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  Monday - July 1, 2002

From the event's promoter:
German Slugger Chalid Arrab Replaces
Injured Paul Cahoon to face
Marvin "the Beastman" Eastman

WFA logo       (Las Vegas, Nevada, July 1st) German boxing champ and mixed martial artist Chalid Arrab will now face local Las Vegas fighter Marvin "the Beastman" Eastman at the July 5th WFA Champions Level 2 show. Stepping up to the plate to replace injured teammate Paul Cahoon, Arrab brings with him a pair of powerful hands -- and a boxing career over a decade long. Does the Beastman have what it takes to come out on top?
      "I'm happy to have Chalid on the show," says co-promoter John Lewis. "I originally wanted him on the card somewhere. This guy can bang!" Lewis and the WFA wish Cahoon, who suffered a back injury during training, a speedy recovery.
      The rest of the card is remains intact -- and stacked with talent ready to explode. Add to this mix the ladies, lights, and sounds you'd find in any hot nightclub, and you've got the makings of a night to remember.
      Don't miss out on the battle of East versus West! Ticket prices range from $35 for standing room only (at the back bars -- where some of the fighters will be mingling), with seating at $60, $80, $100, $150 and $200. Click here for a very detailed seating map. Though the highly coveted VIP couches in the mezzanine are sold out, fans will have the opportunity to enjoy the show from above via the $1000 VIP tables still available along the balcony (5 seats each, with waitress service and a direct view down at the cage). To purchase tickets, contact the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino box office at (702) 693-5000, go to any Ticket Master location, or visit www.TicketMaster.com.
      For those in need of an available place to stay, as the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is sold out, click here for some choices.
      Visit the WFA's official web site for exclusive interviews and bio information on the Playas (www.wfa.tv). For more event info, please contact Paula Romero, WFA Event Coordinator, at WFA Press@aol.com.

Pulver Wins Again...
but Unknown Opponent Makes it Difficult

      FRIDLEY, Minn. -- Call it surprising... or shocking... or unexpected. But make no mistake about it, the Jens Pulver-Robert Emerson bout at the Ultimate Wrestling event was anything but boring!
Jens Pulver on top of Robert Emerson       Pulver, the only 155-pound champion in UFC history, got a much tougher test than most fans would have expected Saturday night, but captured a unanimous decision victory over Emerson in a 15-minute bout that featured solid standup fighting from both competitors.
      "Let me tell you," Pulver said. "That kid (Emerson) has some skills... he's going to be somebody in this sport."
      Although just 20 years old, Emerson showed amazing willpower, twice getting up after knockdowns to continue his toe-to-toe battle with Pulver. Using his kickboxing background, Emerson kept Pulver off-balance with low and high kicks.
      Pulver (26-2-1) marched forward throughout the bout, and landed the harder shots. And although Emerson appeared hurt on a couple of occasions, he rallied to stay in the bout and give Pulver a difficult time.
      Conditions at the event (it was over 100 degrees and humid) hindered the bouts as the mat was slippery and wet throughout the event. It prevented fighters from planting their feet and adding power to their blows. One the mat, fighters slid around freely.
      "I know this went to a decision, but I didn't hear anybody booing," Pulver said. "I tried my best to knock him out... and he tried to do the same to me... but it just wasn't meant to be... I think the people who saw it know we both gave it our best."
      The crowd was very appreciative of the efforts... loud applause during and after each round made it clear the fans were enjoying the show.
      Pulver's wrestling ability enabled him to earn all the takedowns in the match, but not too much damage was done on the ground.
      According to his camp, Emerson (5-1) was recovering from an injured shoulder. But you couldn't tell it from his effort. Despite his first loss, the Marco Ruas-trained fighter is sure to move up the ranks in the very near future.
      Pulver, meanwhile, is setting his sights on his Aug. 8 UFO bout in Tokyo. His opponent has not yet been determined.
      "I wasn't in the best shape, but I didn't want to peak for this fight, then start again for the UFO fight," Pulver said. "If I had known Emerson was going to be this tough, or that it would be 120 degrees in here, I probably would have trained a little more."
      Pulver was cornered by UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes, UFC star Robbie Lawler and undefeated Jason Black... all from the Miletich Martial Arts Academy. Ruas and Debbie Purcell were in the corner for Emerson.
Jens Pulver

From the event's promoter:
Announces American Qualifiers!

5th Submission Wrestling World
Championships Scheduled For 2003

      The ADCC continues to plan the 5th SUBMISSION WRESTLING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS for March or April of 2003. The Combat Club has received applications to host the event from literally all over the world, but a final decision is still pending. There appear to be three front runners: Brazil, a surprise location, and back in Abu Dhabi. Only time will tell, as the ADCC weighs the options.
      What is certain, is that HOOKnSHOOT will once again host the AMERICAN QUALIFIERS. An HnS spokesperson stated 'we used to spread the tournaments over the course of a year, with our Mixed Martial Arts show. This year, we wanted to host all five of the qualifying tournaments in one day, to give it more of the feel of the real event. We will also move from our home of Evansville, Indiana to southern California - to a venue in San Diego, California that we are working on.
      The selection process for these amateur tournaments will remain the same as in years past. The tournaments are amateur tournaments, with the winner receiving an invitation to the prestigious SUBMISSION WRESTLING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS. Applicants who can get to San Diego in October to compete will be reviewed by the ADCC, with the tournament lineups being announced near event time, and the brackets in the days before. The best way to get into the tournaments is to send a tape application.
      'The competitors that qualified really made an impact, the Americans and the Brazilians and Australians all did. There are only two ways to assure you get into the SUBMISSION WRESTLING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: you have to have won the world championship the event before, or you can win a qualifier.' continues the spokesman.
      'We will be sealing up the deal with our venue in San Diego in the coming days, and then we will work full blast on promoting the event' states HnS' man in San Diego, Barry Meyer. 'We expect to also announce a grappling event around the qualifiers, for younger competitors and kids. We are going to create a real good atmosphere.'
      To apply for the AMERICAN QUALIFIERS, send tape to:
PO BOX 124
Maugansville MD 21767-0124
Apply by E-Mail: migueli@pa.net. (Please address the subject as AMERICAN QUALIFIERS)


1st: For the 2000 event.
  • 65.9 KG & under: n/a
  • 66-76.9 KG: Dennis Hallman
  • 77-87.9 KG: Dave Menne
  • 88-98.9 KG: Travis Lutter
  • 99 KG & Up: Rodrigo 'Minotauro' Nogeuira
2nd: For the 2001 event.
  • 65.9 KG & under: Mike Cardoso
  • 66-76.9 KG: Matt Serra
  • 77-87.9 KG: Travis Lutter
  • 88-98.9 KG: Marc Laimon
  • 99 KG & Up: Roger Neff

  Tuesday - July 2, 2002

From the event's promoter:
FFC III Press Release

FFC poster The Freestyle Fighting Championship is back in Biloxi, Mississippi, July 6th at 8:00 p.m. in the Ballroom of the President Casino with its third edition of Mixed Martial Arts action. In the FFC I, 185 pound Anthony Macias and 145 pound Flea Smith were crowned champions, in the FFC II Rich Clementi took the 155 pound title and in the FFC III Karl Schmidt faces the muscular and super strong Scotty Johnson for the 170 pound title.

Schmidt, from New Orleans, Louisiana has faced some of the best talent in the division including Carlos Newton, Steve Berger, and Chat Lavender. He holds a Black Belt in BJJ, possesses solid stand up skills, and noted for bringing it straight to his opponent.

Scotty Johnson has also faced some big names included Matt Hughes and Din Thomas. A former NPC Bodybuilder and bench press record holder (He once bench pressed 450 pounds in a National meet, winning the 185 pound division) has a solid wrestling background from his days as a high school standout, and Army wrestling team member. He has added submissions and Muay Thai to his training regimen to round out his fighting style.

"This should be a real war, two athletes who show up in peak physical condition every outing, with lots of raw firepower. I'll be shocked if this one goes the distance," said FFC President and Matchmaker Rob Braniff.

This card also features two amateur tournaments. "Our website www.ffc.tv where fighters can register for a chance to fight in the FFC, has been inundated by young amateurs. The best way to accommodate all these 'young guns' is to have a tournament. We will be having a 155-pound tournament and a 170-pound tournament; the tournament winners will be given a shot to turn pro at our next event. It's a great way to develop talent and keep the sport growing," said Braniff.

From the event's promoter:
DZ Banner
Danger Zone
Fight Night V Press Release

The Danger Zone will be back in Ft. Wayne, IN. Sept. 15 with Ft. Wayne's own Pat Heidenreich taking on Chicago's Ian Armstrong as the pro main event match.

There will be 7 amateur tournaments in MMA and Ft. Wayne's Toughest going on with local fighters banging it out with 16 oz. boxing gloves to start off the night!

Be sure to go to http://www.the-dangerzone.com/ and fill out a fighter application for Sept. 15. Make sure all amateurs take a look at what you need to complete the registration process. HIV results are mandatory.

All the weight classes are listed on the site. The Toughest Competitors will be in weight classes of 170 lb and below, 171-200lb. and 201lb. and above.

Don't miss this night of action packed fighting! The DZ has developed a great following in Northern Indiana and the fans love MMA!

Tickets are $25, $20, and $15 and Tables of 4 can also be purchased. The venue is Broadripple Place 4610 Parnell Ave. in Ft. Wayne, IN. You can also email Becky Levi for more information at dzmatchmaker@yahoo.com

Awards will be given out for all weight class Champions and Runner Ups.

  Wednesday - July 3, 2002

From Josh Hedges/Zuffa:
UFC Logo
Chris Haseman replaces Vladimir Matyushenko

Due to a cut above his eye requiring 9 stitches, Vladimir Matyushenko has been forced to withdraw from his UFC 38 bout against Evan Tanner. Replacing Matyushenko will be Australian fighter Chris Haseman, a veteran of many MMA and RINGS competitions around the world.

Debi Purcell
Debi Purcell makes quick work of Amy Pitan for the Ultimate Wrestling Women's World Championship
By Keith Mills

It was technique winning out over strength as 2-0 Ultimate Wrestling and HOOKnSHOOT vet Debi Purcell quickly dispatched 1-0 Ultimate Wrestling vet Amy Pitan to capture the UW Women's World Championship belt last Saturday night. Debi took the early psychological advantage, striding to the ring with fellow HOOKnSHOOT Revolution vets Olga Bakalopolous and Tara LaRosa, both of which have been standing out in the grappling world with Olga recently receiving her purple belt and Tara taking first in her weight division in the Copa Atlantica BJJ Championships last month. Debi normally fights around 135 out of Ruas Vale Tudo while power lifter Amy was originally billed as 165 but as she told FCF actually weighs 190. Unlike many promotion's female bouts these two both knew how to strike as they proved when they tore in to each other with straight and powerful head shots in the opening seconds. Amy seemed to get the worse of it as she tried to force Purcell into a neutral corner but Purcell responded with a double leg takedown into full mount. After maneuvering into her corner where Marco Ruas himself waited Debi broke Amy's hold around her neck and went for an armbar. Debi later said she felt Amy's elbow pop but Amy refused to tap so Debi, still in the armbar position, fired off a couple clubbing shots to Amy's unprotected face. Amy still didn't tap so Debi sat up and while isolating Amy's arm with her left arm pounded on her face with her right until the ref stopped the action.

After the fight it was confirmed that Debi will be fighting in IFC's July 12th show outside Porterville, CA. According to Debi, "as far as women in the sport are concerned. I feel the all women's HOOKnSHOOT show has opened many doors for us, I have received many new names on my site (http://www.fightergirls.com/) and have spoken with numerous promoters who are now interested in putting females on their cards, we are here to stay so get used to it."

From the event's promoter:

Warriors Quest 6: "Best of the Best"
Main Event Announced

Ray "Bradda" Cooper (Jesus Is Lord)
Warriors Quest Champion
Dennis "Superman" Hallman
UFC veteran

Hawaii's phenom Ray Cooper will be facing the biggest fight of his career as he faces UFC veteran Dennis Hallman. Hallman, is best known for beating UFC Champion Matt Hughes twice in under minute and is also known for his battles with former UFC Champions Dave Menne and Jens Pulver. Hallman is also a ADCC veteran. Will Hallman submit yet another top fighter or will Cooper use his knock out power to punch his way to victory! Be there on August 3, 2002 at the Neal Blaisdell Arena in Hawaii to find out.

Niko Vitale Injured!!!

Vitale, who was suppose to face off with #4 ranked KOTC fighter Brian Foster, had to pull out due to an injury. Vitale got injured during a professional arena football game where he plays for the Hawaiian Islanders. Vitale injured his knee in the game this weekend. So stepping up is Waianae's Hawaiian Warriors, Augie Padeken (brother of Cheyenne Padeken).

From Koichi "Booker K" Kawasaki:
First Match Announced

DSE announced has first match up of "MMA THE BEST Vol.2" on July 20th as follows:

Daiju Takase (Wa-jyutsu Keishu-kai) vs Nino "Elvis" Schembri (Gracie Barra)

Koh Soukun (Wa-jyutsu Keishu-kai) vs Bob "Terrible" Schreiber

Giant Ochiai (Monster Kingdom) vs Tomohiko Hashimoto(DDT prowrestling)

DATE: July 20th, 2002
OPEN: 16:00 PM START 17:00 PM
PLACE: Differ Ariake (TOKYO , Japan)

From Koichi "Booker K" Kawasaki:
K-1 World GP 2002 in Fukuoka
Match-ups Announced

K-1 has announced match up of "K-1 World GP 2002 in Fukuoka" on July 14th as follows:

K-1 WORLD GP 2002 in Fukuoka - July 14th(Sun) -
---- K-1 vs PRIDE ----
DATE: July 14th, 2002
OPEN: 13:30 PM START 15:00 PM
PLACE: Marine Messe Fukuoka (Fukuoka pref, JAPAN)

6th Match: Ray Sefo (American Present Boxing Gym, New Zealand) vs. Gilbert Yvel (Golden Glory, Holland)
5th Match: Peter Aerts (Mejiro Gym, Holland) vs. Alexey Ignashov (Chinuk Gym,Belarus)
4th Match: Mirko Cro Cop (Cro Cop Squad Gym, Croatia) vs. Remy Bonjasky (Mejiro Gym, Holland)
3rd Match: Musashi (Seido Kaikan,Japan) vs. Jossie Dempsey (ZERO-ONE & La Boxing ,USA)
2nd Match: Glaube Feitosa (Kyokushin Kaikan, Brazil) vs. Tra Telligman (Lions Den, USA) * Still in negotiation
1st Match: Cyril Abidi (Challenge Boxing,France) vs. Quinton "Rampage" Jackson (Team Punishment,USA)

Opening fight
2nd Match: Nobu Hayashi (Dojo Chakuriki, Japan) vs. Masaaki Miyamoto (Seido Kaikan,Japan)
1st Match: Yusuke Fujimoto (Monster Factory, Japan) vs. Ryo Takigawa (Nisshinn Kaikan, Japan) (All fights are K-1 rules)

From the event's promoter:
Sunday, July 7, 2002 - Yokohama Akarenga

CONTENDERS 5 min 2 rounds rule

-90 kg
KEI Yamamiya (Pancrase ism) vs Masutatsu Yano (RJW/Central)

-77 kg
Satoru Kitaoka (Pancrase ism) vs Hiroyuki Kojima (Free)

-65 kg
Masakazu Imanari (Team Roken) vs Hideo Tokoro (POD)

-68 kg
Koji Komuro (RJJ) vs Takumi Yano (Ugo kai)

-70 kg
Eiki Kadowaki (Wa-jyutsu Keishu-kai) vs Naoyuki Kotani (Rodeo Style)

-68 kg
Katsuya Toida (Wa-jyutsu Keishu-kai) vs Koichi Kuwabara (Tokyo Yellowmans)

(15 min a match in which the two to submitte is the winner)

Mitsuyoshi Sato (Pancrase GRABAKA) and Yuki Sasaki (Pancrase GRABAKA)
Caol Uno (Wa-jyutsu Keishu-kai) and Eiji Mitsuoka (RJW/central)

  Thursday - July 4, 2002

Happy Independence Day!

John Lewis and Jermaine Andre
Independence Day Shake-ups
with the World Fighting Alliance

By Jim Genia

Kimo Leopoldo       (July 4, Las Vegas) Keeping a card together for a mixed martial arts show can be next to impossible -- just ask the World Fighting Alliance's John Lewis [pictured above on the left, with Jermaine Andre]. Prior to the press conference today at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, he scrambled more than a few times to replace fighters. Gilbert Yvel, Yves Edwards, and Paul Cahoon were slated to compete at various times, but as per Murphy's Law (everything that can go wrong will go wrong), two more names had to be taken off the roster last night. Shonie Carter, scheduled to meet up with Frank Trigg in a highly anticipated match, failed his eye exam, and Marvin Eastman's latest opponent -- Golden Glory representative Chalid Arrab -- fell and injured his arm in a stairwell of the hotel. Compared to his career as a promoter, with these Independence Day shake-ups, Lewis' life in the cage must've been a vacation!

      "I worked all night until about four or five in the morning calling people," says Lewis from behind the podium. Flanked by his remaining competitors, he announces the substitutes that are on the way. For Trigg, there's Jason Medina -- a Miletich-trained fighter with a 10-2 record, a background in boxing and wrestling, and wins over the likes of Brian Dunn and Justin Ellison.

Valentijn Overeem       "I trained to fight, I came to fight, so I'm going to fight whoever it is," says Trigg. "It doesn't make a difference who gets thrown in front of me." Adds Trigg jokingly, "unless it's John Lewis, we'll be okay."

For Eastman, there's Tom Sauer -- another Team Extreme representative with a 10-6 record, knockout hands and newly acquired submission skills courtesy of the American Top Team, with wins over the likes of Andrei Kopylov and Valentijn Overeem. Applauded for his quick work this late in the game (and for the caliber of replacement, as Sauer has the tools and experience to give Eastman a war), Lewis is all smiles. Aside from these last minute changes, the WFA Level 2 show tomorrow night is approaching smoothly.

      The weigh-ins go off without a hitch. Lightweights Shaolin and Joe Hurley both come in at 155 pounds, middleweights Tiki and Kit Cope are 183.5 and 176 pounds respectively, and Trigg weighs 178 pounds. Medina, who is still en route from Iowa, will step on the scale tonight with representatives from both camps present -- but all parties have agreed to have this bout in the middleweight division. Aaron Brink Light-heavyweights Eastman and Sauer are 204 and 206 pounds (the Nevada State Athletic Commission allows a one pound grace). In the heavyweight division, Overeem and Brink are 223 and 217, while Kimo and Tim Lajcik are 234 and 230. And rounding out the card, middleweight champion hopefuls Andre and Villasenor are 183.5 and 184.

      As the fighters wander about the Hard Rock, their attention is occasionally drawn to the women prancing about in skimpy underwear -- this week the hotel is also hosting the "Trashy Lingerie" clothing line convention (thank you, God!). But these distractions take nothing away from the anticipation of the coming battle. Tomorrow night, the "fight club meets the night club" once again.

Tommy Sauer Steps Up To The Plate
By Loretta Hunt

Tom Sauer In the true spirit of mixed martial arts competition, Team Extreme fighter Tom Sauer is not one to shy away from a challenge. With only two days left till the WFA's second event in Las Vegas, Sauer got the call that some fighters only dream about early July 4th morning. Golden Glory member Chalid Arrab was out of the show due to a freak injury, and John Lewis was hunting for a seasoned light-heavyweight to fill the void -- and fast. Leaner and trimmer after a year's revitalization and a with recent title win in the WEF, Sauer fit the bill. No stranger to competition, Tom Sauer's 10-6 record boasts wins over the likes of Valentijn Overeem and Jeff Monson. Jumping on a plane in Florida this morning and arriving at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino just in time to hop on the scales for the official weigh-ins, Tom Sauer will spend his holiday weekend as the newest member of the WFA family.

FCF:   Welcome to Vegas, Tom. You took this fight on about 36 hours notice. How did this all come about?
TS:     Me and Monte [Cox] talked about coming out here a couple of months ago and we tried to match some opponents with John [Lewis]. It didn't pan out, so I did the WEF and I won the light-heavyweight belt there. I was hoping to come out here last month, but it fell through. I was real disappointed but was training hard anyway for two other fights I have coming up this month -- which I guess will now be pending since I'm fighting here. We'll just play it by ear. But with those fights only two weeks away, I was ready to go. Monte gave me the call and I was on a plane.

FCF:   What were you doing when you got the call?
TS:     Monte caught me at about 3:30 am this morning. I was getting packed up to leave for a triathlon I was competing in at 6:30. Monte told me that "triathlons don't pay, so you're coming to Vegas." I jumped in the car and got to an airport.

FCF:   You've lost some weight since the last time I saw you. Did you drop down a weight class to light-heavy as well?
TS:     Yea, the last time I saw you at the Meadowlands for UFC 32 I was about 230 pounds. Now, I'm at 205. I've been doing triathlons along with my training in jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai. I started training with American Top Team as well down in Florida.

FCF:   You will be facing Marvin Eastman tomorrow night. What do you know about him?
TS:     Marvin Eastman is a great opponent. We'll match up really well. I've seen a bunch of his fights and I'm really excited to take him on. I'm here to win.

FCF:   Off the top of your head, what will be your plan of attack?
TS:     I know he's a good Muay Thai guy. I've seen all of his King Of The Cage fights, but I haven't seen him let go real well. He fought one of my teammates Rich Franklin before [at WFA 1], so I'm pretty familiar with Marvin Eastman. The funny thing is you watch fight tapes, and you think, "Hey, that guy could be in my weight-class someday." He likes the takedowns, but I know he likes to strike. I'm planning on mixing it up with him, maybe going to the ground and getting the submission. I know he's real strong and sometimes he overcompensates with that.

FCF:   A submission? You have a pretty good string of knockouts.
TS:     I left off in Japan with [Hiromitsu] Kanehara where I schooled him in RINGS, but you know how weird that show is sometimes. [Sauer lost via a TKO] I took last year off with an ACL injury and now that's 150%, but being forced to spend a year on your back makes your jiu-jitsu a lot better. I don't like to "ground and pound" anymore. I've got a few submissions in the bag.

FCF:   What are your thoughts on fighting for the WFA?
TS:     This will definitely open the door for me. This is a one fight deal here, but depending upon my performance tomorrow, which will hopefully go well, Monte will be able to get things going. This will get my foot in the door. I'm just happy to be here and I'm so grateful that John [Lewis] and Paula [Romero] flew me out here to be involved.

From Joseph Cunliffe:
WEFC Quick Results

SOSA Promotions, LLC presented World Extreme Fighting Championship 1 on Saturday, June 29, 2002, at the Cobb County Civic Center in Marietta, GA. The card featured 10 matches, including the Lightweight Championship match.

185 Franz Mendez vs Eugene Stoupine
Round 2 win to Mendez when corner threw in towel

155 Charles Bennett vs Rick Davis
Round 4 (OT) win to Davis by Unanimous Decision

170 Marcus Aurelio vs Walter McCall
Round 2 win to Aurelio by tap from triangle choke

155 Shawn Porter vs Adam Copenhaver
Round 1 win to Copenhaver by TKO at 3:14

225 Mike Shepard vs Kevin Brooks
Round 1 win to Sheppard by tap strikes at 3:50

170 Mike Nelson vs Shawn Gay
Round 1 win to Nelson by TKO at 1:21

205 Wilson Gouveia vs Ahern Davis
Round 1 win to Gouveia by KO at 0:22

205 Dustin Denes vs Rory Singer
Round 2 win to Denes by tap at 1:42

225 Jeff Monson vs Forrest Griffin
Round 4 (OT) win to Griffin by Unanimous Decision

170 Patrick Assalone vs Cam McHargue
Round 1 win to McHargue by TKO at 0:41 to earn the WEFC Lightweight Championship

From the event's promoter:
RCF 18

RCF poster Reality Combat Fighting 18 is taking place on Friday, July 12 in New Orleans, LA. Where else to have a fight in Louisiana than at Swamp Island Nightclub. New Orleans own Warren Donley 169lbs, a local high school wrestling coach, will facing off against Alfredo Hernandez 165lbs for the Main event of the night. Hernandez is an accomplished golden gloves boxer with a wrestling background as well.

In the Light Heavyweight division Jason Autery from Illinois will be competing against Dan Covel from New York. These two pro fights will be accompanied by an exciting under card of amateur fighters from Texas, Louisiana, and Illinois. Look for a night of getting all banged up at the SWAMP.

For more fight information go to http://www.realitycombatfighting.com/

From the event's promoter:

USMMA Nuri Shakir RING of FURY 2 is here! At the Tsongas Arena September 21!

USMMA to Host Ring of Fury 2 Championships in Lowell, Mass on September 21, 2002

PIC: Nuri Shakir is all smiles being congratulated by fans after his victory at RING of FURY. Shakir returns for ROF 2.

The United States Mixed Martial Arts organization will be hosting the Ring of Fury 2 Championships, the largest mixed martial arts event in New England. This event will be hosted at the state of the art, 8000 seat, Tsongas Arena in Lowell, Massachusetts on Saturday September 21, 2002 at 8:30pm. Doors open at 7:30pm.

The USMMA, the first organization to bring Massachusetts closed fist fighting, is very excited about the event and promises to deliver another very exciting show.

Well-known fighters from all over the country have committed to this landmark event and include Local favorite and USMMA Light Heavyweight Champion, Jorge Rivera, as well as the very popular crowd pleaser, Nuri Shakir. Many more exciting matches will be announced.

The event is being heavily promoted by WAAF radio, one of the largest radio stations in Massachusetts. Former Boston Bruin, Lyndon Byers, who will serve as Master of Ceremonies, will host the event.

For further information or sponsorship opportunities contact:
Tom Hafers 508-889-3158
E-mail thafers@usmma.org.

  Saturday - July 6, 2002

By Eduardo Alonso
Ruas Getting Ready to Fight
and Training Hard in Brazil

      The "King of the streets" is already back in Brazil and preparing for his next fight! Marco Ruas arrived in Rio de Janeiro this past week to begin the final phase of his preparation for his next -- and possibly last -- fight at the UFO event on August 8th. Despite his age, the former UFC Champion always manages to keep in great shape and came to Rio in good condition looking for the fight rhythm he needs to perform his best game in Japan. According to his student and training partner Pedro Rizzo, Ruas is ready for the task, "Marco is always in great shape, and things are no different this time. We're anxious to see him back in the ring." Marco Ruas will stay in Rio de Janeiro training with the Ruas Vale Tudo Team for almost a month, until he heads off Japan for the fight. His opponent is rumored to be PRIDE veteran Murakami Kazunari, altough nothing is certain at this point. After dealing with several injury problems that affected his performance, this will be Marco's second fight since recovering from a serious knee surgery, and many believe the outcome of the fight will determine whether this will be his fairwell fight or not. FCF will keep a close eye on his preparation for the fight, and further UFO card developments.

Tim Lajcik sprawls on Kimo
A Night of Freak
Injuries at the WFA

By Jim Genia

      (July 5, Las Vegas) The World Fighting Alliance Level 2 rocked The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino tonight as fans were treated to solid music, dazzling lights, plenty of beautiful women, and a few injuries that had the crowd groaning. Jermaine Andre came away the new WFA Middleweight Champ, and his opponent Joey Villasenor left with what seemed to be a broken ankle, while an irate Tim Lajcik was rushed off to the hospital after suffering an apparent self-inflicted broken toe, getting the loss despite having dominated UFC-legend Kimo for the entire duration of their two-minute match. The second installment of the WFA showed marked improvements over their debut -- improvements that were nearly overshadowed by the freak injuries in the cage.
Marvin Eastman post-fight       In the opening bout, light-heavyweight Marvin "the Beastman" Eastman [Pictured at right after the fight] redeemed his quick loss at the first show by taking down and staying on top of a very game Tom Sauer. Sauer, who took this fight on one day's notice, displayed some nice kicking from the guard, but Eastman got the better of him and ended up in the mount raining down elbows. The doctor called a halt to the match at 1:35 of the second round due to a deep cut above Sauer's eye.
      In the lightweight division, Shaolin [shown below post-fight with Andre Pederneiras] managed to get Hurley to the ground early and keep him there. Playing a grappling chess match, Shaolin and Hurley fought to improve their positions while occasionally peppering each other with blows. Then, at 1:19 of the second round, Shaolin caught Hurley in a side choke, and put the Lions Den fighter to sleep. Hurley had managed to defend well, but the Brazilian caught him.
      In the middleweight division, Team Punishment's Tiki was unafraid to stand toe-to-toe with top kickboxer Kit Cope. Showing some solid kicks before clinching, Tiki got Cope to the ground and kept him there, raining down punches and forcing Cope to tap at the end of the second round.
      Heavyweights Aaron Brink and Valentijn Overeem went at it with both guns blazing. Overeem landed some hard kicks to Brink and took the fight to the ground, but Brink rallied and brought the fight back to their feet. From there it was all Brink, as he then overwhelmed the Dutch fighter with punches and forced the ref to halt the match at 2:24 of the first round.
Tim Lajcik       Lajcik had a strong performance against Kimo, controlling him right from the start. Lajcik met every one of Kimo's shoots with a solid sprawl [pictured at the top of this article], and answered the tattooed warrior's attempted standing guillotine with a powerful slam. But a severely broken toe forced the doctor to halt the match at 1:55 of the first round, and Kimo was declared the winner as Lajcik was rushed off to the hospital. The toe, shown again and again on the giant screens, was unlike anything anyone (including the ringside doctor) had ever seen - a freak injury and tough break for Lajcik, who clearly was in control of the bout.
      Frank Trigg looked relaxed as he manhandled an overmatched Jason Medina. Medina, who took the fight on a day's notice to replace Shonie Carter, did his best to stay out of trouble, but Trigg hit him with knees at will whenever they stood, and dropped elbows whenever they were on the ground. Medina tapped out at 3:43 of the first round. Trigg, sporting the words "Mohr Sports" written in magic marker on his back, had actor Jay Mohr from ESPN in his corner.
      With the WFA middleweight belt on the line, Jermaine Andre and Joey Villasenor seemed to come out with both guns blazing. Villasenor started off with a flying knee attempt, and Andre caught him and slammed him down to the mat. From there, the Team Extreme fighter fell back into a leglock attempt, but Villasenor was already tapping - he'd landed on his ankle wrong, and it appeared to be badly broken (a la Jason Deluca vs. Joe Slick in UFC Japan). At 0:21 of the first round, Andre was declared the winner.

RESULTS: Vitor Shaolin Ribeiro with Andre Pederneiras
  • Jermaine Andre def. Joey Villasenor by tap out due to broken ankle at 0:21 into round 1, to become the WFA Middleweight Champion.

  • Frank Trigg def. Jason Medina via tap out due to elbows at 3:43 of round 1.

  • Kimo def. Tim Lajcik via doc stoppage due to a badly broken toe at 1:55 of the first round.

  • Aaron Brink def. Valentijn Overeem via ref stoppage due to strikes at 2:24 of the first round.

  • Tiki def. Kit Cope due to submission via strikes from the mount at the end of the second round.

  • Shaolin def. Joe Hurley via side choke (Hurley choked unconscious) at 1:19 of the second round.

  • Marvin Eastman def. Tom Sauer via doc stoppage due to cut at 1:35 of the second round.

  Sunday - July 7, 2002

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  Monday - July 8, 2002

By Eduardo Alonso
Vitor Belfort is Back in Training

      After an exciting fight in his comeback to the UFC, where he lost to Chuck Liddell by unanimous decision, Vitor Belfort is already training again looking for a probable fight on the September UFC card. FCF spoke with "The Phenom" in Sao Paulo today, and the 25-year-old Brazilian said he really wants to fight again in September. Not only that but he is already training hard to be in better shape in his next fight. Vitor told FCF he hasn't heard anything about Mike Van Arsdale as an opponent as of yet, despite all the rumors about a fight between the two. At this point Belfort's participation at the September event isn't certain, but he plans to be prepared and hopes the UFC will use him on the card, against Van Arsdale or any other opponent. Belfort also commented that he feels he was doing well in his fight against Chuck until the knockdown in the third round, and he feels Liddell is a great fighter so this loss won't take away his desire to fight again. With one fight left on his UFC contract, plus an extra fight guaranteed if the UFC wants it, Vitor Belfort's career in the UFC can be long or short, depending on the outcome of his next fight. FCF will keep a close eye on the Phenom's training developments as the September UFC card takes shape.

  Wednesday - July 10, 2002

From the event's promoter:
8/23 MN Combat Sports: Duluth MN

August 23rd, Wade Stadium Duluth

Minnesota Combat Sports will present our biggest show of the summer. A full evening of Boxing and Extreme Fighting. The card will feature 6 Boxing matches and 6 Extreme fights including 2 Title fights. Chad "Rockcrusher" Rockwite will be returning to action to defend his Middle Weight Belt.

Currently we are looking for fighters at all weights to compete; however this card will fill fast so get your name to me right away to compete. We are also looking for Submission Grapplers to compete in walk up matches and Shoot Wrestlers to compete on the under card. E-mail Mike Reilly at mikereilly@yahoo.com for more information.

  Thursday - July 11, 2002

By Joe Hall
Joint Proposal Between Barnett and Nevada Commission Fails; Hearing Scheduled for July 26

The Nevada State Athletic Commission met today with Josh Barnett, who was present via conference call while in London for Saturday's UFC.

No ruling was made regarding the allegations that Barnett used steroids. The Nevada Commission did not have a "full hearing," said Chief Deputy Attorney General Keith Kizer, who represents the Commission. Instead, a joint proposal, which Kizer described as "kind of a settlement of the complaint," was the topic of the meeting.

"We were hoping to alleviate the need for a hearing by trying to work out a joint proposal between Marc Ratner, the Commission's executive director, and Josh Barnett as the licensee," Kizer said.

Josh Barnett A joint proposal, if reached, would then have been sent to the Nevada Commission for approval. However, an agreement could not be made with Barnett.

"We tried our best, both sides, but we just couldn't reach a final version of what both sides could live with," Kizer said.

The discussed proposal had "nothing to do with a suspension," Kizer told FCF. "It would not have included any type of suspension to it. We couldn't agree on the language, basically."

Since the joint proposal failed, the Nevada Commission will go forward with the hearing on July 26. Barnett has already been sent a notice that he must attend in-person on that date.

At the July 26 hearing, Kizer said the Commission will present the evidence they have that Barnett used steroids and should be disciplined for it. Barnett has the right to defend himself by any legitimate means, which may include presenting evidence, calling witnesses, and testifying.

As far as what to expect from the hearing, Kizer stated, "Our main goal here is really education. We just had this happen not too long ago, and the main goal is to get these guys some sort of counseling as well as provide proof that they no longer have steroids in their system. That's what we'll be asking for on this case as well."

Kizer continued, "We're not looking to just merely punish somebody. Unfortunately, we've found out, at least through the allegations in major league baseball, that steroid use is more rampant in that sport than people once thought. I think the same thing may be true here as well. We want the fighters to realize that even though this may give you an unfair advantage in the short term, it could give you long-term health problems including death. We want to make sure that Mr. Barnett understands that."

From Josh Hedges/Zuffa:
Carlos Newton, Dana White, Matt Hughes and Lorenzo Fertitta
Frank Warren, where are you?

UFC President Dana White upped his wager again to British Boxing promoter Frank Warren. In June, Warren made some derogatory remarks about MMA fighters. White offered $50,000 US and challenged Warren to step up and put his money where his mouth is. Since making his initial comments, Warren has been in hiding. At the UFC 38 pre-event press conference today in London, Dana White unveiled $250,000 US and told the British media any of the UFC fighters would be more than happy to fight any of Warren's boxers. Will Warren respond this time?

By Eduardo Alonso
Sperry and Nogueira Brothers Ready for UFO

      The Brazilian Top Team continues has been marking its presence in Japan with memorable fights at PRIDE, and the new UFO event scheduled for August will be no different. Three of the Top Team's fighters, including PRIDE heavyweight champion Rodrigo "Minotauro" Nogueira, will be fighting in the new Japanese event. PRIDE and Extreme fighting veteran Mario Sperry is already training for his upcoming fight at UFO, despite the knee surgery he underwent after PRIDE 20. Sperry is almost 100% recovered from his injury and will be fighting a yet to be named opponent. Mario's opponent will probably be announced next week, but his participation in the even is certain unless he gets injured.
      The Nogueira brothers, Rogerio and Rodrigo, are coming back today from a trip to Holland, where they trained Muay Thai in order to improve their game and while Rodrigo was recovering from a back injury that prevented his participation at PRIDE 21 and limited his ground training for a while. Minotauro will be facing Sanae Kikuta at UFO. Although the match hasn't been announced yet, it's already considered certain within the NHB circles in Brazil. Rodrigo Minotauro won't be the only Nogueira fighting in the event, his twin brother Rogerio Minotoro will also be fighting against an opponent to be named in the future. With the presence of three Brazilian Top Team members, the UFO card continues to develop as a strong one. FCF was also told that Marco Ruas' possible opponent, Murakami Kazunari, is in Brazil training with the Brazilian Top Team for his upcoming bout in the UFO against Ruas, therefore even though the match hasn't been announced yet, it's bound to happen.

From Josh Hedges/Zuffa:
UFC Logo
Brawl At Royal Albert Hall From London To Be Telecast In 4 Countries, July 13

      LONDON, ENGLAND, July 10, 2002… The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the world's leading mixed martial arts sports company, today announced it has signed an exclusive agreement with Modern Sports & Entertainment, a subsidiary of Modern Times Group, to telecast its fight shows on Viasat Ticket pay-per-view television in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark starting Saturday, July 13, with the Brawl At Royal Albert Hall in London.
      The fight will be telecast live at 8 p.m. Central European Time (CET) in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, and 9 p.m. CET in Finland. The suggested retail price is approximately 129 Krona ($13 U.S.), depending on exchange rates.
      "We are excited about signing this agreement before the London show because it expands our brand in Europe immediately. We look forward bringing more shows to Scandanavian fight fans in the future," said Dana White, UFC president.
      The main event of the eight-fight card will be the long-awaited welterweight championship re-match between Champion Matt Hughes (26-3-0 in Mixed Martial Arts) of Hillsboro, Ill., (U.S.A) and former champion Carlos Newton (11-5-0) of Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. Hughes captured the title from Newton November 2 with a controversial knockout in Las Vegas, Nev.

Official IFC press release:
Women's Fight added to IFC Warrior's Challenge 17
July 12th, Eagle Mtn. Casino, Porterville, CA

The International Fighting Championships ("IFC") is proud to announce the addition of a women's fight to its Warriors Challenge XVII card. Debbie Purcell will put her undefeated record on the line against dangerous Malanie Dumont, who comes into the fight with a MMA record of 1-0 herself.
The WARRIORS CHALLENGE XVII show will be storming into Eagle Mountain in Porterville, CA on July 12th. "This is the first event of this nature at Eagle Mountain, and the casino really wants to do it right - in a brand new outdoor arena! The fighters and fans will be the first to use this new state of the art outdoor amphitheatre.
Commissioner Paul Smith anticipates an action packed show. The card features K-1 Veteran Carter Williams, Paul Buentello, Gary Marshall, Debbie Purcell, Chris Lytle, Steve Heath, Jake Shields. One thing is sure - with a line up like this, the leather will be flying.
Make Sure To Get Tickets Now - Before They Sell Out!
Tickets are available at www.vallitix.com, or by calling Eagle Mountain Casino at 1-888-825-5484. For more information about Eagle Mountain Casino you can check out its website at www.eaglemtncasino.com, or call them at 1-800-903-3353.All tickets already sold for the May 22nd show will be honored.
Women's Middleweight Contender Fight

Malanie Dumont
Montreal, Canada
134lbs / 5'6"
Chinese Boxing
Debi Purcell
Laguna Niguel, CA
134lbs / 5'7"
Marco Ruas Vale Tudo
Nickname: Whiplash
Trainer: Marco Ruas
Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA
Fighting Out Of: Laguna Niguel, CA
Mixed Martial Arts Record: 3-0
Sponsors: http://www.fairtex.com
Web Site: http://www.fightergirls.com
Titles and Accomplishments: Ultimate Wrestling World Title Belt holder, HooknShoot Revolution winner, 2002. Headlined the first ever all womens NHB card in US History. Ultimate Wrestling Minnesota winner, Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, Nevada State TKD Champion, over ten years exp in Muay Thai and Western Boxing.
Movie/TV credits: Recently finsihed an HBO movie pilot show with Morgan Productions involving other pro MA stars including Eric Paulson and Petey Cunningham. Ultimate Athlete interview.

IFC United States Heavyweight Championship
Mike Kyle Primal Tribe Fight Team vs. Paul Buentello
IFC Super Fight Heavyweight Contender
Carter Williams Team VOODOO vs. Gary Marshall Athletics Team (IFC Native American Super Heavyweight Champion)
IFC Super Fight Welterweight Contender
Jake Shields Cesar Gracie JJ vs. Chris Lytle Pancrase /UFC Veteran
Womens middleWeight Contender Fight
Malanie Dumonte Chinese Boxing vs. Debi Purcell Marco Ruas Vale Tudo
Middleweight Contender Fight
Steve Heath Cesar Gracie JJ vs. James "MadDog" Meals Team Pain
Featherweight Challenge Fight
Scott Bills Team Piranha vs. Nick Diaz Cesar Gracie JJ
Light Heavyweight Challenge Fight
Cory Hangos XMF vs. Jason Pratt The Pit
Middleweight Challenge Fight
Shrek Julian Victory Athletics Team vs. Bob Ostovich Jesus is Lord
Welterweight Challenge Fight
Eddy Ellis Victory Athletics vs. Jeramy Jackson Team Freedom
Lightweight Preliminary Fight
Rusty Simpson TeamGroundNPound vs. Jeff Hougland Team VOODOO
Lightweight Challenge Fight
Randy Spence Fusion Fight Team vs. Boukai Rami Next Generation
Lightweight Challenge Fight
Nick Ertl Jr .Cesar GracieJJ vs. Dax Bruce Victory Athletics Team

From RITC Writer/Statistician John Petrilli:
RITC 37 - Super Fights Announced

Five excellent Super Fights have been announced to accompany the previously released outstanding Main Event match-up featuring two UFC veterans.

Main Event:
Remco Pardoel (Holland) vs #1 Homer Moore (USA)

Super Fights:
#1 Drew Fickett (170 lbs) vs Scott Morris (160 lbs)
#3 Vince Lucero (285 lbs) vs Cory Timmerman (300 lbs)
#1 Adam Durant (152 lbs) vs #4 Santino Defranco (154 lbs)
#2 Gabe Casillas (168 lbs) vs #3 John Lansing (162 lbs)
#2 Bryan Pardoe (204 lbs) vs #4 Larry Robertson (202 lbs)

RITC rankings are from their respective weight divisions. The 3 listed fighters without rankings simply do not have the 2 RITC fight minimum required for eligibility.

This represents only half the card. More fights will be announced in the weeks ahead.

There will be 12 Fights total (the Arizona Commission Limit).

The planned fight card for RITC 37 is the biggest and best ever offered in RITC history and a sellout is a virtual certainty. Don't be disappointed. Have the Celebrity Theatre Box Office (602-267-1600) hold your tickets at will-call. All it takes is a single phone call, or stop by the Box Office in person if paying by cash for advanced ticket pick-ups.

The only $5 discounts for RITC 37 will be with existing RITC red cards or KUPD red cards.

Please visit www.rageinthecage.com or call 480-446-8127 for more information.

Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix, Arizona
Saturday, July 27, 2002
Doors Open: 6 PM, Fight Time: 8 PM
General Admission Tickets only $20 !!!
Tickets $20 (rows 14-25), $30 (rows 4-13) and $40 (rows 1-3)
Tickets for RITC available at the Celebrity Theatre Box Office (602-267-1600) or at Ticketmaster (480-784-4444).

  Friday - July 12, 2002

Carlos Newton vs. Matt Hughes
UFC 38 Hops The Pond
Successful Weigh-ins Kick off London, England Show
By Loretta Hunt

Welcome to London, England, home of... Narrow streets. Cars from every direction. The (non-air conditioned) Tube. Rude natives. Jet lag. Questionable food. These maladies are but a small price to pay for those lucky enough to be a part of history tomorrow night, as the Ultimate Fighting Championship makes its European debut at the equally monumental Royal Albert Hall. However, it is evident that this final preparatory week leading up to the show has been especially taxing for all involved. With signs of jet lag running rampant among the fighters, their entourages, Zuffa's staff (the parent company to the UFC) and even with the press sent over to cover the event, never has sleep been such a precious commodity. Also scarce among all the action of this last week is Internet access, leading to delays for Zuffa and slowed media coverage back to the States. However, with an impressive sense of organization, Zuffa seems to have been able to overcome each hurdle placed in its way (and the press is learning to share one working cable modem).

Oddities aside, the official UFC weigh-ins are always a pleasure to observe, as it is the first time that the entire card is assembled in one room. Opponents are finally brought together, some for the very first time, before they will square off in the famed Octagon. This weigh-in session being no different and with local organization BAMMA (British Association of Mixed Martial Arts) overseeing the proceedings, personnel worked feverishly to get all sixteen athletes' medical and weight requirements fulfilled. With the weights being announced in the native measurement of kilograms, the standing room only audience waited anxiously as stage-side officials made the quick conversions to pounds.

First to make their way to the stage were Carlos Newton and Welterweight Champion Matt Hughes, who will battle it out for a second time for the title. Peppy and outspoken as usual, Newton weighed in at 168 pounds. Next, Hughes mounted the scale only to be informed that he was over by .6 kilograms or approximately 2 pounds. This being a title fight, and under BAMMA's recommendation, Hughes would have a second chance to make the requirement. With four hours to shed the "extra" weight, he left the room noticeably assured (if not slightly annoyed) that he would be able to make the adjustment.

The heavyweights were next. Las Vegas native and rising star for the UFC organization, 6'2" Frank Mir tipped the scales at 237 pounds. With a little extra verbal support from the local crowd, three-time UFC veteran Ian Freeman weighed in at 220 pounds.

Sudo vs. Remedios Both making their premieres tomorrow night in the Octagon, "the Neon Samurai" Genki Sudo and number one ranked UK lightweight Leigh Remedios both hit the 154-pound mark. The 25-year-old Remedios, looking all of eighteen, sported a wild blond-dyed hairdo, while Sudo seemed to display a less "chilly" demeanor that was evident in the UFC's last Japanese entry Hayato Sakurai.

Welterweight Tony DeSouza, whose last UFC fight was at UFC 33 back in September, made his return today at 170.5 pounds. Meanwhile, opponent Gil Castillo, calculated out to 172 pounds, and both men were slightly over the required number. However, this being a non-title fight and with both competitors' consent, the match-up was approved a "go."

Elvis and Amber Exhibiting a vibrant new hairstyle of his native land's gold and green flag colors, Australian Elvis Sinosic easily made his required weight by coming in at 201 pounds. Brazilian opposition Renato "Babalu" Sobral, reserved yet determined looking, was an on-target 203 pounds.

Six-time UFC veteran Eugene "The Wolf" Jackson hopped onto the scales at 184.5 pounds, while first-time participant and top UK middleweight contender Mark Weir logged in at 181.5 pounds. Posing together afterwards for the press, the 6'2" Weir had a considerable height distinction over the 5'9" Jackson. However, Jackson seemed undaunted and even opted to hug and pose with his taller opponent following their "stare-down."

Next, Team Quest member Evan Tanner stepped onto the scale at a perfect 205 pounds. Australian Chris Haseman, a last-minute replacement for the injured Vladimir Matyushenko, came in at 203 pounds to make this light-heavyweight bout official.

Mark Weir vs. Eugene Jackson The last match-up announced to the card was ironically the last to weigh-in this Friday afternoon. UFC newcomers James Zikic and Phillip Miller both approached the stage to record in their weights. Hometown favorite Zikic came in at 201 pounds, while Californian dynamo Miller was a little less at 198 pounds.

Matt Hughes took his second trip to the scale that day to make his requirement missed earlier. Confidently quipping to the swarming press that there was "no news here -- he'd make weight" Hughes was again scrutinized by the awkward white contraption and the officials. With some confusion in converting the English measurement to pounds, Hughes elected to shed his "skivvies," and with a satisfactory 169.4 pounds recorded in the books, the main event was on.

Hughes weighs in Following a brief intermission in which the fighters got a brief bite to eat in an adjoining room, head referee "Big" John McCarthy took tomorrow night's competitors through the rules of the event. Under BAMMA's jurisdiction, the rules would be identical to those utilized by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, translating out to hopefully few surprises tomorrow night. Nonetheless, with six athletes making their debut, the rules meeting was handled slowly and intricately by the more than capable McCarthy, who stopped to field various questions from "newbies" and "vets" alike. Adjourned for the day, the fighters and their camps quickly vacated to make their final preparations and most likely, to get in a few more "zzzz's" before the big night. UFC 38 in London, England is full speed ahead.

From the event's promoter:
Mr. International makes for a Last Minute Addition to SuperBrawl XXV

Shonie Carter


Kolo Koka

Mr. International, Shonie Carter, will make his return to the SuperBrawl ring this weekend to face off against Grappling Unlimited's Kolo Koka. Koka has stopped everyone that has been put in front of him, but he's never seen the caliber of the self-proclaimed 'Playa with a Passport.'

Carter has fought in the Pancrase organization in Japan, is a 4-time UFC veteran and has wins over former UFC middleweight champ Dave Menne and UFC lightweight contender Matt Serra.

While Koka has been getting his knocks in on a regular basis, Carter hasn't made an MMA appearance since a loss to Pat Militech in June of 2001.

Will 'ring rust' be a factor for Shonie or will he put this young gun in his place?

From the event's promoter:
SuperBrawl XXV Card Finalized
Ten total fights!

SuperBrawl XXV goes down Saturday, July 13 at the Blaisdell Arena. Tickets for SuperBrawl 25 are on sale now at the Blaisdell Center box office, all Tickets Plus outlets or online.

Martijn de Jong 182.6lbs
(Golden Glory, Holland) 14-4


Egan Inoue 182.6lbs
(Grappling Unlimited) SuperBrawl Champion 13-3

Hometown favorite and Shooto 7th Ranked Egan Inoue will square off against Shooto 4th Ranked Martijn de Jong from Holland. De Jong, a.k.a. The Specialist, fights out of Amsterdam's prestigious Golden Glory gym and boasts a 14-4-2 Mixed Martial Arts record, with all 14 wins coming by KO or submission.

Kimikito Nonaka 132lbs
(Purebred Omiya, Japan)


Jose Lopez 132lbs
(Shark Tank, CA) SuperBrawl #3 Ranked 1-0-1

Nonaka is an aggressive fighter coming down in weight for this fight. He has had mixed success at 143lbs and looks to use his strength at this lighter weight. "The Outlaw" may have something to say about it. Lopez, with perhaps the best hands in the business, and a KO victory over Lincoln Tyler, will look to punch his way to the top of the lightweight SuperBrawl rankings. Nonaka 3-2, favorite.

Jin Kazeta 143lbs
(Nigata, Japan) 2-0-1


Eddie Yagin 143lbs
(Grappling Unlimited) SuperBrawl #3 Ranked 6-0

What else can you expect from a Japanese shooter than and ultra-exciting well-rounded game? In addition, Kazeta is also a former Kickboxing champion. Yagin has shown punching and kicking talent himself. He is on a seemingly unstoppable roll. Will he be the first local fighter to notch up a win against a Japanese shooter in quite some time? Pick-em, Even Odds

Jason Bress 143lbs
(Sean McCully, LA) 9-3


Baret Yoshida 143lbs
(Grappling Unlimited) SuperBrawl #5 Ranked 4-3-1

Bress is a quality opponent who favors the striking game (4-0 in Kickboxing). Yoshida is world renowned for his submission game. The few who have had success against Yoshida, strike from inside guard while avoiding his lethal submissions. Yoshida 3-2 favorite

Brennan Kamaka 160lbs
(Gamebred) 1-6


Jay R. Palmer 160lbs.
(Freelance) 20-17

This will be fun! Two game fighters who have not seen a 'W' in quite some time. Brennan is a former State Champion wrestler with good hands and Jay R. is an unorthodox brawler. Neither fighter is big on submissions. This fight will be won or lost with striking. Pick-em, Even Odds.

Ian Nelms 167.5lbs
(Shark Tank) 0-0


Brandon Wolff 167.5lbs
(Grappling Unlimited) 1-0

This is a Great match-up of young talent. Nelms, a Division I wrestler and as with all Shark Tank fighters, will arrive in great shape and be well rounded. Wolf may have a slight advantage in striking but Nelms will try to negate that with his strong grappling skills. Pick-em, Even Odds

Nick Bradley 198lbs
(Shark Tank)
SuperBrawl #5 Ranked

Kaipo Miller 198lbs
(Grappling Unlimited) 0-0

Bradley is coming off an impressive victory in SuperBrawl 23. A collegiate level wrestler who likes to push the action. Miller will try to weather the storm and find a submission from the bottom. Bradley 3-2 Favorite.

Joey Jordan 143lbs
(808 Fight Factory) 0-0


Justin Mercado 143lbs
(Grappling Unlimited) 0-1

Look for an aggressive fight from both these young fighters. Mercado is coming of a tough, decision loss to Jordan's teammate and will look for revenge. Pick-em, Even Odds.

William Armstrong 135lbs
(808 Fight Factory)0-0


Will Hagerty 135lbs
(Grappling Unlimited) 0-0

Two young lightweights with wrestling backgrounds. Armstrong may have the edge in striking while Hagerty will have the edge in submissions. Pick-em, Even Odds.

Deshaun Johnson 167.5lbs
(HMC Pankration) 2-2


Justin Karr 167.5lbs
(Grappling Unlimited) 0-0

Johnson is a tough as nails striker who is working diligently on his ground game. Karr is ultra-aggressive and will keep coming forward. Should be interesting to see who breaks first. Pick-em Even Odds

SuperBrawl XXV goes down Saturday, July 13 at the Blaisdell Arena. Tickets for SuperBrawl 25 are on sale now at the Blaisdell Center box office, all Tickets Plus outlets or online.

From Koichi "Booker K" ;Kawasaki:
K-1 WORLD GP2002 in Fukuoka July 14th

K-1 announced all match up of "K-1 World GP 2002 in Fukuoka" on June 14th as follows.

Tra Telligman out, Martin Holm in.

DATE: July 14th, 2002 (Sunday)
OPEN: 13:30 PM START 15:00 PM
PLACE: Marine Messe Fukuoka (Fukuoka pref, JAPAN)

6th Match:
Ray Sefo (American Present Boxing Gym, New Zealand) vs. Gilbert Yvel (Golden Glory, Holland)

5th Match:
Peter Aerts (Mejiro Gym, Holland) vs. Alexey Ignashov (Chinuk Gym,Belarus)

4th Match:
Mirko Cro Cop (Cro Cop Squad Gym, Croatia) vs. Remy Bonjasky (Mejiro Gym, Holland)

3rd Match:
Musashi (Seido Kaikan,Japan) vs. Jossie Dempsey (ZERO-ONE & La Boxing ,USA)

2nd Match:
Glaube Feitosa (Kyokushin Kaikan, Brazil) vs. Martin Holm (Vallentuna Boxing Camp ,Sweden)

1st Match:
Cyril Abidi (Challenge Boxing,France) vs. Qinonton"Rampage" Jackson (Team Punishment,USA)

Opening fight

2nd Match:
Nobu Hayashi (Dojo Chakuriki, Japan) vs. Masaaki Miyamoto (Seido Kaikan,Japan)

1st Match:
Yusuke Fujimoto (Monster Factory, Japan) vs. Ryo Takigawa (Nisshinn Kaikan, Japan)

From Koichi "Booker K" ;Kawasaki:
NEXT Result
2002.07.07 sun Yokohama Akarenga
OPEN 15:30 START 17:00

CONTENDERS 5 min 2 rounds rule

1st Match-65 kg
Masakazu Imanari (Team Roken) vs. Hideo Tokoro (POD)
Imanari def Tokoro by decision (40-38)

2nd Match-77 kg
Satoru Kitaoka (Pancrase ism) vs. Hiroyuki Kojima (Free)
Kojima def Kitaoka by decision (39-38)

3rd Match-68 kg
Koji Komuro (RJJ) vs. Takumi Yano (Ugo kai)
Komuro def Yano by Choke(Sodeguruma) , 1R 1'11

4th Match-70 kg
Eiki Kadowaki (Wa-jyutsu Keishu-kai) vs. Naoyuki Kotani (Rodeo Style)
Kadowaki def Katani by Choke , 2R 2'33

5th Match-90 kg
KEI Yamamiya (Pancrase ism) vs. Masutatsu Yano (RJW/Central)
Yamamiya def Yano by decision (40-39)

6th Match-68 kg
Katsuya Toida (Wa-jyutsu Keishu-kai) vs. Koichi Kuwabara (Tokyo Yellowmans)
Toida def Kuwabara by ankle hold 2R 3'14

CONTENDERS DOUBLES (15min a match in which the two to submitted is the winner)

7th Match
Mitsuyoshi Sato (Pancrase GRABAKA) and Yuki Sasaki (Pancrase
Caol Uno (Wa-jyutsu Keishu-kai) and Eiji Mitsuoka (RJW/central)

This fight was draw

From Koichi "Booker K" ;Kawasaki:
Additional Match Announced for

DSE has announced additional match up of "MMA THE BEST Vol.2" on July 20th as follows.

Takahiro Oba (AO/DC) vs Fatih "Turkish Terror" Kocamis (Golden

Already announced Official Line Up:

Daiju Takase (Wa-jyutsu Keishu-kai) vs Nino "Elvis" Schembri (Gracie Barra)

Koh Soukun (Wa-jyutsu Keishu-kai) vs Bob "Terrible" Schreiber

Giant Ochiai (Monster Kingdom) vs Tomohiko Hashimoto(DDT pro wrestling)

From Koichi "Booker K" ;Kawasaki:
SHOOT BOXING "S-cup" Results

July 7th 2002 , Yokohama Culture Gymnasium (Kanagawa, Japan) open: 3:00PM; fights start: 4:00PM


1st Match: Satoko Shinashi(AACC) vs. Kinue Yoshizumi(GGG)

Result: draw 1-0 (20-19,20-20,20,20)


2nd Match: YU IKEDA(Shonan GYM) vs. Nathan Corbett(Australia)

Result: Corbett def IKEDA 2R 1'07 KO


3rd Match: Daniel Dawson (Team ISS,Austria) vs. Ryuji Goto
WMTA World S-welter Camp SB Middle weight 1st

Result: Dawson def Goto 2R 1'07 KO

4th Match: Jhon Igo (Chainese U-shu Assosiation,Chaina) vs. Yuriy
Gudyma (Team Vovchanchyn)
San-shu World Cham Draka

Result: Igo def Gudyma 2R 1'08 TKO (referee stop)

5th Match: Manoer Fonceca (Chute Boxe,Brazil) vs. Andy Souwer
(Ling-Ho Gym, Holland)
Brasil Storm Muay Thai Champ WKA World S-welter

Result: Souwer def Fonceca 2R 2'58 KO (2 knock down)

6th Match: Hiroyuki Doi(Caesar GYM) vs. Tarik Benfkih (Club Haute
SB World welter Champ Savat Champ, WPKA World Champ

Result: Doi def Benfkih Extra R decision 3-0 (10-9,10-8,10-8)


7th Match: Ryan Bow(Free) vs. Masaru Abe(Cross Point)

Result: Abe def Bow Decision 3-0 (29-28,29-28,29-28)

8th Match: Hiroki Shishido(Caesar GYM) vs. Ronald Wolfs(Ling-Ho
Gym, Holland)
SB Light weight Champ

Result: Shishido def Wolfs 1R 2'24 TKO (3 knock down )


9th Match :
Result: Igo def Dawson 1R 1'04 TKO (throwing towel )

10th Match:
Result: Souwer def Doi 1R 0'59 KO ( Panch )


11th Match: Volk Atajev (RINGS RUSSIA) vs. Chris Franco(Studio
West Martial Arts, Canada)

Result: Atajev def Franco 1R 2'31 Front Choke

12th Match: Kenichi Ogata (Caesar GYM) vs. Narkou Spain(Australia)
SB S-welter weight Champ Supartan Champ
Result: Draw


13th Match:
Result: Souwer def Igo Extra R decision ( 10-9,10-10,10-9 )

  Saturday - July 13, 2002

Royal Albert Hall
History in the Making
By Loretta Hunt

      Tonight is a night of firsts. Not only will UFC 38 mark the inaugural time the event has touched down on Europe's shore, America's premiere mixed martial arts event will open its doors at a truly regal venue. When the fighter's make their entrances, it will be hard for them not to stop and gasp, as they will be entering one of the world's most inspired architectural masterpieces to ever grace mankind. The Royal Albert Hall, built by the Lucas Brothers and opened by Queen Victoria on March 29, 1871, has become a cultural mecca for Great Britain, hosting an array of musical, political, scientific and sporting events. Within its 155 feet walls constructed with over six million bricks; the great composer Wagner has conducted, the first British suffragettes met, the "Morse" apparatus (for Morse code) was demonstrated, and even a 26 mile marathon was ran (by 520 circuits of its arena). Its versatile halls have accommodated Liza, Sammy, Ella and Frank- just to name a few. Spinal Tap, Sting, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins Paul Simon and Meatloaf have all appeared as well. The British Academy Awards have been telecast from "the Hall" as well as the famous Prince's Trust concerts. During World War II, its doors were closed for nearly a year due to bomb threats and it survived the eventual war blitz in the Fall of 1940.
Royal Albert Hall
      In 1908, the first amateur boxing competition was introduced and by 1958, the martial arts made its premiere with the first black belt judo exhibition. And now, it is mixed martial arts turn. With approximately 6,000 (mostly British) attendees this evening, MMA will truly get the respect it deserves within such an exquisite setting. From a Louisiana parking lot to the Royal Albert Hall, you've come a long way baby.

London Sound Bytes
By Loretta Hunt
Ian Freeman and Elvis Sinosic

It's just hours away from UFC 38 "Brawl At The Hall," and the tension is mounting. Here are a few thoughts from some of tonight's competitors, including the four British fighters slated to enter the infamous Octagon this evening.

Ian Freeman Ian Freeman, three-time UFC heavyweight veteran, on sticking around long enough to see the UFC debut his homeland:

"I never thought the UFC would get here so quickly. I thought when I started fighting two years ago in the UFC, it would open doors for more English fighters to come fight in the States, but that never happened. So, the show actually coming to England itself, was something I thought would never happen- not in my lifetime anyhow. Obviously, I'm overwhelmed. To be back for my fourth time, I want to show the English fans that I can do it just as well here as I can abroad."

Leigh Remedios Leigh Remedios, the UK's number one ranked lightweight, on the "stacked" UFC lightweight class:

"I don't think the UK is up to the [United] States' standard just yet, and I don't necessarily want to fight the top guys yet. However, I'll fight anybody they put in front of me."

Mark Weir Mark Weir, UK's top middleweight entry, on opponent Eugene Jackson:

"He's obviously smaller than me. I know that he's probably stronger than me. But I've got reach and speed over him. I'll probably go for the knockout, if you ask me. I'll try and out-speed him while he uses his power and overwhelm him."

James Zikic James Zikic, hometown light-heavyweight, on making his UFC debut:

"This means everything to me. This has been my goal for the last eight years and I'm hoping to take this opportunity and run with it. Now that the UFC's making its way through Europe, its popularity is going to just explode."

Genki Sudo Genki Sudo, Japanese lightweight phenom, on his predecessor's (Hayato Sakurai) past performance:

"My first time in Octagon, but I don't care. He [Sakurai] is just he, I am myself. I watch many Octagon fights. I wait five long days here to fight. I [am] ready."

Carlos Newton Carlos Newton, top-ranked welterweight contender, on second chances:

"I'm going to do pretty much everything the same. I'll wrestle with him [opponent and UFC champion Matt Hughes] a little bit more this time, and not just rely on my ground skills. I'd like to stand-up and duke it out. I'm looking for the knockout."

Super Brawl XXV
Press Conference/Weigh-in

Friday 7/12/02 1:00 PM at 24 Hour Fitness
By Michael Onzuka - Mike@onzuka.com

Inoue vs. de Jong All the fighters showed and made weight for this large card coming up tomorrow night. There is a lot of good match ups that should make for interesting fights from the start to the finish of the card. A couple of fights to watch are the Deshaun Johnson/Dain Agbayani fight and the Nonaka/Lopez fight. Agbayani is giving up some weight, but has some hand skills to match that of Johnson. The fans can expect some good stand up exchanges unless Agbayani can take the fight to the ground where he may have the edge. Johnson may have a slight edge standing due to his proven use of knees, kicks, and hands. Dain is known for his quick, powerful hands. This should be a great fight. Jose Lopez, who may have one of the best left hooks this side of Bozo Palling looks to see what he can do against the well rounded Nonaka who has had success in Shooto. Coming from Enson Inoue's gym, Nonaka has to be a warrior and Lopez has already treated Hawaii fans to exciting fights in the past.

Baret Yoshida makes a return to the Hawaii squared circle to face a mysterious Jason Bress. Bress is listed as an undefeated kickboxer and Baret has just rocked the highly ranked Abe in Japan a short while ago. Can Bress keep the fight standing and prove that he is the better striker or will Yoshida take the fight to the ground where he has shown that he is among the best in the world? I would not be surprised for Baret to throw some bombs standing. His teammates say that he can send shivers down your spine with some of the good shots he throws. Eddie Yagin puts his undefeated streak on the line again another Japanese fighter unknown to the Hawaii fans. After the last two monsters that came from the land of the rising sun, the Hawaii audience looks forward to any Japan-based fighter to show their goods.

Carter vs. Koka The original playa from the Himalayas returns to Hawaii after having mixed success in the big show, the UFC. Shonie Carter brings his unorthodox style to Hawaii to face a straight ahead hard hitter in Kolo Koka. A win by Koka will shock everyone, including Carter, but with the way Koka hits, one punch may be all it takes. Carter has been knocked out before.

What is listed as the retirement match for the largest draw of MMA in Hawaii, Egan Inoue will face the number 4 Shooto fighter in Martijn de Jong from Holland. de Jong will look to keep the fight standing, but does have some ground experience. Egan has proven that the ground is his world and would probably like to go out with a solid stand up performance to leave his impression in the MMA world of being a total package. Look for both fighters to let it all hang out here.

Tickets are still available, but are going fast. This card has to be a crowd pleaser because of the many great match ups. Get down to the Blaisdell to see the fights live!

Super Brawl XXV Fight Card
Saturday, July 13, 2002
Blaisdell Arena - Honolulu, Hawaii

Martijn de Jong 180.0 lbs
(Golden Glory, Holland) 14-4
Egan Inoue 181.0 lbs
(Grappling Unlimited) Super Brawl Champion 13-3

Shonie Carter 166.6 lbs
Kolo Koka 165.4 lbs
Grappling Unlimited

Kimikito Nonaka 131.8 lbs
(Purebred Omiya, Japan)
Jose Lopez 132 lbs
(Shark Tank, CA) Super Brawl #3 Ranked 1-0-1

Jin Kazeta 143 lbs
(Nigata, Japan) 2-0-1
Eddie Yagin 141.2 lbs
(Grappling Unlimited) Super Brawl #3 Ranked 6-0

Jason Bress 141 lbs
(Sean McCully, LA) 9-3
Baret Yoshida 142 lbs
(Grappling Unlimited) Super Brawl #5 Ranked 4-3-1

Brennan Kamaka 161.4 lbs
(Gamebred) 1-6
Jay R. Palmer 150 lbs.
(Freelance) 20-17

Ian Nelms 167.2 lbs
(Shark Tank) 0-0
Brandon Wolff 166 lbs
(Grappling Unlimited) 1-0

William Armstrong 132.8 lbs
(808 Fight Factory) 0-0
Will Hagerty 134.4 lbs
(Grappling Unlimited) 0-0

Deshaun Johnson 164.4 lbs
(HMC Pankration) 2-2
Dain Agbayani 157.8 lbs
(Jesus is Lord) 1-2

Nick Bradley 197.4 lbs
(Shark Tank)
Super Brawl #5 Ranked 1-0
Richard Chou 197.5 lbs
(Grappling Unlimited) 0-0

Maloko Sasa 242 lbs
(HMC Pankration) 0-1
Lyndon Talanoa 251
(Grappling Unlimited) 1-0

Joey Jordan 139 lbs
(808 Fight Factory) 0-0
Justin Mercado 141.8 lbs
(Grappling Unlimited) 0-1

  Sunday - July 14, 2002

Winners Mark Weir, Genki Sudo and Matt Hughes
Spot On!
UFC 38 Serves Up A Mixed Bag Of Thrills,
Chills, and Surprises British-Style

By Loretta Hunt

It came. It saw. It conquered. The Ultimate Fighting Championship had a winner on its hands tonight as UFC 38: Brawl at the Hall brought America's premiere mixed martial arts event to great London, England. Traveling to a foreign land where it was not quite guaranteed the show would be embraced was a risk Zuffa Sports Entertainment was bravely willing to take. As a diverse crowd of young and old entered the 140-year old historical Royal Albert Hall, it became increasingly clear that this would be one of the most educated and respectful audiences ever to lay eyes on the sport. With one fight canceled due to fighter's illness (Gil Castillo was not healthy enough to square off against welterweight opponent Tony DeSouza) and two preliminary bouts that might have been deemed lackluster in the eyes of lesser observers, UFC 38 could have quickly become a mediocre evening of fights. But, an exceptionally knowledgeable and patient crowd of 4,657 let the show find its pace and happily jumped onboard for a roller coaster ride of astonishing developments. With four local fighters on the card going two and two this evening, England got its chance to show it can hang with the "big boys" and the MMA inches forward in its quest to become the world's number one combat sport.

Looking tough and resolute, light-heavyweight Evan Tanner squared off against last-minute replacement Chris Haseman in the first preliminary bout of the evening. Haseman seemed game earlier on, landing a penetrating right kick that left a noticeable welt on Tanner's thigh. Escaping a standing guillotine, Tanner took the reigns and proceeded to bring the game down to his playing field, where Haseman's conditioning quickly came into question. Although the feisty Australian displayed ample amounts of heart by hanging in there, Tanner's start to finish ground domination clearly earned him the unanimous decision.

Light-heavyweight Elvis Sinosic came in tonight to reverse a two-fight losing streak, but the cards were stacked against him. Ruas Vale Tudo pupil Renato "Babalu" Sobral was too strong, too fast, and too aggressive for the Aussie looking to get the submission from his back. Although Sinosic exhibited his most offensive UFC fight to date, the Brazilian's barrage of left-right "machine gun" strikes downward took its toll on "the King". With both his eyes swelling shut and blood flowing freely from a cut on his forehead, McCarthy called the doctors in with approximately 30 seconds left in the final round. Approved to finish the match, Sinosic made one final attempt to takedown his opponent, only to have Babalu reverse position and get the takedown himself. Babalu was awarded the unanimous decision win.

The pace of the evening really started to cook when newcomers Phillip Miller and James Zikic squared off in the third bout. In a seesaw battle for domination, Miller showed an aptitude for "ground and pound" warfare while former amateur boxer Zikic got off some impressive punches as he fought "tooth and nail" to keep the match standing. However, Miller imposed his will frequently on the Londoner, gaining crucial points in the first and second rounds. By the third round, the two men were duking it out on "empty," having depleted all reserves from their body. Miller was awarded the unanimous decision.

They say "you only get one chance to make a first impression" and these are words that Genki Sudo apparently lives by. Gazing up to the peak of the fighter's ramp, fans feasted their eyes on the Japanese showman, draped in traditional kimono and wicker hat angled low over his face. Gazing up to meet stunned onlookers, Sudo completed his wardrobe with a flashy red and white kabuki mask and matching theatrical dance down the ramp that sent the crowd into a frenzy. Once into the ring, Sudo's confident stance and fancy footwork, proved too much for already- edgy opponent Leigh Remedios. The UK's top lightweight contender managed to stave off an array of attacks ranging from arm bar to flying triangle choke in the first round, but was never able to mount an offensive. Remedios came out more aggressive in the second round, but "the Neo Warrior" expertly put the match to bed with a powerful lateral drop to the fastest rear-naked choke this side of the equator. Remedios tapped out at 1:38 into round two.

In the blink of an eye, Gloucester local Mark Weir etched himself a slot in the middleweight division with a devastating ten second knockout of six-time UFC veteran Eugene Jackson. At the sound of the bell, the Tae Kwon Do black belt threw a hook kick that baited "the Wolf" in. Throwing his signature gargantuan right hook, Jackson lunged head-on into a short right that sent him directly to the canvas. It took Jackson over a minute to recover from the hit, as the crowd went bananas for their hometown hero.

In one of the most shocking match-ups of the evening, British underdog Ian Freeman quickly and methodically dispatched heavyweight rising star, Frank Mir. With a foolproof strategy, Freeman utilized an arsenal of punches, knees, and elbows to shakeup the 23-year old both on his feet and on his back. Placing his stock in his submission savvy, an unprotected Mir took heaping portions of unnecessary punishment from the Brit on the ground. McCarthy halted the match late in round one to access the damage, and in seconds it became all too clear that Mir was in no state to continue. Unable to stand freely, falling against the cage and then to his knees, Mir was practically unconscious on his feet. "The Machine" was awarded the TKO victory, upping his UFC record to 3-1.

Ouch! Carlos Newton With lumps in their throats, fans settled in for what was sure to be a gripping main event. Following their first electrifying meeting back at UFC 34: High Voltage last November, Matt Hughes and Carlos Newton once again clashed in battle to finally put the welterweight title controversy to rest. Hughes convincingly dominated all four rounds of action, bringing his "ground and pound" style to textbook perfection. Newton hunted for the submission earlier on, almost capturing the champion in an extended armbar in round one and a rear-naked choke attempt farther in, but flawless defense and the "wear and tear" of Hughes's consistent onslaught eventually kicked in. By the end of round two, a small cut below Newton's eye began to bleed. In round three, Hughes achieved full mount, but opted to go for an uncharacteristic armbar attempt that Newton claims he gave up just to get out from the bottom. Round four ended with Hughes successfully pinning both of Newton's arms while delivering his final blows. The Canadian had had enough and verbally submitted at 3:37 in. Hughes, undisputed at last, remains atop the welterweight division pyramid.

The Results:

Matt Hughes def. Carlos Newton - Tap out via verbal submission 3:37 Rd 4
Ian Freeman def. Frank Mir - TKO referee stoppage due to strikes 4:35 Rd 1
Mark Weir def. Eugene Jackson - KO :10 Rd 1
Genki Sudo def. Leigh Remedios - Rear-naked choke 1:38 Rd 2
Phillip Miller def. James Zikic - Unanimous decision
Renato "Babalu" Sobral def. Elvis Sinosic - Unanimous decision
Evan Tanner def. Chris Haseman - Unanimous decision
Tony DeSouza vs. Gil Castillo - Canceled due to fighter's (Castillo) illness

From Josh Hedges/Zuffa:

      LONDON, ENGLAND, July 14 ,2002….Pay-per-view re-plays of the Ultimate Fighting Championship's (UFC) first European fight, Brawl At Royal Albert Hall in London, will air after the premiere at 10 p.m. EDT/7 p.m. PDT, and 9:30 p.m. EDT/6:30 p.m. PDT, Saturday, July 13, on iN DEMAND, the Dish Network and DIRECTV in North America, and Sky Box Office in the United Kingdom. The suggested retail price in North America is $29.95 and 14 pounds sterling in the U.K.
      A re-play will start immediately after the conclusion of the live telecast on iN DEMAND's Channel iN1 and the first Dish Network re-play will be at 1 a.m. EDT, July 14/10 p.m. PDT, July 13. Additional iN DEMAND re-plays will be at 10 p.m. EDT/7 p.m. PDT, July 16, on Channel iN1 and at 11:30 p.m. EDT/8:30 p.m PDT on July 18 on Channel iN2.
      Dish Network re-plays will air at 10 p.m. EDT/7 p.m.PDT on July 14 and starting at 5 a.m. EDT/2 a.m. PDT on its All Day Direct Ticket on July 17, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30 and August 1.
      DIRECTV customers should check their online guide.
      Repeats on Sky Box Office will air every three hours each day starting at 9 a.m. Sunday, July 14 through Saturday, July 20.
      The Ultimate Fighting Championship is the world's leading mixed martial arts sports event. It is owned and operated by Zuffa LLC, which is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nev. The UFC also has partnership agreements with British Sky Broadcasting (BskyB) in London; WOWOW, Inc. in Tokyo, Japan, and Globosat Programmadora LTDA in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

From the event's promoter:
WFA logo
The World Fighting Alliance on
ESPN's Mohr Sports Tuesday, July 16th

WFA and Jay Mohr

July 13th, 2002, Las Vegas, NV: Character and Class is what Jay Mohr of ESPN's "Mohr Sports" represented at the WFA on July 5th, 2002. As the world stood in horror following the shooting deaths at Los Angeles Airport brought on by a depressed gunman the week prior to the show, Mohr had a decision to make. He could either stay home therefore postponing taping segments for the show or he could do what one with heart and conviction would do, and that was drive himself to the show. "Mohr Sports" was on hand to tape interview segments with many of the fighters and showcased why the World Fighting Alliance is the Dominant force in Mixed Martial Arts Competition bringing cutting edge entertainment along with Top Production Value.

Prior to cornering and entering the ring with Frank Trigg, this bigger than life superstar (he would never call himself that... He even insisted on carrying his own luggage) said: "It is an absolute honor to be able to walk into the cage with Frank (Trigg). I respect what he's (Trigg) here to do and that's no B.S.". After the show, Mohr spoke about how this was by far the best field piece he had done on his show.

Air Date: Tuesday, July 16th
Watch this Tuesday, July 16th on ESPN as the World Fighting Alliance comes to Primetime on the "Mohr Sports" Show. Check your local listings.


For WFA Contact:
Paula Romero: wfapress@aol.com

For P.R. / Media Contact:

Jubilant coach/friend Mark Coleman with victorious Kevin Randleman
Results from
Revolution Fighting Championships
By Aaron Crecy

Revolution Fighting Championships
Held July 13, 2002
Stardust Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, NV

Heath Sims Fight One-Middleweight Bount
Brian Ebersol def. Nate McCabe by TKO, 2:15 R1

Fight Two-Light Heavyweight Bout
Mike Pyle def. John Fitch by submission (tapout to rear-naked choke), 2:35 R1

Fight Three-Middleweight Bout
Jason Miller def. Phil Ensinger by submission (triangle choke), 3:23 R1

Fight Four-Welterweight Bout
Heath Sims def. Paul Gardner by TKO, 3:21 R3

Fight Five-Light Heavyweight Fight
Chael Sonnen def. Jesse Ault by unanimous judges' decision

Fight Six-Lightweight Bout
Rich Clementi def. Isaias Martinez by medical stoppage (broken nose), 5:00 R1

Fight Seven-Heavyweight Bout
Kerry Schall def. Mark Smith by submission (tap out to front choke), 3:56 R1

Fight Eight
Travis Phippen def. Alfie Alcaraz by submission (tap out to guillotine choke) 1:41 R1

Fight Nine
Kevin Randleman def. Brian Foster by KO, :20 R1

Talanoa punching Sasa
Super Brawl XXV Results
Held July 13, 2002
Blaisdell Arena, Honolulu, Hawaii
By Chris Onzuka - Chris@Onzuka.com

Chris Onzuka interviewing Egan Inoue Super Brawl 25 was a heavily weighted card and thus started about thirty minutes earlier than usual in order to make sure that the event ended at a decent hour. Half the fight card was a number of young fighters with less than three fights on their records. The fighters had nothing to lose and everything to gain and it showed in their performance. Almost every fighter in every match went out to fight and take it to their opponent. Even the fights that went the distance were exciting. Normally they are often due to matching up too evenly skilled opponents and the fighters seem to counter act each other. Instead both fighters went toe to toe or stayed aggressive throughout their fights. This event was a little more special than the rest due to the fact that this would be Egan Inoue's farewell match. Inoue officially retired after KO'ing Martijn de Jong in impressive fashion. Baret Yoshida showed the Hawaii crowd why he is called "The Finisher." And Eddie Yagin had an absolute war with Jin Kazeta. Kazeta hurt Yagin with knees, while Yagin hurt Kazeta with punches. That was another exciting match from start to finish.

Justin Mercado 141.8 lbs (Grappling Unlimited) 1-1
Joey Jordan 139 lbs (808 Fight Factory) 0-1
Verbal submission due to a straight right at 2:17 into round 1

Lyndon Talanoa 251 (Grappling Unlimited) 2-0
Maloko Sasa 242 lbs (HMC Pankration) 0-2
TKO via referee stoppage from strikes at 3:37 into round 1

Nick Bradley 197.4 lbs (Shark Tank) SuperBrawl #5 Ranked
Richard Chou 197.5 lbs (Grappling Unlimited) 0-1
Unanimous decision after 2 rounds [(20-17), (20-17), (20-18)]

Deshaun Johnson 164.4 lbs (HMC Pankration) 3-2
Dain Agbayani 157.8 lbs (Jesus is Lord) 1-3
Unanimous decision after 2 rounds [(20-18), (20-18), (20-18)]

Will Hagerty 134.4 lbs (Grappling Unlimited) 0-0
William Armstrong 132.8 lbs (808 Fight Factory) 0-1
Majority decision after 2 rounds [(18-17), (18-18), (19-18)]

Ian Nelms 167.2 lbs (Shark Tank) 1-0
Brandon Wolff 166 lbs (Grappling Unlimited) 1-1
Unanimous decision after 2 rounds [(20-18), (20-18), (20-18)]

Jay R. Palmer 150 lbs. (Freelance) 21-17
Brennan Kamaka 161.4 lbs (Gamebred) 1-7
Verbal submission due to exhaustion at 0:33 into round 2

Baret Yoshida 142 lbs (Grappling Unlimited) SuperBrawl #5 Ranked 5-3-1
Jason Bress 141 lbs (Sean McCully, LA) 9-4
Submission via rear-naked choke at 3:16 into round 1

Eddie Yagin 141.2 lbs (Grappling Unlimited) SuperBrawl #3 Ranked 7-0
Carter vs. Koka Jin Kazeta 143 lbs (Nigata, Japan) 2-1-1
Majority decision after 2 rounds [(19-18), (19-19), (19-18)]

Kimikito Nonaka 131.8 lbs (Purebred Omiya, Japan)
Jose Lopez 132 lbs (Shark Tank, CA) Super Brawl #3 Ranked 1-1-1
Submission via rear-naked choke at 2:07 into round 1

Shonie Carter 166.6 lbs
Kolo Koka 165.4 lbs (Grappling Unlimited)
Unanimous decision after 2 rounds [(20-18), (20-18), (20-18)]

Egan Inoue 181.0 lbs (Grappling Unlimited) Super Brawl Champion 14-3
Martijn de Jong 180.0 lbs (Golden Glory, Holland) 14-5
KO via kick to the head at 2:33 into round 1

Non-Stop Surprises at IFC 7/12
By Keith Mills

Jason Pratt vs. Cory Hangos
  • Shaun Beckett def. Tony Alanis by armbar :15 r1
  • Nick Ertl Jr. def. Dax Bruce by TKO 2:32 r2
  • Jeff Houghland def. Rusty Simpson by rear choke 4:11 r1
  • KC Stern def. Tosh Cook
  • Rami Boukai def. Randy Spence by triangle choke 2:20 r1
  • Jeremy Jackson def Eddy Ellis by TKO 2:24 r1
  • Bob Ostovich def. Shrek Julian by TKO :17 r1
  • Jason Pratt def. Cory Hangos by unanimous decision
  • Steve Heath def. James Meals by submission to strikes 2:36 r1
  • Nick Diaz def. Chris Lytle by split decision
  • Melanie Dumont def. Michelle Ford by tap to strikes r2
  • Carter Williams def. Gary Marshall by armbar 4:46
It was a surprise to no one that Team Caesar Gracie went 4-0 but the rest of this night was full of surprises, from Dennis Hallman's team going 0-5 to K-1 contender Carter Williams winning his Super Heavyweight bout by armbar.

Female 135 lb title contender Debi Purcell had to cancel her originally scheduled fight against Canadian Chinese Boxing stand-out Melanie Dumont when Purcell reportedly broke her ribs in training. Dennis Hallman came through with Michelle Ford on short notice, but Michelle was making her debut with 2 days notice and trains around 125 lbs. Melanie's reach, experience, and striking power were just too much for the game young Ford.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the night was Team Caesar Gracie student KC Stern even willing to fight Team Royce Gracie student Tosh Cook.

Nick Diaz vs. Chris Lytle The fight of the night was definitely Diaz/Lytle. These two went back and forth on the feet and on the ground, using every technique possible from rear chokes to kicking from the ground at a standing opponent in their efforts to win in a lightning fast bout that went the distance to a split decision.

This was the first show at Eagle Mountain Casino in the heart of the mountains outside Porterville, CA. Beautiful scenery and an outdoor ring made this a venue well worth returning to. IFC will hold an amateur show later this month before returning to the East Coast for a show at the Mohegan Sun in CT in August.

From Koichi "Booker K" ;Kawasaki:
K-1 WORLD GP 2002 in Fukuoka
Quick Results

K-1 WORLD GP2002 in Fukuoka
DATE: July 14th, 2002
START 15:00 PM
PLACE: Marine Messe Fukuoka (Fukuoka pref, JAPAN)

6th Match:
Ray Sefo (American Present Boxing Gym, New Zealand) vs. Gilbert Yvel (Golden Glory, Holland)
WINNER : Ray Sefo (2R 2:07 KO)

5th Match:
Peter Aerts (Mejiro Gym, Holland) vs. Alexey Ignashov (Chinuk Gym,Belarus)
WINNER : Alexey Ignashov (5R Decision 2-0)

4th Match:
Mirko Cro Cop (Cro Cop Squad Gym, Croatia) vs. Remy Bonjasky (Mejiro Gym, Holland)
WINNER : Mirko Cro Cop (2R 2:06 TKO)

3rd Match:
Musashi (Seido Kaikan,Japan) vs. Jossie Dempsey (ZERO-ONE & La Boxing ,USA)
WINNER : Musashi (5R Decision 3-0)

2nd Match:
Glaube Feitosa (Kyokushin Kaikan, Brazil) vs. Martin Holm (Vallentuna Boxing Camp, Sweden)
WINNER : Martin Holm (1R 2:20 KO)

1st Match:
Cyril Abidi (Challenge Boxing,France) vs. Qinonton "Rampage" Jackson (Team Panishment,USA)
WINNER : Quinton "Rampage" Jackson (1R 1:55 KO)

Preliminary fights

2nd Match:
Nobu Hayashi (Dojo Chakuriki, Japan) vs. Masaaki Miyamoto (Seido Kaikan,Japan)
WINNER : Nobu Hayashi (3R Decision 3-0)

1st Match:
Yusuke Fujimoto (Monster Factory, Japan) vs. Ryo Takigawa (Nisshinn Kaikan, Japan)
WINNER : Yusuke Fujimoto (1R 3:00 KO)

  Monday - July 15, 2002

"Mohr" Exposure
An Exclusive Interview with ESPN's Jay Mohr at the World Fighting Alliance's Level 2 event
By Loretta Hunt

Loretta Hunt and Jay Mohr I got the call the morning of Friday, July 5th saying that I'd get five minutes with Jay Mohr. Mohr, the host of ESPN's sports comedy show "Mohr Sports", had arrived into town the night before and I was told that his schedule would be very tight. Mohr was the guest of John Lewis and his World Fighting Alliance show, and had come to record some footage of the MMA event that night for an upcoming show. I was told that only one other mixed martial arts reporter would be granted time with the celebrity, so I knew I had to make my short encounter with him count. Thoughts started to rattle through my head as to just what I would ask him. I was anxious to find out what he knew of the sport and to reveal his intentions, but all the while knew that I would be representing not just myself, but thousands of MMA fans around the world. My words would have to be chosen carefully. As I got off the phone and quickly prepared my questions, I tried to think of a good "icebreaker" for the film, television and stand-up comedy star. His role as a sleazy sports agent opposite Tom Cruise in "Jerry Maguire," although highly entertaining, was too obvious to mention. Everyone had seen that movie. As I gathered my things, I remembered his highly acclaimed yet short lived TV show "Action" and a smile came to my face. I was off.

I arrived at the WFA offices to find Jay Mohr, surrounded by assistants and admirers, trying on wardrobe for the evening's festivities. There was a heightened sense of excitement in the room brought on by the celebrity's presence. Jay approached me with an extended hand and gave me the once-over. The first thing I noticed were his piercing blue eyes. The second -- this dude was pretty small. Jay was immediately pleasant and surprisingly anxious to talk to me and as we were guided to a quiet corner, I was again reminded that I had only five minutes (Jay, himself, would later milk it to ten.) He started by explaining that he had been on the sinful streets of Vegas with John Lewis, Frank Shamrock and Jermaine Andre (slated to fight that night) the night before, and his breath might not be up to par. I chuckled and responded that I would keep my distance. Then, with the clock ticking, I took a deep breath and began.

FCF:   Thank you for taking the time to speak with me Jay and to come out and see this MMA show. How did ESPN and your sports show "Mohr Sports" get involved with this upcoming WFA 2 event?
JM:     We have pretty good autonomy at "Mohr Sports", so ESPN allows us to go where we go. It wasn't a collaborative effort between myself and the "suits" in Bristol, Connecticut. Vikki Van Hoosen [the WFA's Entertainment Coordinator] randomly e-mailed me at my web site at jaymohrlive.com and suggested that I cover the WFA. It was all very professional. I knew John Huntington from "Club Rubber" was involved and that great fighters would be there. I emailed her back and said "Yeah, okay." I went to the WFA web site and got to know all the fighters. Then, I went to my writers and told them a little bit about it. A couple of their eyes lit up and they couldn't believe I was talking about the WFA, so I knew I was on to something. It was just that random e-mail to my website that got the ball rolling.

FCF:   Did you have any knowledge of mixed martial arts before the e-mail?
JM:     I was a fan. I always watched the pay-per-views of the other events. I wasn't particularly familiar with the WFA at first, but when I was doing my research, I saw that the show has all the best guys. I knew of John Lewis and when I spoke to Vikki or [Frank] Shamrock about it, there was no attitude and… effortless is the best way to put it. I've done "remotes" [a remote segment not shot in the studio] with minor league baseball teams, bowling -- and there's always some kind of drama. Here with the WFA, they really rolled out the red carpet and welcomed me, but I think they underestimated how excited I am to be here too.

Click here to continue the interview

  Tuesday - July 16, 2002

From the event's promoter:
Warriors Quest 6: Best of the Best
Hallman out, Sheilds In!!

Cesar Gracie's Jake Sheilds steps in to challenge Hawaii's phenom Ray "Bradda" Cooper, the current Warriors Quest Champion. Sheilds is a collegiate wrestler who has been winning a lot of matches in the IFC and Gladiators Challenge. He is known for having a tight Ground and Pound game which will be tested against Cooper, who is known for knocking his opponents out with his hard striking. Will Sheilds stop Cooper's winning streak in Warriors Quest or will Cooper pound through another opponent...

From the event's promoter:
Results from RCF 18
Held July 12,2002 in New Orleans at Swamp Island

Pro Card
  • Warren Donley def. Alfredo Hernandez R1 2:31 Americana
  • Jason Autery def. Drew Anderson R1 2:28 Bent armbar from the scarf-hold
Amateur Card
  • Alan Cohen def. James Autery OT Decision
  • Steve Kinnison def. Rocky Long R3 Unanimous Decision
  • Scott Argo def. Kenny Stevens R2 0:58 Rear naked choke
  • J.B. Brown def. Nat Spivey R3 1:00 Verbal Submission
Warren Donley takes down Alfredo Hernandez As always RCF is known for bringing out new talent. Rocky Long, a student under Yves Edwards' Woodland Martial Arts, was a last minute replacement for Steve Kinnison from New Orleans. Kinnison trains in New Orleans with Chris Rothaermel and Karl Schmidt at the Body, Mind and Spirit Training Center. Long coming in undefeated and recent victory last week at the FFC was to be a step up for Kinnison with only one fight and victory to his name. A good fight it was. Third round went to the judges and the decision went to Kinnison.

For the Main Event, New Orleans own and high school wrestling coach Warren Donley took on Alfredo Hernandez from Alexandria, LA. Hernandez and Donley were both coming off of recent wins. Hernandez with an exceptional background in kickboxing vs. the wrestler Donley. Hernandez wanting to keep it standing was just not quick enough to stop Donley's double leg [Donley pictured taking Hernandez to the mat]. Donley doing some ground and pound and ending the match in the middle of the first round with an Americana.

Look for RCF 19 in Houma, LA on August 16,2002.

  Wednesday - July 17, 2002

From Team King of the Cage:

LOS ANGELES, California -'King of the Cage' announces the signing of MMA superstar and Chicago native, Shonie Carter.

Known as 'Mr. International,' Carter has fought all over the world and is a veteran of the UFC, Pancrase, Extreme Challenge, and Super Brawl.

Representing the All American Academy of Martial Arts and the Chicago Fitness Center (Shidokan Hombu Dojo), Carter boasts an impressive background in wrestling, kick boxing, boxing, and karate.

Now he joins the ranks of an impressive welterweight class at KOTC, containing the likes of Joe Stevenson, Romie Aram, Dennis Hallman, John Alessio, and Fernando Vasconcelos.

How will the master of the spinning back fist fair against the best welterweights in the world?

For tickets for shows at the Soboba Casino, go to www.ticketmaster.com.

For tickets for events at all other locations, go to www.ticketsplus.net or call 1-800-585-3737.


  Thursday - July 18, 2002

Steve Weinberger, Derek Panza, Nicole Bass and The Mouth of NHB
Howard Stern for FCF Staffers Again

After last month's highly successful "celebrity" boxing match in which "Stuttering" John beat "Crazy Cabbie," Howard Stern is doing it again. This time it is going to be female body-builder and former pro-wrestler Nicole Bass facing off against the infamous Joey Buttafuoco. FCF's own Mouth of NHB and Derek Panza along with Steve Weinberger (owner of Bev Francis Gold's Gym) have begun putting the bodybuilder through training with the goal of knocking Buttafuoco out. Buttafuoco's last outing was against Joanie Laurer (formerly known as Chyna in the WWF) in Fox's Celebrity Boxing II. The Long Island Lech pretty much mauled Laurer, out-muscling her and slamming her to the canvas during the fight. Joey will have a hard time out-muscling the 6'2" 225 lb. Bass. Considering the success the triumphant trio had in training Stuttering John, Buttafuoco should be in for a hard night... and quite a few hard rights. It couldn't happen to a nicer fella.

Pictured (From left to right): Steve Weinberger, Derek Panza, Nicole Bass & The Mouth of NHB

From the event's promoter:
Sept. 15 Danger Zone

Danger Zone Fight Night V The Evolution will be held at Broadripple Place in Ft. Wayne, IN. 6 pm Sept. 15.

Be sure to get in your fighter application and confirmation fee to Becky Levi.

Tournaments and single bouts with one pro main event with Pat Heidenreich a Ft. Wayne fight taking on Ian Armstrong out of Chicago.

Tickets are $25, $20 and $15 with table of 4 for $100 available.

Please contact Becky Levi at dzmatchmaker@yahoo.com for more info.

  Friday - July 19, 2002

CO Phil Baroni

Phil Baroni, known for his exciting fighting style and chiseled build, has landed a guest slot on the upcoming season of HBO hit series OZ. "It has been pretty easy getting Phil work on TV -- he has a good look and build, and is becoming well known as a fighter. My major problem is that he is living in Las Vegas now and I get calls for movie and TV work on the East Coast," claimed his manager.

Phil plays a Corrections Officer on an episode of the upcoming season on HBO. "Things are looking real good for Phil right now, we are going to contract with a new sponsor in the food industry and are in talks with other sponsors outside of the MMA industry. I think it's really important for managers to look outside the sport and get other companies involved with the fighters from a growth and marketing standpoint."

By Eduardo Alonso
Ruas Injured...
Wallid to Face Kazunari at UFO

      In a surprising turn of events, FCF just found out that UFC legend Marco Ruas was injured this week and it looks like he will be replaced in his scheduled fight against Murakami Kazunari by Wallid Ismail [pictured].

Wallid Ismail       Reports indicate that Marco injured his hand, however the extent and proportion of his injury is not known for sure yet. We will be in touch with the Ruas camp to learn more about his situation and whether he is officially out of the UFO event or not. Whether Marco is will be in the event or not, one thing is certain, Kazunari -- who is training at the Brazilian Top Team academy in Rio -- will be facing Carlson Gracie student, Wallid Ismail. Wallid is coming off of a loss to Alex Stiebling at PRIDE 19 and a win against Kazunari at the Tokyo Dome on national television in Japan could do wonders for his career. We will keep a close eye on further UFO developments and keep you updated.

  Saturday - July 20, 2002

By Eduardo Alonso
Marco Ruas Out for 3 Weeks

      As previously reported, UFC legend Marco Ruas suffered an injury to his hand this past week. FCF contacted the Ruas Vale Tudo team and Marco will have to immobilize his hand and be forced to stay out for training for three weeks, therefore he's officially out of the August UFO event. Ruas injured his hand in training while taking down a sparring partner. During the takedown the veteran fighter landed with his hand in a bad position and injured his hand. Ruas will stay in Brazil for a few more days to rest, be with his family and spend some more time with the Ruas Vale Tudo team before returning to the USA. This could, and probably would, be Marco's retirement fight so now the whole team and Marco himself want him to do one more fight after his hand is recovered so an NHB legend like him won't end his career in an unfortunate incident like this. FCF wishes a speedy recovery to Marco.

UFC banner
From Susumu's Gallery:
Susumu's Gallery Update

Susumu's photo


We have added 12 photos from the Dynamite press conference held on July 16th.

Please enjoy!

Susumu's Gallery:

  Sunday - July 21, 2002

UFO Card Continues to Take Shape:
By Eduardo Alonso
Sperry Opponent Named;
Rogerio to Fight

      As the event's date approaches the newest MMA event in Japan is working out the last details in its matchmaking and finalizing the card. As is becoming a standard in Japanese events, the card is full of Brazilian fighters. PRIDE Heavyweight champion Rodrigo "Minotauro" Nogueira will be facing off against PANCRASE favorite Sanae Kikuta. With Ruas' recent injury, IVC, UFC and PRIDE veteran Wallid Ismail will be taking his place to face off against Japanese fighter Murakami Kazunari. But the Brazilian presence at the event isn't limited to those fighters. Jiu-Jitsu legend Mario Sperry will be facing RINGS and WEF veteran Wataru Sakata in the event as well. Nogueira brothers Despite some early rumors of a rematch between Sperry and Hiromitsu Kanehara, FCF was told Sakata is surely going to be Sperry's opponent, and the "Zen Machine" is already finishing up his preparation before leaving for Japan on August 1st or 2nd. Mario and "Minotauro" won't be flying alone, as Rodrigo's brother Rogerio "Minotouro" Nogueira will also be fighting at UFO and his opponent is very likely to be rAw team member Vladimir Matyushenko. Right now the only thing in the way of making this fight a reality is some difficulty in getting the Russian fighter his visa for Japan. This should be taken care off in the next few days, and if Vladimir ends up not being able to get a visa, the UFO will come up with another opponent for Rogerio, probably a Japanese fighter. We will continue to follow the UFO final card developments and look for plenty of pre-fight UFO coverage in the days to come.

From the event's promoter:
3 Matches Added to
Warriors Quest 6: Best of the Best

Jerry Samson (Jesus Is Lord)
Ian McCall (Next Generation)
Samson is 1-0 as an amateur and brings a mini-Cooper style of fighting. Samson will have a debut to remember as he faces Ian McCall. McCall has a wrestling background and is also quoted as being a GAME fighter!!

David Padilla (Gamebred)
#1 Ranked Warriors Quest Fighter
Bao Quach (Next Generation)
Padilla, who is ranked #1 by Warriors Quest, will have the fight of his career as he faces an always game, Bao Quach. Quach is known for his aggressive style and likes to bring the fight to his opponent. I personally think this will be the fight of the night.

John Crisostomo (808 Fight Factory)
Superbrawl Tournament Champion
Martin Armanderez (Cesar Gracie)
Crisostomo, who is a Superbrawl Tournament Champion and recently faced Chris Brennan in Warriors Quest, will once again face another champion in Martin Armanderez from the Cesar Gracie Academy. Armanderez has big wins over Adrain Serrano and Dennis Kang.

From Koichi "Booker K" Kawasaki:
Results from

DATE: July 20th, 2002
OPEN: 16:00 PM START 17:00 PM
PLACE: Differ Ariake (TOKYO , Japan)

1st Match (Future Fight 5min 1R)
Seiya Naitou (A3 Gym) def. Ken Orihashi (Free) by decision (2-1)

2nd Match (Future Fight 5min 1R)
Yushin Okami (Wa-jyutsu Keishu-kai) def. Hidehisa Matusda (U-FILE CAMP.COM) by KO , 1R 3:52

3rd Match (5min 2R)
Jyukei (Terao Dojo) def. Joe Son (Joe Son Do) by TKO(referee stop) ,1R 0:54

4th Match (5min 2R)
Daisuke Nakamura (U-FILE CAMP.COM) def. Shannon"The Cannon" Ritch (AO/DC) by decision (3-0)

5th Match (5min 2R)
Fatih "Terror" Kocamis (Golden Glory) def. AngloSaxon Oba (AO/DC) by decision (3-0)

6th Match (5min 2R)
John Allesio (Millenia Jiu-jitsu) def. Eiji Mitsuoka (RJW/Central) by TKO(Dr. Stop due to Cut) 2R 3:13

7th Match (5min 2R)
Giant Ochiai (Monster Kingdom) def. Tomohiko Hashimoto (DDT prowrestling) by KO ,1R 2:09

8th Match (5min 2R)
Alistir Oveleem (Golden Glory) def. Yusuke Imamura (Takada Dojo) by KO 1R 0:44

9th Match (5min 2R)
Nino "Elvis" Schembri (Gracie Barra) def. Daiju Takase (Wa-jyutsu Keishu-kai) by decision (2-1)

10th Match (5min 2R)
Koh Soukun (Wa-jyutsu Keishu-kai) def. Bob "Terrible" Schreiber (Hans & Bob gym) by decision (2-1)

Official IFC Press Release:
IFC Amateur Event

Night of the Warriors I
August 10th, 2002
At the Howard Park Equestrian Center
Ione, CA

This show will be an Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Show.
Promoted by: Paul Smith/Warrior's Lodge.
Sanctioned by: International Fighting Championship

No Martial Artist with prior Pro Closed Fist Cage Fights! This event will feature Four or eight-man tournaments depending on number of fighters in each weight class that sign up;
  • Lightweight (145 to 154.9)
  • Welterweight (155 to 169.9)
  • Middleweight (170 to 184.9)
  • Light Heavyweight (185 to 204.9)
  • Heavyweight (205 to 265)
The tournaments will be single-elimination.
For Fighter Packages, contact Paul Smith
P.O. Box 1494
Jackson, CA 95642

Email: paulsmith@ifc-usa.com

  Tuesday - July 23, 2002

Murilo Ninja Wants Arona in PRIDE!
By Eduardo Alonso

Murilo Ninja Rua       After his impressive win against Jiu-Jitsu legend Mario Sperry at PRIDE 20, Murilo "Ninja" Rua is waiting for a chance to step in the ring again. In the mean time, he is constantly training hard along with the other Chute Boxe team members. "Ninja" told FCF he is hoping to fight on the September PRIDE card, and he would like very much to face former Brazilian Top Team member Ricardo Arona, as the Chute Boxe team is not opposed to seeing this fight happen. According to the young Chute Boxe fighter, Arona has been talking a lot about him in Brazilian NHB magazines after his fight with Sperry, so he wants to put it on the line and test their skills in the PRIDE ring as soon as possible. "He talks a lot, so I'm willing to see who will prevail in the ring," Murilo Rua said to Full Contact Fighter. The Chute Boxe rising star told FCF he is eager to face Arona because of all this talk and now it's up to PRIDE to make this fight happen as early as possible. Keep an eye on FCF's news page as we're going to check with Arona himself to see what he thinks of a match-up against "Ninja."

From Matt Hume:
Independent Drug Test
Proves Josh Barnett's Innocence

Josh Barnett UFC Heavyweight Champion Fights to Clear Reputation After NSAC's Testing Procedures Result in False Positive KIRKLAND, Washington--On April 22, 2002, the Nevada State Athletic Commission filed a complaint against Josh Barnett for alleged anabolic steroid use, stemming from a drug test after his win over Randy Couture in UFC 36 on March 22, 2002. The NSAC contacted Barnett and his trainer, Matt Hume, to schedule a hearing via teleconference on May 24, 2002. In addition to Barnett and Hume, Roy Silbert (United Full Contact Federation President), Dr. Mark Webber (drug testing expert and administrator for USA Power Lifting and the International Olympic Committee), Mark Ratner (NSAC commissioner), Dr. Flip Homansky (NSAC), Keith Kizer (NSAC attorney) took part in the meeting. The issues expressed were as follows:

NSAC issues:
  1. The NSAC alleged two positive tests for anabolic steroids from samples taken on 11/02/01 and 03/22/02.
Josh Barnett's issues:
  1. The NSAC did not provide Josh with a list of banned substances or inform him of any testing requirements for anabolic agents on either occasion. To date, Josh has not received a list of banned substances.

  2. The NSAC claims that Josh tested positive for the same substances on 11/02/01, four months before his title fight with Randy Couture. Yet, the NSAC did not inform him that he had failed that initial test or provide him with the alleged results. According to the NSAC, Barnett's first drug test revealed three anabolic metabolites, one of which remains in the human body for up to 18 months. If this was indeed the case, why did the NSAC and Zuffa subsequently allow Barnett to fight for the world championship just four months later with full knowledge that he might have steroids in his system?

  3. The NSAC withholds a portion of each fighter's purse until the drug test is completed. If the results are positive, the fighter must forfeit that portion of his purse. If Josh failed his drug test, why did the NSAC send that money to Barnett on both occasions with no notification of any problem?

  4. The NSAC did not follow established protocol when testing Barnett. They did not provide tracking information for his samples. Nor did they separate Josh's samples into two specimens in his presence. Because of these and other basic protocol errors, a positive test could not be accurately verified or validated. Many factors can contribute to a positive drug test-hence the term "false positive." Without proper notification and protocol, the true cause of the positive result for anabolic steroids cannot be determined.

  5. Josh Barnett has still not received results from the NSAC drug test on 11/02/01.
During the course of the meeting, both sides acknowledged the other side's concerns. Hume informed the NSAC members that Dr. Webber had already scheduled another test with Aegis laboratories that would follow proper protocol and established Olympic standards.

The NSAC members and attorney agreed that a negative result and education from Dr. Webber would resolve this situation. NSAC attorney Keith Kizer stated that he would prepare a draft of the agreement for both parties to sign. It was agreed that this was to serve as the final hearing and that the signed draft would bring the issue to a resolution. Dr. Homansky then invited Dr. Webber and Roy Silbert to come to Las Vegas on the weekend of June 22 to meet with the NSAC toxicology specialist. The purpose of the meeting was for Dr. Webber to educate the NSAC on the standards, methods of protocol and proper anabolic drug testing. Dr. Webber and Roy Silbert subsequently met with Dr. Homansky and the NSAC toxicology specialist in Las Vegas as requested.

On June 11, 2002, Barnett took a new test administered by Dr. Webber, who utilized Olympic-level protocol. The result of this test was negative, demonstrating that Josh is not currently using and could not have been using the alleged substances as charged due to the length of time that such substances remain present in the human body. Approximately three weeks after the hearing, Barnett and Hume had still not received the draft from Keith Kizer, as discussed. However, they did receive a phone call stating that another hearing was to be scheduled. When asked why the draft of the aforementioned verbal agreement had not been prepared and why the NSAC wished to schedule a second hearing, Kizer stated that it was just a formality and he would get the draft to them right away.

Hume informed the NSAC members of Barnett's travel schedule, which clearly stated that the only time Barnett would be away was the week of the UFC 38 in England in mid July. Unfortunately, when Kizer finally sent the draft of the agreement from the May 24 teleconference, it was inaccurate. In addition, the NSAC requested a second hearing during the time that Josh was scheduled to corner Ian Freeman in London, England-a time conflict of which the NSAC was well aware. Barnett, Silbert and Hume worked diligently with the NSAC to develop a mutually acceptable draft of the May 24th agreement. Barnett also availed himself to the NSAC by telephone from England on the day and time of the scheduled hearing. Unfortunately, the NSAC refused the draft and did not speak with Josh on their scheduled date. The NSAC then rescheduled the hearing for July 26, 2002. Barnett requested to be present at the hearing via telephone as he does not have the resources to pay for the travel expenses he would be forced to incur in order to appear in person. Meanwhile, neither Zuffa LLC nor UFC president Dana White has bothered to contact Barnett to express any concern or support for that organization's reigning heavyweight champion in this matter.

It is Barnett's hope that the NSAC will have the integrity and honesty to honor the resolution that its members agreed upon during the hearing on May 24, 2002. He is also optimistic that Zuffa will exercise its substantial influence in Nevada and voice its support for their innocent champion.

Josh Barnett is very frustrated with this situation. "I am a fighter, not a lawyer," he stated. "I am innocent, and I should be fighting right now."

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Fear Factor's Joe Rogan speaks out.

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Catching up with Jens Pulver.

Professional SHOOTO: Gomi, Sato, Mishima, Jhun and more

Mass Destruction 8 punches its way into New Jersey.

Missing in Minnesota: Find out what Dave Menne & Sean Sherk have been up to.

Warriors Quest 5: New Blood MMA in Hawaii.

Extreme Entertainment: World Extreme Cagefighting hits Central California.

In part 4 of his article on Periodization, Former AMC Pankration strength & conditioning coach Mark Ginther discusses Maximal Strength/Conversion to Power.

Phil Baroni BioFile: learn all about "The NY BadAss", like the time he was called out for his fight and was in the middle of taking a dump... worrying about the fact that he had to cut it short and happened to be wearing white fight shorts.

Fight fans speak out on the issues that get them arguing.

In our monthly columns...
In Matt Hume's techniques, Jennifer Hua and Trevor Jackson demonstrate Single Grapevine Reversal to Calf Crush; and in the Punchers Corner, champion kickboxer Derek Panza discusses Punching off the Leg Check.

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Results from
A Night Of Champions
By Keith Mills

Gracie, Wilson victorious at
21st Century Warriors "A Night Of Champions"

A Night Of Champions
Held July 19, 2002
Tropicana Hotel & Casino
Atlantic City, NJ
  • Stephen Thompson def. Eli Thompson by TKO 1:24 of Round 2.
  • Mike Bencic def. Jose Tabora by arm bar 2:23 of Round 1.
  • Luis Ruiz def. Tony Ventura by KO 0:40 of Round 6.
  • Olando Rivera def. Kadir Kadri by Unanimous Decision.
  • Royler Gracie def. Henry Matamoros by rear naked choke 3:13 of Round 1.
  • Don Wilson def. Eddie Butcher towel thrown in by corner 1:57 of Round 10
* Dan Severn vs. Pat Stano did not take place. Severn reportedly was injured during warmups in the dressing room.
Wilson cracks Butcher
Pictured: Wilson cracking Butcher

From Team King of the Cage:

LOS ANGELES, California -"King of the Cage" presents the fight card of the year in "King of the Cage: Double Cross"!

Don't miss all the action on Friday, August 2nd from the Soboba Casino in San Jacinto, California. Ten bouts are scheduled with FOUR World Titles on the line!

See a battle of the big boys as KOTC Heavyweight World Champion Daniel "The Bull" Bobish defends his title against Jimmy "The Titan" Ambriz. In his much anticipated return to the cage, KOTC Light-Heavyweight World Champion Vernon "Tiger" White defends his title against #1 contender Mike Rogers. In the third main event, Lightweight World champion Javier "Showtime" Vazquez puts his belt on the line against David Gardner. And finally, in the fourth title bout Jiu Jitsu expert and MMA star Dean Lister battles Brendon Seguin for the vacant KOTC Middleweight World title. This is just the beginning!

"King of the Cage: Double Cross"
Friday, August 2nd, 2002
From the Soboba Casino
San Jacinto, California
Doors Open---3:30 pm PST
Preliminary Matches Begin---4:30 pm PST
Pay-Per-View broadcast begins at 6:00pm PST/9:00pm EST

Pay Per View Bouts:

KOTC Heavyweight World Title Match
Dan "The Bull" Bobish
Jimmy Ambriz

KOTC Light-Heavyweight World Title Match
Vernon "Tiger" White
Mike Rogers
(#1 Contender)

KOTC Lightweight World Title Match
Javier "Showtime" Vazquez
David Gardner
(#1 Contender)

KOTC Middleweight World Title match
Dean "The Machine" Lister
(#1 Contender)
Brendon Seguin
(#2 Contender)

Sam Sotello Vs. Christian Welsh

Shonie "Mr. International" Carter Vs. Randy Valarde

Aaron Brink Vs. Daryl Mason

Preliminary Bouts:
(Will be broadcast on PPV if time allows)

Thomas "Wildman" Denny Vs. Jeff Lindsay

Brian Warren Vs. Louis Vaith

David Ortiz Vs. Dave Cantrell

"King of the Cage: Double Cross" will be held on August 2nd, 2002 from the
Soboba Casino in San Jacinto, California. Doors open at 3:30pm PST and
preliminary matches begin at 4:30pm.

"KOTC" will be available on pay-per-view via TVN and the Dish Network.

Broadcast begins at 6:00pm PST/9:00pm EST. For more information on pay-per-view availability, check your local listings.

For tickets, go to www.ticketmaster.com.


  Wednesday - July 24, 2002

Arona Responds:
He's Looking for the Belt!

By Eduardo Alonso

Murilo Ninja Rua       After Chute Boxe rising star Murilo Ninja stated his desire to face former Brazilian Top Team member Ricardo Arona in PRIDE as soon as possible, FCF contacted Arona himself to check on what he thinks about this proposed match-up. Ricardo, who just turned 24 last week, expressed his will to fight for the belt. "I want to fight for the title, and Vanderlei Silva is the champion, therefore I want to fight him because my goal is to be the champion," the two-time Abu Dhabi champion said. Arona feels that after wins over high ranked PRIDE Middleweights like Guy Mezger and Dan Henderson, the natural step is to fight for the belt against the champion Vanderlei Silva. Ricardo told us he is totally recovered from his previous rib injury and is already training very hard looking for a possible, and likely, appearance at the PRIDE September show. Despite who will end up facing whom, PRIDE has all the chances to make for an exciting card for their September show, and FCF will continue to follow its developments.

UFC banner
From Susumu's Gallery:
Susumu's Gallery Update

Susumu's photo


We have added 26 photos from a Shooto show held on July 19th.

Please enjoy!

Susumu's Gallery:

  Friday - July 26, 2002

Barnett Suspended 6 Months
By Joe Hall

Barnett wins the belt The Nevada State Athletic Commission suspended UFC heavyweight champion Josh Barnett for six months today as a result of testing positive for anabolic steroids following his March 22 bout against Randy Couture.

Barnett was present at the hearing in Las Vegas, as was his trainer Matt Hume, who butted heads several times with the commission. Hume first defended his fighter by questioning the procedure by which Barnett was tested.

Tony Lato, Chief Inspector for the Nevada commission, testified regarding how the commission collects urine samples. He described the procedure, but Hume argued afterward that Lato's description was not followed when Barnett was tested on March 22.

"I'm not an expert on it, but I know what was done in the room because I was there and I witnessed it," Hume said. "And when I'm told that this was done according to procedure -- part of the procedure is sealing the sample in front of the fighter -- I have to disagree with that."

Further witnesses testified that the procedure was valid and the testing accurate. However, Hume continued to claim that protocol was breached.

Dr. Flip Homansky, of the Nevada commission, sternly replied to Hume's allegations: "This is not a possibility of the process being flawed. Two steroids were found in this gentleman's urine in November. The same two steroids were found four months later, plus a third drug that is added... to make them more effective. So, if the process was wrong in March by different people doing it, you're saying that we had to make a mistake back in November also. It is my firm conclusion that this gentleman has been taking steroids to gain an unfair advantage."

Hume also took issue with what he considered to be a lack of notification. "We were not given any list of banned substances for Josh Barnett, for March," he said. Hume then stated that even if the metabolites mentioned as being in Barnett's system were indeed there, whether present because of pro-hormone use or anabolic steroid use, his fighter was not given notice to get rid of them.

Dr. Homansky argued otherwise: "I actually spoke to the entire group of fighters ... before the November fight, specifically talking about drug testing and steroids, saying they were illegal. Plus Josh was given a book provided by the commission. This book... talks about steroids, and it talks about the illegal substances."

Hume was unsatisfied with the commission's responses regarding procedure and notification, and continued to debate the matter. The commission urged the hearing to move forward, and Barnett was questioned if he had ever used anabolic steroids in his career for performance enhancement or bodybuilding.

He replied, "No, I have not. Never."

Both Hume and Barnett referenced prohormone [over-the-counter andro-type products] use as a possible source for the metabolites that showed up in the post-fight urinalysis.

Barnett closed by offering support to the commission and admitting that it has been a difficult situation. "I'm here not to fight," he said. "I'm here to cooperate and actually try and help the commission out as they might be able to help me. I've made my living by being a fighter, and through all of this, I haven't been able to make a living. It's been really detrimental to me.

"I'm a clean fighter. I will remain a clean fighter, and all I want to do is help promote our sport because the higher that it becomes, the higher I become."

After closing comments from both sides, the commission decided disciplinary action was necessary. A short discussion among commission members concerning the length of the suspension of Barnett's license to fight followed, and a six-month suspension from the date of the hearing finally passed.

More to come in the next issue of FCF.

From RITC Writer/Statistician John Petrilli:
RITC 37 - This Saturday Night!!!
Remco vs. Homer

The excitement level is skyrocketing leading up to Rage in the Cage 37 in what will be the most noteworthy mma event ever to take place in Arizona.

Main Event:
Remco Pardoel (Holland) vs #1 Homer Moore (USA)

Super Fights:
#1 Adam Durant (152 lbs) vs #4 Santino Defranco (154 lbs)
#3 Vince Lucero (285 lbs) vs Cory Timmerman (300 lbs)
#2 Gabe Casillas (168 lbs) vs #3 John Lansing (162 lbs)
#4 Larry Robertson (202 lbs) vs #5 Mike Rainieri (204 lbs)

Featured Fights:
#2 Joseph Riggs (220 lbs) vs Robert Beraun (245 lbs)
Steve Hyatt (170 lbs) vs Steve Morris (160 lbs)
#6 Andy Montana (238 lbs) vs Anthony Stevens (250 lbs)
Also scheduled to appear on the card are Nathan Bulitta and Shannon Ritch, who was born and raised in Coolidge, Arizona.

UFC veterans Remco Pardoel and Homer Moore will battle in the biggest Main Event in Rage in the Cage history.

Remco Pardoel hails from Oss, Holland. He's a Judo/Jiu-Jitsu expert with strong striking skills. Remco is a veteran of 5 UFC matches where he posted a 3 - 2 record (his losses were to Royce Gracie and Marco Ruas). Remco competes in events world-wide, including the WVC World Vale Tudo Championships, Shooto, Rings, Pancrase, Cage Wars and the World JJ Championships just to name a few.

Homer "The Rock" Moore is from Phoenix, Arizona. He's an outstanding Wrestler / Shootfighter. Homer was an alternate on the 1996 US Olympic Wrestling Team. He appeared in UFC 34 last November where he came up short against Evan Tanner. Homer is undefeated in RITC and in his most recent fight he stopped 285 lb Vince Lucero in the 3rd round of a toe-to-toe "war".

There will be 12 official fights (the Arizona Commission Limit). There may also be two exhibition bouts. One featuring 14 year old sensation Jacob McClintock and the other a full contact Karate match.

Fight Card subject to change.

Fighters, please take note. The official weigh-ins, by Commission representatives, will take place the day of the event, Saturday July 27th at 3 PM at Celebrity Theatre.

The planned fight card for RITC 37 is the biggest and best ever offered in RITC history and a sellout is a virtual certainty. Don't be disappointed. Have the Celebrity Theatre Box Office (602-267-1600) hold your tickets at will-call. All it takes is a single phone call, or stop by the Box Office in person if paying by cash for advanced ticket pick-ups.

The only $5 discounts for RITC 37 will be with existing RITC red cards or KUPD red cards.

The RITC 37 post-fight party will be held at SixShooters Sports Bar & Grill (480-557-6820) located at 705 S Rural Rd in Tempe. There will be 3 bands and DJ music for your entertainment.

Please visit www.rageinthecage.com or call 480-446-8127 for more information.

Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix, Arizona
Saturday, July 27, 2002
Doors Open: 6 PM, Fight Time: 8 PM

General Admission Tickets only $20 !!!
Tickets $20 (rows 14-25), $30 (rows 4-13) and $40 (rows 1-3)
Tickets for RITC available at the Celebrity Theatre Box Office (602-267-1600) or at Ticketmaster (480-784-4444).

  Saturday - July 27, 2002

The Brazilian Beat
Welcome to the Brazilian BeatTM

At Full Contact Fighter we always try to keep you up to date with the most accurate, recent and relevant NHB news and I have always worked hard to find the latest scoops from the Brazilian NHB scene. FCF posts articles, news and interviews regarding the most important facts happening in the world of NHB -- including the Brazilian scene of course -- and will continue to do so. However, with the considerable growth of our sport, the NHB fans' ever-increasing need for information and news and the undeniable importance and role the Brazilian fighters have been playing in the sport since its inception, we will be working even harder to bring you even the "lesser important" behind-the-scenes news that is sometimes neglected, but is in fact important and relevant for the fans of the sport who are always eager to be constantly updated on all the small things happening on the circuit. With this in mind we decided to open a new space focusing exclusively on the news, facts and information happening on the Brazilian NHB scene, or with the Brazilian fighters. With time this space will evolve both in format and content, but we'll always maintain our policy of reporting news and facts instead of rumors. It is our hope that this space will be informative and enjoyable for the fans. So, from now on keep checking FCF news page not only for breaking news and interesting interviews, but to "feel" The Brazilian Beat as well!

Eduardo Alonso
  • Former Brazilian Top Team member and PRIDE veteran Ricardo Arona just turned 24 years old this past Wednesday, July 17th. On Saturday, July 21st, Arona held a barbecue to celebrate his birthday where his friends Mario Sperry, Rodrigo Minotauro Nogueira and his brother Rogerio, among others, were all on hand to congratulate him. On the subject of the BTT boys, it's very probable that Ricardo Arona, Mario Sperry and Rodrigo Minotauro Nogueira will be competing in the September PRIDE show, despite all the talk about stripping Mintoauro's title because of his UFO appearance. Although is still too early to talk about opponents, DSE showed interest in having them on their September card and we'll follow the developments.

  • UFC legend Marco Ruas returned to the USA this past Wednesday, July 24th. Marco came to Brazil to prepare for an upcoming fight against Murakami Kazunari at UFO, however an unfortunate injury to his hand put the veteran on the shelf for three weeks, making it impossible for him to appear at UFO. Needless to say Ruas is very sad about the situation, as he brought his family with him to Brazil and spent lots of money in the process, counting on the purse from the impending fight. With his injury, the money will not be recovered and Marco Ruas told FCF he wanted very much to fight and doesn't plan on retiring this way, so he will look for at least one more fight in his career. For his next fight he plans to bring some people like Pedro Rizzo to the USA to train with him, and save some money doing so.

  • Speaking of UFO, after Marco's injury the Ruas Vale Tudo camp suggested the use of one of their fighters to face Kazunari, offering Renato Babalu Sobral, Roberto Traven or any other fighter on the team as a replacement, however the UFO organization chose not to do so, and Wallid Ismail ended up getting the spot. FCF will try to check on Wallid's preparation for the fight soon.

  • Brazilian Top Team member Paulo Filho is still recovering from the knee injury suffered before his announced match-up at PRIDE 21 against Chute Boxe's Anderson Silva. Filho ended up not being able to fight because of the injury and needed some time to recover before returning to training. Since he loves fighting so much, Paulo Filho was eager to get back to training and competing so he resumed his training a bit too early, therefore he felt the injury a bit again. Now he is taking his time to rest properly and recover. FCF wishes a speedy recovery to the Top Team fighter and will continue to follow his recovery.

  • The "Axe Murderer" Vanderlei Silva is already intensifying his training for a likely fight at the PRIDE/SHOCKWAVE event in August. Vanderlei took some time to rest and take care of some personal issues after his fight against Mirko "Cro Cop" and was slowly getting back to rhythm in his training. However with the high chances of a match-up against another K-1 fighter in August, the PRIDE Middleweight champion increased the pace of his training right away and is already anxious to get back to the ring. According to his training partner Murilo "Ninja" Rua, Vanderlei is hitting harder than ever, and is already close to fighting shape once again.

  • Speaking of Chute Boxe, Rudimar Fedrigo never stops working! "The Master" just got married to his long time fiancé in July and, after a short Honeymoon in Buenos Aires, he got back to work, taking care of another edition of the Storm Muay Thai event, the next MECA Vale Tudo event and the team's preparation for the upcoming events. The promoter is also still putting things together for the next MECA event, and although the date isn't certain yet again, due to television issues, fighters like Nilson de Castro and Pele are already training hard preparing to fight at MECA 7 and all the fighting community in Brazil is anxious for a definite date for the country's biggest NHB event next edition.

  • The next edition of the Storm Muay Thai event is already scheduled for August 24th, once again at the beautiful "Opera de Arame", one of Curitiba's landmarks and the venue where the last Storm was held. The event will happen even with the conflict of dates with a possible Vanderlei Silva fight in Japan, and will feature the return of some Storm winners like Marlon Matias, who made an impressive showing at the last event, and MECA veteran Silvio Urutum. One of the event's surprises will be the feature of a women's Muay Thai fight on the card, once again giving incentive to all sides of fighting sports in days where fighting events are so rare in Brazil.

  • UFC Middleweight Champion Murilo Bustamante still has not signed a new contract with the UFC or any other organization. Murilo's management had some offers from Japan, as well as an offer from the UFC, but so far no deal has been reached. Bustamante is training in Rio helping his teammates preparation for UFO as well as the team's training for the upcoming BJJ Worlds.

From the event's promoter:
Patt Wins in Main Event at Extreme Trials

      MT. HEALTHY, Ohio -- Michael Patt capped off a successful night for New Generation Fitness fighters by defeating Ron Fields by armbar in the main event of the Extreme Trials.
      Patt, from Dayton, Ohio, took the fight to the ground against the hard-hitting Fields and completed the armbar at 3:20 of the first round.
      Besides Patt's victory, four other fighters representing Jorge Gurgel and New Generation Fitness captured weight class titles -- Billy Rush and Jon Stutzman shared the 150-under title; Kurt Kindred won the 170-under title; and Michael Williams won the heavyweight title.
      The only other winner was Forrest Petz, who won at 190-under.
      Winners advance to the MMA Nationals, which will be held in December. The next Extreme Trials is July 27 in Tama, Iowa.

Complete results:

Semifinals: Jon Stutzman def. Tim McMurray, toe-hold in :31; Billy Rush def. Jesse Arona, ankle lock in 3:36. Extra match: Stutzman def. McMurray, rear choke in 1:03. Stutzman and Rush share title.

Semifinals: Kurt Kindred def. Dan Rowe, unanimous dec. in 10:00; Justin Shemanski def. Mike Colley, ref stoppage (punches) in 7:10. Final: Kindred def. Shemanski, guillotine in :38.

Semifinals: Ed Willis def. Mark Norcross, stop due to cut at 5:40. Final: Forrest Petz def. Willis, verbal submission from punches in :47.

Michael Williams def. Michael Anderson, ref stoppage (tap out) in 3:12.

Main Event
Michael Patt def. Ron Fields, armbar in 3:20.

  Monday - July 29, 2002

Brazilian Top Team Defines its policy:
Nobody Will be Allowed Back

By Eduardo Alonso

After all the speculation regarding the ever likely comeback of athletes like Vitor Belfort, Ricardo Arona and Allan Goes to one of the most successful fighting teams in the world, the Brazilian Top Team, the team decided to establish some guidelines for the future. It was finally decided that from now, once a member leaves the team, he won't ever be accepted back. Today Murilo Bustamante explained to FCF that this wasn't an easy decision to make by any means, and the team members discussed this for quite a long period of time before this was finally decided and agreed by all. This situation started when some fighters left the team after some differences regarding the payment of a percentage of purses to the trainers. Among the fighters who left the team, some ended up returning -- like Carlos Barreto and Paulo Filho, however as the team needs to define a professional behavior, some decisions need to be made. As Murilo explained to FCF, "We always worked hard to establish a professional atmosphere here at the Brazilian Top Team, and we need to make sure everybody here is treated the same and has all the tools to develop their skills in a professional environment. Therefore, after a lot of talk we came to this decision, and since it's the team's decision, it'll be respected and followed from now on. Now, if a fighter leaves the team, it doesn't matter if it's a big name or a beginner, he won't be allowed back ever. We can't make exceptions, since here everybody is treated the same" Bustamante also explained that nobody was kicked out of the team, and all of the fighters who left chose to do so, but they all remain friends. On a side note, the UFC Middleweight champion also informed us that SHOOTO Champion Alexandre "Pequeno" Nogueira, and Marcio "Cromado" Barbosa are no longer part of the Brazilian Top Team, they both left around June. Keep checking our news page, because with several fights coming up featuring Top Team members, we will continue to follow the team's activities as well as the preparation for the upcoming fights.

From Josh Hedges/Zuffa:

Hello everyone,

I am going on vacation, so I just wanted to get the word out to all of you before I leave. I am sure you have all seen the commercials on Fox. MMA Fans, our sport has arrived! Like I said before, a year and a half ago, did you ever think that the UFC would be back on pay per view? Did you think it would ever be sanctioned in Nevada, New Jersey, etc... playing in huge venues like the MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, Continental Airlines Arena, and the Taj Mahal?

Now, we had the first ever fight on a real TV network on the "Best Damn Sports Show, Period!" All the hardcore fans got behind us and showed their support, and we did the second best ratings the show has ever done. Then, the UFC does our first show in Europe. So, we go to London and sell out the most prestigious venue. The fights were great, the fans were awesome, and all the political powers in the UK realized this is a real sport! Then, we come home to the BDSSP calling us again asking for more footage and a fighter to appear. So, we pull it together in a couple of days again. Huge exposure for MMA!


Fox will be airing two UFC shows on Sunday Night Fights on Sunday, August 4th and Sunday August 11th. The first show is done and the second is close to being done.

I know many of you have been recruiting friends and family members for years. This is the perfect opportunity to bring in new fans. For as short time as we had to put these shows together, I think they are perfect for creating new fans. Tell everyone you know to watch on Sunday Night Fights on August 4th and 11th!!

Fighters and fans, all your hard work and dedication to this sport have finally paid off, so enjoy! Thank you all very much.

Dana White - UFC President

From the event's promoter:
Sylvia Stays Perfect,
Roberts Upset In Extreme Challenge 48

      TAMA, Iowa -- Heavyweight Tim Sylvia improved his record to 15-0 with a TKO victory over Jeff Gerlick in the main event of Extreme Challenge 48 at the Meskwaki Casino & Hotel.
      Sylvia, a 6-foot-8, 270-pounder representing the Team Extreme and the Miletich Martial Arts Center, earlier this year won seven bouts en route to claiming the "Return of the Heavyweights" tournament championship. He has signed to make his UFC debut in September.
      In a feature bout, Maurice Walker of Cincinnati made his pro debut a memorable one with an upset victory over UFC veteran Tyrone Roberts. Walker was in trouble most of the first round, but survived despite being mounted for almost three minutes. In the second round, Roberts began to tire and Walker landed some solid blows standing and broke Roberts' nose. Roberts survived the second round, but the doctor halted the fight during the break.
      Walker trains at New Generation Fitness under Jorge Gurgel in Middletown, Ohio. He is a training partner of Kerry "Meat Truck" Schall. Walker took the fight only an hour before the event started when Roberts' original opponent, William Hill, failed to show up. Roberts brought an 18-1-1 record into the fight, but admitted to being "about 25 pounds overweight."
      In the other pro bout, Derick Perez of Winnipeg, Manitoba, defeated hometown favorite Vern Jefferson with a triangle choke. Perez trains with Joe Doerksen.
      In the Extreme Trials competition, there were two sets of co-champions in the five weight divisions. At 150-under, Cleve Tuttle and Marty Perez, who both train at Miletich Martial Arts, shared the title, while at 170-under it was John Alexander and Kyle Jensen of Minneapolis who shared the crown.
      At 190-under, Jon Fitch claimed the title, while Lasha Dalakishuili won at 210-under and J.D. Patterson of Miletich Martial Arts won at heavyweight.

      Complete results:

Main Event
Tim Sylvia def. Jeff Gerlick, TKO at 3:17

Feature bouts
Maurice Walker def. Tyrone Roberts, injury default at 10:00
Derick Perez def. Vern Jefferson, triangle choke at 3:35

150-under: Billy Rush def. Joe Pearson, TKO at 6:10, Cleve Tuttle def. Randy Erhman, tap from strikes at 8:25; Marty Perez def. Rush, guillotine at 2:56, Tuttle def. John Yim, TKO at 6:46. Tuttle & Perez are co-champions.

170-under: Eric Gwaltney def. Steve Hartkopf, keylock at 2:35, Tom Hartkopf def. Sam Welch, rear choke at :27; Kyle Jensen def. Gwaltney, tapout at 3:43, John Alexander def. T. Hartkopf, choke at 3:44. Jensen & Alexander are co-champions.

190-under: Jon Fitch def. Mark Smolinski, guillotine choke at 5:16; Final: Fitch def. Ben Uker, injury default at 5:37.

210-under: Kurt Moberg def. Mike Mettler, keylock at 3:32, Lasha Dalakishuili def. Justin Duden, neck crank at 1:48; Moberg def. Doug Sauer, rear choke at 3:58; Final: Dalakishuili wins by forfeit (Moberg is injured).

Heavyweight: J.D. Patterson def. Adrian Hoag, tap from strikes at 3:29, Jacob Dahn def. Matt Bear, keylock at 7:39; Final: Patterson def. Dahn, tap from strikes at 2:06.

From RITC Writer/Statistician John Petrilli:
RITC 37 - Results
Remco Doesn't Fight (illness)

A near capacity crowd of 2,500 fans showed up for RITC 37.

At the 5PM pre-fight physical Remco Pardoel complained of food poisoning type symptoms and had a blood pressure reading of 180/118. He retired to his dressing room hoping to "recover" for his 10PM Main Event fight.

At fight time, Christophe Leininger, a protege of Remco, announced to the crowd that Remco was unable to fight due to illness.

The 12 fights up to this point had been fantastic but understandably the crowd was disappointed with this turn of events.

Promoter Roland Sarria apologized to the crowd. He pointed out that he had done everything within his power to make this fight happen. He had signed fighter contracts and the fighter's purses had been turned over to the Commission. He just couldn't control the illness suffered by Remco. I learned from the Leininger camp after the show that Remco was at a local emergency room receiving medical treatment.

Cory Timmerman, a 19 year old wrestler, stepped up admirably to take on Homer Moore. In an excellent "replacement" Main Event, Homer pounded out a unanimous decision over the "gutsy" Timmerman.

#3 John Lansing, a wrestler turned jiu-jitsu specialist, posted a unanimous decision victory over #2 Gabe Casillas. This impressive win earned Fighter of the Night (FOTN) honors for John. Other candidates for FOTN were James Attwood, Shannon Ritch, Puna Maiava and Adam Durant.

Congratulations to Matt Asher's Combat Academy for posting a 5-0 record for the evening. There was a large contingent of fans from Casa Grande on hand to support their school.


Fight #1
RJ Gamez (175 lbs), Asher Combat Academy
won by decision (3 - 0)
Daniel Betzold (158 lbs), Brausa Academy

Fight #2
Michael Kline (153 lbs), Asher Combat Academy
won by ref stoppage (arm bar), :54 Rd 1 Adam Alvarez (137 lbs), Wolverine Fighting Systems

Fight #3
James Attwood (147 lbs), Brausa Academy
won by submission (arm bar), 2:21 Rd 1
Steve Morris (166 lbs), Team Quest

Fight #4
Shannon Ritch (176 lbs), Freestyle
won by ref stoppage (strikes), 1:02 Rd 1
Jeff Rogers (179 lbs), Farnsworth Jiu-Jitsu

Fight #5
Puna Maiava (195 lbs), Brausa Academy
won by submission (arm bar), 1:43 Rd 2
Robert Maldonado (180 lbs), Tiger Wrestling

Fight #6
Roger Mejia (202 lbs), Asher Combat Academy
won by TKO, 3:00 Rd 1
Heath Perry (210 lbs), Brausa Academy

Fight #7 (Super Fight)
Edwin Dewees (195 lbs), Brausa Academy
won by submission (strikes), :21 Rd 1
Joey Vigueria (240 lbs), J&J Submission Fighting

Fight #8 (Super Fight)
Adam Durant (150 lbs), Wrestling
won by submission (choke), :42 Rd 2
Santino Defranco (154 lbs), Brausa Academy

Fight #9 (Super Fight)
John Lansing (164 lbs), Brausa Academy
won by decision (3 - 0)
Gabe Casillas (170 lbs), Debrazil Academy

Fight #10 (Super Fight)
Larry Robertson (191 lbs), Team Quest
won by submission (choke), 2:03 Rd 1
Mike Rainieri (192 lbs), Brausa Academy

Fight #11
Andy Montana (227 lbs), Asher Combat Academy
won by submission (strikes), :43 Rd 1
Anthony Stevens (241 lbs), Brausa Academy

Fight #12
Vince Lucero (262 lbs), Asher Combat Academy
won by ref stoppage (strikes), 2:45 Rd 2
Robert Beraum (242 lbs), Dan Lowe's JKD

Fight #13 (Main Event)
Homer Moore (212 lbs), Team Bang
won by decision (3 - 0)
Cory Timmerman (300 lbs), Brausa Academy

Next Event:
RITC 38 - "Let's Roll"
Saturday, September 7, 2002

Tickets for RITC available at the Celebrity Theatre Box Office (602-267-1600) or at Ticketmaster (480-784-4444). For additional information, please call 480-446-8127 or visit www.rageinthecage.com.

  Tuesday - July 30, 2002

From Josh Hedges/Zuffa:

      LAS VEGAS, July 30, 2002…Officials of Zuffa LLC, the owner of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), today announced that it has withdrawn its title recognition from Josh Barnett as the UFC Heavyweight Champion. Zuffa's action is based on the Friday, July 26, unanimous vote (5-0) by the Nevada State Athletic Commission to suspend Barnett's license for six months. The NSAC listened to several hours of testimony and presentation of evidence and concluded Barnett violated Nevada's unarmed combat laws by having three, separate anabolic agents in his body when he won the UFC heavyweight title from Randy Couture March 22 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.
      The UFC waited more than four months while Barnett dealt with the disciplinary case brought by the NSAC. "We intentionally avoided making any statements prior to the Commission's hearing because it was a matter between Josh and the State of Nevada. We also waited to take any action regarding the status of our heavyweight division because Josh deserved time to answer the Commission's allegations," said Dana White, UFC president.
      "Zuffa supports the Commission's goal of protecting the health and safety of the competitors. We want to see mixed martial arts become the premier combat sport in the world and therefore, we must move forward. The top spot in the heavyweight division is now vacant, and the new champion will be decided in the Octagon," White said.
      White announced that former UFC Heavyweight Champion Randy "The Natural" Couture will meet top contender Ricco "Suave" Rodriguez Friday, September 27, at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Conn., to determine who will be the next heavyweight champion. Tickets for UFC 39: The Warriors Return will go on sale Wednesday, August 7, at the Mohegan Sun Arena box office, at tickets.com or by calling tickets.com at 1-800-477-6849. The fight also will be available on iN DEMAND, DIRECTV, Dish Network, Bell ExpressVu and Viewers Choice Canada pay-per-view television. The suggested retail price is $29.95.
      In light of the NSAC's disciplinary action, Zuffa is requesting the Commission to consider declaring the March 22 heavyweight fight a "no contest." Under Nevada law, only the Commission can change the result of a contest held within the state. The Commission's decision could take several weeks and White said Zuffa will support whatever decision is reached.
      "Josh Barnett is a gentleman, a fierce competitor and has always conducted himself as a true champion. I hope he keeps training and I wouldn't be surprised to see him become a champion again some day. Once his suspension is over, Zuffa welcomes the chance to discuss his possible return to the UFC," White said.

By Eduardo Alonso
Heating Up for UFO(?)
Minotauro Just Wants to Fight for the Fans!

PRIDE Heavyweight Champion Rodrigo "Minotauro" Nogueira has been building one of the most impressive careers in NHB ever, with dominant wins over names like Mark Coleman, Heath Herring and Enson Inoue. However, since his win over Enson Inoue at PRIDE 19 Nogueira hasn't been able to fight again due to some injuries. Anxious fans have been itching ever sicnce for his return to the ring. After taking care of his injuries and a special preparation in Holland, the PRIDE Champion is finally about the return to the ring at a brand new NHB event, Antonio Inoki's own promotion, the UFO. Just as things seemed set and ready for Minotauro to face Pancrase favorite Sanae Kikuta on August 8th, it seems that the Brazilian fighter has to deal with a new type of fighting for the first time in his life: The fight of politics and personal/business interests. Being a fighter, "Mino" just wants to fight and is willing to fight as many times as PRIDE wants till the end of this year, and face whatever challenge it presents in his way to show the fans, PRIDE and pretty much everybody else how much he values his belt, and how much he loves competing. In this conversation Rodrigo Minotauro Nogueira spoke with FCF about this delicate issue regarding his PRIDE contract and his upcoming fight in UFO, his recent injuries, training methods, his future in K-1, his twin brother's potential and more as Full Contact Fighter is heating up for UFO (if politics allow)...

Minotauro FCF:   Your last fight was against Enson Inoue back at PRIDE 19. How it has been for you to wait all that time to finally fight again? Are you getting anxious?
RMN:   I'm getting anxious. What happened is that I had a problem with my back so I couldn't train and since I couldn't train this was making me anxious. But I met a doctor who was introduced to me by Pedro Rizzo, a Dutch doctor, and I had problems with my back muscles and this was causing me a spine problem. My back muscles on the right side were way stronger than my back muscles on the left side and this was causing the problems in my spine. So I got there to start the treatment and the muscles from my right leg weren't that well too, it was hurting a bit, and the guy [the doctor] made me lift weights, do squats and stuff like that. I was even a bit worried at first, like "isn't this going to hurt me?" On the first day I got there he made me do squats with 140kg, and from there on it was a lot of hard work in a small town in Holland, a farm city, waking up every day at 7 am and working out 6 hours per day till we corrected the problem.

FCF:   How is the injury now, and are you 100% recovered now?
RMN:   Nowadays I believe I'm 100% recovered. Let me tell you, my physical capacity is coming back now. I have been training as hard as I ever did, both in the physical part as in the technical part, because last year I was emphasizing a lot on the technical part and was neglecting the physical part a bit, like weightlifting, the physical preparation, squats and stuff, so I was having some muscular problems. I had an injury on my knee, another on my heel, and I was lacking a bit of muscle. Now I'm even a bit stronger, I even gained around 2 kg in bodyweight and I'm not feeling any pain in my back now.

FCF:   You and your twin brother Rogerio spent some time training Muay Thai in Holland with Peter Aerts recently. How did this opportunity come about?
RMN:   In fact we didn't have much time to train with Peter, I only trained with him three times there. This doctor who took care of my injury is also his doctor, and is also his physical trainer, and he took care of my physical preparation as well since he has a degree in sporting sciences. He is a doctor, a physiologist and a physical trainer, so he took care of my preparation and he also does it for Peter, so we usually worked out together while I was there. But around ten days after I got there he had to fight in K-1 against Ignatov, so I had the chance to train with him for only a short while. But he introduced me to some people and I trained with them for around two weeks while I was there.

FCF:   How was the experience of training Muay Thai with some of the best in the world?
RMN:   This adds a lot to you. I won't say that I learned Muay Thai there, but I learned a lot of details. I learned several clinch situations, stuff that can help me in NHB, I also learned how to position myself in a knee situation, all those small details that make a lot of difference in a fight.

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