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  Sunday - June 1, 2003

Best of ADCC Vol. 2 DVD
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Witness matches from 1999 that have never been released to the public until now!

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- 1999 Ricco Rodriguez Vs. Murilo Bustamante
- 1999 Royler Gracie shows why he is the champion!
- 1999 Caol Uno Vs. John Lewis. who gets choked out in this one....find out!
- 2000 Carlos Machado scores a beautiful triangle victory
- 2000 Tito Ortiz Vs. Ricardo Arona
- 2001 Antonio "Nino" Schembri lands one of the most brutal omaplata submissions in the history of grappling.
- 2001 Jean-Jacques Machado Vs. T.K. Kosaka in an unbelievably, fast-paced showdown!
- 1999 Rodrigo "Minotauro" Nogueira makes his world debut in the U.S. Trials and faces David Dodd.
- 2000 Matt Serra Vs. Dan Gilbert in a match from the U.S. Trials
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From the event's promoter:

BAMA logo
BAMA Fight Night pictureBAMA Fight Night picture
BAMA Fight Night picture

Show Postponed Until Fall

Come join us for an action-packed night of fights

June 14th - Seating begins at 6pm, fights begin at 7pm
South Plainfield Middle School
2201 Plainfield Avenue
South Plainfield, New Jersey   07080

For more information call 908-352-0622
or visit http://members.aol.com/shootfyter.

Fighters interested in competing in BAMA events, please call 908-352-0622

Interested in becoming a sponsor? Call Dan at 908-352-0622.

  Monday - June 2, 2003

From Koichi "Booker K" Kawasaki:
PRIDE.26 Matches
Updated Card

DSE/PRIDE has announced a change in the match up of Arona vs. Overeem at PRIDE 26. This is the final match ups and fight order:

1st Match:
Nino "Elvis" Schembri (Brazil/Gracie Barra Academy) vs.
Kazuhiro Hamanaka (Japan/Takada Dojo)

2nd Match:
Anderson Silva (Brazil /Chute Boxe Academy) vs.
Daiju Takase (Japan / Free)

3rd Match:
Mike "Batman" Bencic (USA / Cro Cop Squad Gym) vs.
Alistair Overeem (Holland /Golden Glory)

4th Match:
Qinonton "Rampage" Jackson (USA / Team Punishment) vs.
Mikhail Ilioukhine (Russia/Russian Top Team)

5th Match:
Don Frye (USA / Free) vs.
Mark Coleman (USA / Hammer House)

6th Match:
Mirko Cro Cop (Croatia / Cro Cop Squad Gym) vs.
Heath Herring (USA /Golden Glory)

7th Match:
PRIDE Heavyweight champion
Emelianenko Fedor (Russia/Russian Top Team) vs.
Kazuyuki Fujita (Japan/Inoki Office)

Date: June 8th 2003
Place: Yokohama Arena
Open:16:30 Start: 18:00

  Tuesday - June 3, 2003

Frye's Greatest Fight
By Joe Hall

Don Frye July 12, 1996. Defending Ultimate Fighting Champion Don Frye meets newcomer Mark Coleman in the finals of the UFC 10 eight-man tournament.

Frye is undefeated, notes commentator Bruce Beck, 6-0 in the Octagon.

Coleman is a world-class wrestler, says Jeff Blatnick. One who weighs 245 muscular pounds compared to Frye at 214.

Frye is visibly haggard in his corner before the opening bell. A mouse sits below his right eye, reminding fans that this is his third fight of the night. He has already battled in the Octagon for 15 minutes, stopping Mark Hall in a grueling opening round bout then defeating Brian Johnston in the semifinals.

Coleman looks much fresher as he shifts his weight from foot to foot in his corner. No path to the finals is without tribulations, though, and this fighter is fatigued as well. He easily dismantled Moti Horenstein in the first round and dominated Gary Goodridge in the second; but the bout with "Big Daddy" dragged on for seven minutes and dented his energy supply.

The match begins and Coleman shoots for a takedown. Frye stops it with a well-timed sprawl and clutches a front headlock. Coleman explodes out of the hold and moves to his opponent's back.

That's called a short drag, says Blatnick, a great job by Coleman.

And from there, the beating commences.

Coleman cuts loose inside Frye's guard, pounding his foe with a series of right hands that would later earn him the nickname, "The Hammer."

The bout becomes a drubbing, as Frye's face is pummeled by Coleman's endless onslaught. The difference in size and power has been the difference, says Blatnick 3:15 into the fight. Coleman is dominating.

At 4:15, Coleman applies a side choke, but Frye slips out and the fight returns to the feet. Referee Big John McCarthy goads the tired fighters forward while they slowly stalk each other. Frye throws a right and a left, but Coleman ducks and pins him against the cage with a double leg takedown.

The beating resumes.

Kick the shit out of him! roars Frye's bitter former trainer, Richard Hamilton, who is Coleman's trainer for this fight. Frye is stuck against the cage and Hamilton and friends are hurling a streak of evil obscenities straight into his ear. He's over the hill! someone says. Beat the hell out of him! Hamilton adds.

And Coleman obliges with a knee that snaps Frye's head back violently. More knees follow and the fight is stopped to check Frye's right eye, which is bleeding and closing quickly.

You gotta do something son! You understand me? says McCarthy, informing the battered competitor that he can't let the fight continue much longer at this one-sided pace.
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  Thursday - June 5, 2003

Hardrock Cafe
A Hard Rockin' Meltdown Weigh-In
By Loretta Hunt

      A substantially lengthy line of UFC fans snaked around the corner of The Joint, at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, to catch today's fighter weigh-ins for UFC 43: Meltdown. It was an encouraging sight, despite (unofficial) talk that ticket sales may be lagging just a bit for tomorrow night's event, to be held at the UNLV Thomas & Mack Center. With pens and posters in hand, the crowd watched their favorite fighters and teams slowly congregate on the affair, almost like the kind of high-profile red carpet entrance you might see at a Hollywood movie premiere.
      Among the crowd, perennial favorite and Lion's Den patriarch Ken Shamrock, who sported a knee brace after tearing his ACL two weeks ago. Shamrock reported that he will go under the knife shortly to correct the problem, opting for the surgery that will take tendons from his hamstring to recreate the torn area. Although somber, Shamrock was still willing to spend time with the throng of fans eager to get a glance and a word from the living legend. There is no indication of if and/or when he might return to compete.

Other notes of interest:

Team Quest's Dan Henderson is recovering nicely from his own ACL surgery, and anticipates being back on the mats in a month's time. Henderson chose the "cadaver" procedure to rectify his injury.

Lightweight stud BJ Penn has become the latest member of the Pit, John Hackleman's California gym that has churned out the likes of Chuck Liddell and Gan McGee as of late. Penn is in town to lend his support to his new teammates.

John Hackleman, himself will be doing double-duty tomorrow night. He will first corner middleweight Matt Lindland in his preliminary match-up (Lindland started training his stand-up with Hackleman prior to his second encounter with Phil Baroni). Then, it's to Liddell's corner, with Lindland across the way in Team Quest teammate Couture's corner.

On to the weigh-ins:

Couture vs. Liddell
Couture vs. Liddell
The first pair to make there way to the stage -- masters of the game Randy "The Natural" Couture and Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell, who will battle it out for the organization's first-ever "interim" title in tomorrow night's main event. Challenger Couture was the first to step up to the scales, weighing in at exactly 205 pounds. For those that are used to seeing the former heavyweight at his usual weight of 220 to 225 pounds, his appearance might be (dare I say) a bit jarring, but Couture has assured all that he is very familar with the weight cutting process from his years as a Olympic-level wrestler. The other challenger Liddell (remember, Tito Ortiz still holds the title, despite his absence from the promotion at this point to rehash out his contract) weighed in at 205 as well. Both men, who have been with the promotion since UFC 13 and 17 respectively and hold a staggering total of 18 UFC fights between them, could do nothing but smile to one another in their staredown.

Tank vs. Kimo
Tank vs. Kimo
For those into nostalgia, opponents Kimo and David "Tank" Abbott were the next two to make their way to the stage. The 35-year-old Kimo slipped down to his jockeys to reveal his impressive collection of tattoos that decorated his still youthful 248 pound physique. As if to meet the challenge, Tank opted to take his T-shirt off this time and came in at 251 pounds (He weighed in at 248 pounds at UFC 41). With both coming off less than stellar performances, the betting lines have the two fighters even at this point, properly reflecting that this one will indeed be a toss-up.

In what could be a barnburner of the highest degree, slugger Marvin "the Beastman" Eastman will make his UFC debut tomorrow night against a focused-looking Vitor Belfort. Both men weighed in at 203 pounds today and looked ready to roll. Eastman is on a hot streak after knocking out PRIDE stand-out Alex Stiebling at his last outing [WFA 3]. Belfort, sporting a wild haircut and twelve o'clock shadow, will be looking to redeem his decision loss to Chuck Liddell at UFC 37.5.

Two-week replacement and Lion's Den rep Vernon "Tiger" White was the next to step up to the stage. He weighed in a light 208 pounds for his heavyweight match-up with British brawler Ian Freeman, who came in at 220 pounds himself. Ironically, White's last opponent Jeremy Horn (from a somewhat controversial fight at KOTC 23 three weeks ago), will be in Freeman's corner tomorrow night.

Oozing confidence, heavyweight Wes Sims tipped the scales at 244 pounds. His opponent, the reserved and poised local Frank Mir was a fit 248 pounds. At 6'10", Sims sticks out in a crowd, even among the group of larger-than-average specimens you'd finds at such affairs. Paired up against 6'3" Mir, the match-up should be a visually pleasing one-- that's if Sims can remain standing. Said "the Project" of his premiere tomorrow night, "It's gonna be bloody and it's not gonna be my blood."

Chomping on a Krispy Creme donut, lightweight Yves Edwards elicited some laughs from the crowd as he made his fifth appearance atop the official UFC scales. He weighed in on the mark at 155 pounds, while challenger Eddie Ruiz made the cutoff at 154 pounds. Making his UFC debut, Ruiz is the X-factor of the entire event. Not many have had the chance to see this Tank Abbott teammate fight, so the sky's the limit for this fighter to come in and impress. This bout has been designated the "swing bout" for the evening.

The second Lion's Den member to make tomorrow night's card, always-confident Tra Telligman weighed in at 218 pounds today. Adversary Pedro Rizzo weighed in at 231 pounds and says he is unfazed by Telligman's recent 4-2 foray into professional boxing. Stand-up fireworks are almost a 100% probability for the bout.

The final pair to weigh-in today were middleweights Matt Lindland and Falinko Vitale, who are scheduled as the second preliminary bout tomorrow evening. Consummate professional Lindland came in at 184 pounds. Hawaiian import Vitale did not make his first call to the stage, however, and under NSAC regulations, was given thirty minutes to make weight. He eventually made his way to the scale and came in at 184.5 pounds. Sixteen weights logged in later, UFC 43 is a go.
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From the event's promoter:
BAMA Fight Night 21

      I just wanted to write this letter to everyone out there that has supported our events in the past.
      I am sorry to say that we will have to postpone our next event.
      We've just received several fighter cancellations due to either sickness or injury. This would mean that we would have to cancel our 4-man light-heavyweight tournament, 1 of the main Muay Thai fights, and 2 other shootfights. The unfortunate part was that the notifications of the cancellations came in at the last minute, leaving little time to find appropriate replacements.
      The other problem is that as of February 1, 2003. The NJSAC has changed a few of their rules to help keep our sport safe. One of the main rules is that there is no more pro and amateur. If you fight and there is striking, you are a pro. Plain and simple. The only way to fight amateur is to do grappling only without striking. The other thing needed to fight is a license. Each fighter that wants to fight in the state of NJ need to be licensed. Your license only lasts 1 year from the day you register. I called some of the schools sending fighters and only 2 guys are licensed. There is just not enough time to get things set for this date.
      The good news is that things will be set for the next BAMA Fight Night to be held either the last Saturday in September or the first Saturday in October.
      I am truly sorry for the cancellation and I hope that you have enough time to pass around the word and hope to see you in the Fall.

Dan Miragliotta

A Prelude to Combat
By Jim Genia

      The West Coast has "King Of The Cage". The Midwest has "Extreme Challenge." The South has the "Absolute Fighting Championship." What does the East Coast have as its premiere mixed martial arts event and stepping-stone to the big leagues? Promoters Lou Neglia and Ray Longo's Ring of Combat III. With the 160-pound and 185-pound belts on the line, the action unfolds on Saturday, June 7th, at the Mennen Sports Arena in Morristown, New Jersey. The third incarnation of their show will feature representatives from Team Renzo Gracie, Team Tiger Schulmann, Team Endgame/BAMA, Pitt's Penn and Ultimate Sambo -- the best in top local talent. Here's a brief look at some of the fighters:
Nardu Debrah Nardu Debra
The current 160-pound Ring of Combat champ, Debra fights for Team Renzo Gracie/Universal Defense. He's extremely versatile, and is capable of winning with striking on the feet or submissions on the ground, as evidenced by his victories over the tough Danny Suarez and Themi Papadimitriou. This time around, Debra is defending his hard-earned title against challenger Elvis Garcia -- and he'll need all that versatility to survive the Team Tiger Schulmann fighter's aggressiveness. Says Debra: "I'm excited to get back. I just can't want to get back in there. I'm training like a maniac for this fight and it's going to be great."

Elvis Garcia
Constantly punching. That's the best way to describe Garcia's style. He's won both of his recent matches by overwhelming his opponents with strikes, and there's no doubt he plans something similar for the person standing across from him at Ring of Combat III. As adept at avoiding submissions as his striking is accurate, look for Garcia to put Debra's chin to the test no matter where this fight ends up.

Jose Rodriguez Jose Rodriguez
Representing Pitt's Penn, Rodriguez lost a controversial bout at the first Ring of Combat show to Steve Anshelewitz. The 195-pound title was up for grabs then. It's the 185-pound title that's up for grabs now. Bringing with him into the ring a solid grappling game and two fists of stone, Rodriguez isn't afraid to bang. And neither is his opponent: Team Renzo Gracie's James Gabert. With both men known for standing and trading, expect some sparks to fly in this one.

Erik Shaver Eric Shaver
A Bellmore Kickboxing Academy fighter, Shaver has been on a tear lately. At prior shows, he submitted Paxton Ryan and John Rotendella via keylock. His opponent this time out, though, is Jay White. A heavyweight out of Team Renzo Gracie and a skilled grappler himself, White probably won't make the same mistakes others have. Watch for a very technical chess match once these two big guys hit the mat.

Dave Tirelli Dave Tirelli
At Reality Fighting III, Team Tiger Schulmann representative Tirelli laid a serious beatdown on his opponent, unleashing a nonstop barrage of striking to get the TKO. This time out, he'll be facing Luke Cummo -- a Matt Serra-trained jiu-jitsu man who will no doubt be looking to test Tirelli on the ground. "I know he's well trained," says the confident Tirelli. "But I've been training hard too." His prediction for the fight: "I'm just going to kick butt, man. Put your money on me."

Peter Sell Pete "Drago" Sell
Drago went to war at the last Ring of Combat show, outlasting Mass Destruction champ Ted Govola Jr. to get the decision. A jiu-jitsu stud under Matt Serra, he's a submission threat from any position, and his striking keeps improving under the tutelage of kickboxer Ray Longo. On June 7th Drago will square off against Team Endgame representative Derek Johnson. Can he keep up his winning streak?

John Rallo at WEC 4
Rallo at WEC 4
MMA Rocks MD Radio
By Keith Mills

Baltimore, MD -- WIYY Baltimore radio, more popularly known as 98 Rock, helped promote the upcoming UFC by having local fighter John Rallo as a guest on their morning show Kirk, Mark, and Lopez or KML for short. Rallo is a vet of the WEC and owns a Team Renzo Gracie affiliate in downtown Baltimore.

"It's cool to be here," says Rallo, "I was here a few months prior talking about the fight I had at WEC 4, kind of educate Baltimore on what Ultimate Fighting is about. It was a real positive experience; they liked how the interview went, they played it the following day as the highlight of the day before show, on the weekend they broadcast it again as the best of the morning show, and they told me anytime I had something new to let them know. We're here now to talk about the UFC."

Going on the air live about ten minutes after 9 AM Rallo gave his thoughts on the UFC and the heavyweight division, previewed his next fight in NJ, and clarified questions of one of the three DJs. All three hosts were courteous and seemed educated about mixed martial arts.

John Rallo on the air at 98 Rock Rallo's next grappling superfight is for NAGA in Wildwood, NJ where he takes on the American Top Team's Wade Rome. Rallo will be co-headlining with Pride vet Rodrigo Gracie and HOOKnSHOOT vet Moacir 'Boca' de Oliveira, also representing Team Renzo Gracie and the American Top Team.

The states of the Mid-Atlantic which make up the majority of the original 13 colonies are sprinkled with historic battlefields from Revolutionary War to Civil War, making a fitting place to possibly open the next chapter in sanctioning of MMA. With mixed martial arts illegal in Maryland and professionally in the surrounding states, this exposure and education of the mainstream public provided by 98 Rock is just what the scene needs to open the doors that may one day lead to sanctioning in the Nation's capital. Special thanks go out to 98 Rock for their time and support.
Rallo with the on-air team: (l-r) Mark Ondayko, John Rallo, John's mother, Kirk McEwan, and Lopez
(l-r) Mark, Rallo, John's mom, Kirk & and Lopez

From the event's promoter:
X-treme Championship Fighting
June 8, 2003 7 pm
Ft. Wayne, IN
Wrigley Field Bar and Grill

Don't miss this night of action packed Mixed Martial Arts Sunday June 8th in Ft. Wayne, IN. This will be the 10th Ft. Wayne show that Becky Levi has promoted and the Northern Indiana fans eat the sport up! Brett Al-Azzawi will be taking on Roger Sexton at 170 lb. Mark Long will be fighting Jerry Hackney and Layne McDaniel is matched up against Ft. Wayne's own Guy Hinton. Along with the three pro bouts are 4 tournaments for titles and a single amatuer bout. MO Amin, Shane Barnaby, Chris Higi and Ryan Rinshceid will be in one tournament. Mike Coughlin, David Hayes, Marcus Wilson and Branden Western in another tournament. At 196-210 lb. Eric Wilson, Dan Lamping and Kelly Rundle. 211-and above tourney pits Jason Petitt, Robert Walker and Cecil Akins. At this point there should be 15 fights scheduled, this will all depend on the actual count at the fighter meeting June 8. Look for another show to be schedule in late Aug. For more information you can contact Becky Levi at dzmatchmaker@yahoo.com.

From the event's promoter:
RITC 49 - This Saturday Night!!!

Saturday, Jun 7, 2003
Celebrity Theatre
Phoenix, AZ
Doors Open: 6 PM, Fight Time: 7:30 PM
Ticket Prices: $15 (rows 14-25), $25 (rows 1-13)

The first 500 advanced tickets purchased at the Celebrity Theatre Box Office will receive a FREE RITC T-SHIRT. Rage in the Cage fans are in for a real treat. RITC is offering a fantastic fight card, unbelievable roll back ticket prices, free RITC T-Shirts and other activities for this special fan appreciation night. Miss RITC Contest with the Arizona Dream Girls. The RITC UFC pre-fight party and RITC 49 post-fight party will be at: Landsharks Billiards Sports Lounge
1112 E Apache (East of Rural)
18 and older only

June 6 - UFC Party, $2 cover
June 7 - RITC 49 Post Fight Party, no cover, DJ Music and Miss RITC Finals

Updated Card:
  • Joseph Riggs (230 lbs) vs "A-Dawg" Sullivan (225 lbs)
  • Drew Fickett (170 lbs) vs Shaun Beckett (170 lbs)
  • Gabe Casillas (170 lbs) vs Brodie Farber (170 lbs)
  • Edwin Dewees (210 lbs) vs Robert Beraum (250 lbs)
  • Cory Timmerman (300 lbs) vs Steve Sayegh (230 lbs)
  • Jamie Varner (160 lbs) vs Justin Nauling (165 lbs)
  • Adrian Foster (180 lbs) vs Mike Fettkether (185 lbs)
  • Adam Durant (155 lbs) vs James Attwood (155 lbs)
  • Roger Mejia (205 lbs) vs Sid Fisher (215 lbs)
  • John Lansing (180 lbs) vs Chappo Montijo (200 lbs)
  • Josh McKeever (180 lbs) vs Joe Frainee (180 lbs)
  • Ray Elbe (170 lbs) vs Mike Ptak (170 lbs)
Fight Card subject to change.

Order your $25 Row 1 - 13 or $15 row 14 - 25 tickets now by calling 602-267-1600.

Upcoming Events:
  • Arizona Desert Quest #5
    Grappling / BJJ Championship
    Saturday, Jun 14, 2003
    Westwood High
    945 West 8th St
    Mesa, AZ 85201

  • RITC 50 - Tucson
    Saturday, Jul 12, 2003
    Wildcat House (Tucson)

  • RITC 51 - Invasion from the North
    Saturday, Jul 26, 2003
    Celebrity Theatre (Phoenix)

From the event's promoter:







FOR TICKETS CALL: 954-974-4218

  Saturday - June 7, 2003

Out-striking the striker
UFC 43 A Monster Meltdown:
Couture Becomes 3-Time Champion, Belfort Is Back

By Loretta Hunt

Liddell post-fight
In a triumphant return to Las Vegas tonight, UFC 43: Meltdown tore through the Thomas & Mack Arena with a hurricane of excitement. 9,464 hungry fans turned out to be wowed, amazed, and most importantly entertained. Mission accomplished. 43 provided a healthy mix of action-packed fights, complete with battles of skill, tests of will, and surprise endings to boot. At the top of the list, underdog Randy Couture's decimation of striking king Chuck Liddell for the UFC Light-Heavyweight Interim belt, a rousing performance by returning Vitor Belfort, and a boxing slugfest compliments of Tra Telligman and Pedro Rizzo.

Here's the breakdown:

In a main event to end all others (until the next show of course), Randy Couture proved that no one is ever out of the game if the will is there to win. Turning 40 years old in a week and a half, Couture made UFC history again tonight, earning the third title of his already illustrious career. From the start, Couture looked poised and on the attack of opponent Chuck Liddell, the number one contender for the light-heavyweight title for almost the last two years and one of the best strikers to grace the entire sport. Former Olympic-level wrestler Couture got the takedown early on, and as expected, the always-slippery Liddell escaped almost immediately to his feet. But for every kick or punch the Iceman fired off, Couture had an answer, landing jabs and crosses that hit their mark. Couture took some damage closing in for his clinches, but made it worth his while with some penetrating knees. The result? An evenly-matched, gripping first round. Round two saw Couture pick up even more steam, as he continued to land punches and performed a beautiful trip that truly jarred the Iceman. Unable to get up as quickly as he had in the previous round, Liddell was starting to show damage and fatigue. Couture shot it out of the park in the third, taking Liddell down with a raw viciousness to gain mount and the TKO referee stoppage. Liddell will be back, but tonight was simply not his night. Couture takes home the belt at 2:47 in round three. Tito Ortiz, where are you?

Kimo choking Tank
Kimo choking Tank
In the co-main event, UFC heavyweight veterans Kimo and David "Tank" Abbott returned to the arena that brought them both infamy. Abbott was coming off a disappointing showing at UFC 41 after alomst five years out of the Octagon. Kimo had not fought with the event since UFC 16 and had turned in an unimpressive performance in his last MMA fight over a year ago. It was a battle based more on nostalgia than anything else, but it sure appealed to the crowd present nonetheless. At the bell, Kimo immediately shot in for the takedown but Tank's wrestling background served him well as he defended with the sprawl. A scramble for position brought both men to the ground with Kimo gaining half mount. The determined Hawaiian worked to mount and then to side choke. Abbott held tough for about thirty seconds, but a tapout came before Kimo could put his trapped opponent to sleep. Tank's UFC comeback has been an incredibly bumpy one and maybe it's time to call this little experiment a day. To Kimo's credit, he was the better man tonight, but if he is to continue a run in the current heavyweight class, he's going to have to brush up, for Abbott is not a fair representation of what is out there waiting for him. Kimo improves his UFC record to 2-3.

For the swing match tonight, Texan Yves Edwards had a much harder time trying to finish unknown opponent Eddie Ruiz than most would have thought. In fact, the tough-as-nails Ruiz rode out the storm for a decision loss after three rounds, with Edwards throwing everything but the kitchen sink at him. It looked like it was over early for Ruiz in the first round, when Edward's overwhelming experience and skill landed him in the mount. Ruiz gave his back for the rear naked choke easily, but surprisingly, the teammate of Tank Abbott defended it well. Into the second, Edwards was landing kicks and knees that would have floored most other lightweight opponents, but Ruiz again held on, working his wrestling when he landed yet again in Edward's rear naked choke attempt. By the third round, it was becoming obvious that Ruiz was one tough SOB when he escaped a tight triangle choke, but both fighters kept the action going and, more importantly, the audience entertained to the bell. Edwards get the unanimous decision (30-27 all).

Although their fight tonight ended in a draw, Ian "The Machine" Freeman and Vernon "Tiger" White should have much to be proud of. In a fast-paced three round odyssey, both men showed what the pros can really do if given the chance. White showed an especially aggressive round one, complete with takedowns and strikes (diving) into Freeman's guard. Freeman later answered with a throw of his own and worked his elbows and strikes from above as well. Round two, both men enjoyed positional dominance by taking each other's backs and attempting submissions, but it was clear neither one was willing to give up the win. If anything was going to get them, it would be the fatigue of keeping up such a furious pace. With a bold spinning back fist to start out round three, White showed unwavering confidence and eventually got the mount. From the mount, they went to a showdown of the heelhook attempts, and from there it was back to their feet to finish out the round strong. The crowd loved it all, as they should. Freeman and White share the split draw (30-27, 29-28, 29-29).

In a fight that every diligent MMA fan had hoped and prayed for, the Vitor Belfort of lore made his return to the Octagon tonight. In his match-up with first-time UFC entry Marvin "The Beastman" Eastman, Belfort came out calm, cool, and collected-- while opponent Eastman seemed, quite simply, "jacked." Former Muay Thai champion Eastman threw off a few high kicks, losing his balance at one point to bounce right into his opponent's body, but Belfort did not bite. Instead, he waited for Eastman to shoot in for the takedown and firmly secured his arms around his lunging opponent's neck. Delivering two knees that sent Eastman to the ground and against the fence, the Brazilian finished the bout with a slew of hard-hitting strikes from the guard. The Phenom is back. Belfort by TKO via referee stoppage 1:10 into round one.

From strange to bizarre, the heavyweight stand-off between local favorite Frank Mir and Wes "the Project" Sims proved another perplexing fight in the end. Sims inexperience shown through right off the bat, as he ignored the cordial glove tapping and came charging in at his opponent. Mir scored an easy double-leg takedown on his 6'10" adversary. From there, Mir went right to the arm bar, but Sim's brute strength kept him alive. Transitioning to side control and then the mount, Mir began to tee off, but the tapout wizard wanted to finish with his weapon of choice. From side choke to armbar again, it looked like Mir finally had the resilient giant, but Sims responded by lifting Mir and slamming him off his limb--clutching the fence as he intensely stomped down on Mir on his neck and face. An outright intentional foul, Sims was immediately separated from his downed opponent and handed the disqualification. Sims true calling may be pro wrestling. Mir gets the win via disqualification.

The match-up between Matt Lindland- Faliniko Vitale, the second offering of the evening, will go down as one of those oddities of the sport, one of those fights that is referenced for its utter unlikability. Both middleweights came out early on with some wild punches that didn't land, but Vitale did get in close enough with one set to warrant Lindland go in for the takedown. Vitale stabilized himself nicely along the fence and both men literally wrestled for position along the Octagon-side. Lindland eventually got hold of the Hawaiian's upper body and went for a throw, with Vitale fighting all the way. Unfortunately, Lindland landed on his head, instantly knocking himself out. Vitale acquired mount and fired off a shot, but the Olympic wrestler was long gone. Vitale upsets in the first with a KO win.

Rizzo vs. Telligman
Rizzo vs. Telligman
From his first punch, a clean right jab, it was clear that Tra Telligman's last year and a half as a professional boxer were going to work for him tonight. Round one hosted some of the most technical stand-up action the sport has yet to offer, but what made things even more appetizing was the fact that opponent Pedro Rizzo, who had lost 4 of his last 5 fights, was giving out just as much as he was taking. Telligman's striking combos enabled the feisty Lion's Den fighter to put the Brazilian in the trouble early on with a knockdown was against the fence, but Rizzo clinched like his life depended on it and the fight moved on. Telligman's demise came in round two with a looping left hook that sent him off balance and against the fence. Rizzo was there to capitalize, but "Trauma" got to his feet, turning the tables enough with some shots for The Rock to go in for the takedown. In Telligman's guard Rizzo worked his elbows and strikes, but his real intention was tire his opponent out. Satisfied with his handiwork, Rizzo disengaged and Telligman got to his feet. Rizzo landed some low kicks and some connecting punches, while Tellgiman kept firing back some great punches as well. A truly exciting fight, it finally ended when a large cut down the bridge of Telligman's nose brought on the doctor's stoppage. Rizzo is awarded the TKO via doctor's stoppage 4:25 in round two.

UFC 43: Meltdown Results:
  • Pedro Rizzo def. Tra Telligman- 4:25 Rd 2 TKO (Doctor's stoppage)
  • Faliniko Vitale def. Matt Lindland- 1:56 Rd1 KO (due to Lindland's head impacting mat)
  • Frank Mir def. Wes Sims- 2:56 Rd 1 Disqualification by intentional foul (Sims stomped downed opponent in neck and face)
  • Vernon White drew Ian Freeman- Split draw
  • Vitor Belfort def. Marvin Eastman- 1:10 Rd 1 TKO (Referee stoppage)
  • Yves Edwards def. Eddie Ruiz- Unanimous decision (30-27 all)
  • Kimo def. David "Tank" Abbott- 1:59 Rd 1 Tapout to side choke
  • Randy Couture def. Chuck Liddell- 2:47 Rd 3 TKO (Referee stoppage)

  Sunday - June 8, 2003

PRIDE 26 Results
Held June 8, 2003
Yokohama Arena

Click here for the results

PRIDE 26: Bad to the Bone
PPV PREMIERE DATE: June 13, 2003

Ring of Combat III:
Heart and Aggression

By Jim Genia

      (June 7th, Morristown, New Jersey) To the tune of over two thousand spectators, promoters Lou Neglia and Ray Longo's Ring of Combat III gave some top-notch local boys a chance to shine here at the Mennen Sports Arena - and shine they did. Representatives from Team Renzo Gracie, the Serra/Longo Competition Team, Team Tiger Schulmann, Pitt's Penn and Ultimate Sambo gave it their all. Highlights of the night included:
Gabert punches as Rodriguez cranks his arm
Gabert on top of Rodriguez
  • James Gabert's heart. As predicted, Rodriguez came to throw down, but with the 185-pound belt on the line it was Gabert's hand that was eventually raised in victory. At one point, the heavy-handed Rodriguez seemed to have him out, but the "Angry Snowman" held on and soon turned the tide. This was the fight of the night!
  • Elvis Garcia's overwhelming aggression. Coupled with his accurate punches, this was the deciding factor in the 160-pound championship bout. Garcia is the man at 160 pounds!

  • Mike Wojcik (Team Freedom-147lbs) vs. Chris DiPaolo (Tong Dragon-157lbs)
    DiPaulo via unanimous decision after 10 minutes.

  • Steve Kim (Team Renzo Gracie-177lbs) vs. Michael Wright (Ultimate Sambo-179lbs)
    Kim via triangle choke at 1:46.
Drago locks up the armbar
Drago locks up the armbar
  • 185-pound Ring of Combat Championship
    James "Angry Snowman" Gabert (Team Renzo Gracie-184lbs) vs. Jose Rodriguez (Pitt's Penn-185lbs)
    Gabert via unanimous decision after three rounds. Gabert is the new Ring of Combat 185-pound champ.

  • Tom Muller (Team Serra/Longo-205lbs) vs. Eirik Certo (Ultimate Sambo-197lbs)
    Muller via rear choke at 2:04 of the round one.

  • Jay White (Team Renzo Gracie-242lbs) vs. Eric Shaver (Bellmore Kickboxing Academy-253lbs)
    White via ref stoppage due to unanswered strikes at 4:17 of round one.

  • Luke Cummo (Team Serra/Longo-175lbs) vs. Dave Tirelli (Team Tiger Schulmann-175lbs)
    Cummo via doctor stoppage (due to a cut above Tirelli's nose) at :46 of round two.

  • Pete "Drago" Sell (Team Serra/Longo-187lbs) vs. Derek Johnson (BAMA/Team Endgame-189lbs)
    Sell via armbar at 2:03 of the first round. A good showing for Drago. Controversy loomed at the end: the referee stopped the match when Sell got the armbar, giving Sell the fight, but the match was restarted after a discussion between the promoter and the fighters (they restarted in the same position - with Johnson's arm fully extended). Johnson quickly tapped to the armbar after the fight was restarted and Sell won via submission.

  • 160-pound Ring of Combat Championship Nardu Debra (Team Renzo Gracie/Universal Self-Defense-157lbs) vs. Elvis Garcia (Team Tiger Schulmann-161lbs)
    Garcia via referee stoppage due to unanswered strikes at 1:34 of round one - his aggressiveness was just too much for Debra. Garcia is now the new Ring of Combat 160-pound champ.

  Monday - June 9, 2003

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  Thursday - June 12, 2003

Olson unloading on Pope
United Full Contact Federation:
Everett Extreme Challenge 8
Held June 7th, 2003
At the Everett Armory
Everett, Washington
By Mike Neva

Gravelle landing a kick to Jones
Gravelle kicking Jones
After a two month absence, the long awaited Everett Extreme Challenge 8 once again brought together some of the Pacific Northwest's finest amateur fighters in a mixed card of boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, and pankration. The scorching heat of an unseasonable dry spell was not enough to deter the near 1000 fans who packed the Everett Armory to cheer on crowd favorites Boyd Ballard and Otto Olson.

Giving up more than a 50 pound weight advantage, Ballard quickly tried to shoot but was stymied by the shear size of the 250 pound Karl Pope. As both combatants scrambled for position, it was Ballard who was able to get the upper hand and take Pope's back. From there, Ballard unloaded with punches until referee Joe DeRobbio wisely stopped the contest just over a minute into the first round.

Coming off a stellar second place finish at the prestigious Abu Dhabi submission wrestling tournament, Otto Olson stepped back in the ring for only his second career pankration match. As the crowd chanted his name, Olson sprinted to the ring as he readied to do battle with formidable challenger Ryan Pope. As the opening bell sounded it was all Olson in what turned out to be a very one-sided affair. The collegiate all-American in wrestling was able to trip Pope to the mat and easily pass to side mount. Olson then trapped Pope's left arm and began to unleash a barrage of right hands [pictured above] forcing Pope little choice but to tap or withstand the onslaught of blows. Pope wisely chose to tap giving Otto Olson the victory and the Pacific Northwest 170 pound title.

Kirill Shishlou (Ring Sports United) def. Jacob Operskalshi (AMC Pankration) by split decision after 3 90-second rounds

Novice Kickboxing
Roan Donahue (White Cobra Boxing) def. Greg Jones (Jones's TAEKWONDO) by TKO ref stoppage from punishment at 1:01 of round 3

Novice Pankration
Jason Vellow (Oak Harbor Martial Arts) def. Calito Fransisco (Travis Kickboxing) by kneebar at 1:06 of round 1

Muay Thai
Faris Alzeragi (PBBA Martial Arts) def. Mike Katayama (Effective Combat Systems) by KO at 1:38 of round 2

Novice Kickboxing
Matt Ferris (Brian Johnson) def. Niel Burton (Ring Sports United) by split decision after 3 90-second rounds

A Class Pankration
Shawn Cahill (PBBA Martial Arts) def. Shawn Gallo (Brian Johnson) by armbar at 1:30 of round 1

Novice Kickboxing
Allen Cameron (Brian Johnson) def. Johnathan Cooper (Ring Sports United) by split decision after 3 90-second rounds

A Class Pankration
Joey Holt (PBBA Martial Arts) def. Joel Pettit (Brian Johnson) by KO from a punch at 0:01 of round 1 (new mixed martial arts record)

Novice Kickboxing
Bryce Hamilton (PBBA Martial Arts) def. Will McKasson (Brian Johnson) by TKO didn't answer the standing 8 count at 1:17 of round 2

Muay Thai
Tony Williams (PBBA Martial Arts) def. Angkear Mao (Brian Johnson) by TKO dislocated right shoulder after an accident fall at :42 of round 1

A Class Pankration
Buck Bisbey (PBBA Martial Arts) def. Thai Kongchunji (TKO Kickboxing) by TKO ref stoppage from punches at 2:12 of round 1

A Class Pankration
Boyd Ballard (PBBA Martial Arts) def. Karl Pope (Pope Martial Arts) by TKO ref stoppage from punches at 1:06 of round 1

Mauy Thai
Brian Jones (Alberto's Kickboxing) def. Paul Gravelle (TKO Kickboxing) by unanimous decision after five 2-minute rounds

A Class Pankration
Otto Olson (PBBA Martial Arts) def. Ryan Pope (Pope Martial Arts) by submission from punches at 1:30 of round 1

From the event's promoter:
Fighters Hope to Continue Super Brawl History

In two previous Super Brawl tournaments, a total of 10 fighters have used the exposure to advance their careers, earning berths in either the Ultimate Fighting Championship or Pride -- the sport's two biggest promotions.

The eight competitiors in this Friday's 185-pound tourney at Super Brawl 30 hope they can reap the same benefits.

"I dare anybody to pick the winner in this tournament... I know I can't do it," said Super Brawl promoter T. Jay Thompson. "We truly have eight guys capable of winning it all and moving on to the UFC. It will be quite a treat for the fans."

Thompson, along with Extreme Challenge promoter Monte Cox, have assembled the field through two qualifying events and some at-large berths. Fans can bet on their favorites at Thegreek.com website.

Jay Buck of Chicago and Brendan Seguin of Detroit finished first and second, respectively in an 8-man qualifier in Iowa... Meanwhile, the top two finishers in the Utah qualifier dropped due to injuries and were replaced by fellow Utah competitors Jason Miller of Los Angeles and Denis Kang of Vancouver, British Columbia.

The last four spots were filled with at-large berths ... Joe Doerksen of Winnipeg, Manitoba; Jonathan Goulet of Montreal, Quebec; and Honolulu favorites Desi Minor and Kaipo Kalama. In addition to the tourney, a pair of heavyweight showdowns will keep fans entertained at the Blaisdell Arena. Huge Andre Roberts (380 pounds) of Tama, Iowa, returns to Honolulu to face veteran Jonathan Ivey of Houston, Texas.

In the Super Bout, Wesley "Cabbage" Correira will face up and comer Justin Eilers, a member of Team Extreme and roomate of UFC Champion Tim Sylvia.

Once again the event webcast will be available for free at www.superbrawltv.com.
Just use the following login information:
E-mail: tjay@superbrawltv.com
Password: SB4free

The lineup:

A bracket
Match 1: Joe Doerksen Vs. Desi Minor
Match 2: Jay Buck Vs. Jason Miller

B bracket
Match 3: Jonathan Goulet Vs. Kaipo Kalama
Match 4: Denis Kang Vs. Brendan Seguin

Match 5: Winner Match 1 vs. Winner Match 2
Match 6: Winner Match 3 vs. Winner Match 4

Feature bout
Match 7: Johnathan Ivy vs. Andre Roberts

Tourney championship
Match 8: Winner Match 5 vs. Winner Match 6

Super Bout
Match 9: Justin Eilers vs. Cabbage

  Friday - June 13, 2003

From Zuffa/UFC:

Ortiz Is Light Heavyweight Champion; Couture Is Interim Light Heavyweight Champ

      Las Vegas, June 13, 2003…The light heavyweight division in the Ultimate Fighting Championship is heating up. After Randy Couture (8-4-0 in mixed martial arts) of Portland, Ore., won the interim light heavyweight championship with a technical knockout victory over Chuck Liddell (11-2-0) of San Luis Obispo, Calif., at 2:40 of the third round last Friday in the main event of UFC 43: Meltdown, the division instantly became one of the best in mixed martial arts.
      When light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz (13-2-0) of Huntington Beach, Calif., told the UFC he was injured and unable to fight in the last two events, UFC officials scheduled the Liddell-Couture fight because Liddell was the number one light heavyweight contender.
      Ortiz continues as the light heavyweight champion and UFC officials said they are working to schedule a fight between Ortiz and Couture for the undisputed UFC light heavyweight championship.
      "The UFC light heavyweight division is jam packed with some of the toughest fighters in the world. With Tito as the champion, Randy now the interim champ and with Chuck, Vitor Belfort and Rich Franklin as top contenders, fans should get ready for some amazing fights in our upcoming events," said Dana White, UFC president.
      Encore pay-per-view replays of UFC 43: Meltdown are continuing throughout June and early July on DirecTV, TVN, Dish Network, Echostar and Viewers Choice Canada. The suggested retail price is $29.95. DirecTV replays are scheduled on it All Day Ticket Service on June 19, 21, 24, 27 and July 2, 5. Dish Network will replay the show on its All Day Ticket service on June 14, 19, 21, 25 and 26. Replays on Echostar will be on its All Day Ticket service June 14, 19, 21, 25 and 26. TVN will replay it at 4:30 p.m. EDT/1:30 p.m. PDT, June 14; 1:30 p.m. EDT/10:30 a.m. PDT, June 19; 9 p.m. EDT/6 p.m. PDT, June 21; 6 p.m. EDT/3 p.m. PDT, June 22; 11:30 a.m. EDT/8:30 a.m. PDT, June 24, and 7 a.m. EDT/4 a.m. PDT, June 28. Viewers Choice Canada's remaining schedule is 2 a.m. EDT/11 p.m. PDT, June 14 and 22.

Super Brawl 30: Size Does Matter
Weigh Ins

24-Hour Fitness Kapiolani
July 12, 2003 - 1:00 PM
By Michael Onzuka

Super Brawl 30: Size Does Matter
Blaisdell Arena, Honolulu, Hawaii
July 13, 2003
Fights start at 7:30 PM

The culmination of the search for the best unknown 185 pounder concludes tomorrow night at the Neil Blaisdell Arena as Super Brawl and Extreme Challenge complete their middleweight tournament. Two qualifying tournaments took place in Iowa and Salt Lake City and unfortunately, both finalists from the Salt Lake City show, Tim Kennedy and Cruz Chacon, are out of the tournament. They have been replaced with locals Kaipo Kalama Miller of Grappling Unlimited and Des Minor of 808 Fight Factory. The collaboration of Extreme Challenge and Super Brawl has been extremely successful in discovering new talent through their two heavyweight tournaments which sprung UFC heavyweight champions, Josh Barnett, Ricco Rodrigues, and Tim Sylvia as well as Pride and UFC veterans Heath Herring and Bobby Hoffman. Falaniko Vitale was almost assured of being in this tournament, except that the best unknown 185 pound fighter from Hawaii got his shot in the UFC and beat number one ranked Matt Lindland. Keep your eyes on these warriors because you may see any of in the UFC or Pride very soon. All middleweight contenders made the weight except for Joe Doerksen and Jonathan Goulet who were in flight at the time of weigh-ins. There seemed to be a bit of bad blood between Chicago's Jay Buck, one of the tournament favorites, and Brendan Seguin who may meet in the finals. Buck already owns a win over Seguin and Seguin has to be looking for revenge, but will have to make it to the finals in order to cash in.

Cabbage vs. Eilers
Cabbage vs. Eilers
In addition to the middleweight tournament is Andre "The Chief" Roberts and Wesley "Cabbage" Correira, who is fresh off a huge win in the UFC over Sean Alverez. The Chief rocked the Blaisdell in his last performance against King Kong Seraille, Cabbage's teammate. Roberts is slated to face a short, but stocky Jonathan Ivey. Ivey comes in with a lot of experience, but this will be a big step up in competition, and in weight differential, by taking on the Chief. Cabbage has shown national fans that he can not only take a punch, but also give them out in his last UFC appearance. Cabbage faces a well put together Justin Eilers from the Miletich Fighting Systems camp. Along with the knowledge gained from one of the best team of fighters put together anywhere in the world, Eilers was also a division one football player with a lot of natural talent. He said that he is not afraid to bang with Cabbage which should make this an interesting fight. Both Roberts and Cabbage need to win in order to secure an eventual showdown in a future Super Brawl. Both men are also heavier than their opponents so we will see if Size Does Matter. Move over bacon, here's something meatier!

Fight Card
Extreme Challenge/SuperBrawl Middleweight Tournament: A Bracket Semi Finals
Joe Doerksen vs. Desi Miner 186 lbs

Jay Buck 181.2 lbs vs. Jason Miller 184.8 lbs

Extreme Challenge/SuperBrawl Middleweight Tournament: B Bracket Semi Finals
Jonathan Goulet vs. Kaipo Kalama 182 lbs

Denis Kang 183.8 lbs. vs. Brendan Seguin 183.5 lbs

Feature bout:
Andre Roberts 372 lbs. vs. Jonathan Ivey 252 lbs.

Wesley "Cabbage" Correira 283.5 lbs. (SuperBrawl Heavyweight Champion) vs. Justin Eilers 233 lbs.

From Lee Theros:
Ultimate Cage Warriors Results
Maui War Memorial Gymnasium, Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii
June 7, 2003

Dylan Clay (Brazilian Freestyle) def. Cruz Malaiakini (Koali Fighting Systems)
3:42 rd.1 - Rear naked choke
Clay got the early takedown, delivered blows from the mount, Malaiakini gave his back and was promptly choked out via rear naked.

Makana Albino (Grappling Unlimited) def. Vance Pu (Koali Fighting Systems)
4:27 rd. 1 - Heel hook
Very fast paced match with Pu controlling much of the early action. Late in the round with Pu on top and landing some effective blows, Albino quickly applied a heel hook and got the tapout.

Sam Baff (Grappling Unlimited) def. Anthony Billianor (Lockdown Unltd.)
1:54 rd. 1 - Arm triangle choke
Baff got the quick takedown and exposed Billianors lack of ground skills and quickly slapped on an arm triangle choke for the tapout.

Royden Demotta (Nova Uniao) def. Jason "Rukus" Walker (Freelance)
1: 42 rd. 1 - Rear naked choke
Rukus came out fast and tried to utilize his very unorthodox stand up style, but Demotta got the takedown, got to the back and quickly applied the choke to end the match.

Harris Sarmiento (808 Fight Factory) def. Shawn Boyler (Grappling Unlimited)
(Submission Grappling only match) 3:12 rd. 2 Foot lock
Pretty evenly matched with both contestants displaying some smooth transitions and submission attempts. Sarmiento got the late tapout via footlock.

Kauai Kupihea (808 Fight Factory) def. Ray "King Kong" Seraile (Grappling Unlimited)
4:17 rd. 1 K.O. via strikes from the mount
Kupihea used his size advantage in controlling most of the action although Seraile did hold his own and even landed a few good shots of his own. Late in the round, Kupihea took down a fatigued Seraile and landed several hard blows that ended the match.

Ross "Da Boss" Ebanez (Nova Uniao) def. Tyson Coloma Nahooikaika (Brazilian Freestyle)
Via Unanimous decision after 2 rounds
High adrenaline, furious paced match as both fighters went at each other trying to impose their will on one another. Ultimately, Ebanez's superior strength and size began to tell as he wore down Nahooikaika with hard effective blows and 2 big bodyslams. Nahooikaika to his credit, never stopped fighting hard.

The Brazilian Beat
RN Vale Tudo 2 this Friday, Vitor Belfort Looking for Seminars, "The Axe Murderer" at PRIDE GP & Cacareco Out of RVT!

The Brazilian Beat:
      Now that the two biggest events of June are already history, Brazil is now focusing on the next challenges to come up. UFC 43 brought plenty of joy for Brazilian fighters, as Pedro Rizzo and Vitor Belfort both scored great victories in their fights. Now, back in Brazil the two NHB fighters are as happy as ever and already planning their next steps. Speaking of steps, PRIDE superstar Wanderlei Silva is also taking a major step in entering the PRIDE Middleweight GP, and Alexandre Cacareco takes a delicate step leaving his long time team in Ruas Vale Tudo. Since NHB is now in a frenzy in Brazil, with new shows appearing all the time, June is no different as RN Vale Tudo comes in this Friday with its second edition, proving the sport is more than alive at the country's Northeast. With no further delay, enjoy your share of news as Full Contact fighter enters June delivering its usual Beat, as the Brazilian Valentine's day week comes to an end in Vale Tudo rhythm!
  • 2003 Abu Dhabi World Wrestling Championship two-time runner-up, and one of the best submission wrestlers in Brazil, Alexandre Cacareco, left the Ruas Vale Tudo team in a surprising move. Cacareco is now training under the guidance of Jiu-Jitsu master Osvaldo Alves, and wanted to make sure it was a professional decision, based on his last performances and seeking the development of his career. This was strictly a business decision, there were no fights with his former RVT teammates and they are still friends.

  • Speaking of submission wrestling, plenty of events are still popping up all the time in Brazil. September will have another edition of the already famous Cyclone Cup, which will include some of the best names of this sport in Brazil. UFC veteran Alexandre "Café" Dantas will be among those in the show, as well as Marcio Feitosa and Fredson Paixao. Smaller events are also going on, as the Carcelo Sound Cup, taking place in Bangu, in Rio de Janeiro counting with several weight divisions and giving younger fighters a chance to perform as well.

  • Talks are flying around about Vitor Shaolin Ribeiro's next fight at the AFC event in July. Despite rumors about a fight between Shaolin and fellow countryman Junior Buscape, it looks like Vitor Ribeiro will indeed face a Russian fighter, trying to keep his winning streak alive at the American NHB show. Shaolin is currently in Rio de Janeiro training hard and getting ready to the task.

  • In a strange and confusing situation, after being with the Chute Boxe team for a extremely short while, Brazilian Northeast talent Tiago Pitbull was now announced as part of the American Top Team! Tiago, who was a stand out at Bitetti Combat 1 and 2, joined the Chute Boxe team in April in what was a dream come true, according to the young fighter. However he left the team only a few days after, due to health problems in his family. As time went by he never got back to Chute Boxe, and now he was announced as an American Top Team member. Despite anything else regarding the situation, Tiago Pitbull is surely very talented and is a good addition, skills-wise, to any team in the world.

  • K-1 Brazil promoter Sergio Batarelli is now in the process of scouting talents for his two next K-1 shows in Brazil. The events will likely take place in September and October of this year, being one of them a heavyweight tournament, and the other one a lightweight tournament like K-1 World Max. As always all the process of scouting is followed by the Japanese K-1 organization, and Batarelli is looking for aggressive fighters for both shows.

  • Chute Boxe team superstar Wanderlei Silva is going to compete at PRIDE's Middleweight Grand Prix in August! Even being the event Middleweight Champion "The Axe Murderer" is eager to fight the best in his class, and accepted to compete in the show. Already back in Brazil, after attending PRIDE 26 as a cornerman for his teammate Anderson Silva, Wanderlei told FCF he is training hard for the fights, and is looking to face Quinton Jackson during the tournament. When asked about the toughness of the competition he is getting himself into, the Chute Boxe fighter just smiled in his usual style, saying he doesn't fear competition and is looking to make instant impact as he steps in the PRIDE GP ring.

  • Vitor Belfort finally got back to Brazil after his impressive win at UFC 43. Vitor, who came back to the octagon in great style beating tough Marvin Eastman in little more than one minute of the 1st round, took time to enjoy some free days in the USA celebrating with his fiancé Joana Prado, and his mother Jovita Belfort. Now, back to his hometown, Belfort is happy as ever with the fan response to his performance and willing to take time to do a few seminars abroad, for the first time in his life. However, Vitor already has his sight set on Randy Couture and the September UFC, and he plans to start training for it as soon as possible, likely after his seminars.

  • Another UFC fighter that is also back in Brazil is Pedro Rizzo. "The Rock" returned this past Sunday and is obviously very happy with his second win in his career against Tra Telligman. Rizzo told FCF that he is not just happy because of the win, but because of how the fight unfolded and the way he performed. According to Pedro he is now going to be aggressive and try to press the fight in all his outings, cause he got mad with himself in his last bouts and believe that he was now finally able to unleash his game better in UFC 43. The RVT talent also went on to say that this win is not enough and he plans to prove to the fans, and mostly to himself, that he is game again by fighting against as soon as possible in that aggressive manner, whether it'll be against Cabagge, McGee, Sylvia or even Vladdy again.

  • After Argentina, Peru is the next South American country to enter the NHB world, following Brazil's footspets, and hold an NHB show! Big Time, the name of the show, will take place in early July in Peru, and will count with seven students of Royler Gracie black belt Admilson Juquinha. Although most of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighters taking part in the show are newcomers, one experienced one is also going to represent Brazil in the event, Alexandre Ribeiro who already won three NHB fights in Brazil.

  • Speaking of NHB, there will be plenty of action going on this Friday at Brazil's Northeast, with RN Vale Tudo 2! The show will happen in the gorgeous city of Natal, at the Sports Palace arena. Counting with two four men tournaments, one below 72kg and another below 82kg, the show will also have two superfights. In the superfights Bitetti Combat 2 winner Wallace Kociansky, who is a Chute Boxe black belt who lives in Natal, will face a fighter called "Bam Bam", and Junior will face Chicao, from Buda Team. In the up to 82kg brackets the action promises to be heated with BC veterans Rivanio Aranha, Lokinha and Brazil's northeast stand outs Bolinho and Neto Barruada. According to promoter Conrado Carlos, the standouts of the show will have a spot at his next big event in the coming months.

From the event's promoter:
BAMA Fight Night 21

      I just wanted to write this letter to everyone out there that has supported our events in the past.
      I am sorry to say that we will have to postpone our next event.
      We've just received several fighter cancellations due to either sickness or injury. This would mean that we would have to cancel our 4-man light-heavyweight tournament, 1 of the main Muay Thai fights, and 2 other shootfights. The unfortunate part was that the notifications of the cancellations came in at the last minute, leaving little time to find appropriate replacements.
      The other problem is that as of February 1, 2003. The NJSAC has changed a few of their rules to help keep our sport safe. One of the main rules is that there is no more pro and amateur. If you fight and there is striking, you are a pro. Plain and simple. The only way to fight amateur is to do grappling only without striking. The other thing needed to fight is a license. Each fighter that wants to fight in the state of NJ need to be licensed. Your license only lasts 1 year from the day you register. I called some of the schools sending fighters and only 2 guys are licensed. There is just not enough time to get things set for this date.
      The good news is that things will be set for the next BAMA Fight Night to be held either the last Saturday in September or the first Saturday in October.
      I am truly sorry for the cancellation and I hope that you have enough time to pass around the word and hope to see you in the Fall.

Dan Miragliotta

  Saturday - June 14, 2003

Schulte slams Guymon
Schulte slams Guymon
Preview of

By Keith Mills

Albuquerque, NM -- King Of The Cage 24 takes place tonight with the headline fight being Dan Severn vs. Dan Christiansen [Pictured below kicking at Eric Pele], a rematch of their bout from Aztec Challenge in September which Severn won by decision. Christiansen went on to lose to Eric Pele for the Super Heavyweight belt in KOTC 23 last month while Severn went on to go 5-1-1 since then, most recently with a win over Shane Moore just three weeks ago.

Co-headlining is the KOTC Lightweight belt between Thomas Schulte [Pictured slamming Mike Guymon] and John Mahlow. This came as a surprise considering Alberto Crane won the belt in his fight against Javi Vazquez in February and hasn't defended it since. According to Chris Cordeiro, "Crane's not going to fight anymore for a while. He just wants to take time off so he's giving up the title. Crane is going to be there and we're all cool and love each other, he's just not sure what he's doing right now." Schulte only lost once and that was to Mike Guymon before Schulte and the rest of the team dropped down a weight class. Since then he has picked up two wins in KOTC. John Mahlow trains out of MASH and is said to be explosive and fluid on the ground. With both fighters mainly submission fighters expect this one to be very similar to the Crane/Vazquez fight from February.

Diego Sanchez's original opponent Buddy Clinton is out, having suffered a brown recluse spider bite. Instead he is fighting Rene Kronvold who was originally supposed to fight John Cronk until Cronk injured his hand. All the other fights are on and everybody has mead weight.
  • Dan Severn vs. Dan Christiansen
  • Thomas Schulte vs. John Mahlow
  • Joey Villasenor vs. Joe Merit
  • Adam Durant vs. Paul Rodriguez
  • Keith Jardin vs. George Allen
  • Diego Sanchez vs. Rene Kronvold
  • Chris Luttrell vs. Santino DiFranco
  • Jimmy Westfall vs. Eric McElroy
  • Mike Mendoza vs. Victor Hernandez
  • Fletcher Seavers vs. Tyrell McElroy
KOTC 23: Christiansen vs. Pele
Christiansen vs. Pele

Super Brawl 30: Size Does Matter
Blaisdell Arena, Honolulu, Hawaii
July 13, 2003
By Chris Onzuka

Buck vs. Miller
Buck vs. Miller
The final eight fighters of the Extreme Challenge/SuperBrawl Middleweight tournament series went to battle and two very large gentlemen beat their opponents to put them on a collision course for a future match. As is the case with a lot of tournaments, fighters drop out for various reasons and are replaced. The objective of this tournament was to hopefully provide fighters for the UFC's middleweight class. Currently there are very few top fighters in the UFC at that weight and they are in need of more depth in the line up. There were some favorites going in, but they were taken out early and a lot of people forgot about a fighter that has been quietly making a name for himself and honing his skills over the years, Joe Doerksen. Doerksen looked invincible, with the exception of a tough exchange with Brandan Seguin, Doerksen dominated the competition. Other stars of the tournament were fellow Canadian, Dennis Kang, whose timing, takedowns and grappling was impeccable. Another standout was local boy, Kaipo Kalama. Kalama knocked out Goulet and then had a war with Kang. Andre "The Chief" Roberts made short work of Jonathan Ivey, who to his credit, took the fight on days notice and when no one else would. Finally, Cabbage literally squeaked out a victory by the slimmest margins over a very tough Justin Eilers. Many of the Hawaii fans thought that Eilers should have won it with his devastating over hand rights that landed almost every time by booing when Cabbage was given the decision.

Doerksen vs. Miner
Doerksen vs. Miner
Extreme Challenge/SuperBrawl Middleweight Tournament: A Bracket Semi Finals
3 Rounds - 3 Minutes
Jason Miller def. Jay Buck
Split Decision [(29-28), (28-29), (29-28)] after 3 rounds.

Joe Doerksen def. Desi Miner
Submission via rear naked choke at 2:20 into R1.

Extreme Challenge/SuperBrawl Middleweight Tournament: B Bracket Semi Finals
3 Rounds - 3 Minutes
Dennis Kang def. Brendan Seguin
Submission via arm bar from the guard at 2:22 into R1.

Kaipo Kalama def. Jonathan Goulet
KO at 0:12 into R1.

Extreme Challenge/SuperBrawl Middleweight Tournament: A Bracket Finals
3 Rounds - 3 Minutes
Joe Doerksen def. Jay Buck*
*Jay Buck replaced Jason Miller due to a broken hand.
KO via kick to the head at 0:41 into R1.

Extreme Challenge/SuperBrawl Middleweight Tournament: B Bracket Finals
3 Rounds - 3 Minutes
Dennis Kang def. Kaipo Kalama
Majority decision [(29-29), (30-27), (30-27)] after 3 rounds.

Feature bout:
Andre Roberts def. Jonathan Ivey
Submission via tap out due to elbows from the cross position at 1:38 into R1.

Extreme Challenge/SuperBrawl Middleweight Tournament Finals
3 Rounds - 5 Minutes
Joe Doerksen def. Brendan Seguin*
*Brandan Seguin replaced Denis Kang due to a dislocated knee.
TKO via referee stoppage due to punches from the mount at 2:14 into R1.

Wesley "Cabbage" Correira (SuperBrawl Heavyweight Champion) def. Justin Eilers
Split decision [(30-29), (28-29), (29-28)] after 3 rounds.

  Sunday - June 15, 2003

Happy Father's Day

Severn punching Christiansen

KOTC 24 Results

By Keith Mills

Thomas Schulte
Albuquerque, NM -- Dan Severn won his rematch against Dan Christiansen by split decision tonight, primarily by out-conditioning the taller local fighter. Severn worked through two minor head injuries sustained from the cage, with a bump on the head on one of the bars followed by a piece of wire scratching him causing a stoppage in the fight and time allowed for Dan to recover. Severn again showed improved striking by setting up his shots on his way to taking down Christiansen seemingly at will all throughout the fight while Christiansen started to gas in the middle of the second round. After three rounds the judges scored it 89-88 Severn, 90-86 Christiansen, and 89-84 Severn giving Dan the split decision.

Alberto Crane may have had to take a hiatus from the sport for financial reasons but his Lightweight belt was settled tonight also. Local fighter Thomas Schulte took the belt after beating MASH's John Mahlow by armbar halfway through the first round. Mahlow quickly took Schulte to the ground, but Schulte quickly slapped on the position for the submission and actually half of that fight seemed to be Mahlow trying to work into a position to slam his way out.

Also on the card both Diego Sanchez and Keith Jardine moved closer to belt bouts with victories in the Welterweight and Light Heavyweight categories respectively.
  • Fletcher Sievers def. Tyrell Mcelroy 1:58 R1 by triangle
  • Mike Mendoza def. Victor Hernandez 0:49 R1 by armbar
  • Jimmy Westfall def. Eric Meelroy 1:49 R1 by submission to strikes
  • Santino FiFranco def. Josh Pacheco 0:39 R1 by triangle
  • Diego Sanchez def. Rene Kronvold 3:39 R1 by armbar
  • Keith Jardine def. George Allen by unanimous decision after 2 rounds
  • Paul Rodriguez def. Adam Durant 4:29 R1 by rear choke
  • Joey Villasenor def. Joe Merrit 4:06 R1 by TKO
  • Thomas Schulte def. John Mahlow 2:41 R1 by armbar
  • Dan Severn def. Dan Christiansen by split decision after 3 rounds

  Monday - June 16, 2003

From Koichi "Booker K" Kawasaki:
Matt Serra
ZST 4 Matches

THE BATTLE FIELD "ZST 4" has announced two match-ups:

DATE: September 7th 2003
PLACE: ZEPP Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

Main Event
Naoyuki Kotani (Rodeo Style) vs.
Matt Serra (Team Renzo Gracie)

Remigijus Morkevicius (RINGS Lithuania) vs.
Atsuhiro Tsuboi (Free)

*ZST has scheduled an under 70kg 16 men tournament for November (opening) and January (final).

  Tuesday - June 17, 2003

FCF bag

To order: Click here or call 516-676-0033

  Thursday - June 19, 2003

New HOOKnSHOOT DVD in Stock!

HOOKnSHOOT AFC 2 DVD HOOKNSHOOT ABSOLUTE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIPS... Athletes from Russia, Brazil, France, United Kingdom, Japan and the USA battle in out in one of the heaviest hitting HnS shows EVER!

EXTENDED PLAY DVD with incredible matches featuring the present and future gladiators of Mixed Martial Arts.
  • Cade Swallows vs. Rick Davis
  • Brandon Bledsoe vs. Anthony Hamlett
  • Tom Kirk vs. Jason Ireland
  • Chat Lavender vs. Danila Veselov
  • Hudson Rocha vs. Jeremy Bolt
  • Victor Estrada vs. Leigh Remedios
  • Marcus Aurellio vs. Justin Wisniewski
  • Kristof Midoux vs. Antoine Joaude
  • Boca Oliveira vs. Phillip Miller
  • Hirotaka Yokoi vs. Wilson Goveia

For FASTEST service call in your credit card order
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UFC 40: Vendetta

UFC 39: The Warriors Return DVD Get a free sticker and UFC 43 mini poster while supplies last!

November 22, 2002 - a date which will live in infamy.

UFC 40: Vendetta is the largest event in the history of Mixed Martial Arts in North America.

The main event is a grudge-match dating back nearly four years. UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Tito Ortiz puts his belt on the line as he battles bitter rival and UFC legend Ken Shamrock. The undercard features many of the top fighters from around the world. Chuck Liddell puts his number-one contender ranking on the line as he faces Brazilian Renato "Babalu" Sobral. Matt Hughes defends his Welterweight Championship against grappler Gil Castillo. Canadian superstar Carlos Newton returns to face striker Pete Spratt. "Ruthless" Robbie Lawler faces kickboxer Tiki.

Don't miss this historical night of fights from the most intense, full-contact event in sports today - The Ultimate Fighting Championship.

  • 5.1 Surround Sound
  • Spanish commentary
  • Preliminary bouts
  • Post-fight press conference
  • Official Weigh-in
  • Exclusive training footage
  • Detailed Fighter Bios
  • Behind The Scenes Action
2 Disk Set Includes:

1. Introduction
2. Robbie Lawler vs. Tiki Ghosn
3. Carlos Newton vs. Pete Spratt
4. Matt Hughes vs. Gil Castillo
5. Chuck Liddell vs. Renato Sobral
6. Tito Ortiz vs. Ken Shamrock

Prelim Fights
1. Phillip Miller vs. Mark Weir
2. Travis Wiuff vs. Vladimir Matyushenko
3. Ian Freeman vs. Andrei Arlovski

Behind The Scenes
1. A Day in the Life: Tito Ortiz
2. Robbie Lawler Behind the Scenes Feature
3. Pete Spratt: Pre fight warm-ups
4. Chuck Liddell: Pre fight warm-ups
5. Renato Sobral: Pre fight warm-ups
6. Marc Ratner Interview
7. BJ Penn and Jens Pulver talk about Tito Ortiz vs. Ken Shamrock
8. Tank is back: Fighter reactions
9. Fighter Autograph Session
10. Joe Rogan on the UFC
11. Tito in the TV production truck
12. Matt Hughes post fight reactions
13. Mark Weir: Pre fight warm-ups
14. Phillip Miller: Pre fight warm-ups
15. Vladimir Matyushenko: Pre fight interview
16. Hughes / Sherk talk potential fight

Tito Ortiz, Ken Shamrock, Chuck Liddell, Renato Sobral, Matt Hughes, Gil Castillo, Carlos Newton, Pete Spratt, Robbie Lawler, Tiki Ghosn, Ian Freeman, Andrei Arlovski, Travis Wiuff, Vladimir Matyushenko, Phillip Miller, Mark Weir

1. Tito Ortiz vs. Ken Shamrock "Vendetta"
2. Tito Ortiz "Back to Basics"
3. Ken Shamrock "Respect"
4. Chuck Liddell "Iceman"
5. Matt Hughes vs. Gil Castillo "Title Match"
6. Robbie Lawler "Ruthless"
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FCF Fight Techniques
Single Grapevine Reversal To Calf Crush
Originally published in the July 2002 issue of FCF
FCF Fight Techniques Picture 1:

Trevor is mounted on Jennifer's back with both hooks in, Jennifer donkey kicks to free her right leg.
FCF Fight Techniques Picture 2:

Jennifer grabs Trevor's left wrist with her right hand and ducks under his left arm pit sitting to her right hip as she ducks.
FCF Fight Techniques Picture 3:

Jennifer arches into Trevor's rear deltoid and scoots out reversing the hook, now Jennifer has one grapevine (hook) in.
FCF Fight Techniques Picture 4:

Jennifer sits up and grabs Trevor's foot and executes a calf crush submission.
Demonstrators are AMC staff member Jennifer Hua and AMC Instructor Trevor Jackson. Matt Hume can be reached for seminars at amc@pankration.com
Disclaimer: This technique, as any martial art or boxing technique, can be dangerous. You or your training partner may be injured if you apply or practice this technique. The author, Matt Hume, Jennifer Hua, Trevor Jackson and FCF are not responsible for any injury that may result. Please consult a physician as to whether or not to attempt this technique.
FCF presents fight techniques in every issue.   In the current issue in Matt Hume's techniques, Matt Hume and Trevor Jackson demonstrate a Muay Thai Knee Counter; in the Punchers Corner, champion kickboxer Derek Panza discusses part 3 of his Jab Drills for Building a Better Defense series.

From the event's promoter:
Absolute Fighting Championship 4

Absolute Fighting Championship 4 - Saturday, July 19th, 2003 - War Memorial Coliseum, Ft Lauderdale, FL.

Note: Some matches may change from poster!

Tickets are on sale now at TICKETMASTER.COM use keyword 'ABSOLUTE' or at the venue by calling (954)828-5380. Tix as low as $15.00!!!!

'We have been working hard behind the scenes to put together a solid card for July, and we finally have a card to announce' starts AFC matchmaker Miguel Iturrate. 'We have three co-main events, superfights and the undercard is filled with surprises, so we think we have a great event.'

The top bill goes to UFC star Din Thomas, who comes home to Florida a fight that is no gimme at all - he faces tough Steve Berger. This is Berger's first bout in the 155 lb weight class, a transition he hopes will set his career back on the UFC path. 'Din has something to lose, and Berger is always hungry, so this bout has the potential for fireworks.' describes Iturrate.

American TOP TEAM's Dustin Denes returns to take on international competition, taking on PRIDE star Akira Shoji. 'Shoji has competed at such a high level for so long, this is another measuring stick for Denes, who is still developing' explains the matchmaker. 'We hope to match Dustin against Phillip Miller in September for Phillip's Southeastern title' reveals the matchmaker.

Vitor SHAOLIN Ribeiro takes on a brutal challenge in Thai boxer Kultar Gill who at 6'0 tall presents a new look to the BJJ superstar. 'This is the X factor match - impossible to pick a winner in my book' reveals the matchmaker.

The undercard features American TOP TEAM and Freestyle Fighting Academy fighters, both locally based, taking on rugged competition from MMA teams based in Wisconsin and Indiana. Justin Wieman v. Jorge Santiago and feature an American TOP TEAM versus Dave Strasser's Freestyle Academy flavor. In a previous bout, Faircloth owns a win over giving the Wisconsin team the 1-0 edge in the rivalry!

On the other hand, another pairing of schools features Indiana's Animal House squaring off against Miami's Freestyle Academy in two bouts:

(155 lbs) - JORGE MASVIDAL versus DARRELL SMITH and CHARLES MCCARTHY versus JAY MASSEY. Both teams continue to try and establish themselves in Absolute fighting.

There is also a women's MMA bout featuring SHELBY WALKER versus BETH WESTOVER.

Finally, the card feature boxing, with superstar Shannon Briggs andlocal hero JORGE 'CABALLO' JIMINEZ featured in bouts!

More to come on this show as it develops!


(155 lbs) - DIN THOMAS (American Top Team, Ft Lauderdale, FL.) vs. STEVE BERGER (Vaghi JJ, St Louis, MO.)

(195 lbs) - DUSTIN DENES (American Top Team, Ft Lauderdale, FL.) vs. AKIRA SHOJI (Tokyo, Japan)

(155 lbs) - VITOR 'SHAOLIN' RIBEIRO (Nova Uniao, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.) vs. KULTAR GILL (Gibson Pankration, Vancouver, Canada)

(125 lbs) - SHELBY WALKER (Freelance, Indianapolis, IN.) vs. BETH WESTOVER (PKO School of MMA, Boise, ID)

(155 lbs) - JORGE MASVIDAL (Freestyle Fighting Academy, Miami, FL.) vs. DARRELL SMITH (ANIMAL HOUSE, Indianapolis, IN.)

(205 lbs) - WILSON GOVEIA (American Top Team, Ft Lauderdale, FL.) vs. RON FAIRCLOTH (Freestyle Academy, Kenosha, WI.)

(185 lbs) - CHARLES MCCARTHY (Freestyle Fighting Academy, Miami, FL.) vs. JAY MASSEY (ANIMAL HOUSE, Indianapolis, IN.)

(170 lbs) - JORGE SANTIAGO (American Top Team, Ft Lauderdale, FL.) vs. JUSTIN WIEMAN (Freestyle Academy, Kenosha, WI.)




From the event's promoter:
RITC 51 - Invasion from the North

RITC 51 - Invasion from the North
Saturday, Aug 2, 2003
Celebrity Theatre (Phoenix)
Doors Open: 6 PM, Fight Time: 7:30 PM

Ticket Prices: $20 (rows 14-25), $30 (rows 4-13) and $50 (rows 1-3). Call 602-267-1600 to order tickets (can pick up at will-call on fight night).

RITC fans are in for a real treat. It will be Canada vs. Arizona, when former UFC Welterweight Champion, 6X UFC veteran and 6X Pride veteran, Carlos Newton brings 2 of his top fighters from Canada to face Arizona's elite in Rage in the Cage 51 on Saturday Aug 2nd.

Wojtek Kaszowski (215 lbs) vs. TBA
Tim Gyarmati (160 lbs) vs. TBA

Wojtek Kaszowski: record 24-4, 4X ITF Canadian Champion, 24 years old, member of the "Warrior MMA" Fight Team and he resides in Toronto, Canada.

Tim Gyarmarti: record 7-2 in Shooto, Japan (class C), 28 years old, member of the "Warrior MMA" Fight Team and he was born in Toronto, Canada.

Firm matchups to be announced soon.

Other upcoming events:

RITC 50 - Tucson
Saturday, Jul 12, 2003
Inn Suite Hotel

RITC 52 - Casa Grande
Saturday, Aug 16, 2003

RITC 53 - The Beat Goes On
Saturday, Sept 13, 2003
Celebrity Theatre (Phoenix)

  Friday - June 20, 2003

From the event's promoter:

IFC Logo

The International Fighting Championships ("IFC") is moving up - to the North Dakota Area. The IFC is proud to announce its affiliation with The Ralph Engelstad Arena in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

The IFC and The Ralph Engelstad Arena have already planned a Great Show, so North Dakota fight fans should get ready for real Mixed Martial Arts fighting action. This is the Ultimate Combat Sport on the Planet. Live Extreme Cage Fighting at it's Best!!!!!

The action will begin on September 13, 2003, at 7:00PM when the IFC World Tour presents a Mixed Martial Arts fight card Featuring;

The IFC and ISKA-MMA World Welterweight Championship Fight between IFC World Welterweight Champion Gil Castillo -vs- The WFA World Welterweight Champion Frank Trigg.

The IFC will keep all of North Dakota's fight fans happy also, with the IFC Women's Americas Middleweight Championship Fight and a 4-man Heavyweight Tournament with alternate fight and some other great under card fights.

Tickets information will be released next week.

For more information about The Ralph Engelstad Arena you can check out its website at www.ralphengelstadarena.com, or call them at 1-877-917-4689.

  Saturday - June 21, 2003

From Dream Stage Entertainment:
PrideFC Logo

LOS ANGELES, California - Today Dream Stage Entertainment announced four of the official participants of the eight man middleweight tournament, which will take place at the next PRIDE FC event dubbed "TOTAL ELIMINATION."

The brackets have not been finalized, but currently scheduled to participate are: reigning PRIDE FC Middleweight World Champion Wanderlei Silva, number one ranked middleweight contender Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, Japanese fighting legend Kazushi Sakuraba, and Judo Olympic gold medallist Hidehiko Yoshida.

The four remaining tournament participants as well as the three scheduled heavyweight bouts will be announced from Tokyo within the coming weeks.

TOTAL ELIMINATION features the opening round of the middleweight tournament (4 tournament matches will take place that event, in addition to 3 non-tournament heavyweight matches) and is scheduled for August 10, 2003 from the Saitama Super Arena in Japan. The event will also premiere on North American pay per view (through iNDEMAND, DIRECTV, DISH NETWORK, and TVN) on August 10th via same day delay.

The final rounds of the TOTAL ELIMINATION tournament will take place at the next PRIDE FC event---FINAL CONFLICT, which is scheduled for November 9, 2003 from the Tokyo Dome.

Fight Card

The opening round of an eight man middleweight tournament, featuring:
  • Wanderlei Silva
  • Kazushi Sakuraba
  • Quinton Jackson
  • Hidehiko Yoshida
As well as three heavyweight matches.

(A total of 7-8 bouts will be scheduled. Fight Card is subject to change.)

Marcus Conan Silveira
Conan Silveira Arrested

Sources in Florida report that both Marcus "Conan" Silveira and his brother Marcelo, along with 13 others, were arrested yesterday by federal agents on charges of being part of a drug smuggling ring.

Click here for the full story & photos from The Miami Herald

The Brazilian Beat
Assuerio and Saulo in Muay Thai, RN Vale Tudo 2 results, MECA 9 in the works, Cacareco with Barra Gracie, Minotauro ready to fight and Belfort hitting the TV shows!

The Brazilian Beat:
      As June flies by, with no major events taking place in Brazil, plenty of action is going on behind the scenes. New events are in the works all the time and July will come bringing plenty of action for all types of fighting fans. The next edition of STORM Muay Thai is coming up, and MECA 9 is already taking shape. Both events will have one fighter in common: PRIDE veteran Assuerio Silva will be making his return to the NHB ring as well as competing in Muay Thai for the first time in three years! If that may seem amazing, how about July bringing Jiu-Jitsu great Saulo Ribeiro in Muay Thai action as well? Yes, you read it right! Saulo will be venturing into a new NHB and Muay Thai show to take place in Rio de Janeiro, bringing NHB back to the Jiu-Jitsu capital of the world. Now, this is not the only odd set of news for this edition of this column, as long time Ruas Vale Tudo team member Alexandre Cacareco is now with Barra Gracie, something that was unthinkable in the past. In this edition we also bring you Vitor Belfort news, Minotauro's plans, and RN Vale Tudo 2 results, as well as plenty more, so get your fighting gear ready as Full Contact Fighter once again unleashes "The Beat" in odd style and as always full of Brazilian rhythm!

  • After his quick work of tough KOTC veteran Marvin Eastman at UFC 43, Vitor Belfort has been taking some time to make appearances on numerous TV shows in Brazil. This past week "The Phenom" could be seen on some of Brazil's most famous TV shows, which target different types of audiences, talking about his last fight and showing footage of it, mentioning his plans, and most importantly talking about the sport of NHB, giving it a good exposure to the general public. Vitor criticized the lack of support for such a tough and exciting sport such as No Holds Barred, and explained to the general audience the intense commitment and tough training an NHB athlete must submit himself to in order to succeed, helping to erase the image of pure brawlers and trouble-makers that fighters usually have. Next Monday, Belfort is going to get back to his training routine, and he told FCF he wants to fight Couture as soon as possible.

  • After a long hiatus due to knee problems and personal issues, Chute Boxe heavyweight Assuerio Silva is now finally getting back to action! In fact, he is going to get plenty of it, as he is set to fight both Muay Thai and NHB in the near future. Assuerio's adventure will start with a tough gig at the next edition of STORM Muay Thai in Curitiba, where he is set to face Brazilian Top Team member and STORM GP runner up Edson Drago, in a truly heavyweight match. Assuerio hasn't fought a Muay Thai match in three years, but is indeed excited about the chance and looking for a knockout in the fight. After his STORM outing, the PRIDE veteran is also scheduled to fight at MECA 9 in early August, probably against another Brazilian Top Team member in Fabiano Scherner.

  • Speaking of STORM Muay Thai, the next show promises some entertaining battles for the fans, showing the always-improving trend of the event. STORM is scheduled for July 5th, as always in the gorgeous Opera de Arame, one of the traditional landmarks of Curitiba. Tickets are already on sale, and besides Assuerio Silva's fight, the likely card will have 11 more fights, with the most important ones being the return of Chute Boxe fighter Mauricio Amado facing Wagner Nega, his teammate and STORM veteran Fabio Tigrao matching up against Carlos, as well as the return of STORM GP stand out Helio Dipp facing STORM veteran Urso.

  • Muay Thai seems to be in vogue theses days in Brazil, and STORM won't be the only action happening in this sport in the coming days. In a very surprising move, Jiu-Jitsu great and Abu Dhabi champion Saulo Ribeiro is going to make his Muay Thai debut in July! Following Carlos Barreto's trend, Saulo is going to be yet another Jiu-Jitsu fighter being brave enough to put his neck on the line in a Muay Thai match, showing signs that he is probably preparing hard for an NHB comeback in the near future. Ribeiro is going to fight Muay Thai at a brand new event to take place in Rio de Janeiro, mixing Muay Thai matches with NHB fights, called 1st Knock MMA & Muay Thai. The show will happen, as of now, on July 23rd. Among the 6 NHB matches scheduled for the night, fighters such as Claudionor Fontinelli and RVT member Aloisio Barros are likely to participate.

  • The PRIDE Middleweight Grand Prix, set to take place in August, is still the main subject in NHB circles in Brazil. With names like Wanderlei Silva, Quinton Jackson, Kazushi Sakuraba and now Hidehiko Yoshida confirmed, there is still a big question mark regarding which Brazilian Top Team member is going to represent the team in the big show. At this point, chances are high that Ricardo Arona (who is now once and for all accepted as a BTT member again) will be the team's representative at the GP, although there is still a chance that UFC Champion Murilo Bustamante may be the chosen one! Either way, look for the one that ends out of the GP to do a single bout in PRIDE soon, likely in August as well.

  • After leaving the Ruas Vale Tudo team, Abu Dhabi 2003 Absolute and up to 99kg division runner-up Alexandre Cacareco is now surprisingly training with Barra Gracie! Cacareco was training under Master Osvaldo Alves, who is on good terms with Barra Gracie, and received an invitation from Marcio "Pe de Pano" Cruz to join the training at the BG Academy. Alexandre not only accepted, but he liked the training as well.

  • Speaking of the Ruas Vale Tudo team, training in the academy is still going strong after Pedro Rizzo's win at UFC 43. UFC, RINGS and WEF veteran Renato "Babalu" Sobral is training hard for his fight at Britain's newest NHB show, Extreme Force, scheduled to take place on July 13th. Babalu has been feeling well and is excited about his fight against Golden Glory member Khalid Arrab. The Brazilian fighter is set to depart for England along with his trainers on July 6th.

  • MECA World Vale Tudo 9 is already in the works, with plans to take place in early August! Promoters Rudimar Fedrigo and Jorge Guimaraes are likely taking the show out of Curitiba for the first time in MECA's history, bringing it to the traditional and gorgeous small city of Teresopolis, in the state of Rio de Janeiro. The show is likely to be held in the same venue where Carlson Gracie's show HEROES took place, and the fight card is in the works promising some exciting bouts, such as Assuerio Silva squaring off against BTT fighter Fabiano "Pega Leve" Scherner, Chute Boxe sensation Mauricio "Shogun" Rua against Carlinhos Lima, and MECA 8 stand outs Daniel Acacio and Delson "Pe de Chumbo" facing each other in what has the potential to be an energetic and exciting bout.

  • Brazilian promoter and K-1 representative in Brazil, Sergio Batarelli, has a new weapon in his arsenal that he is going to unveil to the Japanese audience soon. Montanha Silva is the newest Brazilian fighter planning to take K-1 by storm, with the difference that he has some peculiar characteristics. Montanha is a giant with 2.20 meters (approximately 7'3") and 180kg (397 pounds), allegedly with only 5% of body fat. Even if those numbers aren't entirely accurate, one thing is certain, he is huge! On June 29th, he will be making his K-1 debut against Japanese fighter Musashi, at K-1 Beast 2, and has already signed a 2-year contract to fight in K-1, NHB and do Pro Wrestling. The 26-year-old fighter is being marketed as the Brazilian version of Bob Sapp, let's see what the future holds for the South American giant.

  • Brazilian Top Team legend and PRIDE idol Rodrigo "Minotauro" Nogueira is already preparing himself to make his comeback to NHB after his loss by judges' decision to Emelianenko Fedor. The former PRIDE Heavyweight champion is fighting on August 10th, in PRIDE as always, in a single bout with an as yet to be confirmed opponent. Rumors are going strong that he may going to face Croatian fighter Mirko "Cro Cop", but at this point this is not certain. Minotauro was in Europe doing seminars recently, and when asked about a fight against Mirko he, as his usual self, said he welcomes the match. His manager Mario Sperry is going to fly to Japan next Monday, and will likely come back with plenty of deals for his fighters as usual.

  • The second edition of RN Vale Tudo took place this past Friday, June 13th, in the beautiful city of Natal. The minor league show promoted by Conrado Carlos, had two 4-man tournaments, one below 72kg and the other below 82kg, serving as a qualifier for his next big event. The Palacio dos Esportes Arena had a crowd of 1,200 spectators that witnessed Jiu-Jitsu fighter Magnus Decio defeat both Renato "Mao de Pedra" and Loca to take the up-to-72kg title, while Kimura/Nova Uniao fighter Fabio Bolinho cleaned the house defeating Ary Marcel and surprising Bitetti Combat veteran Rivanio Aranha in the final, getting the up-to-82kg title. In the event's superfights, Junior defeated Chicao by TKO, while Chute Boxe black belt and Kimura/Nova Uniao fighter Wallace defeated Bambam by judges' decision. Both Magnus Decio and Fabio Bolinho are likely to appear in Natal's next big show.

From the event's promoter:
RITC 50 - The Prelude

RITC 50 - The Prelude
Saturday, Jul 12, 2003
Inn Suites Hotel & Resort (Tucson)
Doors Open: 6 PM, Fight Time: 7:30 PM

Ticket Prices: $20 General Admission and $30 Ringside

MMA fans will be able to enjoy Rage in the Cage at the beautiful Inn Suites Resort in Tucson on July 12th. The resort will offer a special room rate if you mention RITC when making your reservation.

Fighters from the following schools have already signed in to fight in this event: Debrazil/Rey Diogo, Ultima, Brausa Academy, Arizona Combat Sports, Leininger Dojo, Black Tiger and other independent fighters from Phoenix, Tucson, Casa Grande and Sierra Vista.

There will be many exciting fighters making their RITC debut in Tucson. This event will be the prelude to one of the biggest MMA events ever to hit Arizona. On Aug 2nd, at Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix, international superstar Carlos Newton will bring two of his fighters from Canada (Tim Gyarmarti and Wojtek Kaszowski) to face Arizona top fighters. Tucson resident, Gabe Casillas (Debrazil/Rey Diogo) will be fighting Tim Gyarmarti that night.

Please come out and support both events.

Inn Suites Hotel & Resort
475 N Granda
Tucson, AZ 85701

Directions: I-10 exit #257A (St Marys Rd), head west onto W St Marys Rd, turn south on N Granda Ave.

Other upcoming events:

RITC 51 - Invasion From The North
Saturday, Aug 2, 2003
Celebrity Theatre

RITC 52 - Casa Grande
Saturday, Aug 16, 2003

RITC 53 - The Beat Goes On
Saturday, Sept 13, 2003
Celebrity Theatre (Phoenix)

  Monday - June 23, 2003

From Pancrase:
Pancrase Results

Pancrase 2003 Hybrid Tour
"Katsuomi Inagaki Retirement Memorial"
Sunday, June 22, 2003
Doors Open: 3:00pm
First Fight: 4:00pm
Umeda Stella Hall (Osaka,Japan)
  • Amateur Match/Pancrase Gate Featherweight 2x5 Min Rounds
    Naoji Fujimoto(P's Lab Osaka) Def. Jyoji Kawamata(Team D'hlbuchey) By Ankle Lock at R1 1:47

  • Pro-Match#1/Lightweight 2x5 Min Rounds
    Satoshi Watanabe(Mma Dojo Cobrakai) Def. Kenji Takeshige(Pancrase Osaka) By Knee Strike KO at R1 1:16

  • Pro-Match#2/Open-Weight(Under 69kg Match) 2x5 Min Rounds
    Yoshiro Maeda(P's Lab Osaka Inagakigumi) Def. Shinya Sato(P's Lab Tokyo) By 2-0-1 Majority Judges' Decision at Full Time Limit.

  • Pro-Match#3/Middleweight 2x5 Min Rounds
    Hidehiko Hasegawa(Middleweight 6th Ranked/Sk Absolute) Def. Hikaru Sato(Pancraseism) By 2-1-0 Split Judges' Decision at Full Time Limit

  • Pro-Match#4/Welterweight 3x5 Min Rounds
    Satoru Kitaoka(Middleweight 5th Ranked/Pancraseism) Drew Yuji Hoshino (Middleweight 6th Ranked/Wajutsu Keishukai Gods) By 0-1-2 Split Judges' Decision at Full Time Limit

  • Semifinal/Light Heavyweight 3x5 Min Rounds
    Daisuke Watanabe(Pancraseism) Def. Yuki Sasaki(Light Heavyweight 4th Ranked/Pancrase Grabaka) By Standing Punch KO at R1 4:18

  • Main Event/Middleweight 2x5 Min Rounds
    Kiuma Kunioku(Middleweight 2nd Ranked/Pancraseism) Def. Katsuomi Inagaki(Pancrase Osaka) By Choke Sleeper at R1 4:10

  Wednesday - June 25, 2003

DEEP 10th Impact

Held June 25, 2003
at Korakuen Hall - Tokyo, Japan
By Mark Ginther

Here are the results of DEEP 10th Impact (times are unofficial)
  • Crafter-M def. Shoichi Ichimiya by rear-naked choke in the first round.
  • Testuya Onose def. Kazuki Okubo by KO (punches) 1:36 into the 1st round.
  • Hidetada Irie def. Hirohide Fujinuma by unanimous decision.
  • MAX Miyazawa vs. Yoshinori Oniki, draw
  • TAISHO def. Noboru Asahi by TKO (punches from in guard) 43 seconds into the 2nd round.
  • Hayato "Mach" Sakura def. Dave Menne by doctor stoppage (cut) 2:11 into the 2nd round.

  Thursday - June 26, 2003

Heightened Activity:
McGee Tapped To Take On Heavyweight Champ Sylvia

By Loretta Hunt

Gan McGee
It looks like the UFC has lined up a sizable main event for its next installment proposed for September. After weeks of back and forth negotiation, Gan McGee's camp confirmed late today that he has been secured to meet heavyweight champion Tim "The Maine-iac" Sylvia in the Octagon at UFC 44. It's a headliner of astronomical proportions -- challenger McGee stands at 6'10", while champion Sylvia is just shy of that mark at 6'8".

From his home yesterday in California, "The Giant" remained sober and focused, having this to say about his upcoming title bout: "It's just another fight to me," he commented, taking time out from video games to speak with FCF. "I'm not going to get all caught up and get all silly about it being a title fight. A fight's a fight. I'm just gonna get ready for five rounds and go out there and 'do it to it'."

McGee first appeared in the UFC at UFC 28, picking up his sole career loss at the hands of Josh Barnett. He was absent from the promotion for nearly 2 years until last September's UFC 39, where as a highly regarded underdog, he knocked Brazilian veteran Pedro Rizzo against the fence with a powerful overhand right late in the first round. With a broken nose, Rizzo could not answer the second round bell. McGee returned once again in February for UFC 41, where he knocked out Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt Cafe Dantas in the first round.

Tim Sylvia
With the announcement of this match-up, talk will inevitably turn to how these two athletes' towering frames will translate in battle. It's a thought that has not escaped McGee as he begins preparation for September. "Actually, I think it's probably going to throw both of us off a little bit. I'm gonna try and find a couple of the tall guys to spar with. I probably won't have anyone of Tim's caliber at that height, but I'll try and get one of the tall guys for my timing and reach so I'm used to that."

McGee trains out of The Pit in San Luis Obispo with John Hackleman and Chuck Liddell. Sylvia is a product of the Miletich Martial Arts Team in Iowa and is 2-0 in UFC action. An official date for UFC 44 has yet to be released.

  Friday - June 27, 2003

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FCF New Issue In this issue...

Pride.26: Bad to the Bone returned to the historic Japanese seaport of Yokohama full of surprises.

UFC 43: Meltdown - A stellar event poses some intriguing questions.

Abu Dhabi Submission Wrestling World Championships: Surprises set the tone of the show as the biggest event in the sport returns.

Bravo's Masterpiece - Meet Eddie Bravo, the MMA commentator who made history by tapping out the immortal Royler Gracie.

A Tale of Three Fighters: Follow along as a journeyman, a champion and a rookie approach fight night. Learn their thoughts, their prep and the outcomes.

Gan McGee: Meet the not-so-gentle giant who will be taking on UFC Heavyweight Champ Tim Sylvia at UFC 44.

1st Knockout Cup: New talent on the rise in Curitiba, Brazil.

King Of The Cage: Sin City fights its way into Las Vega$.

MECA World Vale-Tudo 8: An exciting night brings plenty of KOs and submissions.

HOOKnSHOOT Absolute Fighting Championships 3: Howe takes the 125 lb. Women's title, Maxwell takes out Pulver and Aurelio chokes out a successful title defense.

Ring of Combat 3: Lou Neglia and Ray Longo bring their action-packed show back to Jersey.

Dustin "Clean" Denes is on the rise. Get some insight on the ATT fighter as he climbs his way through the MMA ranks, dispatching all who stand in his way.

Dean Lister basically came out of the stands to enter the ADCC Absolute division in this year's tournament, few thought he would end up placing, let alone take top honors in the most prestigious class of the event. Meet the man who beat the best and will go on to next year's ADCC Superfight.

Ultimate Ring Challenge returns to Lacey, Washington for its 5th edition.

SuperBrawl 29 ends in controversy when Suda takes out Egan Inoue.

The SHOOTO Report covers the Official fights at Korakuen Hall Tokyo, Japan.

Former AMC Pankration strength & conditioning coach Mark Ginther does Q&A with readers inConsult With The Master: Timeless Strength & Conditioning Wisdom.

Guy Mezger BioFile.

Controversy: Fight fans sound off about whatever's on their mind... and shy they ain't!

In our monthly columns...
In Matt Hume's techniques, Matt Hume & Trevor Jackson demonstrate a Muay Thai Knee Counter; and in the Punchers Corner, champion kickboxer Derek Panza discusses Jab Drills For Building A Better Defense Part 3.

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From Susumu's Gallery:
Susumu's Gallery Update

Susumu photo


We have added 21 photos including Hayato Sakurai vs. Dave Menne from Deep 10th Impact held on June 25th. Please enjoy!
Visit Susumu's gallery at http://come.to/susumu.

Renegades Unleashed
Renegades Extreme Fighting - The Art of War
La Villareal Convention Center-McAllen, Texas
By Michael "Mikie" Martinez

Howdy, from the lone star state! The Renegades Extreme Fighting tour moved to the Rio Grande Valley on June 21, 2003 and brought the Valley a well needed dose of MMA action. The number of spectators could not be confirmed, but it is rumored that 1800 rowdy fans packed the venue. Nick Gonzales proved to be the man to beat in his weight class and Jonathan Ivey secured a victory this week after losing last week to Andre "The Chief" Roberts at Superbrawl. Other notables of the night were Jose Luis Munoz who beat Edwin Allseitz after losing to him on two prior occasions and Hector Munoz who showed that his ground game is something not to play with. Now getting down to the action, here's the rundown of the results:

Fight 1
Rocky Long (Thug Jitsu) vs Randy Vera (Phil Cardella/ Helson Gracie Austin)
Result: Long by unanimous decision.

Fight 2
Frank Alcala (Team Pound) vs Hector Munoz (Weapons at Hand)
Result: Munoz by armbar in round one.

Fight 3
Johnny Brown (Thug Jitsu) vs Corey Salter (Self Trained)
Result: Salter by rear naked choke in round one.

Fight 4
Brandon Mcdowell (Phil Cardella/ Helson Gracie Austin) vs Chris Seifert
Result: Seifert by split decision.

Fight 5
Jonathan Ivey (Thug Jitsu) vs Matt Green (Saeksan Janjira Muay Thai)
Result: Ivey by inside heel hook in round one. This was the submission of the night.

Fight 6
David Phillips (Chute Boxe) vs John Flores (Team Pound)
Result: Phillips by armbar in round one.

Fight 7
Randy Hauer (Patumwadee Gym) vs Nick Gonzales (Vasquez Boxing)
Result: Gonzales by rear naked choke in round one.

Fight 8
Edwin Allsietz (Tim Mousel) vs Jose Luis Munoz (Team Pound)
Result: Munoz by split decision. This bout earned fight of the night honors.

  Saturday - June 28, 2003

From Koichi "Booker K" Kawasaki:

Today, K-1 held a press conference about "K-1 BEAST II ":

K-1 BEAST II 2003
Date: June 29, 2003
Place: Saitama Super Arena

Freshman Fight
Manabu Ito (Japan/Iron AX) VS HIROSHI (Japan/Vos Gym)

9.21 JAPAN GP 2003 Participation Determination Match (3R x 3min)
Tatsufumi Tomihira (Japan/SQUARE) VS Masahide Aoyagi (Japan/Iron AX)
Nobu Hayashi (Japan/Dojo Chakuriki) VS Tooru Ooishi (Japan/Nisshin Kaikan)
Hiraku Hori (Japan/Team Dragon) VS Kazuhiro Nakamura (Japan/Yoshida Dojo)
Hiromi Amada (Japan/TENKA 510) VS TSUYOSHI (Japan/Vos Gym)

Super Fight (3R x 3min)
Hiroki Kurosawa (Japan/Kurosawa Dojo) VS Ivan Salaverry (USA/AMC Pankration)

Team Japan vs Team Beast (3R x 3min)
Montanha Silva (Brazil) VS Musashi (Japan/Seido Kaikan)
Azem Maksutaj (Switzerland) VS Shingo Koyasu (Japan/Seido Kaikan)
Butterbean (USA/Team Butterbean) VS Yusuke Fujimoto (Japan/Monster Factory)
Manabu Nakanishi (New Japan Pro-Wrestling) VS TOA (JAPAN/New Zealand)
Peter Aerts (Holland/Mejiro Gym) VS Tsuyoshi Nakasako (Japan/ZEBRA244)

  Sunday - June 29, 2003

From the event's promoter:
KOTC 24 Results
By Keith Mills

King Of The Cage 24
June 29, 2003
Soboba Casino
San Jacinto, California
  • Baki def. Kai Kupihea 0:22 R1 by guillotine choke
  • Buck Meredith def. Harris Sariento 3:41 R2
  • Chad Davis def. Kevin Cook by decision (2 rnds)
  • Alex Rickards def. Augie Garcia 2:08 R1 by ankle lock
  • Wess Combs def. Raul Delgado 0:23 R1 by KO
  • Shad Smith def. Louie Vaith 3:53 R1 by TKO
  • Jeff Newton def. Allen Sullivan 4:06 R2 by ankle lock
  • Randy Velarde def. Marcos Santos TKO*
  • Thomas Denny def. Kyle Brees by decision (2 rnds)
  • Greg Mayer def. Jamal Perkins 0:38 R1 by rear choke
  • Jason Lambert def. Brian Foster by decision (2 rnds)
  • Gustavo "Ximu" Machado def. Nate Quarry by unanimous decision (3 rnds)
  • Dean Lister def Brian Sleeman 1:14 R1 by armbar
*Santos had to quit between rounds due to a knee injury but the official result was announced as TKO.

From the event's promoter:
The Secret Weapon Takes on Rush!

(Montreal, Canada) - The anticipation has been building for months and the suspense is finally over as TKO finally announces GEORGES "RUSH" ST-PIERRE's opponent for TKO's Ultimate RushTM: Texas's own PETE "THE SECRET WEAPON" SPRATT, one of the best strikers in the game, who just recently defeated UFC's phenom Robbie Lawler in Miami, Florida. "This will be a great fight, as a fan I'm really looking forwardto this one; it will be a war" said TKO president Stephane Patry. "This will be St-Pierre's biggest test, and a chance for Pete Spratt to show why he's one of the most dominant welterweight fighters in the world right now - the perfect example of a striker vs. grappler war - it will definitely be an Ultimate Rush for the fans when these two collide!" added Patry.

TKO 13: Ultimate RushTM will feature 9 bouts including one World championship fight and three Canadian championship bouts. Die-Hard fans will also have the chance to see some of the hottest future stars in Canadian MMA as TKO will present an extra 8 undercard bouts from 5pm to 7h30pm - just before the start of the main Pay-per-view card! A total of 16 action-packed MMA bouts in ONE NIGHT! TICKETS ON SALE RIGHT NOW ON THE ADMISSION NETWORK (514-790-1245) and on www.admission.com



  Monday - June 30, 2003

From Koichi "Booker K" Kawasaki:

K-1 BEAST II 2003 Date: June 29, 2003
Place: Saitama Super Arena

Freshman Fight
Manabu Ito drew HIROSHI

9.21 JAPAN GP 2003 Participation Determination Match (3R x 3min)
Tatsufumi Tomihira def. Masahide Aoyagi
by decision at extra R (10-9,10-9,10-9)

Nobu Hayashi def. Tooru Ooishi
by KO 1R 1:38

Hiraku Hori def. Kazuhiro Nakamura
by KO 2R 1:58

Hiromi Amada def. TSUYOSHI
by decision (29-29,29-28,29-28)

Super Fight (3R x 3min)
Hiroki Kurosawa drew Ivan Salaverry

Team Japan vs. Team Beast (3R x 3min)
Musashi def. Montanha Silva
by disqualification (Montanha took down Musashi and mount punches)

Shingo Koyasu def. Azem Maksutaj
by decision (29-28,29-28,29-28)

Butterbean def. Yusuke Fujimoto
KO 1R 1:02

TOA def. Manabu Nakanishi
by KO 1R 1:28

Peter Aerts def. Tsuyoshi Nakasako
by KO 2R 1:42

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