event was legal and would be permitted to take place, representatives of the New York State Athletic Commission (NYSAC) confronted the owner of the boxing gym where the event was to be held and pressured her into pulling out as the venue at the last minute.

      A special thanks goes out to all the fighters, trainers and coaches who had committed their time and effort to making this show possible, and a heartfelt apology goes out to the fans hoping to see some quality amateur mixed martial arts action in New York State. All options are being explored in terms of holding the NYSAC accountable for their unlawful actions.

  Monday - August 11, 2003

Bob Sapp Chat Banner


Following his guest appearances on "The Tonight Show" and "The Best Damn Sports Show, Period," K-1 bruiser Bob Sapp will take one hour out of his demanding schedule to respond to fans' questions and comments during an online chat on www.espn.com on Wednesday, August 13th. The live chat session will be held from 3-4 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Between now and 3 PM on Wednesday, August 13th, fans are encouraged to participate in the pre-chat by posting their questions and comments on ESPN.com's Bob Sapp chat homepage located at: http://proxy.espn.go.com/chat/chatESPN?event_id=3809. Any questions or comments submitted within this timeframe will be saved for the fighter to answer during the live chat. From 3-4 PM on Wednesday, fans can access the live chat and post questions and comments by visiting the same web page.

Sapp has become a red hot item with the mainstream media in the United States of late. Following appearances in ESPN magazine and number one hip-hop publication, The Source, he graced the cover of the nation's leading daily business newspaper, The Wall Street Journal on Monday, June 23rd. On Sunday, July 27th, The Seattle Times published a feature story on the big man detailing his larger-than-life status amongst the Japanese public. The following Thursday, July 31st, The Orlando Sentinel ran a feature piece on Sapp.

UFC Banner

King Of The Cage 27 Results
By Keith Mills

Bobby Hoffman
San Jacinto, CA -- Bobby Hoffman retained his Heavyweight belt by defeating Pal Buentello by judges decision in his first title defense in a fight that had the crowd cheering wildly. Sharing the main event Joe Stephenson made his debut at 155 where he made a great impression with his newly acquired boxing skills, causing Kiko's corner to throw in the towel before the end of the first round. Also on the card American Top Team went 0-2 in their KOTC debut with HOOKnSHOOT 155 Northeast and Southeast Champion Marcus Aurelio losing a split decision to underrated Antonio McGee while Jeorge Santiago took an early KO from Manvel Gamburyan. Look for full coverage in an upcoming issue of Full Contact Fighter.
  • Frankie Bohlinger def Robert Bresland 3:58 r1 by armbar
  • Mat Mcpherson def Orion Gallagher 1:07 r1 by rear choke
  • Andy Murad def Salmania Clemente Jr. 1:25 r1 by TKO
  • Wes Combs def Johan Broad 0:41 r1 by TKO
  • Sean Ramage def Kevin Allvia 0:58 r1 by rear choke
  • David Rivas def Steve Hallock by unanimous decision (2 rnds)
  • Manvel Gamburyan def Jeorge Santiago 0:31 by KO
  • Keigo Kunihara def Timothy Mendoza 1:07 r1 by TKO
  • Antonio McGee def Marcus Aurelio by split decision (2 rnds)
  • "Scarry" Jerry def Paki 1:32 r1 by KO
  • Joe Stephenson def Kiko 4:29 r1 corner threw in towel
  • Bobby Hoffman def Paul Buentello by split decision (3 rnds)

Joe Stephenson def Kiko
Stephenson celebrates his win over Kiko

Waterman stretching out Naveras
Results from
World Extreme Cagefighting 7:
This Time It's Personal

Held August 9, 2003
Lemoore, CA USA
By Keith Mills

Olaf Alfonso vs. Randy Spence
  • Mike Brown def John Letters 0:54 r1 by rear-naked choke
  • Gabe Ruteger def Carlos Cordero 2:57 r1 by TKO
  • George Evangelista def Gary Quan 4:26 r1 by doctor stoppage (shoulder dislocation)
  • Poppies Martinez def Johnny Fabela 0:51 r1 by submission
  • Anthony Arria def Levi Thornbrue 1:29 r1 by TKO
  • Jason Von Flue def Nick Galardi 2:46 r1 by side choke
  • J.T. Taylor def Ryan Shultz 1:52 r1 by KO
  • Olaf Alfonso def Randy Spence 4:34 r2 by TKO
  • Abram Baxter drew Boyd Ballard after 3 5-minute rounds
  • Shonie Carter def Dax Bruce 2:28 r1 by rear choke
  • Wander Braga def Nick Ertle by unanimous decision after 3 5-minute rounds
  • Tony Alanis def Don Rugebregt 1:54 r1 by TKO
  • Ron Waterman def James Naveras 2:31 r3 by TKO

  Wednesday - August 13, 2003

From Susumu's Gallery:
Susumu's Gallery Update

Susumu photo


We have added 19 photos from Pride 27 and 20 photos from a Shooto show held on August 10th including 3 championships. Please enjoy!

Visit Susumu's gallery at http://come.to/susumu.

From TKO Communications:

KULTAR GILL MONTREAL (Canada) - Unfortunately for MMA fans from Canada and around the world, TKO Communications is announcing a change to their lineup for the September 6th, 2003 event at the Pierre-Charbonneau Center in Montreal. Due to a back injury that has yet to heal, one of the most talented fighters in Canada, Kultar "The Sandman" Gill will not be facing Dave Goulet for the Canadian Lightweight Title.

"It is a very unfortunate situation that Kultar's injury has not healed enough to allow him to compete at our September 6th show," said TKO President Stephane Patry. "Kultar is a rising Canadian star that is an important piece of the puzzle that we are building at TKO. In the near future, I expect Kultar to make significant contributions internationally and with that in mind we are really looking forward to have Kultar make his TKO return at TKO 14."

Gill, a member of Team Gibson Pankration, had a very impressive debut at the UCC 12 event with a first round submission victory versus former World Middleweight Champion Donald Ouimet. When the fight was first announced, Gill's World-Class Muay-Thai skills were never in question. But, Gill showed his diverse arsenal by looking extremely slick on the ground and ending the fight by submission.

With that noteworthy victory, "The Sandman" has also begun to get noticed on the international scene as he was scheduled to face a Top 10 Lightweight in Brazilian Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro at AFC 4 in Florida. But, due to the nagging back injury that will sideline him from competing at TKO 13, Gill was eventually
replaced. Additionally, there was the potential of Gill facing current TKO World Lightweight Champion Duane "Bang" Ludwig at TKO 14 had Gill beaten Dave Goulet for the Canadian Lightweight Title. Due to Gill's injury, TKO fans may have to wait a little longer to see this epic battle take place.


After suffering three heart-breaking back to back losses fighting in the United States, young Canadian phenom Mark "The Machine" Hominick will make his TKO return as he replaces IVAN MENJIVAR. Contractual issues forced TKO Communications to delay the World Super Lightweight Championship bout between Menjivar and Gibson Pankration's superstar Ryan "The Lion" Diaz. Instead, Diaz will go head to head with Mark Hominick as the Canadian Super Lightweight Championship will be up for grabs. Expect a lot of fireworks as these two spectacular athletes faceoff on September 6th!

Earlier today, TKO President Stephane Patry also announced that TKO fight fans will have a chance to finally see the long awaited rematch between Mark Hominick and "The Monkey" Richard Nancoo at TKO 14. "Mark really wants to prove his win over Nancoo was no fluke, and as you all know, Nancoo is really
looking forward to come back with us - and a rematch with Hominick is just a natural for our fight fans - this a fight requested by our fans, and TKO 14 will be the time these two meet again!"

Main Event (WW Superfight): PETE SPRATT vs. GEORGES ST-PIERRE
Canadian MW Championship: SEAN PIERSON vs. STEVE VIGNEAULT
Canadian SLW Championship: RYAN DIAZ vs. MARK HOMINICK

WW Preliminary bout: ALEX GASSON vs. JEFF JOSLIN
LWH Preliminary bout: TOM MULLER vs. ROB MACDONALD
SLW Preliminary bout: SAM STOUT vs. DANY PAQUETTE

From the event's promoter:
RITC 52 - This Saturday Night

Saturday Aug 16, 2003

Pinal County - Parks, Recreation & Fairgrounds
11 MC Road
Casa Grande, Arizona
Doors Open: 6 PM, Fight Time: 7:30 PM
Tickets prices are $20 (General Admission) and $30 (Floor Level Seating).

Rage in the Cage 52 will feature fights that Casa Grande, Eloy and Coolidge have been dreaming about. The planned card has many long awaited match-ups of cross-town rivals. We listened to our RITC fans that wanted top level fighters featured in our Casa Grande shows. Edwin Dewees, who will be fighting in UFC 44, will be making his first fighting appearance in Casa Grande. Please plan on attending what will no doubt be the biggest RITC event ever in Casa Grande. This is a fantastic line-up.

Edwin Dewees (205) vs. Chappo Montijo (205)
Vince Lucero (275) vs. Herb Garcia (300)
Andy Montana (240) vs. Howard Karge (230)
RJ Gamez (175) vs. Melesio Perales (180)
Brett Maddux (255) vs. Mike Lewis (245)
Cory Timmerman (300) vs. Jack Austin (300)
Richie Reyes (170) vs. Jeremiah Shivers (170)
Pete Morales (170) vs. Kelly Samson (170)
Victor Cruz (150) vs. Greg Rodriquez (140)
Mark Diggs (180) vs. Mike Lightfoot (185)
David Canvas (180) vs. Bill Ellineger (185)
Carlos Ortega (150) vs. Brandon Roberts (160)
Klay Palomo (160) vs. TBA

Fight Card subject to change.

Here are the directions for those traveling from Phoenix or Tucson for the event.

Take I-10 to Exit 194
Head East on 287 away from CG for 7 miles
Turn right on 11 Mile Corner Rd and you're there

Best Western Casa Grande (520-836-1600) is offering suites for a special $59 rate if you mention RITC.

Upcoming Events:
  • RITC 53 - The Beat Goes On
    Saturday, Sept 20, 2003 (New date to avoid De La Hoya PPV)
    Celebrity Theatre (Phoenix)

    Desert Quest #6
    Saturday, Oct 11, 2003
    Westwood HS (Mesa)

  • RITC 54
    Saturday, Oct 25, 2003 (New date)
    Celebrity Theatre (Phoenix)

  • RITC 55
    Saturday, Nov 15, 2003
    Site: TBA

  • RITC 56 - Year # 6 Begins
    Saturday, Dec 6, 2003
    Celebrity Theatre (Phoenix)

  • Desert Quest #6
    Saturday, Dec 13, 2003
    Westwood HS (Mesa)

  • RITC 57
    Saturday, Jan 31, 2004
    Celebrity Theatre (Phoenix)

  Thursday - August 14, 2003

The big man talks about his upcoming K-1 debut in Las Vegas, his rapidly improving martial arts skills, and being one of the most sought after individuals.
Written by Michael Afromowitz - muaythaimes@aol.com

Bob Sapp vs. Ernesto Hoost in K-1.  Photo Courtesy of K-1 Catching up with K-1's biggest celebrity is not an easy thing to do. From filming TV commercials to being courted by every major media outlet in Japan, Bob Sapp is constantly on the move and tough to keep track of.

On the brink of his United States fighting debut that will come on Friday, August 15th in the form of a three-round K-1 "Battle at the Bellagio" Superfight with the dangerous Kimo Leopoldo, the 6 foot 3 inch, 375-pound former NFL lineman is in even more demand than ever as the American media has caught Sapp fever and is anxious to get a piece of him.

After a few days of relentless searching, though, I was finally able to locate the big man and steal some time with him while he was tucked away in a Japanese hotel, seeking refuge from the masses that swarm him when he dare set foot on the streets there.

FCF:   So, how have things been going lately?
BS:     Pretty good. Just a little bit tired, you know. But, I'm making it work.

FCF:   How do you feel about this fight with Kimo?
BS:     I'm looking forward to, not only, debuting in the United States, but also to going against a great fighter and a great legend like Kimo. He's definitely well-known in the United States for his superior fighting as well as for his tenacity in the ring. So, it's an opportunity to go into the United States with, not only some flair that you often see in Las Vegas, but also an opportunity to present some flair and tenacity while going against Kimo.

FCF:   Have you seen any of his fights?
BS:     Yea, I've seen him on tape. I don't know really how his stand-up's gonna be, but I think it's gonna be close to boxer's style and I know that he's got a pretty hard kick too.

FCF:   How do you feel you will match up with him?
BS:     I think we'll match up pretty evenly. But, I think once my pressure overwhelms him that you'll see me be able to squeak out a victory.
Click here to continue the interview

Rumble On The Rock 3
Afook Chinen Civic Auditorium, Hilo, Hawaii
August 9, 2003
By Chris Onzuka - Chris@Onzuka.com

Ring card girl Malia The third installment of Hawaii's newest MMA event pitted the best of the big island versus all comers. A couple of matches that garnered a lot of attention beforehand were Golden Gloves boxer, Mark Moreno taking on one of HMC's best kickboxers in Deshaun Johnson. Another match up of local strikers pitted John Naole, who had impressive KO in the opening seconds of his last fight at Kaos, taking on a kickboxer who has always been matched up against grapplers named Kaleo Padilla. And the Hilo boy called "Da Boss" stepped up his game to take on probably the most active MMA fighter in the game today, Shannon Ritch. Those fights were well matched, but some of the others mixed talent due to some of the last minute replacements. The replacements, some who had 5 hours notice, performed surprisingly well and the crowd loved the exchanges between fighters. This event has just completed, but the Rumble On The Rock promoters have a big show lined up and are working on releasing some huge match ups soon.

180lbs - 2 5-min rds.
Marshal Ng (Hilo, HI) def. Mike "The Pike" Flanigan (Straight Blast Gym, Dublin, Ireland)
TKO via referee stoppage due to strikes from the mount at 4:04 into R1.

300lbs - 2 5-min rds.
Scott Spencer (6'5", 314lbs, Nova Uniao, Hilo, HI) def. Patrick Fonohena (6'2", 240lbs, Fonohena Fight Team)
Disqualification due to holding the cage and not heeding the referee's instructions at 0:48 into R2.

250lbs - 2 5-min rds.
Aladasin "Junior" Tuyo (6'2", 245lbs, Nova Uniao, Hilo, HI) def. Anthony Billianor (6'3", 263lbs, Maui Full Contact Fighting)
Verbal submission due to punches on the ground at 1:14 into R1.

155lbs - 2 5-min rds.
Kaynan "The Barbarian" Kaku (5'9", 155lbs, Nova Uniao, Hilo, HI) def. Michael Baker (5'10", 155lbs, Vendrell Martial Arts, Kona, HI)
TKO via doctor stoppage due to cut above eye at 2:24 into R1.

155lbs - 2 5-min rds.
Johnny "Gun" Sampaio (5'8", 155lbs, Nova Uniao, Hilo, HI) def. David Padilla (5'6", 155lbs, Jesus Is Lord, Honolulu, HI)
Submission via rear naked choke at 1:58 into R1.

155lbs - 2 5-min rds.
Mark Moreno (5'9", 168lbs, Bulls Pen) def. Deshawn Johnson (5'10", 165lbs, HMC)
TKO via doctor stoppage due to cut above eye at 2:38 into R2.

140lbs - 2 5-min rds.
Iwi Okano (5'9", 145lbs, Nova Uniao) def. Eric Devers (5'7", 145lbs, Kempo)
Submission via rear naked choke at 2:01into R1.

175lbs - 2 5-min rds.
Kaleo "The Pervert" Padilla (5'9", 155lbs, Westbrook Kickboxing, Kona, HI) def. John Naole (5'9", 155lbs, HMC, Honolulu, HI)
TKO, Naole could not continue after the end of Round 1 due to a possible dislocated or broken jaw.

170lbs - 2 5-min rds.
Royden "The Real McCoy" DeMotta (5'10", 175lbs, Nova Uniao, Hilo, HI) def. Kyle Brees (6'0", 175lbs, Team Phoenix, Chicago, IL)
Unanimous decision [(20-18), (20-18), (20-18)] after 2 rounds.

170lbs - 2 5-min rds.
Ross "Da Boss" Ebanez (5'10", 175lbs, Nova Uniao, Hilo, HI) def. Shannon "The Cannon" Ritch (5'9", 170lbs, Buel Fight Team)
TKO, Ritch could not continue after the end of Round 1 due to a possible broken rib.

170lbs - 2 5-min rds.
Renato "Charuto" Verissimo (6'0", 170lbs, Nova Uniao, Honolulu, HI) def. Ray Elbe (5'9", 170lbs, Savage Te Dawg Pound, Phoenix, AZ)
TKO due to referee stoppage due to strikes from the guard at 1:41 into R1.

290lbs - 3 5-min rds.
Wesley "Cabbage" Correira (6'2", 280lbs, Grappling Unlimited) vs. Steve Sayegh (5'9", 215lbs, Lenninger Dojo, Arizona)
TKO via referee stoppage due to strikes from the mount at 2:19 into R1.
Cabbage pounding on Sayegh
Cabbage punishing Sayegh

  Saturday - August 16, 2003

Ring of Combat IV Lights Up Atlantic City!
By Jim Genia

D'Auguste punishing Vlahac
D'Auguste (right) vs. Vlahac
      (August 15th, Atlantic City, New Jersey) Well over a thousand spectators packed into the Palladium Ballroom here at Caesar's in Atlantic City, braving power outages and blackouts for a night illuminated by TKOs and submissions. The fourth incarnation of Ring of Combat brought together the best in local talent, and representatives from the Serra-Longo Competition Team/Renzo Gracie, Team Tiger Schulmann, Pitt's Penn, Team Prodigy, Team Renzo Gracie and Team Endgame gave it their all. Highlights of the night included:
  • Laura D'Auguste picking apart a game Tanya Vlahac with crisp combinations, eventually forcing the doctor to call a halt to the action when Vlahac's eye became too swollen.
  • Dave Tirelli's rematch against Luke Cummo - both men gave it their all in a bloody war!
  • Chris Liguori stepping up and testing Pete "Drago" Sell in a close match that saw experience and patience neutralizing grappling dominance in a back and forth ground and pound battle.

Sell (left) vs. Liguori
Sell (left) vs. Liguori
Greg Killian (Tri-State BJJ Team-185lbs) vs. Derek Johnson (BAMA/Team Endgame-189lbs)
Killian via split decision after 3 rounds.

Laura D'Auguste (Team Tiger Schulmann-134.5lbs) vs. Tanya Vlahac (134lbs)
D'Auguste via doctor stoppage at 1:58 of round 3.

John Rotendella (Pitts Penn-204lbs) vs. Tom Muller (Serra-Longo/Renzo-209lbs)
Muller via rear choke at 3:37 of round 1.

Edson Carvalho (Tri-State BJJ Team-189lbs) vs. Jose Rodriguez (Pitts Penn-197lbs)
Carvalho via front choke at 1:31 of round 1.

Luke Cummo (Serra-Longo/Renzo-175lbs) vs. Dave Tirelli (Team Tiger Schulmann-174lbs)
Tirelli via unanimous decision after 3 rounds - an all out war!

185-pound Ring of Combat Championship
Pete "Drago" Sell (Serra-Longo/Renzo-184lbs) vs. Chris Liguori (Pitts Penn-182lbs)
Sell via split decision - Liguori is the man for really taking it to Drago in the last round! This was the fight of the night!

189-pound Ring of Combat Championship
James "Angry Snowman" Gabert (Team Renzo Gracie-192lbs) vs. Eddy Rolon (Team Endgame-189lbs)
Gabert via unanimous decision after 3 rounds.

Nick "Mad Monkey" Serra (Serra-Longo/Renzo-170lbs) vs. Rick McCoy (Team Prodigy-172lbs)
Serra via flying triangle at 2:58 of round 1.

Serra (right) choking McCoy
McCoy's head changes color in Serra's choke

USKBA Championship Kickboxing
Tim Lane (Panza Kickboxing-142lbs-USKBA champ) vs. Erik Marshall (141lbs-WKO champ)
Lane via KO (body blow) at 1:59 of round 4.

Part of Lane's finishing flurry
Lane (right) finishing off Marshall

The Brazilian Beat
Silva Wins twice, Belfort Looking forword to November and Event's Extravaganza in Brazil!

The Brazilian Beat:
      After more than twenty days of wait the Brazilian Beat is finally back at FCF, trying to recap things from where we left. After the so awaited PRIDE Middleweight GP 1st round became history, things are geared towards the next shows in Brazil as plenty of events are about to happened, and times has been changing for our sport in the country. Needless to say Full Contact Fighter is always up to date with all those news in this very country, so after all that wait allow me not to hold you for a long time with this introduction text, and let's head straight to the news as we send our most sincere congratulations to "The Axe Murderer" Wanderlei Silva for the birth of his son, wishing all the best for the baby as FCF delivers the beat in lullaby style hoping that deadly Silva will keep up the rhythm!

  • Fresh from his PRIDE GP first round win, Chute Boxe superstar Wanderlei Silva got back to Brazil this past Tuesday as happy as he ever was. With his KO win over eternal rival Kazushi Sakuraba and the birth of his first male son, Silva is truly enjoying success in all areas of his life. His son was born two days before his fight against Sakuraba, when he was already in Japan, and those news got Wanderlei by surprise as the child was just expected to come to this world near the end of August! "The Axe Murderer" told FCF he entered the ring even more motivated with those news, and the kid was born with more than 3kg of weight and in perfect health. Silva and his wife, Tea Ariadne Silva, are still deciding the name of the baby, and the PRIDE Middleweight champion is just taking the rest of this week to enjoy his family, going back to full-time training next Monday. Wanderlei also told FCF he believes he is currently on the best shape of his life and with Mirko Cro Cop's recent series of wins a rematch between the two will end up happening sooner or later, and he is eager to face the Croatian again.

  • MMA events continue to pop-up all over Brazil in 2003, and one of the most distant and less populated capitals of the country is also going to have their share of our sport in the coming days. The city of Boa Vista, in the state of Roraima, up in the North of Brazil, is going to hold the 1st Octagon Vale Tudo, a small show intending to bring MMA action to the city's population and develop the sport in that area as well. The most important attraction of the event is going to happen outside of the ring, with the presence of UFC fighter Vitor Belfort as a guest, as well as cornering his teammate Fortaleza, a young fighter out of Brazil Fight Club who will be facing a local fighter called Adriano Soares. The show takes place this Friday, August 15th at the Vicente Feola arena.

  • Speaking of Vitor Belfort, "The Phenom" already started his training for his November UFC appearance. Belfort has been training hard at the ADPM facilities, his training center, and wants to prove the fans he is still focused on the fighting game and intends to enter the octagon in November in the same type of shape he was for his fight against Marvin Eastman. Vitor is still waiting for confirmation on his opponent, but Rich Franklin continues to be the likely one.

  • The last edition of MECA World Vale Tudo took place this last August 1st in the city of Teresopolis in Rio de Janeiro. Although it has been two weeks since the show happened, we decide to bring you the results of the show here, since this is the first time The Brazilian Beat is coming out since the date of the fights. Needless to say, the highlight of the night was the amazing performance put on by Chute Boxe prodigy Mauricio Shogun Rua against dangerous fighter Evangelista Cyborg. In a action-packed fight Shogun was taking the worst of the stand-up action, receiving numerous blows from Cyborg, but showed incredible guts and endurance to withstand the pressure and reverse the fight, taking it to the ground and giving Cyborg a Jiu-Jitsu class, going from one submission to the other and using his trademark aggressiveness to unleash punishment to his opponent, until the referee stopped the fight. Here are the complete results from the 9th edition of MECA:

    • Petterson Mello defeated Marcelão by submission
    • Alessio Sakara defeated Rafael Tatu by Doctor Stoppage
    • Ivan Batman defeated Rafael Capoeira by judges' decision
    • Marcelo Grillo defeated Claudinho das Dores by knockout
    • Roan "Jucao" Carneiro defeated Adriano Bad Boy by submission
    • Daniel Acacio defeated Delson "Pe de Chumbo" by forfeit
    • Gabriel Napão defeated Brandon Lee Hinkle by submission
    • Assuerio Silva and Fabiano Scherner fought a No Contest
    • Mauricio Shogun Rua defeated Evangelista Cyborg by TKO

  • If the north of Brazil is going to have its own show, the south of Brazil couldn't be left behind and the newest show in the country is going to be Brazil Super Fight, at the city of Porto Alegre, one of the biggest in the country, and the capital located more to the south in the entire nation of Brazil. Behind the show, scheduled for September, is non-other than fighting legend Mario Sperry, so you can expect nothing but a good spectacle coming up. The project began as a show geared more for newcomers, but things evolved to a point that some well-known names from the fighting scene are going to be performing in the promotion's inaugural event. Heat FC veteran Eduardo Simoes, out of the Ruas Vale Tudo team, is going to be making his second MMA showing against Australian fighter Luke Piclum. Other interesting names on the card will be MECA veteran Marcelo Grillo and Haroldo Cabelinho Bunn, Storm Veteran Helio Dipp and most importantly the main event between former Pancrase star Ikuhisa Minowa against Brazilian veteran Jorge "Macaco" Patino. FCF will keep following the developments.

  • Speaking of Japanese fighter Ikuhisa Minowa, the former Pancrase star has been living in Brazil for quite a while already, training in the Brazilian Top Team headquarters! Minowa joined the team willing to have better training partners and a chance to evolve in his technique, showing how serious the fighter is taking his career. Language barriers aside, word is that Ikuhisa has been training hard and doing well. His fight against Macaco at Brazil Super Fight will be his first outing under the Brazilian Top Team.

  • Speaking of the Brazilian Top Team, Mario Sperry is still recovering from his broken hand, but is expected to resume his ground training in the coming days. From there on he will start to practice Muay Thai again, but this, of course, will take a bit longer. Anyway, Sperry has been busy with numerous affairs lately, so as usual the "Zen Machine" has plenty of work in his hands. Sperry's pupil, Ricardo Arona, is also recovering from his shoulder injury that prevented him from participating on the PRIDE GP. Arona is expected to do exams to check his recovery in the end of this month, and then he will be able to know when he will be ready to resume his training. Murilo Bustamante, on the other hand, is living a great phase after his good showing against Quinton Jackson on short notice on the PRIDE GP, replacing Arona. Bustamante secured a multiple fight deal with the Japanese organization, and is expected to fight again in PRIDE still this year since the promoters got very happy with his performance.

  • Scheduled for 13th of September Jungle Fight is still promising a solid card, breakthrough concept and interesting production for the MMA fans worldwide. The partnership effort between Antonio Inoki and Wallid Ismail is trying to attract everybody's attention to the devastation problems in the Amazon Forrest, and holding the show in such a scenario promises to bring a gorgeous stage for fighters to compete. As the show approaches, some names are being confirmed as part of the card, and among those are two awaited MMA debuts, from rAw team master Ricco Chiapparelli, likely to face Magno Penha, and Jiu-Jitsu stand out Ronaldo Jacare. Other famous names competing will be Carlos Barreto, Ricardo Morais, Marcelo Tigre and Fabricio Werdun. FCF will keep following the developments.

  • Chute Boxe prodigy Mauricio Shogun Rua didn't have time to celebrate his emotional victory over Evangelista Cyborg at MECA 9, as he immediately started his training for the coming IFC tourney this next September 6th. Shogun is scheduled to face non-other than Brazilian Top Team fighter and PRIDE veteran Paulo Filho, in match-up that promises to heat up the famous rivalry between Chute Boxe and BTT even more. Mauricio has been training hard and expectations are high under the Chute Boxe headquarters regarding his participation. His brother, PRIDE veteran Murilo Ninja Rua has also been training very hard everyday in the academy, and is ready to fight again as soon as needed, as he told FCF he is eager to fight.

  • After the success of the first edition of Heat Fighting Championship, the promoters are already working on the second edition of the show for late November. The show will once again take place in the city of Natal, and expectations are high as the promise is to deliver an even better card for the second show, and provide a even shaper production. According to the promoters the card for HEAT FC 2 is almost done, as fights are being signed since the 1st of August. The first bouts of the next card are intended to be announced in the coming days, as well as some other surprises from the show. FCF will continue to follow the news, as well as provide a late Heat FC 1 review in the next days.

  Sunday - August 17, 2003

Extreme Challenge 52 Results

  • Chris Griffen def. Brandon Adamson, 2:58 Rd. 1 armbar.

  • Frank Young def. Kaushik Sinn, Rd. 3 (9:00) Unanimous decision.

  • Derek Mason def. BJ Mahon, 2:09 Rd. 1 tap from strikes.

  • Nate Mohr def. Kain Rizzo, 2:15 Rd. 2 (5:15) tap from strikes.

  • Tagteam submission match: Nate Schroeder/Kory Markham (Miletich) def. Josh Rafferty/Chris Lynd (Meat Truck Inc.) 2 subs to 1.

  • Davy Conger def. Ryan Sickler, 1:01 Rd. 1 rear choke.

  • Mark Long def. Jordan Anderson, Rd 3 (9:00) unanimous decision.

  • Travis Fulton def. Jason Miller, :45 Rd 1 rear choke.

  • Jason Medina def. Karima Bennett, 1:48 Rd. 1 tap from strikes.

  • Jens Pulver def, Joe Jordon, 3:12 Rd. 2 (8:12) KO.

From the event's promoter:
XCF Aug. 23

Becky Levi's X-treme Championship Fighting is taking place Aug. 23 at 7pm. Wrigley Field Bar and Grill is the venue in Ft. Wayne, IN. This is Becky's 11th show in Ft. Wayne, In. and the second as the sole promoter of XCF. This is an outdoor event in the beer garden. Tickets are $25 and $15 and can be purchased at the door as well as in advance. The Coors Lite girls will be on hand to walk the guys to the ring. I would like to thank Jim Baileys Harley Davidson, Signature Inn, and Immortal Fight Gear as event sponsors. Doors open at 6 pm. You may contact Becky Levi at dzmatchmaker@yahoo.com for more information.

Line up of this night of action packed fighting: (card is subject to change)

Main Event
Justin Villella vs. Jake Shelton

Kurt Illeman vs. Dan Lamping

Scott Elliiot vs. Rob Marvin

Marcelo Salinos vs. Kelly Rundle

150 lb. Tournament
Danny Gautier
Ronald Mann
Brandon Western
Ryan Kronwitter
Leo Barkley
Donnie Kaecher
David Sachs
Dilon Brown

165 lb. Tournament
Dan Forster
Dave Hayes
John Fraser
Wade Choate
Chris Higi
Narm Alexander

Robert Walker
Rich Weeks
Jimmie Harris
Luke Dunnick
Rich Mitchell

From the event's promoter:
RITC 52 - Results
Melesio Perales and Pete Morales named Fighters of the Night

A capacity crowd enjoyed a sizzling night of action and the judges were not needed as every fight ended by KO, TKO or submission. All the fighters and fans displayed excellent sportsmanship as several cross town rivals were involved in intense match ups. Melesio Perales and Pete Morales both prevailed in fights against top competition and their impressive wins earned shared Fighter of the Night (FOTN) honors. Other candidates for FOTN were Brandon Roberts, Bill Ellineger, John Lansing, Victor Cruz, Jeremiah Shivers, Cory Timmerman, Brett Maddux, Andy Montana, Vince Lucero and Edwin Dewees.


Fight #1
Brandon Roberts (168 lbs), Ultima
won by submission (arm bar), 1:04 Rd 1
Klay Palomo (164 lbs), Freestyle

Fight #2
Bill Ellineger (183 lbs), Sui Ken
won by KO, :16 Rd 1
David Canvas (190 lbs), Freestyle

Fight #3
John Lansing (183 lbs), Team Brausa
won by submission (choke), :36 Rd 1
Mike Lightfoot (177 lbs), Wrestling/Grappling

Fight #4
Victor Cruz (154 lbs), Team Brausa
won by submission (choke), 2:48 Rd 1
Greg Rodriguez (148 lbs), Ghetto rapplers

Fight #5
Pete Morales (170 lbs), Asher Combat Academy
won by submission (arm bar), 2:35 Rd 2
Kelly Samson (166 lbs), Ghetto Grapplers

Fight #6
Jeremiah Shivers (168 lbs), Leininger Dojo / Boneyard
won by submission (choke), 1:41 Rd 1
Richie Reyes (170 lbs), Ghetto Grapplers

Fight #7
Cory Timmerman (313 lbs), Team Brausa
won by submission (arm bar), 1:14 Rd 1
Jack Austin (313 lbs), Leininger Dojo

Fight #8 (Super Fight)
Brett Maddux (262 lbs), Team Quest
won by submission (key lock), :27 Rd 1
Mike Lewis (254 lbs), USKO

Fight #9 (Super Fight)
Melesio Perales (182 lbs), Ghetto Grapplers
won by submission (choke), 1:12 Rd 2
RJ Gamez (180 lbs), Asher Combat Academy

Fight #10 (Super Fight)
Andy Montana (249 lbs), Asher Combat Academy
won by KO, :10 Rd 1
Howard Karge (227 lbs), Boxing / Hapkido

Fight #11 (Super Fight)
Vince Lucero (275 lbs), Ghetto Grapplers
won by TKO, 1:58 Rd 1
Herb Garcia (297 lbs), Asher Combat Academy

Fight #12 (Main Event)
Edwin Dewees (205 lbs), Team Brausa
won by submission (choke), :27 Rd 1
Chappo Montijo (200 lbs), Ghetto Grapplers

Upcoming events:

RITC 53 - The Beat Goes On
Saturday, Sept 20, 2003 (New Date)
Celebrity Theatre (Phoenix)

Saturday, Oct 25, 2003 (New Date)
Celebrity Theatre (Phoenix)

Saturday, Nov 15, 2003
Casa Grande

RITC 56 - Year # 6 Begins
Saturday, Dec 6, 2003
Celebrity Theatre (Phoenix)

Saturday, Jan 31, 2004
Celebrity Theatre (Phoenix)

  Monday - August 18, 2003

From the event's promoter:
Next Level Fighting

I am proud to announce the coming of an MMA event that is going to take our sport to the 'next level'! I present to you Next Level Fighting! Come witness some of the best 'young fighters' get it on in a "Brand New" 24' steel cage! Many of the best young teams (4 Seasons, Jorge Gurgel, Lloyd Irvin, Team DNA, Cincinnati Mixed Martial Arts) will have fighters representing their schools in this event! Also, you wont want to miss the return of Brandon L. Hinkle, as he makes his way back into the cage for his first fight on American soil in over 2 years!

Next Level Fighting will take place on Saturday, September 13 at St. John Arena in Steubenville, Ohio. For more information, please visit our website at: http://nextlevelfighting.com

Main Events
Brandon Hinkle vs. Erik Knox ***Super Fight***
Josh Hendrix vs. TBA ***Super Fight***
Nick Spencer vs. Jason Dent ***Light Weight Title Fight***
Luke Spencer vs. Mike Willus ***Welter Weight Title***
Todd Carney vs. Angelo Popofski ***Middle Weight Title***

Undercard Bouts
Dan Swift vs. Salvatore Russo
Jonathan Sachs vs. Jason Belford
Mike Russo vs. Chase Jolly
Ken Parham vs. Jason Hathaway
Pat Bent vs. Mike Wells
Jason Keaton vs. Frank Millsap
Brian Magee vs. Brad Vera
Billy Ayash vs. Terri Hall
Adam Rivera vs. Brad Sizemore
Mike Easton vs. Mike Broome
Brandon "Buck" Kupfer vs. Tony Sylvester
Jeff Ruth vs. TBA
Eric Pelz vs. TBA


So, if you are looking for to have a few beers & see some good fights, then Steubenville, OH is where you need to be on September 13th! For more information about this show, directions to the venue, ticket information, or to find out how to be a part of a future show, please visit our website:

  Thursday - August 21, 2003


Written by Michael Afromowitz - muaythaimes@aol.com

27-year-old Remy Bonjasky showed the fight world why his promoters have repeatedly labeled him as the next great K-1 icon by defeating three consecutive opponents to take the K-1 "Battle At The Bellagio" championship. The single-elimination tournament victory advanced the Dutch kickboxer to the October 11th playoff in Osaka, Japan.

Bonjasky needed little time to dismantle quarterfinal round opponent Vernon "Tiger" White, who attempted to overwhelm the two plus year veteran of K-1 with several flying knees. Bonjasky weathered the storm with his superior defense and fired back with a flying knee of his own. After backing White up with the blow, he sent the American to the mat with a hard straight knee to the body. White rose to his feet, but was met by dynamic agility when Bonjasky leaped forward and delivered a front kick to his opponent's head. The shot left White on the canvas and unable to beat the referee's count at 1:55 into the opening round.

The semifinal round of the tournament saw Bonjasky face American Jeff Ford, who had been defeated at the hands of Rick "The Jet" Roufus one round earlier. Roufus was replaced by his opponent in the semifinal round, though, when he announced that he would not be able to continue his bid for the championship in the next tournament round.

Ford's demise was similar to that of White as Bonjasky continued his high-flying tactics. Ford took repeated knees to the body before Bonjasky executed a high roundhouse kick that landed on Ford's shoulder and put the American down in pain. In the middle of his count at the 1:28 mark of the first round, the referee saw that Ford had sustained a shoulder injury and called a halt to the bout.

Bonjasky's toughest challenge fittingly came in the championship round of the event when he met 2002 K-1 USA and 2002 K-1 World Grand Prix Semifinals victor, Michael McDonald.
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Written By Michael Afromowitz - muaythaimes@aol.com

Before a sellout Bellagio Hotel and Casino crowd, Bob Sapp brutally chopped down a game and gutsy Kimo in the second round of the main event at K-1 "Battle at the Bellagio" on Friday, August 15th. Moments after the controversial ending, a new story unfolded when former undisputed heavyweight boxing champion, "Iron" Mike Tyson, emerged from the crowd and challenged Sapp to a confrontation in the ring.

After Sapp charged into the squared circle for the bout in typical "Beast" character and engaged in a heated stare down with the fighter whom he scuffled with during the pre-fight press conference two days earlier, a cautious fight ensued for the opening seconds. For the first time since he entered the world of K-1 last year, Sapp threw his first kick, a roundhouse, and surprisingly began to utilize with great frequency the kicking arsenal he has been developing during his Seidokaikan Karate training in Japan.

Rather than fleeing the heat, Kimo stood his ground and fired back with his own kicks. He was dropped, however, during a wild exchange of punches.

After Kimo rose to his feet, he fought back valiantly and turned the tides by pounding away on Sapp's legs with low kicks. Kimo fed Sapp a hard right hand that buckled the 356-pound fighter's legs. He fought to stay on his feet, but collapsed. After barely beating the count, Sapp was saved by the bell.

During the one-minute break between rounds, confusion arose between officials and both fighters' corners. Kimo's corner nearly began to celebrate after being falsely advised that Sapp would not be able to answer the opening bell for the second round. An extended rest followed and officials confirmed that Sapp would, in fact, be able to continue to fight.

Badly battered, Sapp attempted to end things immediately after the round began and put Kimo down with a right hand to the head. Kimo recovered, but was smothered by Sapp's wild barrages. Kimo turned his back and Sapp chopped him down with a hammer punch to the back of the neck. The blow put Kimo flat on his back and left him unable to beat the referee's 10 count.

A wild celebration by Sapp and his corner ended when the big man spotted Tyson in the audience and taunted him. Tyson, who had been present in Las Vegas with his management during the week to negotiate a possible fight deal with K-1, responded to Sapp by storming the ring. A brief melee broke out inside the ropes and force was used to separate the two fighters.

Sapp and Tyson engaged in a verbal joust that resulted in Iron Mike issuing a challenge to Sapp. Sapp accepted and added that he would put Tyson "through the ground."

From the event's promoter:
AFC #5

AFC #5 - War Memorial Coliseum, Ft Lauderdale, FL / Friday September 5th, 2003

GOLD CIRCLE: $35.00 / RINGSIDE: $25.00 - $35.00 / GENERAL ADMISSION: $15.00

Tickets available at www.ticketmaster.com. Enter 'ABSOLUTE' for the event!

'We are finishing the card up, 10 matches and we have the last few fights ready to announce. There are also some injury changes.' states the matchmaker.

'The match between Derrick Noble and Thiago 'Pitbull' is off, because Thiago broke his hand. Stepping in for the ATT team to take this match is Jorge Santiago, who will be trying to bounce back after his loss at KOTC last week.' states the matchmaker. 'South Florida will have to wait to see the 'Pitbull'.

'In a similar move Josh Krueger of DUNELAND Vale Tudo steps in for fallen teammate John Kolosci, who separated a shoulder. Efrain Ruiz from Miami's Freestyle Fighting Academy will provide the opposition.' continues the matchmaker.

'Finally Nick Thompson from Dave Strasser's Freestyle Academy is stepping up to face Dustin 'Clean' Denes of ATT. A tall order, but Strasser's fighters never shy away from doing the dirty work. So 'Clean' is in!' concludes the matchmaker.

More on Strasser's FREESTYLE ACADEMY team as they head to AFC #5 next week! The lineup follows.

Card Subject To Change:

155 lb AFC World Title Match: 3 RDS - Edson Diniz (American TOP TEAM, AFC World Champion, Ft Lauderdale, FL) versus Nick Agallar (Freestyle Academy, Kenosha, WI)

170 lb AFC World Title Match:
3 RDS - Chris Lytle (Integrated Fighting, AFC World Champion, Indianapolis, IN.) versus Chatt Lavender (Blaylock IMB / MBDC, Chatanooga, TN.)

3 RDS / 185 LBS - Dustin Denes (American TOP TEAM, Ft Lauderdale, FL) versus Nick Thompson (Freestyle Academy, Kenosha, WI)

2 RDS / 155 LBS - Pedro Brandao (Gracie Miami, Miami, FL) versus Phil Johns (Silverbacks, Canton, IL)

2 RDS / 185 LBS - Efrain Ruiz (Freestyle Fighting Academy, Miami, FL) versus Josh Krueger (Duneland VT, Portage, IN)

2 RDS / 135 LBS - Paulo Barros Guerrero (Natal, Brazil) versus Matt Hamilton (Living Defense, Little Rock, AR)

2 RDS / 205 LBS - Marcel Ferreira (American TOP TEAM, Ft Lauderdale, FL) versus Tony Ross (Integrated Fighting, AFC World Champion, Indianapolis, IN.)

2 RDS / 155 LBS - Jorge Masvidal (Freestyle Fighting Academy, Miami, FL) versus Roli Delgado (Living Defense, Little Rock, AR.)

2 RDS / 170 LBS - Jorge Santiago (American TOP TEAM, Ft Lauderdale, FL) versus Derrick Noble (Silverbacks, Canton, IL)

2 RDS / 155 LBS - Rick Davis (Pires JJ, Las Vegas, NV) versus Brian Geraghty (Freestyle Academy, Kenosha, WI.)

  Saturday - August 23, 2003

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A look back at
Heat Fighting Championship 1

Times are changing in Brazil as new event debuted in flamboyant style!
By Eduardo Alonso

Babalu vs. Azevedo
Babalu vs. Azevedo
      The very end of the month of July marked the inaugural show of Brazil's newest MMA promotion, as the 31st of that month brought a new show to the country bringing back some well known veterans of our sport to fight in Brazilian soil for the first time in recent years. In days where new shows are popping up all the time, and nearly every month you have an MMA event taking place in Brazil, it was about time that a promotion would add something to that mix, not only adding a solid card, full of fighting veterans, as well as present a good looking production treating the fans to a true spectacle in all senses like they deserve. This is what HEAT FC achieved all ready in its first edition. With a risky proposal made by the promoters, who advertised the event as a breakthrough experience in Brazilian MMA, expectations were high and even the most skeptical spectator had to admit they lived up to the hype, and presented the better looking show the country witnessed in recent years, if not in its history. Counting with big screens above the ring, elevators presenting the fighters at their entrances, lights and sound all over the arena and a crowd of close to 7,000 spectators, the results were as close to amazing as they could have been considering the organization had barely a month to put the show together.
      As any MMA show worldwide couldn't leave only from good production and presentations, the fighting card was also very interesting, combining some promising newcomers with well known Brazilian veterans and still managing to add some international flavor to the show. Taking place in the city of Natal, up in the northeast of the country, HEAT FC in its first edition gave opportunity to some tough local fighters, since rarely a Northeastern fighter from Brazil is given a chance to compete in a prestigious event. Talents such as Paulo Guerreiro, who is now bound to participate at the AFC, Fabio Bolinho and Silmar Rodrigo took advantage of their opportunities and showed the value of the local fighters. Newcomers Eduardo Simoes, from Ruas Vale Tudo, and Marcelo Azevedo, even in a losing effort, also proved they have a future in the sport and were just needing a chance. Experienced fighters such as Alexandre Barros, Ebenezer Braga and Renato Babalu fought in Brazil for the first time in recent years, and that alone was a achievement itself by the show, while American Forrest Griffin finally had the chance to face a top fighter proving he is indeed a talented fighter and his countryman Ben Rothwell treated the fans to a truly brawl against veteran Carlos Barreto, who finally was able to showcase his newfound Muay Thai skills scoring his first ever KO standing up. All in all the show had numerous attractions, making this and unforgettable experienced for those who attended, and leaving major expectations for HEAT FC 2 in November, as the promoters and promising a even bigger show. However, November is still some months away, and since we're doing a review here, it's time to run you trough the action of the fights themselves:

The preliminary bouts brought matches with 3 rounds of 5 minutes each, and a chance for fighters wanting to establish their reputation to show their skills. The show started with local fighter Fabio Bolinho bringing his Jiu-Jitsu skills against Gracie Barra late replacement Savio Maia, who took the fight in a one week notice for the injured Charles Andrade:

Fabio Bolinho vs. Savio Maia: The fight started with Fabio taking it to the ground on the spot, just to suffer numerous attacks from Savio who was displaying an active ground work. At one point Maia locked a Kimura on Bolinho that seemed to be about to end the bout at any minute, but with the crowd on his side Bolinho just refused to tap and battled his way out of the submission attempt. The second and third rounds saw Fabio unleashing his ground and pound game, cutting Savio above his nose and wearing him out, to a point he would only butt-scoot and get punished on the stand up exchanges, giving Bolinho a fair judges' decision.

Paulo Guerreiro vs. Magnus Decio: Magnus Decio came into the fight also with the support from the local crowd, and high expectation as he just won his division at RN Vale Tudo 2 tournament. However, Guerreiro's experience and better stand up were too much for him to handle. Trough numerous failed takedown attempts Magnus took plenty of punishment from knee strikes, punches and kicks, as Paulo was way superior on the stand up game. To his credit, Magnus showed the heart of a lion as he endured the severe punishment till the end, refusing to tap out and giving a judges' decision to Paulo Guerreiro.
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The August 2003 issue of FCF is here!

FCF New Issue In this issue...

UFC Champion Tito Ortiz breaks his silence and speaks with FCF's Loretta Hunt in a huge candid interview.

The newest show to hit Brazil, HEAT Fighting Championship, showcases a brand new Carlos Barreto... the striking machine.

In an exclusive interview with FCF, DSE's Yukino Kanda discusses PRIDE's plans in America.

Reality Fighting 4 packs 'em in and knocks 'em out in Bayonne, New Jersey.

Lee Murray shocks MMA fans and Pele at Extreme Force: Genesis with a KO victory.

On the SHOOTO scene, we have coverage of Pro SHOOTO fights at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo and a Pro-Am show in Rio de Janeiro.

Absolute Combat Challenge plays host to Jorge Gurgel's latest victory in his climb to the top.

IFC Warriors Challenge 18 held 12 fights and not a single match made it into the second round. Join us for a description of the action.

After taking a voluntary hiatus from the "big shows," Ricardo Almeida has been making a big name for himself in Pancrase. We speak with the "Big Dog" in hopes of getting to know what its like Growing Up Fighter.

UFCF and AFC join forces for Summer Slam at the Lucky Eagle Casino in Rochester, Washington.

Miletich Fighting Systems no more? Find out the latest on one of MMA's premiere teams.

Freestyle Fighting Championships VI: Rich "No Love" Clementi does it again.

Quadros Quashed! Joe Hall talks with the former PRIDE Commentator Stephen Quadros and DSE about the decision to release "The Fight Professor."

Former AMC Pankration strength & conditioning coach Mark Ginther discusses MMA-Specific Training: Making Strength Gains Transfer to the Ring!.

Rampage Jackson BioFile.

Controversy: Fight fans sound off about whatever's on their mind... and shy they ain't!

In our monthly columns...
In Matt Hume's techniques, Matt Hume & Daniel Eng demonstrate an X Block High Kick Defense to Left Hook Counter; and in the Punchers Corner, champion kickboxer Derek Panza discusses Defending Kicks Part 1.

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  Monday - August 25, 2003

The Brazilian Beat
News, news and more news as plenty of event results set the tone for this edition of the beat!

The Brazilian Beat:
      The last days saw plenty of events in all sorts of forms, from Jiu-Jitsu competitions, to MMA rules involving no striking on the ground, passing trough shows that ended up not happening, the Brazilian scene was agitated by news and results, including happenings on shows that didn't take place yet, but are getting nearer and nearer as days goes by. So this edition of the Brazilian Beat comes bringing you facts and news about the shows that are now history, and those that will most certainly make history in the following weeks, as one can never stop the rhythm, and Full Contact Fighter makes sure the Beat is as loud as ever! Enjoy!

  • As it was planned Vitor Belfort went to the distant Brazilian capital of Boa Vista, in the state of Roraima, up in the north of the country to bring a student to fight at the 1st Octagon Vale Tudo show, as well as attend as a special guest to the show. However, things didn't turn well for Vitor's pupil, as Fortaleza lost a judges' decision to local fighter Adriano Soares. Other than that "The Phenom" told us that show was nice and a good crowd showed up to watch it. Vitor also went on to say that he is going to get married, officially, in October. Since he is going to be preparing for his November UFC appearance, Belfort will only have the wedding party with his fiancé Joana Prado in December of 2003.

    Brazil Super Fight poster
  • In his new venture, Mario Sperry is taking care of the final details for the first edition of his MMA promotion, called Brazil Super Fight. The show is scheduled for September 19th in the city of Porto Alegre, and as "The Zen Machine" Takes care of the last details regarding production, the card is also being finalized despite some last minute changes, as Mario student and MECA veteran Luis Britto withdrew from his fight against Luiz Azeredo, also a MECA veteran, and a replacement is likely to be announced at any minute. Still the highlights of the show are the participation of Pancrase star Ikuhisa Minowa against UFC veteran Macaco, HEAT veteran Eduardo Simoes in his second MMA fight, as wll as Gilson Ferreira coming back to the rings and MECA 9 winner Marcelo Alfaia trying to keep his streak going. Here's the fighting card for the show:
    • Marcelo Grillo Alfaia (Brazilian Top Team) X Jose "Dragao" Ricardo
    • Loke "The Duke" Piclum (BTT Australia) X Eduardo Simoes (Ruas Vale Tudo)
    • Haroldo "Cabelinho" Bunn (Brazilian Top Team) X Leonardo Souza (Kimura/Nova Uniao)
    • Eric Tavares (Ruas Vale Tudo) X Andre "Mau" Lagendre (Gold Team)
    • Helio Dipp (Kickboxing) X Luis "Beicao" (Ruas Vale Tudo)
    • Gilson "Capixu" Ferreira X Muriez Linke (Gold Team-Poland)
    • Luiz Azeredo (Gold Team) X TBA
    • Jorge "Macaco" Patino X Ikuhisa Minowa (Brazilian Top Team-Japan)

  • Speaking of young Ruas Vale Tudo fighter Eduardo Simoes, the kid was supposed to do his second MMA fight in an even at the country of Puerto Rico, this last 16th of August. Simoes was supposed to take part on a show called TTC, where Ricco Rodriguez was also supposed to compete. Simoes went there along with his trainer Pedro Rizzo, and suddenly they found themselves in the middle of a mess. Rizzo told FCF that once in Puerto Rico Eduardo's opponent withdrew from the fight, and that led the promoters to look for a replacement, who was only wanting to do a submission wrestling match up! When talks were still going on, already in the locker room, everybody was caught by surprise as a extremely small crowd showed up to watch the show, and the promoter ended up having a heart attack, causing the show to be cancelled. All in all the kid is going to fight at BASF in September, and is already training for this challenge.

  • Still speaking of the Ruas Vale Tudo team, Heavyweight fighter Antoine Jaude and his trainer Beto Leitao traveled to the country capital, Brasilia, to have a meeting with the Brazilian president. The meeting happened due to the Silver medal won by Antoine at the PanAm games in Wrestling, and along with Jaude and Beto plenty of other athletes from other sports, who also did well at the games, were also meeting the president. Antoine Jaude is now going to focus a lot of his training in trying to participate at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece.

  • PRIDE Middleweight Champion Wanderlei Silva is already back from his trip to the city of Londrina, also on the state of Parana where Curitiba is located. Silva went there to meet up with his physical trainer Waldemar Guimaraes, who is famous for training several pro bodybuilders at international level, to decide the plans for his preparation targeting the PRIDE Middleweight GP finals. "The Axe Murderer" is now finally taking time to enjoy his newborn son, and FCF will have more news on his preparation soon.

  • The 3rd edition of the already traditional Black Belt Jiu-Jitsu challenge took place this last Thursday, and it was the biggest edition of the event ever. The show this time took place at the Ibirapuera arena, the same that held this year's Adu Dhabi Championship, and brought some of the most important names of Jiu-Jitsu to the mat to compete in single matches. Among the attractions of the show was the fight between former partners Jorge Macaco Patino and Roberto Godoi, as well as smooth art's phenom Ronaldo Jacare's black belt debut! Jacare surely did his debut in great style as he defeated Delson "Pe de Chumbo" by 6 points to zero. In the show's most tense fight, Macaco managed to defeat Godoi in the last seconds of the fight, tying the score and then getting the nod based on Fabio Gurgel's (The referee) decision. Here are the results:
    • Leticia Ribeiro defeated Simone Ribeira by 15x0
    • Bibiano Fernandez defeated Roberto Matsumoto by 4x0
    • Fredson Paixao defeated Reinaldo Ribeiro by 3x2 (advantages)
    • Leonardo Santos defeated Carlos Eduardo Vieira by 9x0
    • Marcelo Garcia defeated Eduardo Santoro by 11x0
    • Jorge Macaco Patino defeated Roberto Godoi by ref's decision (2 advantages to each fighter)
    • Fernando Terere defeated Fabio Nascimento by 4x0
    • Fernando Paradeda defeated Jefferson Moura by 3x2 (advantages)
    • Luiz Guilherme defeated Felipe Lira by 5x0
    • Alexandre Cafe Dantas defeated Gabriel Napao by 2x0
    • Gabriel Vella defeated Adriano Maciel by 4x0
    • Ronaldo Jacare defeated Delson Pe de Chumbo by 6x0

  • Work is still being done for Antonio Inoki and Wallid Ismail partnership event Jungle Fight, to take place in the month of September at the Amazon Forrest, in Brazil. Although the show is scheduled to take place on September 13th, word has that the date may be changed, since the promoters want everything to be perfect, and the plan is truly for a breakthrough show in its concept. Word also has that Mr. Inoki himself is already in Brazil in company of Wallid, and both men are traveling together to take care of numerous business as well as, of course, the last details for the show to happen. The rumored matches for the card include Josh Barnett against Gary Goodridge, Ricardo Morais against Jan "The Giant" Nortje, Mark Schultz versus Leopoldo Montenegro and Rico Chiapparelli against Luis Pantera. New fights are likely to be announced at any time, including names like Ronaldo Jacare, Carlos Barreto, Marcelo Tigre and Ebenezer Braga.

  • Chute Boxe fighter Murilo Ninja Rua is still training hard at the team's academy in Curitiba, preparing himself for a fight until the end of the year. Ninja is awaiting another shot at PRIDE before the year ends, and is always on hold for a possible MECA fight in the event December show. In the meantime, Murilo is scheduling his second European seminar tour for October, as he told FCF he loved the experience in May and is eager to meet the European fans once again to show some of his techniques.

  • As always said in this space, new shows never end to pop up in Brazil, and the following this trend the second edition of Knockout Cup happened in the city of Curitiba this last Friday, giving some new fighters a chance to get their taste of MMA. Promoted by the Brazilian Impacto Team, the show featured mostly fighters from Pele Team and, of course, Brazilian Impacto. Using rules that included no striking on the ground, Knockout Cup had single matches, a tournament and some submission wrestling match ups as well. Here are the results of the MMA matches, where Pele Team stole the scene with plenty of knockouts:

    80kg tournament - Quarter finals
    Caue Dudus defated Everaldo Saddan by triangle choke
    Rogelson Silveira defeated Alexandre Marciano by decision
    Sandro Reini defeated Page by KO
    Marcelo Paulista defeated Alexandre Oliveira by guillotine choke

    Semi Finals
    Caue Dudus defeated Rogelson Silveira by TKO
    Sandro Reis defeated Marcelo Paulista by KO

    Sandro Reis (Pele Team) defeated Caue Dudus by TKO

    Single Matches:
    Emerson Graxaim (Brazilian Impacto) defeated Guilherme by choke
    Luis Sharnesk (Pele Team) defeated Sebastian by KO
    Gilliard Parana (Brazilian Impacto) defeated Hugo by armlock
    Claudinei Kozan (Brazilian Impacto) defeated Gelson by armlock
    Marcelo Santos (Brazilian Impacto) defeated Fabio Goncalves by Kimura lock

  • Speaking of Pele Landi, the former Chute Boxe fighter is now concentrating his efforts in putting on his own MMA show in the month of October. The event is going to take place in the city of Curitiba, at a tentative date of 17th of October. The show is going to be called Challenger Original Brazilian Vale Tudo, and according to Pele himself the concept is to bring the old IVC days back to the light, with the original set of rules that marked the sport in the early days, including headbutts, elbow strikes and 30 minutes time limit, although gloves will be used. The idea is to have seven fights on the card, and more news will be released soon.

  • Speaking of shows Heat Fighting Championship is still on the spotlights as news keeps developing all the time. Despite the fact that the promoters are already working on the 2nd show, scheduled for November 27th also in Natal, Brazil, news about HEAT FC 1 are still happening, as word has that a DVD deal is on the works and may be announced in the next days, regarding possibly Brazil and Japan, with a USA deal being planned as well. According to promoter Conraldo Carlos, some fights for HEAT FC 2 are likely to be announced next week, as he wants to have the complete card signed in September.

From the event's promoter:
XCF Results

Out of 11 shows I have been involved with putting on between The Danger Zone and now my own promotion X-treme Championship Fighting, this was the best fights yet! I would like to thank these guys for putting on a super show for the fans at Wrigley Field Bar and Grill in Ft. Wayne, IN. Look for my web site coming up by the end of Sept. I am looking at putting a show on in Oct. Please contact Becky Levi at xcfpromoter@yahoo.com

I would like to take the time to put in a good word for Ronald Mann. He has over come a physical disability and many obstacles in his life. Ron wears a prostetic lower leg from the knee below. He has competed in kickboxing and is also competing in MMA. He is a tremendous inspiration for all in this sport and any other sport. He is a class act and a great representative of this sport.

150 lb.Ron Mann MI. vs. Danny Gauteir Winner Mann end of 1st round Towel thrown in.

165 lb.Wade Choate vs. Dan Forster Winner Forster 4:01 Arm bar

Hwt. Jason Petit vs. Luke Dunnick Winner Dunnick 3:29 TKO

185 lb.Kurt Illeman vs. Kelly Rundle Winner Illeman 3:12 TKO

185 lb.Lamar Fenner vs. Scott Elliot Winner Fenner 4:39 Neck Crank

Final 165 lb. Tournament
Chris Higi vs. Dan Forster Winner Forster :52 Guillotine

195 lb. Dan Lamping vs. Marcelo Salinos Winner Salinos 2:35 TKO

Pro Bout
Hwt. Jake Shelton vs. Justin Villella Winner Villella 1:00 of round 2 TKO

  Wednesday - August 27, 2003

From the event's promoter:
RITC 53 - The Beat Goes On
Three RITC Title Fights
Saturday, Sept 13, 2003
Celebrity Theatre (Phoenix)
Doors Open: 5:30 PM, Fight Time: 7:30 PM
Ticket Prices: $20 (rows 14-25), $30 (rows 4-13) and $50 (rows 1-3).

Three RITC Championships will be "up for grabs" in this can't miss event. It will be the long awaited show-down between two top heavyweights, for the UNDISPUTED RITC Heavyweight Title, when Joseph Riggs (11-4) battles Andy Montana (11-3). The vacant RITC Lightweight Title brings Jake Hattan (9-1) in from Colorado for his RITC debut against formidable Robert Maldonado who is dropping to the Lightweight division. In another Main Event, Chris Peak (6'3", 210 lbs) out of Vancouver, British Columbia will be coming to Phoenix to challenge Homer "The Rock" Moore. "GrappleGirl", coming off an impressive win in RITC 51, will defend her title against, kick boxing specialist and 4 time World Champion for Women's Full Contact Kumite in Karate, Dallas Campbell. All of this and an outstanding supporting card will make for an unforgettable evening. Don't get shut out, order your tickets early. Call 602-267-1600 to order tickets (can pick up at will-call on fight night).

Joseph Riggs (220) vs Andy Montana (250) RITC Heavyweight Title Fight
Homer Moore (205) vs Chris Peak (210)
Jake Hattan (155) vs Robert Maldonado (155) For vacant RITC Lightweight Title
Cory Timmerman (310) vs Melville Calabaca (255)

Roger Mejia (200) vs Brett Shafer (200)
Lyle Steffens (190) vs John Lansing (185)
RJ Gamez (180) vs Joe Frainee (185)
Michelle "GrappleGirl" Farrow (150) vs Dallas Campbell (160) RITC Woman's Title Fight
Rich Moss (190) vs TBA

Justin Nauling (175) vs Mike Lightfoot (175)
Victor Estrada (155) vs Matt Ver Halen (150)
Carlos Ortega (155) vs Rylan Sandoval (155)
Victor Cruz (155) vs Gabe Rivas (160)

Fight Card subject to change.

Other upcoming events:

Saturday, Oct 25, 2003
Celebrity Theatre (Phoenix)

Saturday, Nov 15, 2003
Casa Grande

RITC 56 - Year # 6 Begins
Saturday, Dec 6, 2003
Celebrity Theatre (Phoenix)

Saturday, Jan 31, 2004
Celebrity Theatre (Phoenix)

  Thursday - August 28, 2003

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By Eduardo Alonso
Heating up for the IFC tourney:
The Chute Boxe Prodigy Goes to His Biggest Battle Ever!

      In November of 2002 a kid was making his debut in our sport of Mixed Martial Arts. However, when he entered the ring a huge reaction from the crowd was noticed, and all the press started to pay absolute attention to the ring. There was a reason for that! The kid happened to be Murilo Ninja's brother, and was hyped as the next big thing coming out of the so feared Chute Boxe team. When you are part of a team with fearless fighters such as Wanderlei Silva, all-around guys such as Ninja himself, and technical stand-up fighters such as Anderson Silva, this must say a lot about a young fighter. The most impressive thing was that the kid truly lived up to the hype, and with only close to 1 year of training under the team he was already a pro fighter scoring a KO in his debut. However, many started to question the quality of his opponents, mostly when he scored his second win months later. Then the moment of truth came by, and Mauricio Shogun Rua stepped into a ring far from his hometown city to face a character that would scare most people away, starting with his looks, going through his antics, passing by his powerful punches that made several victims in recent times, and never forgetting his talk. In what was truly a war the Chute Boxe prodigy took care of Cyborg in little less than 10 minutes of an epic battle and erased all doubts of his potential and most importantly his heart! Now, times changed for Shogun and he is ready for an even tougher challenge, competing in the IFC tourney where he will have to win 3 fights in one night to become the champion, facing experienced fighters from all over the globe, and guess what? The kid is still the same, training hard and taking each fight at a time, as he commented on this friendly conversation with Full Contact Fighter!

Shogun wins FCF:   Let's start by talking about your fight at the last MECA show against Cyborg. This was the first time you fought out of your hometown of Curitiba [this edition of MECA was held in Teresopolis, a city near Rio de Janeiro]. How was it?
Shogun:   Man, it was the same thing for me. I felt at home there and it didn't change a bit for me. The only thing that was missing was the support of my mother and my girlfriend [Laughs] but this is part of the game.

FCF:   How about in the locker room this time? Did you feel as comfortable and relaxed as in your previous fights, during the warm-ups, stretches and things like this, considering there weren't many friends around this time?
Shogun:   It didn't change much cause locker rooms in Curitiba or Rio are of limited access Eduardo [Not always exactly true in Brazil]. Only authorized people will enter, so even in Curitiba all my buddies aren't able to enter it. Of course it feels better to fight here in Curitiba though, you can go and have dinner on a place you like on the day before the fight, there are lots of good things about fighting at home.

FCF:   This was the first time you also had to sleep in a hotel before a fight! How was it for you? [Laughs]
Shogun:   [Laughs] It was cool. I woke up late on the day of the fight, around 11 am I think. It was cool, I was able to sleep well and concentrate well for my fight.

FCF:   This was the first time you fought and I couldn't attend the weigh-ins. How was the atmosphere during it, and was Cyborg a tough guy during the weigh-ins and rules meeting?
Shogun:   During the weigh-ins he was like a kitty, not even looking to the sides. He weighed at 92.700 kg and I weighed 91.900 kg. I spent all day almost without eating anything, cause I left Curitiba weighing 93 kg and I was afraid of not making weight. I thought "I'm going to take it easy with the food" but I took it too far [Laughs] But I recovered everything during dinner, where I ate a lot!

FCF:   Did him stare down you a lot during the weigh-ins?
Shogun:   Not at all, cause we didn't have those traditional face to face pictures as we have in most shows, so there wasn't any room for this things.

FCF:   During your preparation for the fight, did you feel any special motivation since he had knocked out your training partner Silvio Urutum at MECA 7?
Shogun:   For sure! I even told Urutum that I would dedicate myself even more to this fight because of his loss. I told him "Look Urutum, I will give my best to avenge your loss. You can count on that".

FCF:   When you saw him in the ring with all that characteristic look, with his finger nails painted in black, his eyebrow cut, all dressed in black with that assassin look, etc, what went through your mind?
Shogun:   People had already told me that he enters the ring in that crazy killer style all the time. So I was already aware that I was going to meet a monster there at fighting-time, so I was just trying to focus on the fight and don't pay attention to his antics.
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  Friday - August 29, 2003

From Zuffa:

UFC Representatives, State Athletic Commission Make Presentation to Lawmakers

      LAS VEGAS, NEV., August 28, 2003....Representatives of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) were invited, along with Rob Lynch, executive director of the California State Athletic Commission, August 27, to present information about mixed martial arts to California lawmakers at an informational hearing of the California Legislature in Sacramento, Calif.
      Kirk Hendrick, the UFC's chief operating officer; Randy Couture, the current interim light heavyweight champion and John McCarthy, a California resident who has refereed over 500 MMA fights, updated members of the Assembly Committee on Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Tourism and Internet Media, chaired by Assemblymember Rebecca Cohn, about the rising popularity of the sport. Hendrick followed with a presentation about the possible economic impact of MMA on state revenues and Lynch explained what the Commission's role would be in regulating MMA. The committee also heard testimony from Dr. Van Buren Lemons, a California neurosurgeon, about the health and safety impact for fighters and Karen Chappelle, a deputy from the California attorney general's office, told the committee about other states' regulation of MMA.
      "It was an excellent meeting," Hendrick said. "While it was an informational meeting with no vote on any issues, the committee members were very receptive to the sport and understood our position that the health and safety of athletes must be the paramount goal of any professional sport. We will continue to work with the Legislature and the Athletic Commission to bring sanctioned Ultimate Fighting Championship events to California."
      The Ultimate Fighting Championship, headquartered in Las Vegas, Nev., is the world's premier mixed martial arts sports association. Owned and operated by Zuffa, LLC, the UFC programs six live pay-per-view events yearly through cable and satellite providers. In addition to its U.S. distribution on iNDemand, DirecTV, Dish Network, TVN, Echostar, Bell ExpressVu and Viewers Choice Canada, UFC events are distributed internationally through WOWOW, Inc. in Japan, Globosat in Brazil, Main Event Television in Australia and Sky Network Television in New Zealand. Zuffa, LLC licenses the distribution of UFC video games through Crave Entertainment and TDK Mediactive.
      The UFC's next live PPV event will be UFC 44: Undisputed at 10 p.m. EDT on Friday, September 26, from the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nev.

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